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Marketing Strategies for Your Taxi App Before Launching

ByDavid Adamson

Marketing Strategies for Your Taxi App Before Launching

Suppose you have an important meeting and you are late for the office !!

What now? You can’t miss the meeting nor want to reschedule. What will you do? Right! You are going to book a cab or taxi. And when you have an Taxi Booking App

 to book just by a few clicks is like a wonder for you at that moment.

The above situation is a classic example of how you can integrate the marketing services that connect you with  customers.

Taxi booking apps are considered as more convenient and reliable method to travel. Marketing plays an important role in building such perceptions , and here we are reviewing the Marketing strategies for your taxi app before launching.

Step 1 : Understand the Marketplace

Foremost step is to find “who”.  “ Who” are you and “ Who “ are the people you are going to serve.

Before hopping to “ HOW “, first discover :

Who are you going to serve? Who are they?

 How do they live?

What are the pain points?

 Learn everything about the audience

Proper Market research  can elevate the brand image 10 x times

Suppose, in the case of a Taxi Booking App, who is going to your customer? The ones who don’t have a car or any kind of  vehicle, Right? Middle-class population. Now , the one thing is clear: you have to focus more on discount codes.

Step 2: Plan Customer-Driven Strategy

There are two key objectives of strategy :

 Selecting the right audience to cater

Selecting pillars of marketing strategy

For instance, LIC, what comes first to your mind when you hear this three-letter word. “Zindagi ke Saath bhi Zindagi ke baad bhi “ Right !!

The entire strategy and advertising are based on serving the customer. The brand image of LIC is based on building trust. LIC decided to work with the right audience and with a promise to serve a lifetime. Their strategy pillar was to build a sense of loyalty and dedication towards customers. In Taxi, you choose safety, security, or timesaving, anything which solves the problems of the audience.

Step 3: Making a plan that delivers the solution

After market research, make a plan that focuses on making a firm groin in the audience. While crafting the plan, remember one thing:

The plan should target the audience

The plan must resolve the pain point of the consumer

Include all the marketing and advertising tactics to reach more audiences. Use visual, video, social media print media, and also podcast to reach as many as people you can

Step 4: Execute ,Analyze and Revise 

Now, execute the plan, wait for the result. Result or how you will measure if your strategy is working or not?

Here are some deciding factors to measure the result :

How many new sales did you make?

Which specific deal worked best?

What is attracting customers more? Ann easy transportation or timesaving benefit or any other factor?

Pay attention to what your customers are saying?

Execute, Analyze, and then revise. This formula will keep strategy updated and fresh. To shine in marketing and advertising, you have to find what interests the customers and work on that or else eventually the Taxi Booking App business is going to fall apart.

Now, lets move to Marketing strategies for your taxi app before launching

Social Media Marketing – Social Media fully ingrained in our lives, we start the day with good morning selfies and ends with night snaps. The trends are always in our mind.

In the case of Taxi Booking App, influencers showing taxi apps as a part of their daily routine or tweeting on a trending topic will skyrocket your reach. Social Media is used for entertainment but unintentionally sells you a lot of things. Never miss a social media trend, be active, be responsive and work to connect with your consumer. You will instantly notice an uptick in your genuine customer base.  Don’t miss a silver plate already served to you. 

Advertising and Marketing – You are scrolling Instagram, and suddenly find attractive sandals, what will you do?

You are going to check the other details. This is what marketing makes you do. They first attract, propose and then sell!

Advertising and marketing are two unique huge niches, both involve searching for the right audience and them serving the right dish to them. Before jumping to paid advertising   , be clear about the aim, persona and pain points you are going to resolve. Right strategy can make or break your brand image. Choose wisely!!

Discount And Promotions – Ever wondered why Big billion Day and Black Friday Sale are arranged every year. Understanding the psychology behind Deals and offers isn’t an enigma everyone understands the rationale behind the deals. Still the small profit attracts the customer.

First, give them a safe and secure ride at a cheap price. Users get used to services and the benefits . Another benefit of the discount is that discount with the set time frame. Benefits in limited give a sense of urgency and forces buyers to use the services. The discount brings an influx of sales and the vogue to the taxi app. Try these tactics to shoot up sales. 

Referral Marketing –  Referral Marketing is the premium method to promote your Taxi app. Propose a deal with a code that says “ refer to 10 you will get cashback “. Just like promotion and discount, referral marketing builds a huge user base by word-to-word publicity.

Successful Referral marketing is based on Always Be Thinking of your Customers. If you are still in a dilemma,  let us explain with you an example, GOOGLE the tech giant of the search engine industry, also has its dedicated team for referral promo codes and gift cards. When Google is trying to keep users busy with referrals, then don’t you think referral is the best form of marketing.


Taxi app development is a technical part, but marketing requires connecting with the audience. Research thoroughly, plan strategically,  execute patiently, and re – strategies on the basis of actual facts and data.

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David Adamson is the founder and digital strategy manager at Coin Ideology Digital. He develops techniques to boost traffic, sales, and brand awareness for startup agencies. He has specialization in Blockchain and digital marketing industry including SEO, PPC, SMO, influence marketing and consumer behavior analysis.

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