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is the cryptocurrency development and blockchain marketing service provider. Which offers you ICO guest posting service where you can post your ICO and coin related blogs and articles.

Package Enrolled for Guest Posting

Initial Package for Guest Blogging (50 USD): If you desire to write a content of about 1000 words for, then we charge only 10 USD. But your Content should be unique and commendable. This will make you feel appreciable and gratefulness.

Silver Packages for Guest Posting (150 USD): In this package you can submit your blog content on our website as well other 10 crypto related sites with  two dofollow backlinks of the same official or blog in your guest posting content. We will share your post on our Social Accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and G+. It will be highly useful for you as you may get as many followers as you expect.

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We grab the eyeballs of people who are passionate about reading and writing content and can produce the positive vibrations through the original and inspirational business content that feeds their interests, passions and attitudes, We offer a golden opportunity for you to become an author. By being an author, you can submit your blogs, articles, as per your interest, and you can publish at

What We Desire
is looking for passionate and professional writers for guest posts on our blogs which are focused towards marketing consultant and agency owners. We want to help them to get funding for their ico and coin sales, get better results to the clients and make more money than now.

We are accepting trendy and informative content that related to our following categories:

  • Coin Ideology
  • ICO Development
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Coin Development
  • Token Development
  • ICO Marketing
  • ICO Press Release

Your content should be original – we don’t publish anything that has been posted or published anywhere including your blog page.
Your Blog style should be in proper form.
You can highlight (bold) important and interesting things like human, places, festivals and other.
We provide do-follow links in your content.

What We Publish:

We are looking forward for an astonishing content. If you want to write a guest post content for us, then let us know. Your content length should be at-least 1000 words length. Below 1000 words in the post will not be considered. Check out below for some important points that you need to know about your guest posting content.

How To Submit:

Email us your guest posting content data at [email protected] or send your content idea. Share the information about the content. Write the headline and provide the links to your website or blog (if you have one- it is mandatory). It is the best idea for the blogs you have written in your own blog post, we take great pleasure in using that blog for interlinking on our

If you have read and understood all the above mentioned guidelines, you can submit guest posting request to us. After reviewing your post or content data, we will give you feedback and let you know if we can publish it or not.

Thanks for your interest in cooperating with us. Looking forward to hear from you.