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ByRitesh Patil

Hiring Offshore Development vs. Freelancers Teams: Select the Most Appealing Model

Employing remote developers is the big trend that has now turned into a business-standard. International business names like Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, Apple, and others have saved billions from employing remote developers.

A study of Harvard Business Review shows that over 54 million employees are involved in commuting in the United States alone:

If you ponder about delegating jobs to hire onsite offshore programmers to stay determined, then you must follow two choices.

You can either individual contractor/ hire freelancers or build an entire offshore team. Which model is suitable for your requirements?

Remote Contractors/ Hiring Freelancers

Employing the freelancer is the right idea when the work pressure is not so much, and you need one-two experts for completing a job, i.e., designers or remote software developers.

Or when you do not need them permanently, but continuously. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages.

Important Price Reductions

By employing remote programmers from particular countries, you can gain up to 50%-60% of your revenue.

There is no requirement to pay for employee’s insurance or purchase expensive technical things, i.e., smartphones and laptops.

Additionally, you do not have to agonize about office janitor services, supplies, and use. The non-attendance rate is low, which process that you can gain up to $1,900 per employee yearly.

A report of Global Workplace Analytics is how much companies lose on unscheduled nonexistence.

Big Talent Hunting

When changing to telecommuting, you need access to a big talent pool, not just locally but also globally. Indeed, when you employ a workforce who has to travel to your office, you miss numerous prospects outside your settings.

Telecommuting enables you to look, top designer, remote programmer, or any other experts from worldwide.

Although telecommuting is not just about profits, especially when employing remote freelance programmers. It would help if you were sensitive to the coming difficulties.

Isolation Undermines Expansion

Communication is an establishment of personal associations and an essential issue for transferring information.

During 45 hours a week depleted in an office, staff not only toils but also learn innovative things and ideas.

They get crucial knowledge about business’ strategies and culture through casual conversations, which help them develop.

Distorted Work-Life Equilibrium Causes Personal Exhaustion

Employees are working from house face numerous interruptions, and as an effect, their work-life stability becomes unclear.

Imagine, on a day; they may have several tasks to fulfill: repair a car, drive kids to school, or aid friends with some critical problems.

Therefore, every contractor sometimes gives up their work for belongings that trouble them. As an outcome, their productivity slump, but it isn’t the only intricacy.

Legal Problems

When assigning tasks to freelancers, there are surly legal subjects to keep in intension. First, there was no assurance that a contractor won’t trade-sensitive data to your entrant.

Even if you deal with an NDA with the remote developer, it is a probability that the individuals will use your intellectual properties, i.e., source codes or specialists, for other development.

Since it is unfeasible to track such movement, you may lose vital information and reluctantly confer it to your entrants. Hire Onsite Offshore Programmers to achieve substantial price reductions and give the capability to access global talent.

Although the risk is significant, so this means it may be more feasible for short-term developments that do not require considerable effort and do not have many results on your action.

If you want to delegate a large project and avoid such problems, pay consideration to the devoted team model.

In the subsequent, it is gathered the profits and disadvantage and easy infographics comparing the above models – employing freelancers and building up an integrated offshore team.

ByAnkit Dhadwal

How a Great Website Design with Proper UI/UX Can Improve Your Companies Brand Name

Before getting to the benefits of UI/UX importance let us discuss what exactly they are.

UI – User Interface

A user interface as you may call it is that part of your website or a software that a user interacts with. It’s a part that you can call act as the presentation with which the user interacts firstly. Mainly UI is designed by the companies for the customer engagement with the products, it’s a way through which the user connects with the product. UI is the graphical representation so that user can interact with the user and help them navigate through the products. UI is provided by the companies with the sole purpose of how the design components are used by the users for their conveniences.

UX – User Experience

A user experience is the study of the factors that come into play during a user’s interaction with a product. These factors include emotions, preferences, feelings, interaction with previous apps etc. UX helps in designing the products in such a way that they fulfill these requirements of the users.

Without the Ux, UI is nearly impossible as without proper research of the targeted audience you’ll be designing a product without meaning and irrelevant audience being targeted.

Let’s get back to the importance of the UI/UX as the concept is clear now. Below are the TOP 10 reasons how UI/UX helps in increasing the brand name:

  1. Customer Engagement

    As everyone out there are thinking about better customer engagement and that can only be achieved by the proper UI/UX design. With proper study you can design the proper UI/UX and thus helps in more proper engagement of the customer to the product. An ideal person spends about 10-15 sec on a website or an app, so if you want to engage your customers in this time only a proper UI/UX can help you achieve that.
  2. Increased Traffic

    You can get traffic to your website one time when someone visits to check their query but if you’ve a poorly designed UI/UX there is no chance that they’ll come back for more. So in order for them to return to your website, your UI must be designed in such a way that it makes the customer wanting for more maintaining that previous traffic and even increase it as well encouraging them to share it on social media, bookmarking, etc.

  3. Customer Satisfaction

    The main aim that a product is designed is solely to satisfy the customers and make them your permanent customers. But a customer satisfaction is achieved by a proper UI/UX design as it’s the main part with which the user interacts and it’s said that first impression is the last impression. So with proper product a proper UI/UX is also necessary for better customer satisfaction. A great product is made by a great design and thus doing proper research is mandatory.

  4. Consistency across different platforms

    A proper UI/UX not only helps in engagement but it also helps in maintaining a consistency across these different platforms. Take Twitter for an example if you’ve used it on various platform then you’ll find it’s got different UI but the feel and the basic concept is the same. It’s easy to use despite being a complicated system which user nevers feels. With proper UI/UX your sites, software, apps etc will be optimized and it will help in providing a good look and a great feel which will help in maintaining that consistency which your product desires and with consistency then comes improvement in product as well.

  5. Saves Time and Money

    While creating a brand everyone devotes everything into the process by spending most of their time and a lot of money into it. But if your UI/UX is not properly designed and well researched you’ll end up spending even more into changing it every time you receive a feedback. If you’ve a proper research done and designed according to the targeted audiences then all you need to do are small basic changes to keep the app exciting, saving a lot of your money and time as well.

  6. Eyecatching Designs

    Everyone wants their products to be admired and liked by their customers to bring those sales. Even a small business owner who wants to make money online knows a website should look good and attractive. But to make those eye catching designs you need to have a proper research and then design it. As we have discussed earlier without UX it’s impossible to design a UI so a proper UI/UX combo helps in creating those smashing designs that every customer wants and you want to please them so that they can stick with you for a long time.

  7. Create a Unique Brand

    A unique and well researched UI/UX designs can help you in setting an out of the box identity for your brand. As you’ve got a great UI/UX your targeted audiences will remember you by it and will become your signature that will help in your recognition in the near future. As a unique signature it’ll help in building a trust with your target audiences.

  8. Integration

    A proper UI/UX will help you integrate your products and present them in a more appealing way. As you’ve got integrated products it’ll be accessible across various platforms and will increase your sales by way too much. As your accessibility is increased people can find you on various p[latforms thus increasing your reach.

  9. Promotions & Referrals

    The major part of a company comprises of Promotions & Referrals and with correct UI/UX designed, you can easily land some referrals and some of the big guns (other successful companies) might want to advertise with you. This will greatly help in your brand expansion and provides your brand that great exposure.
  10. Research & Development

    R&D of a website never stops with the market range the website or the app keeps on changing to enhance the user experience. The team in the R&D department continuously measures and analysis what actually user wants and is looking for. Once the analysis is done the report is sent to developer team to take further actions. The final results that you get is definitely worth spending time and money on it.

FInal Thoughts

UI/UX can be considered a backbone for any organisation and with the passage of time, the growth in this field in remarkable and have a potential for a whole lot of growth in the years coming and the users are selective in choosing their services. In order to compete with all the big companies out there, your UI/UX needs to be upgraded with time and it’s design should be able to attract and interact at the same time with audiences and fulfill their services.

Surely the trends in the next year 2020 will be changed, new trends will come or old might stay the same one can’t say that for sure but surely there’s a great area of opportunities for everyone to progress in this particular field.

Author Bio:

Er. Ankit Dhadwal is the Founder & CEO of Mount Woods Studio Pvt. Ltd. a company based in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India, which provides digital solutions globally where we specialise in Web Development and App Development, UI/UX Design, Graphic Designing, 2D & 3D Animation, Product Photography, Video Production and Digital Marketing.

ByDavid Adamson

Reasons Why Web Development Is Getting More Popular

It is obvious that the Internet is the greatest thing since sliced bread and if you are not on board, then you are missing out a lot. The Internet has made us ubiquitous. Not a day goes by without using it whether you want to do online shopping or just to get information about something or just to talk to new people. It has affected our lives in a positive way as everything revolves around it so how can business sphere lag behind?

Enterprises have redefined their ways of doing business and have taken the online path. You might have observed that people, these days, make money just by working from home or that the kiosk in the corner has increased its revenue and is not only delivering items to you but to people from other towns. How’s that possible? Right. That’s what you are thinking right now. All these things are possible due to Websites (Web Development). Almost every organization every enterprise have websites just to reach a maximum number of people and to attain maximum profit. There is a mutation in the business methodologies and it has significantly changed over the years.

Is web development need of the hour?

Everyone are fast switching to this new trend of having a strong online presence and all your competitors are already there. Whether you are a blogger or have an established business or a budding entrepreneur, the best way to kick start your career is having your presence felt that too, with the website. If your business doesn’t generate enough revenue, then it is a dud. Earning maximum ROI (Return On Investment) is what people have their focus on and look for ways to achieve that. For that, they modify their marketing strategies so that it is aligned with the scenario.

They have taken notice of it and have started investing in Web Development Services. Just this step is capable of taking their business to new heights and achieving huge traffic consequently. To increase more revenue, for expanding your services to new people, to break through the geographical barriers everything is possible through web development and if you are not using this path, then probably you will lose out and will be vanished in the crowd. Web development has emerged as the next big thing and it is in your hand how you use that.

Let`s know the reasons that are making web development popular.

  1. Effective communication: Communication defines the way of doing business and is the crux of it. You can make clients stay on your site if and only if you deploy effective communication channels. Better communication will make clients come back for your services and being a good ear to their issues and problems will also earn you a positive brand name. There have been cases where clients issues are not addressed effectively or that they are not attended properly as a result, they tend to move out of their sites and look for other alternatives. The easier it is for visitors to interact with your site, the more likely they are to become loyal customers.
  2. Build a better relationship: In a nutshell, the business is only about sender and receiver in simple words where the sender being is you and the receiver is your clients. You can enhance the customer relationship merely through websites. You can easily notify your clients about new products and services also, people can review and give feedback on the products only to improve certain areas as to make it perfect. You can provide them with vital information thereby, building a better relationship.
  3. Marketing and advertising: Developing a website and running it up are not the only things you should be focused about but to advertising it. There is no use of developing new products and services if you can’t get the word in people’s ears. Through websites, you can easily advertise and promote your services and products. For example, you can consider Facebook ads, advertising feature on Facebook. Similarly, you can advertise on your site and spread the message and also it won’t cost you much so you can go for that. You can enhance the SEO of your site so that it stays at top of the search engines.
  4. You are available 24×7: Yes, you can be available 24×7 & 365 days. You don’t have to physically available as your website can do that for you. Even when you are busy doing something else of focusing on other functionality, you can attend new clients and address them without having to stop what you are doing. Your website presents what your services are about. All you have to do is develop a website put it up and let it do the job from here on wards. A website can be viewed at any time of the day as per the convenient of the customer and can interact with customers instantly. Unlike a physical store that has a closing time and after that no one is entertained but that is not the case with websites, you don’t have to close the doors for visitors.
  5. Ease of maintainability: Now you have a website but with the change in the scenario you want to give it a new outlook or you think that the current design is not in align with what’s going on at the moment. Maintaining, modifying, editing your website is quite easy as the cost is not a factor as it is proportional to the time and is measured only through time. You can provide customers with brochures that they can download or with any important video that they can watch as per their convenience. You can change the design even for few days. Let us say that Halloween is on its way so, you can change the design for that period or it is the Christmas week you can use your website as a medium to greet visitors.
  6. Sharing your expertise: You can easily share your expertise with clients by providing them with information about the respective field through business blogs. Sharing knowledge and information with clients make them stick to your website as long the information posted is useful to them. It gives clients an opportunity to learn more about a particular field. Blogging also helps you with Search Engine Optimisation as posting articles related to your services will make the site stay up in the search engines driving more traffic. You can provide succinct information to your clients. You can add the business description, contact details, testimonials etc that is difficult in achieving offline. Having a blog post will keep your site active and attractive.
  7. Serves as a hub for social media: You can integrate your social networking sites with the website to ensure that your business can be accessed and is available online. Integrating the site with social media makes it easier for people to find about you also you can notify them about your services and products. Everyone is on social media and making your site visible on them is the ideal decision.
  8. Beat the competition: It is possible that the services and products that you are going to render are already there. You might have lots of competitors out there and they might sell the same products , therefore, having a strong online presence is a must if you want to beat the competition.

Author Bio.:- Priya is a Technical SEO atHopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.