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Know Why So Many People Are Supporting The Titan Project

ByDavid Adamson

Know Why So Many People Are Supporting The Titan Project

Titan Coin has introduced only a few days ago and is already trading as one of the most trending coins of the year. It is one of the few coins which has been listed on popular sites like Coingecko and Coinmarketcap at such an early stage.

A lot of people are trading Titan Coin on multiple exchanges, including Escodex, SouthXchange, Nova Exchange, Enmanet, Crex24, etc. where the coin has been listed. There are many others who are still wondering whether they should buy this coin or not. We will try to answer that question here.

Titan Coin is an alternate coin (altcoin) which was created in order to provide users with a better, more secure and faster digital currency for making global payments and money transfers. Titan Coin enables its holders to send/receive digital money to or from anywhere in the world at any time.

The things that make Titan Coin different and better than most other digital coins out there are – its highly secure blockchain, fast transaction speed (instant transfer) and low transaction fee.

Here’s why Titan Coin is getting more popular with each day.

Titan Coin is backed by a next-gen blockchain technology, which uses hybrid PoW/PoS system for validating transactions. It also uses SHA 256+ Groestl dual algorithm system for ensuring the security of transactions passing through its blockchain. What makes this blockchain tech unique is its capability to perform instant transactions in a much more secure way.

Titan Coin uses a customized version of the SHA 256D security mechanism employed by the bitcoin blockchain. This provides more security and speed to the transactions.

The use of hybrid consensus in blockchain will be profitable for the miners of Titan coins, as less energy will be consumed in the mining of these coins. Moreover, the platform will award its long-term users and miners.

Being based on the blockchain technology, Titan Coin uses peer-to-peer transfer mechanism for transferring digital currencies without any centralized authority or third-party like a bank. Transactions in the blockchain are automatically verified by the associated nodes and securely stored in a distributed ledger. Since there is no centralized authority or middleman in Titan Coin transactions, the fee for sending/receiving money is very low. The hybrid validation mechanism further ensures that the transactions are deprived of any kind of fraud.

Titan Coin relies on a powerful and most advanced blockchain tech which has a block generation time of as low as 60 seconds. This means that the transactions on this blockchain are very fast and the payments are instant.

To store and use your Titan Coins, there are multi-cryptocurrency wallets available for different platforms, including web, mobile (Android, iOS), Windows, Linux, etc. Basically, you can store, use and manage your coins on any device and even on the cloud.

Other than that, Titan Coin has already been listed on multiple major crypto exchanges where you can trade it for popular cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and ETH. Need more reasons to support the Titan Project? Titan Coin is the most revolutionary coins of the year. Do visit the official project website to know more.

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