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ByDavid Adamson

How Outsourcing Can Help Boost Your Startup Business?

Startups around the world today are proliferating at a rapid pace with intense competition among them. In such a time, it is vital for startup businesses to focus on their core business functions to sustain in the market and attain a competitive advantage over rivals by continuously delivering exceptional products to customers.

Due to lack of resources and manpower, the owner of startup businesses engage in multiple activities and don’t get enough time to manage everything. At the initial stage of a startup business, lack of satisfactory funds, staff, and infrastructure increase the stress of startup owners. Hence, most startup businesses fail to succeed in the long run.

To avoid such problems, startup businesses can outsource non-value adding tasks to third-party businesses so that their in-house employees can focus on the main business functions. Similarly, in the case of a tight budget, poor technical expertise, and limited prior experience, outsourcing can be a great idea for startup businesses to get their work done.

What is Outsourcing?

Being a startup owner, you might have exceptional technical skills or knowledge that is vital to complete complex projects in your firm. But, as a startup, it is not possible for you to manage multiple tasks at once since you lack dedicated manpower, cost, and other resources.

Hiring more employees in-house to manage multiple tasks can be another idea that may blink in your mind for handling your messed tasks, but again, your budgets might not allow you to do so.

In such cases, outsourcing is a brilliant idea for startups.

Outsourcing, in technical terms, denotes the business practice when certain functions of a business are completely managed by an outside firm on a contractual basis, rather than doing that work in-house.

Outsourcing is usually done by firms to control their costs. Both value and non-value adding tasks are outsourced by businesses.

The total contract value of the IT outsourcing market will grow to over $409 billion USD by 2022. Source: Technavio

Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Businesses/Startups

As per the reliable research data, 90% of the startup business fail in the first year itself due to the lack of skilled resources, capital, and poor workload management. To avoid this, outsourcing can be an excellent idea for startups to get optimal time to focus on the tasks which they can do best.

As famously quoted by Peter Drucker:

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

Therefore, outsourcing reduces workload and allows startups to work creatively on tasks, which they can do best.

Being an IT-based start business, every other firm looks for a top-quality web and mobile app development outsourcing company that can assist them in their projects. So, partnering or collaborating with an outsourcing service provider IT firm in today’s digital era is not a bad option.

Still not agree?

Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.79 trillion USD in 2019. Source: Gartner

Here is a list of the benefits of outsourcing for Startup Businesses:

1. Time-saving Option

Startups can boost their work speed by outsourcing some of the most time-consuming tasks to third party businesses. Some of the usual time-consuming tasks in a firm include payroll processing, accounting management, distribution, etc.

Working on new and innovative ideas is more important for startups to develop disruptive products or services so that they can raise funds from investors in the market easily. 

Outsourcing low value and repetitive tasks boost startup productivity to a great extent.

2. Fostering of Innovative Ideas/Products

As a startup grows and gets success in the market, its in-house resources like manpower or technology, gradually start improving. So, you as a startup must take corrective actions to avoid any labour shortfalls.

In scenarios, when your startup businesses have a heavy workload, outsourcing less value-adding tasks will help your in-house team to focus on creative processes and get more optimal results.

Although, you must take utmost care while selecting an outsourcing vendor by checking their past work, client reviews, experience, and overall skills so that you get the best output.

As your business starts growing, you will be able to reap more benefits from the outsourcing work as you can focus on creative tasks more in your firm.

3. Gain Superior Competitive Advantage 

Initially, the cost of products developed by your startup might not be ideal for customers. Hence, moving towards outsourcing can be a very good idea to take advantage of economy of scale and economical cost structure of an outsourcing firm. This helps you get a competitive advantage over rivals.

4. Cost Saving Opportunity 

Outsourcing complex or repetitive organizational tasks is a great idea for startups to save cost and time. For instance, suppose you are a startup business and has just received a complex salesforce project from your client. To complete this task, your firm would be required to hire talented salesforce employees, which would consume a lot of time and cost in the hiring process. After hiring also, you have to a regular pay salary to those salesforce employees, even when you are not having a project related to salesforce. 

Therefore, you can save your valuable time and high cost related to hiring in-house employees by outsourcing the work to a freelancer or third-party company. Today, most of the companies outsource product development as a startup.

5. Concentrate on Core Business Functions 

Being a startup, outsourcing is a great way to focus on your core business functions or tasks that require your immediate attention. By outsourcing non-value adding tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming, you can work on the other important organizational tasks such as working on idea innovative product ideas, evaluating the market competition, new marketing tactics, etc. 

6. Work on Multiple Projects and Costing

When you outsource in-house tasks to third-party business or freelancers, they charge you either on an hourly or per-project basis. The cost incurred to you in any of these outsourcing payment options is less when you compare it with an in-house employee salary. Hence, this gives you an opportunity to work on multiple projects concurrently with zero work delay and quality issues.

Final Words 

To sum up everything, it can be easily said that outsourcing serves as a great boon for startups and small-sized companies from different sectors or areas in terms of increasing their overall work productivity and improving project outcomes. 

Outsourcing allows startups to save their valuable time and costs by hiring experienced third-party companies or talented freelancers for doing non-value adding or repetitive tasks. It also gives an opportunity for startups to focus on core business functions, increase organizational productivity, maintain timely delivery of projects, and work on multiple projects concurrently with minimal time delays and quality issues.

BySharad Khatri

Effect of COVID on Content Marketing Industry

Whenever you listen to the word Content Marketing, what’s the first thing that hits your brain?

Content Marketing is mostly thought of by people as content writing jobs, whereas content writing is just a part of the content marketing.

But actually content marketing is one of the very important pillars of marketing.

Without proper, relevant, and valuable content we can say that marketing is almost impossible.

Content Marketing is defined by The Content Marketing Institute as:

a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Skills Required in Content Marketing Industry

Content Marketing is used by vast numbers of marketers which includes big organisations to the small businesses.

It is cost-effective and is used to improve sales by providing relevant and valuable information about the product or service which the customer is looking for.

This helps in attracting customers and retaining them which creates customer trust and loyalty for the organizations.

Following are the top five skills, one must have in content marketing:

1. Research 

As most of the marketing strategies start with research, it is one the most required skills of content marketing where marketers try to find out the current needs of the market, its current trends.

2. Analysis

After getting the data from the research, analysis of the data is done to provide more reliable and valuable product and service to the customers. For this various analysis tools are used like Google Analytics.

3. Writing and Communication Skills

After the analysis the content is written for the product or service which are used for advertisements and marketing of the product to the relevant customers. For this work a proper writing and communication skills are required.

4. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is a very important skill required by the marketer to bring the organic traffic towards the website by optimising the website to rank higher on the search engine result page, possibly on the top of the result page when any person search any query related to the in the search engine like Google.

5. Inbound Marketing

As SEO is used by marketers to bring the potential amount of traffic to the website, it is also important to bring the right customers to the website who will be potential and relevant customers to generate a lead.

Current scenario of Content Marketing during CoVid-19

During this pandemic, when the entire world is coming together to fight against this and to prevent the spread of CoVid-19.

Most of the businesses are trying to shift online and make an online presence, they are asking their employees to work from home as the organisations are closed due to lockdown.

This has led to an increase in the demand for content marketing jobs, creating a lot of job vacancies and job opportunities in this field.

Most of the marketers are changing their prior marketing strategies and modifying it based on the current situations, providing contents that are related to health-related topics, and how to stay safe from this pandemic.

Marketers are trying to build long term trust and emotional relationships with their customers and employees to create their brand image and to attract potential customers while retaining them to make them loyal customers of the organizations who trust them.

Future scope of Content Marketing post CoVid-19

There has been a noticeable change in the marketing techniques used by brands throughout the world. All of them are trying to support and engage people in their own creative ways.

There is a great necessity of innovations in the current situation to retain the customers while creating an emotional attachment with them.

In the current situation the behaviour of people has changed a lot, they spend most of their time inside their home while surfing the internet, talking with their friends on social media, playing games, etc. 

The future trends in Content Marketing seem to be like the following :

1. Virtual Events

Most of the events are being cancelled now for the prevention of a lot of people to gather at the same place. But Some organisations have started to have virtual events, where people can join the events from their home using the internet.

2. Live meetings on Video Conferencing

As most of the organisations are promoting remote work or work from home, video conferencing meetings seems to be the next future meeting style.

3. Collaboration

In the future marketers are going to take collaborations with other organisations to have better content marketing opportunities for helping and supporting people in the best way possible by providing them with more relevant and useful products, services and information.


No one knows when will this pandemic end, and neither of us has any idea of this. This is an unfortunate reality, there is a lot we can do as marketers to ensure our customers are safe, healthy, and supported.

We should remember at this point in time that it is really important to provide value to the customers from our content, as content that provides value will never go out of style.

ByAjay Dalal

Essential Skills SMB Owners Should Have to Make Best Use of Digital-Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing companies offer many advantages to SMBs that are typically not offered by traditional media.

Out of them, one is the relatively low cost incurred for kicking off the marketing campaign, the ability to pay for the marketing over time, and the flexibility to make changes to the campaigns.

This final advantage is a big benefit because you need not figure out everything before moving forward with your campaign.

However, there are essential executive attributes or skills that are still required including trade-offs, prioritization, and balancing. Let us start with these points.


You cannot target every keyword type or variant when you do your digital marketing campaign using a digital marketing company.

Some tools like PPC may offer the ability to retain more variety of keywords in the campaign compared to SEO.

However, for an email marketing campaign, you need to decide on one of the messaging options for reaching out to the target customer base.

Some business owners and SMB decision-makers may feel uncomfortable with the choices.

However, having a good understanding of your customers, their preferences, and the strengths of your business will provide insights that will help make your choices in a more meaningful manner.

Over time as the campaigns progress and as you do more campaigns, the trade-offs become easier to make.


Prioritization is another essential skill in the repertoire of the SMB business owner and decision-maker.

There are many things to do and unfortunately, you neither have time nor resources. More than resources it could sometime be your time that is the problem.

Over time many of the business owners and decision-makers come to realize that resources are not the issue, the pain of not getting results despite committing resources because of lack of time really hurts you emotionally.

Prioritization is another essential skill in the repertoire of the SMB business owner and decision-maker.

Here is where prioritization helps. Prioritization does not mean identifying and giving go ahead to the highest ROI item. Sometimes, some opportunities exist only seasonally whereas others may be available throughout the year.

Some projects may be important strategically, or key component for a viable future of the company. Irrespective of the constraints, there is always a need to prioritize the matters.

Business owners need to think through the problems to be able to focus on the priorities that matter.

This comes down to effective decision making and effectiveness involves prioritization.

The skill of prioritization is something that is not only important but something that may be needed at regular intervals.


Balancing is another very important skill. I guess someone could also call it architecting. You need a budget for PPC and also for SEO. You need a budget for web design as well as for email campaigns.

How do you ensure everything gets its fair due. Even something as simple as web design can get fairly complicated.

You need a budget for PPC and also for SEO.

The web designers want a certain look and feel, your web developers want something that is easy to execute and the SEO expert will indicate the features that are essential to rank well.

Overall, unless you understand what is essential and what can be compromised over the various areas you cannot balance and ensure the end product that addresses the constraints and performance needs while taking into account the advice of the various specialists.

Irrespective of the new tools and developments in the digital marketing front and maybe even in the broader business environment, an SMB owner and decision-maker needs the three essential skills of trade-offs, prioritization, and balancing to guide their business to succeed in the market place and win over the competition.

ByDavid Adamson

SEO vs PPC – Which One to Prefer For Better ROI?

SEO and PPC are the two efficient digital marketing techniques that can generate better growth in business with higher ROI. But the problem rises from here.

Since both of them are found powerful for business, marketers find it difficult to choose the better one for digital marketing. What is your opinion regarding this?

Take a 5 mins break and go through this article to learn the solution between the two white label services – SEO and PPC.

Let’s start with the definition, followed by the benefits of the individual service.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a digital marketing technique that improves the rank of a website and acquires high organic results by optimizing the web content and technical aspects of a website.

What is PPC?

PPC or pay per click is a paid advertising tool that improves the website traffic by paying for keywords related to the services or products. PPC advertising model paybacks whenever the users click on the ad or your website link showcased on Google or other PPC advertising platforms.

Advantages of SEO

  1. Cost-effective: SEO campaign is a cost-effective plan. You don’t have to break your bank account to execute your SEO campaign. You just have to pay for the SEO experts and to maintain your SEO campaign.
  2. Long-lasting results: Organic SEO is stable and offers long-lasting results to the business. Since the results are completely organic, they remain there for a long span of time. And the best part of this is, the website rank remains in a higher position with a properly optimized solution.
  3. Strong reputation online: SEO requires a completely optimized website. Experts make use of white hat SEO techniques to drive huge traffic to the website, build an online presence, and generate higher results.

    Since all these are done in ethical ways, the business finds no difficulty in establishing a strong reputation online. With sustainable marketing techniques, the scope for developing organic traffic and organic visibility has been increased.

Advantages of PPC

  1. No waiting for generating traffic: PPC ads give results in minutes. Yes, if you want an instant result, PPC marketing strategies work the best. With this advertising tool, you can immediately generate high traffic, more clicks, more conversions, and more search engine results. All these happen in no time without giving a second of thought.
  2. Scalable but controllable: PPC advertising strategies are more than two. But you need to decide which one fits your budget. The scalable advertising tactics can turn business growth higher. But it is up to you, how you can control your budget and manage your website performance. PPC can scale effectiveness but you have the control and pay for the strategies that you desire.

  3. Rank website higher with ease: Ranking website higher in every search engine result is an easy task for PPC advertising. Marketers using this advertising strategy hardly take a minute to jump to the top of the SERPs. You don’t actually need to worry about the search engine’s algorithm to make your position stronger. Just go for it and find yourself at the top.


Despite these individual advantages, both SEO and PPC contain a lot of drawbacks. For example.

In SEO, you have to wait for the desired result for a long time. Patience is very much required when you are implementing SEO services in your business. Therefore, it requires a lot of effort, a well-trained technical team to optimize your website, and a long span of time to view the results.

In PPC, the result obtained is very fast. But it retains for a temporary timespan. This is expensive and loses its effectiveness with time. That’s the reason why you always have to ready with your next ad copy when you are executing your PPC campaign. The moment you switch off the campaign, all your efforts go in vain.

Which one to prefer?

In marketing, both search engine optimization and pay-per-click have great significance. If SEO is used to generate organic traffic for a long time, PPC establishes paid methods to enhance the marketing strategy and build engagement in no time. It is thus important to channelize both the strategies and improvise your business.

Look for an SEO and PPC management company and improve your search engine results.

Remember, if you try to choose the better one between SEO and PPC you will always lose something or the other to empower your business. However, if you balance to use both of them strategically, you will have no reason to regret it.

ByDavid Adamson

Ecommerce Marketing – 10 Ways to Boost E-Commerce Sell in 2020

Done setting up your e-commerce store? Now you might be wondering about the ways to boost e-commerce sell. Boosting e-commerce sell is not that difficult as it might be appearing to you now. You just need to focus on some key factors of eCommerce marketing to keep pace with the market. Give a thorough reading of our article.

1. Building Email list 

It’s a big task, yet nothing to fret over. There are many ways to create an email list without killing much of your precious time. 

While building a tribe of a loyal customer, you are also verifying some critical business tasks:

  • You are targeting the people who were interested even before you try
  • You don’t have to pay for ads on social media to send promotions
  • You are building a community, it is an opportunity.
  • Customers get curious in this way rather than paid ads.

The good news is that email is in full control of yours. Social Media on the other hand have the chance to get shut down for a whole day or more. 

2.Building a solid email marketing strategy

Building a solid email marketing strategy

To stay on tracks you need to implement a solid email marketing strategy. Narrowing down the things you do:

  • Sending weekly newsletters to visitors
  • Make segments on the type of audience, what type of products they are interested in, or bought before.
  • Keep an eye on their preference while receiving an email promotion
  • Gather knowledge about what is their idea of your store
  • Segment from the subscriber list.

3. Popups

Popups can work amazingly when it comes to building email list strategies. But always keep an eye on the fact that the popups don’t appear irritatingly.

Therefore, it is best to trigger your customers when they spend a certain degree if the time on the page. You don’t want to repulse your customer who is eager enough to visit your page, so follow this way.

4. Using Image

Using Image

Accurately using image plays an important role in boosting e-commerce sell. Things that you need to bear in mind while using an image are:

  1. Make sure to add high-quality images. Seeing is believing, so it requires a higher quality to appear satisfactory to eyes.
  2. Add images of the same product from different directions. Thus, it becomes more convincing.
  3. Better to use large images. It will get shared on social media.
  4. Avoid clichés ( like shaking hands and facing camera)
  5. Make sure you are giving the exact photo of the product you are talking about. There should be similarities between the descriptions and the photo. 

Images help the buyers to have a good at the thing they want to buy, color, size or look form a different angle, thus they make the decision to buy depending on the picture. 

Images help largely selling products like:

  • Food;
  • Clothing;
  • Accessories;
  • Utensils;
  • Instruments;
  • Real estate; etc.

Images get shared on social media like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, therefore customers build up the desire to buy. 

When it comes to testimonials and reviews, use the photo of the review giver with a full name, or else the faceless review appears less convincing to the customers.

Again, if your product works, buyers will share their reviews, with the authentic information and pictures, the selling system will grow naturally. 

Keep on mind about the clipping path services. The editing like background removal, neck joint, or color correcting should not be overlooked. 

5. Scarcity Tactics

Nothing beats the scarcity tactic when it comes to boosting selling. The visitor will be more eager to buy the product immediately if your product is shown to be available for a short time or have limited edition. 

To boost the sell you can add a countdown timer. Or you can make a display saying “only “y” size is available at this price”.

 6. Optimizing Store

Boost E-Commerce Sell

Many online stores lose their place because of the scarcity of optimization. Mobile is a portable device, so many visitors intend to shop on a mobile phone. 

Due to not providing the frictionless mobile experience, many online stores are at stake. Your website should be user friendly for all tenets. Optimize your pop-ups too. 

7. Upsell Your Customers

To increase the potentiality in selling, never forget to upsell your customers. Did you know that stores offering upsells get70-95% of their revenue from their renewals and upsells?

Moreover, it is quite effortless to sell to existing customers rather than attracting new customers. 

8. Use Seo plugins

Use plugins

Try to increase your organic traffic by optimizing the e-commerce store. Who wouldn’t want free traffic? You can choose from some plugins to shorten the toil of the process.

Some of them are free while others are paid, but nothing to worry! Paid plugins are pretty affordable. 

9. Reduce Cart Abandonment

Every time your customer abandons their cart you might feel very hopeless. But did you know that by intent pop-ups can help you to minimize cart abandonment? 

Wondering how? Well, the intent pop-ups can make your visitor give a second thought before clicking exit. This will automatically detect when the customer is leaving the page, so they are given a tempting offer one more time to rethink. 

10. Display Social Proof

Social Media Marketing

There is no question that 70% of customers get convinced through the reviews. Do the following to boost your selling:

  • Add ratings
  • Encourage customers to write reviews, create offers, or gift items for reviewers.
  • Get connected with your loyal customers, ask for reviews.
  • You can also ask for testimonials, though they differ from reviews.
  • Make sure that the testimonials are not of a fake profile.

Final Thoughts: If you are inquisitive about ways to boost e-commerce sell, this article should be helpful enough to shower e-commerce knowledge on you. 

Moreover, you can think of implementing live chat, integrating Instagram, showcasing top-selling items, offering a money-back guarantee, and last but not least being honest in your sales copy will definitely help you to attract customers, thus boosting sell. 

ByDavid Adamson

The Three Most Important Local SEO Services Success Factors

One of the most essential things for any business is to reach the local area of new customers. In olden times you must have reached the customers through old methods like newspaper advertisements, radio or word of mouth, etc. for your business.

But one of the best methods of marketing in today’s era is the digital market. This will moreover enhance your business too. Many channels are made available today and you have to choose the one that will make a difference and meet your needs etc. One of the best options that you have as a local business is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Local SEO.

In this guide, we will discuss The Three Most Important Local SEO Services Success Factors and how you can enhance online visibility to reach the customers who are using your products.

Google My Business

Google My Business

One of the huge parts of local SEO is Google My Business. There are many users who will search your business for the first time. This is because of the (my) business listings and then they choose to become your customer.

Now, by claiming your listings you can optimize for this local SEO. The only thing which will help you progress your Google my business ranking is owner verified listings.

You can include all the information which the potential customers need, i.e. your customers so you have to claim ownership of your my business listing. By searching for it on Google My Business, you can now easily claim your listings.

You can claim it by finding your business listed on the top page. You can also make your own business listings too, if you don’t find your business listed.

You can also add pictures of your business after you have claimed your listings. Pictures of your business will definitely and is most likely to capture the attention of people who are searching for your business. There are more chances of people clicking on your listing and wanting to know more and this will also give the people an opportunity to become your customers.

Your (My) business profile can also be enhanced by getting customer reviews. Through reviews, you can build a bridge of trust between the customers and your business. When a customer will have a good experience that customer will share their experience through reviews and also give confidence to other customers to use your product/services.

Google will recognize and boost your business ranking higher after your business has received many good reviews. And this will, in turn, help you to get more new clients for your business. Whenever a client visits your business you can ask the client and boost them to leave a review. Don’t force them to leave a positive review, but simply ask them to leave their opinion regarding your business on the listings.



Another important search ranking factor and local SEO services success factor is keywords. You need to show that your site is a relevant result to the search engines if you are trying to rank a specific keyword. And this will require you to add that keyword on the specific page which you want to rank.

Search engines use sycophants to analyze and identify each of your pages and know what they are about. Keywords are an important part of this because they will regulate which searches your pages have the coincidental to rank for. 


link building

 In organic search results, links play a pivotal role in enhancing the rankings of your website, which will make links to another local SEO ranking feature. You will get more traffic and signals to search engines that the sites will trust you when another site will link with your site.

What has a huge influence on your rankings is the quality of these links. Whenever high-quality sites link with your site, this will let the search engines know that your site is a reliable and reputable one. And this will in turn help enhance your ranking and boosts your credibility.

From pertinent publications in your industry, it will help you to obtain links. And this will increase your expertise in a particular market and build your reliability. When your site is viewed as an expert site, more and more clients will trust the quality of work and the business. Outbound links can also inspire your rankings, though they have less impact. What directs users to other websites is the links on your pages.

When you connect credible external sites, you help the clients search for extra information that is relevant to their interest. And also, the search engines are showed that the content your site is having is a solid detail. This also shows that your site has a source of information that is a reputable one. And it also boosts the ranking of your site in the search results.

The above three are the most important local SEO services success factors.

ByDavid Adamson

Features of the Best Email Pop Ups Templates

The best email pop ups templates are what you need to make your business go from strength to strength. So why are they so important?

I get it, you need to be creative and innovative when you are designing your online marketing campaigns, but you need to be careful how much you use creative and innovative means. Too many people take it for granted that the only thing that is needed is a good message and presentation. And it is true, but in order to really go after a market that is hard to reach and satisfy, you need to think outside the box.

Most of the best email pops ups and pop up templates you find will do more than that. They will encourage and support you through all of the little details of the process. You can either buy something to build your own from the ground up or you can work with a website that has already built one.

If you decide to get your own and put it together, you can get the answers to all of your questions on the internet, but if you want to save money, go for a build it yourself approach. It might be worth it for you personally if you are just getting started with online marketing.

So, you need to ask yourself, what can email pop ups do for me? They can help you reach more people and show them a better experience than other methods, but they can also do more than that.

If you are looking for a way to promote a product or service online, but have been too busy to do it, email pop ups Templates can be exactly what you need. All you need to do is search for one that meets your needs and then get started.

A small dollar amount spent here and there will pay for itself over time. Use it as an investment for you as a business.

Don’t despair if you are not familiar with HTML or PHP programming. With the best email pop ups, you can write your own program so you will know how to do it right.

You will need to do some research first before you can decide on a solution. You don’t want to end up wasting money that you don’t have and not receiving anything at all in return.

You may find yourself feeling like you’ve won the lottery, but you haven’t yet. Email pop ups don’t cost that much to begin with, so spend the time learning the basics first and see what they can do for you.

In order to be able to promote any product, it is always beneficial to have the best email pop ups Templates out there to choose from. People will keep coming back to you no matter what they do.

Once you get the hang of it, start marketing and get to use the best email pop ups today. You won’t be sorry you made the move to invest in your own.

Why Use Email Pop Ups Templates?

If you are looking for the best email pop ups templates that you can use, and then it is important to know what these templates are and how you can use them to protect your website. While they may seem hard to use at first, once you start using them you will be amazed at how easy they are to use.

The very first thing you need to know about email pop ups templates is that they are used to encourage people to sign up to your website or to purchase something from your website. This is the main reason they are used. So, if you are using these to send out email invitations to your website visitors, you need to make sure that they do not contain any links that direct people to other websites or to websites that sell products or services that you do not endorse.

If you want to use email pop ups templates, you need to be very careful in the way you design them. You need to make sure that all of the elements are uniform. It will also help to make sure that the background of the template is white.

Another feature of email pop ups templates is that they should not include graphics. While these can be fun to use, they are generally not a good idea because they will make the pop up look cluttered. The only time you would want to include graphics on a pop up would be if they were part of a well-designed graphics and design. Otherwise, it is best to avoid them.

If you are going to add graphics to your email pop up, you need to ensure that they are all done by the same company so that you do not get spam problems when sending out emails. You can find out which companies do this by using an internet search engine and seeing which ones come up. You can also sign up for an email marketing newsletter.

Remember that email pop ups templates also need to be easy to use. They need to allow you to place the messages anywhere you want, without having to follow a complicated formatting structure. Also, they need to allow you to customize the messages and make them as appealing as possible without having to waste a lot of time on them.

Another feature of email pop ups templates is that they need to allow you to customize them as you wish. You should be able to change the colors and the fonts. In addition, you can create your own messages and add different backgrounds and patterns as well.

Make sure that the email pop-ups and pop up templates you use are easy to read and understand. They should be simple to customize as well. Finally, you should try to find one that has more than one message per page.

ByAnkit Singh

UAE Digital Market Poised for Significant Growth Amid Coronavirus!

For an eCommerce marketplace in UAE, Coronavirus has brought oodles of opportunities to streamline the sales funnel. As we know coronavirus has crumpled every business and that has affected their revenue goal extremely. But remarkably, the digital market has found its ways to deal with the Pandemic.

Human lives and public safety, are the top concerns when it comes to dealing with this deadly virus. And as Government agencies have released guidelines for people to avoid crowds, it becomes a serious business.

However, to meet the daily demands of grocery, and other goods digital marketplace is a winner. As it is helping in meeting users’ demands for daily-services and offering a very structured supply chain.

Covid-19 has changed consumers’ behavior!

To practice social distancing and follow the guidelines issued by UAE Govt, it is mandatory for people to stay indoors. However, staying indoors can bring a glitch in meeting the daily requirements. Here the digital marketplace is the best platform for the users and businesses as well. 

We have already witnessed the behavioral shift, wherein people are avoiding workplace, restaurants, stores, and other public places. So they can be shielded against coronavirus, but that does affect them as well. As they cannot get their daily grocery and other items through physical stores.

We all know that precaution is the treatment for Coronavirus. And to meet the daily requirements, we all need different products. However, going to stores where there is a higher risk of infection, and less inventory, is not an ideal decision. Rather, consumers prefer to move to an online portal, where longer delivery windows, better product choices, and safety is ensured.

This transformation brought to the consumers’ shopping behavior, speaks worth of digitalization. It would not be wrong to say, that better eCommerce technology can help shape and improve the future of your retail business immensely.

How E-commerce brands would benefit from new shopping habits?

It is a known fact that businesses ranging from small- medium to large sizes in UAE, are facing challenges due to the outbreak. It has indeed become a major concern, to continue with their manufacturing operations. As we all know, most of the factories are shut down, and some are working with limited manpower. This is causing delays and bottlenecks, resulting in a loss for brands to supply products to customers on time.

On the other hand, people are staying home, and are working remotely during the day, and can’t step out.

Here, you must understand that whether it is out of monotony, necessity, or both, people are bound to shop from their phones. As physical foot-fall has decreased to null, online shopping is the only resource for the users to meet their demands. 

And this new shipping habit would continue in the future as well when the virus threat would subside. Hence, embracing the digital mode now will help your business to survive with the long-term plan.

 Now shop with Tradeling!

Tradeling is a new digital marketplace focused on B2B transactions in the MENA region. This portal is letting businesses to join and offering incentives amid the coronavirus pandemic. The brainchild behind this platform is startup veteran Muhammad Chbib as CEO, focusing on creating an e-marketplace across the region.

Tradeling is created through Dubai Blink, which was announced last year by the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA) as part of the Dubai 10X initiative. 

As per the reports, by the end of the year, suppliers and MENA-based buyers can register on the platform FREE of charge. And there will be no commission taken as well. However, currently, the platform is allowing companies to order boxes of sanitizers and other supplies.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of the Dubai Free Zones Council, said, “Tradeling serves as an innovative model for the future of the global supply chains that will strengthen global trade and position Dubai as the hub for smart B2B transactions.” 

Why Tradeling will win the race?

To beat the ill-effects of Pandemic, this next-generation technology will offer a seamless platform. Also, UAE businesses will be able to explore new opportunities for growth and expansion, amid economic stress. 

Food for thought

Sadly, it is very true that sooner businesses of all kinds will face the financial hit due to the coronavirus. Therefore, you need to focus more on positioning your retail brand as a trusted platform. This will help you to create lasting connections with your audience. Also, pick the digital marketing strategy for long term benefits, so when this virus subsides you would be the first to market and capitalize. You must understand the worth of online presence holds for your business. Henceforth, you must embrace it within your business model now to excel ahead.The digital presence will help you sustain, survive, and plan your comeback story.

So invest your research in crafting a robust digital marketplace and make a massive come back soon.

ByJigar Shah

How to Monetize Your Mobile App in 2020

Since the launch of mobile devices, the app market has been reaching out to a wider range of audiences than anyone could have predicted. As per the Statista report, there are 2.57 million apps available in the Google Play Store and you will find 1.84 million apps for iOS. Even, app publishers are expected to earn $189 billion in 2020.

But have you ever wondered how these free apps help you generate money or revenue? I am sure many of you might be having this question, as we are downloading any apps from the stores without any cost, then how can the app developers make money out of it? Well, that’s why we have come here to make you understand by clearing your doubts.

This insightful article will surely help entrepreneurs who wish to start their journey by developing mobile apps and make money by publishing free apps in the app stores.

Here, you download the app from the app store then in return, app developers who offer free apps expect payment or profit as well. So, if you are planning to develop an app and are not aware of the tactics to generate revenue, the following article will clear your mind.

App Monetization Strategies

There are 90% of the millions of free apps available in the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store to download and use. That’s why with the free apps, the app developers generate the $1.73 billion revenue.

In 2015, the global app revenues reached $70 billion whereas, by 2020, it is expected to reach $190 billion.



As per the Statista data, in 2019, the most effective monetization method was the use of rewarded video ads. This has opened the door of opportunity for both the app developers and customers, as, after the completion of advertisement, users receive points and app bonuses.


Well, this is the data that you should look upon to gain interest in developing mobile apps. Now, let us take you to strategies that might help you make money.

1) In-App Advertising

You know – you can generate good revenue if you place ads in your app. Because, nowadays, most of the games make their money through advertising. When users use your app on a regular basis or for a long period of time, then these ads might help you boost your revenue. Users generally watch the ads if it’s helpful or valuable to them. However, if it’s a free app, you must be careful not to put too many ads as this may annoy them, as some video and full-screen ads are very disruptive and should be used sparingly.

So, let’s have a look at different methods of in-app advertisements.

a) Banner Ads

Banner Ads

The banner ads are displayed at the top or bottom of an app. It’s an effective way to display your ad as it covers the screen and destructs you from what you are doing at the moment. However, it covers a very small amount of your display so the users can freely interact with the top and stay on the existing apps.

Apart from that, as per the user’s demographics and past behavior, app developers can target them to display the ads. Still, they have a very low engagement rate which is 0.1% CTR (Click-through Rate) only.

By far, the Flappy Bird app got succeed by utilizing this tactic and generated $50K revenue per day.

b) Video Ads

Video Ads

Video ads are one of the most essential and effective tactics in recent times. This allows users to run or play a video within the app when there are natural pauses. It provides a direct link to customers to follow and download the app. It lasts for 10 to 30 seconds.

In this video ad, the customer gets a reward once he/she watches the video until the end. An average CPM rate for mobile video ads ranges from $0.05 to $5.00.

For example, The user can get extra game-currency or life after watching the full video.

c) Native Ads

Native Ads

The Native ads are seamlessly integrated into the app. The added elements can be sponsored content or video that is aimed to promote a particular brand or product. This covers the same part of the mobile screen which looks like another post in the timeline.

This is the reason, users find this ad more interesting and less annoying. Hence, they have become more popular among users and generated great revenue.

For example, With the New York Times’ T Brand Studio association, Airbnb company had created a campaign for Ellis Island. This caught everyone’s attention and played the most important role in app history.

d) Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are displayed on the full-screen of mobile devices. This is a pop-ad and displayed within an app for a specific time. This ad is in the form of display or video and asks users to watch the ad for some time. After some time, they can skip the ad and resume to the existing app. During this time, users can get two options – either close the ad or check out the promoted content.

For example, interstitial ads were utilized by Emirate Airlines and after that, they got over 5000 clicks to the website and 170,000 video views. This ad was promoted on the Emirate website as they launched a new flying destination place, New York – Dubai. This full-screen ad was shown to travelers in the New York airport once they got connected to WiFi.

e) Reward Ads

Reward Ads

I guess everyone likes to be rewarded. So why not by watching the video? Reward ads are widely popular in Game apps. The users are offered a reward to engage with content. Many of the users will surely watch your video and get the benefits if you are implementing this tactic. This can increase app loyalty and generate revenue.

For example, if you watch a 30-second advert, you may get a reward of extra life in the game.

2) In-App Purchases

As per Forbes, In-app purchases have generated the highest revenue within the app industry. In fact, to be precise, 47% of the total revenue is generated from in-app purchases. So, if you are planning to create a free app, then including the in-app marketplace is one of the best ways to generate revenue. This is completely managed by the app store and app owners get a commission from every trade.

For example, The Clash of Clans game earned $1m per day on purchase and Pokemon Go users bought in-app purchases for $1.5m daily.

3) Affiliate Programs

Google, Microsoft, and Apple are providing affiliate programs to app developers.

With affiliate programs, you will be able to choose promotions from a wide range of apps. Find the latest or hottest apps from the app store and promote them in your app to earn easy commissions.

You can also check for other businesses that have affiliate programs. You can earn more commissions from the businesses that offer paid memberships.

4) Sponsorships

Many of the app developers are looking for investors to build their app and turn it into a successful business. As an app developer, you can offer them free marketing within your product. It’s a profitable model that helps to make money from a free app.

Integrating this sponsorship model with a huge user app, you can gain many benefits with a specific market niche. Hence, you have to get in touch with those persons who belong to the same industry. You can put their sponsorship ads with your brand and information in the app.

It consists of two ways:

> Share the equal profit that is generated from the app.

> Make a payment for a monthly sponsorship fee.

For example, these ads have been utilized by the Weather Channel app in many ways. There’s an animated background for Home Depot in the app. Also, you will find a retailer in the field of construction and household goods.

5) Crowdfunding

This is an interesting way to monetize apps for free. With this crowdfunding model, start-ups and large companies raise funds for development and marketing needs by exchanging and sharing their ideas.

Platforms such as Kickstart, IndieGogo, GoFoundMe, Patreon, Fundable, and AppsFunder can help you monetize your mobile app for this model.

6) Email Marketing

Another way to monetize your app is by implementing email marketing. It’s one of the oldest but effective methods to hit the customers or subscribers’ interest in a product or service by collecting user data – emails and sending them emails regarding their interest. It’s one of the useful strategies when you ask user email during sign-in.

Since most of the people check their emails on a daily basis, this ensures that users will surely read out your email or the information that you have provided in the email and will engage with the content. Therefore, you must add a creative and most engaging subject line. You should include the question or some funny and relevant statement regarding the product or service.

There are three ways to collect the email addresses of users.

> Ask to enter the email address with a pop-up message by offering some reward in return.

> Collect email id from Facebook SDK after signing up from the user.

> Third-party tools to fetch emails.

For example, the biggies like The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Washington Post engage with their customers by delivering the content they want. Once you become a paid member, then only you can receive the other information.

So, How Much Money Do Free Apps Make?

A report suggests that over $5000 per month revenue is generated from the top 16% of Android developers and 25% of iOS developers with their free apps. This can set a benchmark in the industry. So we can believe that around 20% of apps from the app stores bring great profit, 30% of apps are perfect and half of the apps are actually useless.

So, if you are good at coding and have detailed industry knowledge then there are high chances to become rich. If you want your app to be listed on the top list of an app store then you should know how to develop an app and what types of strategies should be implemented to monetize from a free app.

If you follow the above techniques and implement them in your given app, then you can easily monetize from a free app and can see yourself in the top list.

Wrapping Up!

Till here, by far so now, we have covered major six tactics that you could implement to monetize your app. Since every coin has two sides, there are peaks and drawbacks too for every strategy you implement. So, as you can see, there are a lot of major factors behind gaining a profit with a free app. Just because it’s free, that doesn’t mean you can not gain a profit and monetize an app.

In fact, offering a free app might help you increase a bank balance than offering it for a solid price. So, remember, if you want to hit the marketplace with the right income, a powerful marketing campaign is required. Without one, the app will not hit the users nor will it generate profit for you.

ByJigar Shah

Top 5 Ways to Improve SEO Rankings in 2020

Well, finally you have developed the website for your business and launched it now. But now what would be the next step? After spending a good amount and investing time too, you want your website to be ranked in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and get noticed by millions of people. But do you have any idea – how to do it?

You might have heard the term – SEO and we assume that for any business owners or entrepreneurs, what SEO means is, ‘keywords’. Well, SEO is not only about keywords, but it’s also much more than that.

In the era of the digital world, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems to be the topic that comes in every business owner’s mind. On the other hand, most of the consumers use search engines like Google just to find out their needs – brands, products, and services. But have you thought about what’s the actual procedure behind the stage to increase the search engine optimization results?

That’s why the term was born – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And here, we have come up with the ultimate guide on how to increase and improve search engine optimization rankings for your website in 2020.

But retailers or business owners are running out of patience and they want their website to be ranked on the search engine in a very quick time. Let us clear your mind here, SEO is not a short-term course which could give your overnight results. It’s all about the long-term game and anyone promising with quick results should be greeted with a high level of skepticism.

Besides this, Google is frequently changing its algorithm to ensure that only good SEO practices are implemented by SEO experts daily. Proper techniques don’t mean to rank your website higher but that helps people find relevant information effortlessly. That’s called a white hat SEO technique.

So to the point, SEO is not here to serve you a page ranking but gets you potential visitors, followers and happy customers.

5 Ways to Increase Search Engine Result Page

However, some factors might help you boost your website on the search engines. Here’s the time to get into the shoes of SEO with the several techniques and improve your website ranking on the SERP.

Here are several ways to improve your SEO.

1. Audit Your Website

SEO Audit

(Source: webpixeltechnologies)

Just like when you are planning to purchase a car, you inquire about the company and the car itself about the capacity, advantages, and drawbacks. The same theory applies here. If you are planning to do SEO, first you need to monitor and audit your website. Thus, you will be able to identify your website’s weaknesses and strengths. That will become much easier for you to play to your strengths while creating strategic improvements to the weaker areas of your SEO.

An SEO website audit depends on several factors, such as:

> The structure of your website

> The information you are providing

> The existing content

The actual point of auditing your website is to identify areas that need to be fixed so that you can start to develop a strategic plan for improvement. Though the audit itself will not help you improve SEO; it’s the basic and first step in effectively boosting your SEO efforts.

So, since you are clear with the first and basic step, let us figure out the other techniques as well.

2. Produce Useful & High-Quality Content

So tell us, how often do you update your website with content? If you have not updated it for a long time, you’re probably out of the race of SEO right now.

To gain more traffic to your website and increase its popularity, you need to feed visitors with unique, proper and relevant content so that they will come back to your website frequently.

The amount of time visitors spend on your website also creates an impact on your SEO ranking. That’s called a ‘Dwell Time’. This lets you know the time users are spending on your website.

If the content of your website is fresh, exciting, interesting, informative and unique, the visitors will never leave your website, visit frequently and this will improve your dwell time.

According to research by QuickSprout, the content words between 2000 to 2500 seems to rank the highest in search engine results.

Average Content Length

(Source: QuickSprout)

Although the SEO world is not ruled by word count, moreover, nobody will ever read your stuff if it’s not helpful and relevant. Actually, lengthy content does give you the opportunity to provide more value, inject more keywords and give more outbound links.

Another method that will boost your SEO ranking is – when visitors bookmark your content on Chrome, the browser helps to improve the SEO ranking of your website.

3. Optimize Your Page Speed

Page Speed

(Source: seoptimer)

Page speed or website speed is yet another important factor that the Google algorithm considers when ranking your website on its SERP.

The longer your page takes to load, the more frustrated the user becomes. This will force them to leave your website and choose your competitors.

As per the research, if your site speed is more than 3 seconds to load, there is almost 50% chance of losing customers or visitors. Even 80% of those visitors will never visit your website again. This is troublesome for your SEO ranking as it eventually kills the traffic.

Thus, to improve bounce rates and SERP ranking, you will have to focus on site speed. This way, users will keep coming back and Google algorithm will recognize your website’s traffic and adjust your search ranking accordingly.

Here are a few factors that should be considered to optimize your page speed.

Image File Size: It’s a common thing and everybody knows that larger image files take longer to load. It slows down your page speed. So, compress and optimize your image size before uploading it on the website.

Browser Caching: When a browser loads a webpage, it’s loading a number of resources. These types of resources are stored in the user’s computer with browser caching. So, it is not necessary to be loaded again – making pages load faster.

Script Handling: JSS and CSS files can reduce your site speed, so make sure that you actually need these extras to enhance your site before using them.

So, at the endnote, when you are improving your website speed, you are just not providing a better UX, but you are also increasing the conversion rates.

4. Improve Your Header Tags

Nobody likes to be bound into the wall of text. Obviously, good content attracts the visitor, but good formatting catches the visitor’s attention. It makes readers or users more willing to spend time to read your content and come back again, which will ultimately affect your SERP.

Proper use of header tags can help break up your content into various sections that look more appealing and amazing to read.

Improve Header Tags

5. Include Inbound and Outbound Hyperlinks

Linking is another important factor to gain traffic and increase search engine optimization results. The best way to increase the readability of your content is to give a link to that content with the relevant content of your own site or third-party websites. The more informative content you write and share with others, the more likely other sites will link back to your content.

Linking to other trusted websites will not only increase the relevancy of your content and dwell time, but Google gets trust signals based on the user traffic and improves SEO ranking.

Apart from adding external links, you can also link your own site pages internally. So, whenever you find any relevant content or data regarding your content then include links. This will not only help you increase search engine optimization results but it also navigates readers to refer to other useful content regarding that topic.

Wrap Up

If you want your website to be ranked on the top page of the search engine, you will need to keep an eye on all the aspects of SEO. The role of SEO and its techniques will make you a leader of the search engine.

Having said earlier, search engine optimization takes time, attention and continuous effort to rank among the first few results on Google’s SERP. It’s the most important factor that your website needs to concentrate on right now and in the future as well.

Well, it’s never too late to start a new beginning and implement strategies we just shared here. Even, there are many other strategies as well to improve your SEO rankings.

Start with zero and eventually that will lead you to a hundred. Monitor the activities and results. Soon enough, you will make your way toward the top search results on Google.

Who knows, you might even occupy the first rank as well!