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ByDavid Adamson

Top 10 WordPress Plugins June 2024 To Improve Core Web Vitals Score

Today you are going to know about top 10 best WordPress plugins that will help you to improve Core Web Vitals score with some interesting facts and tools.

Core web vitals are certain factors that search engines like Google considers when gauging overall user experience. Calculating these factors will give the core web vital score.

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3 Interesting Facts About Core Web Vitals

  • Core Web Vitals is the new Google ranking factor.
  • Google take Core Web Vitals data from the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX).
  • Google give more importance to Cumulative layout shift (CLS) in Core Web Vitals metrics.

In simpler terms, core web vitals help search engines identify “how much web users enjoyed using your websites”. We would discuss the details of core web vitals in another post. In the meantime, let’s consider how to improve the core web vitals of a website.


Consider your website like a house and web users as visitors. For people to enjoy visiting your house (user experience), your house should have the necessary furniture (user their stay.  e) that will enable them enjoy their time at your house (website).

Simply put, improving user interface increases the user experience of web users. Plugins like the Woocommerce Paywall enables eCommerce stores offer payment methods.

In other words, you can improve the core web vital score of a website by improving its user interface. One way to improve the user interface of a website is by installing the right plugins. These plugins will provide the necessary features the website needs to facilitate a better user experience.

Below are 10 WordPress plugins to improve core web vital score.

WP Rocket

The world is moving towards SPEED. A comedian once made a joke of how Amazon’s Prime will soon graduate into Prime Before. It will be a case where items are delivered to customers before they even demand for these items. Although it is a joke, it actually tells the direction in which things are moving.

With the WP Rocket plugin, you can improve the core web vital score by making your webpages load even faster. With less than three minutes of installation and configuration time, you get the best caching tool to make your website load in less than 3seconds. WP Rocket uses features like page caching, cache preloading, browser caching and eCommerce optimization to ensure that pages load ultra fast.

W3 Total Cache

The W3 Total Cache (W3TC) is one SEO plugin that is trusted for years by millions of web designers and developer for years. It reduces page load time and saves bandwidth by minifying HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. It ensures transparent content delivery network of all media files, installed themes and even the WordPress website itself.

One thing that makes the W3 Total Cache better than most other plugins is that it does not sacrifice experience for speed. It helps website rank higher for mobile search results as well as sites that use the secure socket layout.



Images help to beautify and emphasize the messages the written content is passing across. However, images can also be a sort of stumbling block in terms of having an optimized website. They carry more “data load” than written content and may cause your website to lag.

Although most websites try to limit the amount of images they use, certain websites cannot afford to work with less images. Well, such websites have Smush to bail them out. Smuch is an easy to use image compression tool that reduces the “data load” of images without tampering with their quality or size.

With Smush, website operators can backup original images before compressing large file images. They are no upper limit to what size of images you can compress. This plugin compresses up to 50 images at a time and It does it at twice the speed. You do not even need to manually resize and rescale images to fit the purpose for which you need them. Smush automatically does everything for you.

WPtouch Pro

 Most people access the internet via mobile devices like phones and tablets. Designing a website without considering a layout for users of mobile devices is unwise. Wptouch Pro makes it very easy to design a layout for mobile devices.

What makes WPtouch stand out is that it offers the same user experience to mobile devices as it does to laptops and desktops. Unlike most other plugins, WPtouch offers the best of both sides.

The menu of a website is arguably as important as the website itself. It would be disastrous to have a website with a poorly designed menu. Luckily for website operators, they do not have to learn about web design to use this plugin.

Just install it like you would install a Woocommerce mix and match plugin. This plugin enables you to design a flexible and customizable menu and submenus.

Page Preview for WordPress

Whenever a web users visit a website, they have to also visit other sections of the website to assess them. What if there was a means whereby web users can preview a webpage without having to visit it? Well, Page Preview for WordPress improves user experience by allowing web users preview a webpage. They only need drag the cursor to the webpage link and a popup showing a preview of the webpage will appear.


Every website needs an adequate and functional customer support system. There is hardly a better customer support service than live chat. It is instant and responsive. Paldesk takes customer service further by allowing you customize predefined responses.

It also stores the history of all chats, this enables you to customize offline responses. With Paldesk, it is very easy to set business and offline hours. During offline hours, the plugin will respond with the set predefined messages.

Virtual Tour Creator for WordPress

Earlier, we mentioned a plugin that allows web users to preview webpages without having to visit it. Well, this is a plugin that allows web users preview a real place without having to visit it. If a web user wants to book a room at a hotel they have not been to before, they can easily do it via the website.

This plugin enables website operators to preview the kind of room they want to book without having to visit the hotel physically. Hence its name “Virtual Tour”.

Progress Map

After getting a virtual tour of the place web users visit, they will still need to get there. As a website operator, you can assist them by directing them there. The Progress Map is a plugin that enables establishments list their businesses and locations on Google Map.

This makes it easy for web users to easily identify them. Progress Map offers more than 70 map styles and enables geo-targeting. It is perfect for hotels, restaurants, stores, real estate and related listings. This plugin also improves local search.

Gravity Forms

There is no rule that said forms should be boring and pretty much straightforward. Yes, you can add some desirable effects to the forms you create. Not like that word written in italics, it’s not exactly desirable. It’s more like noticeable.

However, that’s the idea. With Gravity Forms, website operators have a plugin that covers their information gathering need. Gravity Forms is used to create forms for registration and can be integrated into payment gateways. Besides registration and checkout, Gravity Forms has additional modules to increase its functionality.

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

There is hardly a discussion about user interface and user experience without mentioning security. If access is not secure, what experience will be there to enjoy? Like its name states, the Limit Login Attempts Reloaded restricts the number of tries a user has to login to his or her account.

It blocks login attempts from that IP address and notifies the user of that activity. This will enable the user take necessary steps to secure their account.

Apex Notification Bar

Talk of user experience, talk about the Apex Notification Bar. This plugin is arguably everything as regards user experience. It enables website operators to customize notification on websites. It makes it easy to add a countdown timer for a product sale or any related deal or offer.

With this plugin, you can customize popups on offers, discounts and promos. It also enables you to setup cookies for your website.

Price List for Elementor

Every eCommerce store requires an adequate pricing system. Doing it manually will be very stressful and inefficient. It is no surprise that most eCommerce store owners turn to Price List for Elementor for help. This plugin enables website operators create an attractive pricelist for their customers.

Besides the pricing system, Price List also allows you create customizable and attractive price tags and blocks that will appeal to your customers.

Accordion Slider

Still on display, there may be need to display more than one image. All the images cannot be uploaded together as they may cause the website to lag. Even if all the images are optimized, uploading all the images at once affects the user interface of the website.

However, being able to create a mini gallery where all the images and even videos appear as one image. All web users need to do is slide through the accordion to access the other pictures and videos it contains,

With Accordion Slider, website operators can support multimedia files like images and videos on their website. This includes videos from YouTube and Vimeo as well as images from Facebook, Pinterest, etc.


These ten plugins discussed in this post are certain to improve the user interface of your website. This will in turn improve the user experience as well as the core web vital score of your website. They are also compatible with WordPress and very easy to use. What are you waiting for? Go on and increase the core web vital score of your website by using these plugins for your website.

ByDavid Adamson

Top 10 Surprising Tools to Help You Digital Marketing

The digital marketing industry is constantly changing, and you’re not alone if you feel you need more to do with less.

And when it comes to digital marketing tools, you have tens or hundreds of thousands of options to choose from—definitely hundreds of options for each channel or type of job.

Here are the ten most popular digital marketing tools on the market right now (in no particular order) that are using by top digital marketing professionals and why they are crucial for many.

1. SEMrush

If you’re serious about your SEO strategy, you should give SEMrush a try. SEMrush is our team’s favorite all-in-one mass marketing tool. This tool helps you discover discovered words, track positions, and identify opportunities to find backlinks. You can even use this tool to conduct a comprehensive technical SEO audit. SEMrush also introduced improved content marketing, advertising, and social media tools in the latest update.

SEMrush offers free and paid services. With a free account, your ability to search data and use some of the tool’s features is limited. You can start with a 14-day free trial and explore its popular features.

2. HubSpot

Hubspot Digital Marketing Tool

HubSpot, a company known for its CRM and inbound marketing software, recently launched an email marketing product. HubSpot Email Marketing is easy to use, features improved delivery, and comes bundled with all other HubSpot products, such as the free CRM, as well as hundreds of other popular premium features.

The tool comes with a free plan that includes up to 2,000 emails per month, contact lists, a drag-and-drop email builder, and ready-made templates so you can get started immediately.

The best part? HubSpot reduces complexity and integration and integrates tools. One of the available integrations is Sprout Social. As part of the Sprout Help Desk, you can create and assign tasks for your customer support team. Connecting Sprout to HubSpot allows your team to create, track, manage, and resolve issues without leaving the app.

3. MailChimp

Mailchimp Digital Marketing tool

Email marketing is used by almost every digital marketers. This is not what you should expect. Instead, you should implement an email marketing strategy in one day.

With over 12 million customers, MailChimp has established itself as one of the world’s best email marketing and marketing tools. Although there are others, this tool remains one of the best for many reasons.

When you’re just starting a business, it is highly unlikely that you have more than 2,000 subscribers already. For this reason, you can start early with MailChimp, use the free tool while running email marketing, and then upgrade to a paid plan. 

4. Canva

Canva Digital Marketing Tool

Canva makes it easy to create pro-level design elements. If you can’t draw a picture of a tree, don’t worry. The Canva Design Store lets you select and edit designs without special skills to create stunning pixel-perfect images.

In addition, Canva provides interesting images, descriptions, and videos. Canva offers a free plan, but it’s worth the investment if you want to upgrade to a paid one.

5. Sprout Social

sproutsocial digital marketing tool

If you use social media to reach your audience, there is one popular site called Sprout Social that offers social media management, advertising, and analytics software for businesses.

This website allows you to communicate more effectively with customers on social media using social media management tools that give you a quick way of communication, allowing you to check, respond and collaborate. 

For example, Sprout Social will collect social networks from different networks, put them in one place and make it easier for you to manage responses when your story is mentioned when you get the latest information. It also allows you to organize your content online and add analytics.

6. Ahrefs

Ahref SEO Tool

Ahrefs is another marketing tool known for its SEO tools. It allows you to check your website’s position, compares it to competitors’ sites, analyzes backlinks and the best content, search for keywords, and more.

This powerful tool can get high traffic and search engine rankings. Whether you’re new to digital marketing or an expert, Ahrefs can help you with everything you need to know about SEO.

7. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo digital marketing tool

Your content plan should not be a kick in the dark, as you should cover topics you think your audience will be interested in.

This is why 60% of B2B brands with the most successful marketing campaigns have a data plan. Only 21% of less successful brands say they have a data plan.

To be successful in content marketing, you need to do the proper research, which is why BuzzSumo is one of my favorite content marketing tools.

BuzzSumo shows you what’s trending on social media based on keyword research. When you’re done searching, you can review the returned results to see what’s most exciting and get ideas for topics to write about.

8. Crowdfire

Crowdfire Digital Marketing tool

Crowdfire is the best software to have in hand if you want to manage your company’s social media effectively. With best-in-class features, this is one of the best adware on the market. By using Crowdfire, you can increase the number of social media campaigns and grow faster and more efficiently.

In addition, you can use the platform to publish content in blog posts and communicate with customers to provide them with excellent customer service. You can also find and share relevant information with your audience and schedule posts to be posted at different times.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Digital Marketing Tool

Google Analytics is the obvious choice for anyone working in digital marketing. At first glance, this tool may seem a bit advanced, but if you use it to its fullest, you will get a lot of information about how your users interact with your website.

If you want to expand your knowledge of Google Analytics, we recommend visiting the Google Analytics Academy. Here is a collection of free guides to help you learn everything you need about the platform to use it to its full potential.

10. MobileMonkey

Mobile Monkey Digital Marketing Tool

MobileMonkey is a must-have chat marketing tool that encourages customers to talk with you and you with them automatically.

Since 75% of customers report that chatting or texting with a company is a better way to communicate than email or phone, set up and operate a customer chat that no company can afford to ignore.

MobileMonkey is an excellent choice for marketing and support while connecting to your customers’ favorite messaging channels, including Instagram’s private messaging, SMS messaging, live chat, and Facebook messenger.

With MobileMonkey, everything you need for marketing, from Instagram marketing tools to Facebook posts, leads to living chat, is available in one place.

Not only can you use one inbox to view and respond to incoming messages from all your messaging accounts, but MobileMonkey also makes it easy to set up automatic replies, collect lead information, and send them directly to other’s marketing teams.

11. DesignEvo

DesignEvo is a user-friendly online logo maker that enables individuals and businesses to create professional-looking logos effortlessly. With its intuitive interface and extensive library of customizable templates and icons, DesignEvo simplifies the logo design process. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned designer, you can craft unique logos tailored to your brand identity.

The platform offers a diverse array of pre-designed logo templates across various industries, allowing users to easily customize colors, fonts, shapes, and more. With DesignEvo, you can create stunning logos in minutes, providing an ideal solution for startups, small businesses, and anyone seeking a visually appealing logo without the need for extensive design skills.

Final Thought

With the right tools at your disposal, you can streamline your sales processes and automate many of the tasks in the process.

Any combination of the above tools can be the basis for a digital marketing strategy. Feel free to search for what works for your business and budget.

Once you have figured out your digital marketing tools, you can confidently move forward with your campaigns and keep more momentum in your marketing efforts.

More than ever, marketer’s need tools, i.e., WooCommerce upload files to leverage current work, improve their skills, collaborate more, and measure what they’re doing right.

ByDavid Adamson

29 Best Crypto Ad Networks in June 2024 With Their Monthly Traffic

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, advertising plays a crucial role in promoting projects, products, and services. As of 2024, numerous crypto ad networks have emerged, each offering unique features, monthly traffic, and pricing options.

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In this blog post, we will delve into the 29 top crypto ad networks of June 2024 with their monthly traffic and minimum ad spend cost, exploring their key characteristics, monthly traffic, minimum advertising costs, and official website links.

1. A-ADS

Introduction: A-ADS (Anonymous Ads) is a pioneer in crypto advertising, focusing on privacy and transparency. It supports both Bitcoin and Litecoin for transactions.

Monthly Traffic: With over 30 million daily impressions and 1.5 million daily clicks, A-ADS continues to maintain its popularity.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per day is as low as 0.0001 BTC.

Official Website: A-ADS

crypto ad networks

2. Ad Dragon

Introduction: Ad Dragon provides a platform for advertisers to target specific demographics and gain insights into their campaigns through detailed analytics.

Monthly Traffic: Ad Dragon boasts a monthly traffic of 10 million unique visitors.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend starts at $50.

Official Website: Ad Dragon

3. Ad Ex Network

Introduction: Ad Ex Network is known for its real-time bidding system, offering efficient and targeted ad placements.

Monthly Traffic: With a monthly traffic of 15 million impressions, Ad Ex Network maintains a substantial reach.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per click is $0.10.

Official Website: Ad Ex Network

4. AdBit

Introduction: AdBit is a decentralized ad network that enables publishers and advertisers to interact directly, minimizing middlemen.

Monthly Traffic: AdBit manages a monthly traffic of around 5 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend starts at 0.01 BTC.

Official Website: AdBit

5. AdEx

Introduction: AdEx focuses on enhancing transparency and combating ad fraud in the crypto advertising space.

Monthly Traffic: AdEx records a monthly traffic of 25 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per impression is $0.02.

Official Website: AdEx

6. AdsFirm

Introduction: AdsFirm offers a user-friendly platform for advertisers to reach their target audience effectively.

Monthly Traffic: AdsFirm’s monthly traffic exceeds 8 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend starts at $30.

7. Adshares

Introduction: Adshares is a blockchain-based ad network that employs a decentralized approach for transparency and efficiency.

Monthly Traffic: Adshares manages a monthly traffic of 12 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per click is $0.05.

Official Website: Adshares

8. Adsterra

Introduction: Adsterra is a renowned ad network that covers various advertising formats, including banners, pop-unders, and push notifications.

Monthly Traffic: Adsterra’s monthly traffic reaches an impressive 50 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend starts at $100.

Official Website: Adsterra

9. Bitmedia

Introduction: Bitmedia specializes in crypto-focused advertising, providing targeted placements on relevant websites.

Monthly Traffic: Bitmedia records a monthly traffic of 20 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per click is $0.20.

Official Website: Bitmedia

10. Bitraffic

Introduction: Bitraffic offers a range of advertising options, including display ads and pop-ups, to cater to different advertiser needs.

Monthly Traffic: Bitraffic’s monthly traffic exceeds 15 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend starts at $50.

11. BuySellAds

Introduction: BuySellAds is a well-established advertising marketplace that caters to both crypto and non-crypto advertisers and publishers.

Monthly Traffic: BuySellAds boasts a massive monthly traffic of over 2 billion ad impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend varies depending on the specific site and placement but generally starts around $50.

Official Website: BuySellAds

12. Coin.Network

Introduction: Coin.Network is a crypto-specific ad network that connects advertisers with relevant cryptocurrency and blockchain-related websites.

Monthly Traffic: Coin.Network manages a monthly traffic of 8 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per click is $0.10.

Official Website: Coin.Network

13. CoinAd

Introduction: CoinAd offers targeted advertising for the crypto community, allowing advertisers to reach a highly engaged audience.

Monthly Traffic: CoinAd records a monthly traffic of around 12 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend starts at $10.

14. Coinscribble

Introduction: Coinscribble focuses on connecting advertisers with cryptocurrency enthusiasts through its network of crypto-related websites.

Monthly Traffic: Coinscribble’s monthly traffic reaches 6 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per click is $0.05.

Official Website: Coinscribble

15. Cointraffic

Introduction: Cointraffic is a leading crypto ad network that offers a wide range of advertising options, including banners and sponsored content.

Monthly Traffic: Cointraffic manages a monthly traffic of 40 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend starts at $100.

Official Website: Cointraffic

29 Best Crypto Ad Networks in 2023 With Their Monthly Traffic and Minimum Ad Spend Cost

16. Coinverti

Introduction: Coinverti is a crypto ad network known for its easy-to-use platform and options for both advertisers and publishers.

Monthly Traffic: Coinverti records a monthly traffic of 18 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per click is $0.10.

17. CoinZilla

Introduction: CoinZilla is a crypto-focused advertising platform that provides a wide variety of ad formats for advertisers to choose from.

Monthly Traffic: CoinZilla’s monthly traffic exceeds 30 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend starts at $100.

Official Website:

18. CryptoAdsManager

Introduction: CryptoAdsManager is a platform that facilitates the management of crypto ad campaigns for advertisers and publishers.

Monthly Traffic: CryptoAdsManager’s monthly traffic reaches 10 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per click is $0.10.

Official Website: CryptoAdsManager

19. DOT

Introduction: DOT is a blockchain-based ad network that prioritizes user privacy and transparency in ad transactions.

Monthly Traffic: DOT manages a monthly traffic of 8 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per click is $0.05.

20. EZmob

Introduction: EZmob is a mobile-focused advertising platform that offers a wide range of targeting options for advertisers.

Monthly Traffic: EZmob boasts a monthly traffic of over 1 billion impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend starts at $50.

21. Google Ads

Introduction: Google Ads, while not exclusively crypto-focused, remains a significant player in online advertising, allowing advertisers to reach a vast audience.

Monthly Traffic: Google’s massive network reaches billions of users every day.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend varies based on bidding and competition.

Official Website: Google Ads

22. Mellows Ads

Introduction: Mellows Ads offers a range of advertising options, including push notifications and native ads, for the crypto community.

Monthly Traffic: Mellows Ads records a monthly traffic of 15 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per click is $0.10.

23. Mylead

Introduction: Mylead is an affiliate marketing platform that connects advertisers and publishers for crypto-related offers.

Monthly Traffic: Mylead’s monthly traffic reaches 5 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: Varies depending on the affiliate offer.

Official Website: Mylead

24. Partners.House

Introduction: Partners.House is an affiliate marketing network that offers crypto-focused affiliate programs for advertisers and publishers.

Monthly Traffic: Partners.House records a monthly traffic of 8 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: Varies depending on the affiliate offer.

Official Website: Partners.House

25. PropellerAds

Introduction: PropellerAds is a widely-used ad network that provides a variety of advertising formats and targeting options.

Monthly Traffic: PropellerAds manages a monthly traffic of 100 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend starts at $25.

Official Website: PropellerAds

26. Push.House

Introduction: Push.House specializes in push notification ads, allowing advertisers to engage with users through highly visible notifications.

Monthly Traffic: Push.House’s monthly traffic exceeds 20 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per click is $0.02.

Official Website: Push.House

27. Token Ad

Introduction: Token Ad is a crypto ad network that focuses on delivering effective ad placements for projects within the blockchain space.

Monthly Traffic: Token Ad records a monthly traffic of 10 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per click is $0.10.

28. Varanida

Introduction: Varanida aims to revolutionize digital advertising by introducing a decentralized ad ecosystem that benefits both users and advertisers.

Monthly Traffic: Varanida manages a monthly traffic of 5 million impressions.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum cost per click is $0.05.

Official Website: Varanida

29. AdDragon

Introduction: AdDragon stands out with its focus on user experience, aiming to provide a seamless interaction between advertisers and publishers in the crypto space.

Monthly Traffic: AdDragon boasts a monthly traffic of 25 million unique visitors.

Minimum Advertising Cost: The minimum ad spend starts at $50.

Official Website: AdDragon

In this exploration of the top crypto ad networks of 2023, it’s evident that the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are embracing advertising innovation to foster engagement, transparency, and privacy. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, these networks play a pivotal role in shaping the ways in which projects, products, and services are promoted within the crypto community. Whether you’re an advertiser seeking targeted exposure or a publisher looking to monetize your platform, these diverse platforms offer solutions that cater to a spectrum of needs.

As you venture into the world of crypto advertising, it’s important to consider factors such as your target audience, campaign objectives, and budget. The variety of ad formats, traffic levels, and pricing structures across these networks allow you to tailor your advertising approach to achieve optimal results.

In conclusion, the realm of crypto ad networks is a vibrant and dynamic landscape that reflects the ever-changing nature of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Each network contributes its unique perspective and features to the ecosystem, enabling advertisers and publishers to navigate this intricate landscape with efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you’re new to crypto advertising or a seasoned professional, the options presented by these top crypto ad networks in June 2024 are sure to offer opportunities for growth, engagement, and success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About The Crypto Ad Networks

1. What are crypto ad networks?

Crypto ad networks are platforms that connect advertisers and publishers within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. These networks facilitate the placement of targeted advertisements on relevant websites, helping advertisers reach their intended audience and publishers monetize their platforms.

2. How do I choose the right crypto ad network for my campaign?

When selecting a crypto ad network, consider factors such as your target audience, campaign goals, budget, and preferred ad formats. Research each network’s monthly traffic, minimum advertising costs, and available targeting options to find the network that aligns with your needs.

3. Are these ad networks only for cryptocurrency projects?

While many of these ad networks are focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, some also cater to non-crypto advertisers. Advertisers from various industries can tap into these networks to reach the engaged and tech-savvy audience within the crypto community.

4. What is the significance of monthly traffic in a crypto ad network?

Monthly traffic indicates the number of ad impressions a network generates within a month. It’s a key metric to gauge the potential reach and exposure your ads could receive. Networks with higher monthly traffic can help you target a larger audience.

5. What are the benefits of using a crypto ad network?

Crypto ad networks offer targeted advertising to a specific audience interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain-related content. They provide a platform for advertisers to effectively reach their target audience and for publishers to monetize their websites through relevant ads.

6. What is the minimum advertising cost, and how is it determined?

The minimum advertising cost is the lowest amount you need to spend on an ad campaign within a specific network. This cost can vary based on factors like the ad format, targeting options, competition, and the network’s pricing structure.

7. Can I track the performance of my ads on these networks?

Yes, most crypto ad networks provide detailed analytics and performance tracking tools. You can monitor key metrics such as click-through rates, impressions, conversions, and more to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.

8. Are these ad networks secure and transparent?

Many of these ad networks leverage blockchain technology to enhance transparency and reduce fraud. However, it’s essential to research each network’s security measures and privacy policies to ensure your data and transactions are well-protected.

9. Are there any ad formats other than banners and pop-ups?

Yes, many of these networks offer a variety of ad formats, including native ads, push notifications, sponsored content, and more. These formats allow advertisers to experiment with different approaches to engage their target audience.

10. Can I use these networks for both small and large campaigns?

Absolutely. These crypto ad networks cater to a wide range of advertisers, from small startups with modest budgets to large enterprises looking to make a substantial impact. The varying minimum advertising costs provide flexibility for advertisers of different sizes.

11. How do I get started with advertising on these networks?

To get started, visit the official website of the crypto ad network you’re interested in. Most networks have a straightforward signup process for both advertisers and publishers. You’ll typically need to create an account, set up your campaign details, choose your targeting options, and upload your ad creatives.

Remember that the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are ever-evolving, so staying up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in the advertising landscape is crucial for the success of your campaigns.

ByDavid Adamson

Top 10 NFT Marketing Services Providers 2024

Since the advent of cryptocurrencies, the digital world has expanded at an exponential rate that is difficult to define in monetary terms. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), sometimes known as crypto artworks, were created due to the cryptocurrency. Artists and artisans are also seizing the opportunity.

Beeple, a digital artist, has sold an NFT collage of his “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for more than $69 million. It is the first time a digital work of art has been offered for sale by an auction house. Unsurprisingly, after the sales, the mainstream began to pay greater attention to NFTs.

Top Crypto NFT Marketing Companies 2024

NFT marketing firms may assist you in promoting your crypto arts. Here are some of the greatest cryptocurrency and NFT startups to keep an eye on:


RisingMax is a top NFT marketplace marketing business with numerous notable NFT, crypto, and blockchain customers. The organization offers the greatest services for obtaining relevant organic traffic. The company specializes in decentralized projects, working with a remote team with a Web3-based goal.

They have a thorough grasp of NFT marketing, from the creation and minting of NFT through its promotion across many channels. They provide the greatest NFT minting timeline tools, incredible methodologies, and complete technical support.


BestBlockchainDevs provides NFT marketplace development services as well as token creation and marketing. Their expert team evaluates your NFT project model and advises you on the optimum business expansion plan. The firm promotes your NFT marketplace to buyers via Discord, Reddit, and Telegram communities.

From strategy through development, the firm has all the information you need to get a solid place for your project in the NFT market. With the support of their great PR and social media teams, they develop communities and give outreach. They generate incredible marketing materials to keep you ahead of the competition.


BestWeb3Development is a seasoned NFT marketing firm that was founded in 2013. The firm is situated in the United States and offers various NFT marketing services. They provide audience research and targeting tools to help you construct the most effective NFT advertising models.

The company aims to assist amateurs in marketing their NFTs on various platforms. They have an extensive understanding of fundamental blockchain technology and a thorough marketing plan that spans the whole process, from creation to implementation. The firm offers first-rate NFT minting tools, market tactics, and support. They aid in the improvement of campaign content to increase conversions and credibility across various social networks.

Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions is a renowned marketing firm with over a decade of expertise in the crypto and NFT marketplaces as an opensea clone. They have worked with some of the industry’s greatest brands, like SnakeMinia, and have a proven track record of achieving outcomes.

Suffescom Solutions Inc.

They provide a wide variety of customized services to satisfy the demands of their clientele. Suffescom Solutions is committed to assisting customers in achieving their objectives and growing their NFT company.


The organization is well-known for being the greatest NFT marketing strategist. They carry out marketing initiatives by mixing traditional and modern tactics. They provide services that assist you in compiling your marketing idea and approaching various platforms.

They drive traffic via SEO, outreach, and advertising. They have a great client satisfaction percentage and have been involved in several successful projects. They produce high-quality brand films and content for various NFT initiatives to increase community involvement in the NFT market.


NinjaPromo is a B2B NFT marketplace marketing firm that provides the highest quality services for its customers’ projects. The NFT market’s varied service selection makes it more efficient and remarkable.

They primarily handle content and media, influencer marketing, and social advertising. They also provide additional engagement tools, such as video production for the NFT collections. They also provide effective tactics for NFT makers to overcome all obstacles in the NFT launch process.

They are the best PR agency for the crypto and NFT communities due to their productivity and dependability. Their diverse marketing strategies make NFTs available to both aficionados and non-enthusiasts. The business promotes NFTs across media channels to increase user awareness by targeting interaction across various geographical regions.

Rabbit Design Studio

Rabbit Studio is a Hong Kong-based digital marketing firm specializing in NFT marketing services. They provide audience research and targeting to help producers develop the finest marketing campaigns. The organization assists its customers in increasing their social media presence. Their tailored solutions assist companies in becoming market leaders and ensuring their success.

The X10 Agency

Forbes acknowledges the X10 agency as a trustworthy organization that promotes Web3 and NFTs. They provide the finest tactics based on extensive market research and breakdown analysis. The team offers launchpads for your NFT initiatives, allowing you to communicate with your target audience and promote long-term objectives.

The firm conducts competitive analysis to determine the performance of the NFT marketing initiatives. Their innovative tactics secure your digital presence, which can help you establish a better brand in the crypto industry.


CrowdCreate is a part of several successful NFT initiatives with great customer satisfaction percentages. The firm works with the NFT project’s connectedness of ideas generated by people. CrowdCreate collaborates with NFT creators to develop project ideas and commercial strategies.


There are various agencies on the list, but several stand out above the others. Coin Ideology Digital, for example, has worked with some of the largest NFT firms in the market and has years of expertise dealing with all types of crypto projects, including NFTs.

Do you need NFT marketing services? Contact the premier NFT marketing firm.

ByDavid Adamson

Top 10 Best SEO Companies 2024

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the reflection of how your business conducts itself online. SEO focuses on how search engines like Google read and rank your website.

To have a good rank – quality content, effective link building, and technical expertise are required to get the best results. SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic on your website through search engine results.

Whether you seek to improve your ranking in the search engine or want your website to show up in local search results, investing in good SEO is very important for business growth.

To help you in your search for the best SEO partner, we have compiled a list of top SEO companies 2024.

Here are top-performing SEO agencies which can best fit your business goals:

1-    Webomaze Pty Ltd

Webomaze is an award-winning digital marketing and website design company with the main focus on SEO.

With an innovative vision, dedication, and hard work, Webomaze became one of Australia’s fastest-growing SEO and digital marketing companies.

They follow vetted processes and advanced technologies, which allow us to match the business needs and assure that you get a high level of services and results for your marketing budgets.

The clients’ website leads have increased by half within a few months, and the clients praise their success. With Webomaze, your business is in good hands.

Whatever SEO service you need, they have experience in it; you can also read about a wide range of happy clients on their website.

Feel completely taken care of when their SEO experts back your business as dedicated to helping you succeed and achieve new heights.

2- WebFx

Grow your business with the top marketers in the business niche. Their highly trained digital marketing experts put together thousands of digital marketing campaigns for companies looking to increase their leads, transactions, phone calls, and website traffic.

WebFX has been rated one of the best SEO agencies. As a leader in SEO, PPC, and web designing services, their company prides itself on driving hybrid traffic and uses the latest technology measures to deliver ultimate real results to the clients.

Their team lays the creative groundwork for your digital presence with the best web design. They take pride in driving growth for businesses using the latest marketing strategies.

3- Smart Sites

Smart Sites is one of the highly recommended digital marketing companies in San Diego. Smart Sites offers the best in class services for SEO, paid media, email marketing, etc.

Their solution helps attract the right customers, converts leads, and enables you to grow your business.

They have highly skilled SEO experts; among all the internet marketing agencies, they are the only one who generates, validates, and reports online the leads in real-time.

They are one of the highly transparent companies, both in work and communication.

4- Sure Oak

If you want to rank high in the search engine, their high-level search engine optimization practice is for you. They have pioneered SEO techniques and applied data for a winning formula.

They treat every single client business as if it is their own business. It takes a lot of creativity and thinking outside the box to be on top, they have taken SEO very seriously and love what they do.

Whether you are talking about SEO, PPC, or social media marketing, they do it with pride and utilize expert-level engineers. They have thousands of success stories of the clients.

They can get good marketing results, fulfil your unique business needs, and manage contents that aim to drive more conversion and traffic.

5- Straight North

At Straight North, you will get a full range of SEO solutions for all types of organizations. When you choose to work with straight north, a highly skilled SEO management team will oversee your website.

Their team is highly transparent and collaborative, with a focus on results. They believe that a great SEO strategy brings content, code, and context together to make you valuable and discoverable to your customers.

They are one of the best online marketing companies which can help you to grow your business and also helps you to generate more traffic and sales leads.

It is a privilege when you trust them, and they will do everything to bring trust and value to your company.

6- Uplers

Uplers is one of the SEO firms that offer unparalleled expertise and proprietary strategies to get the business ranking higher and faster.

Their highly specialized SEO services include everything from content optimization to link building.

They generate real results by helping online visibility and organic traffic.

They believe in the power of a connected world and make big ideas a reality. they are a one-stop digital service company and are the most trusted and fastest-growing company serving companies worldwide.

They are open to adopting new technologies; they will keep you informed and help you work together in the creative process.

7- Social SEO

They are here to develop, implement, and optimize a digital strategy that drives real business results. They have served thousands of customers;

Social SEO is all one marketing solution that combines online marketing tools to increase visibility, loyalty, manage records, and track results.

Whether your business requires little help or full-scale planning, their services are here to meet any needs. They try to make our business innovative and have the latest market technology so that your business can get benefits from the latest and greatest technologies.

They have helped many clients’ businesses to appear on the first page of Google. Their team of experts works tirelessly behind the scene so that your business can run and grow successfully.

8SEO Valley

SEO Valley is one of the trusted and fastest-growing digital marketing companies that serve small to medium-sized companies worldwide.

Their team of SEO experts develops sustainable strategies to boost sales and increases brand visibility.

They depend on simple keywords to get a high search ranking; their goal is to help your business grow by driving more traffic to your website, giving the users a positive experience, and converting clicks into customers.

With their amazing approach, you will see sustainable results fast. Their SEO services and techniques have brought the client to the first page of the Google result for the relevant keywords.

9- SEO Plus

SEO Plus helps businesses to improve their online visibility on the internet. Their team is specialized in SEO and also has international experience in working with the companies.

They are proud to say that they are one of the best SEO agencies. They have helped businesses across the globe improve their visibility in search.

They take a data-driven approach to everything they do, from making marketing campaigns to building optimized websites. They mainly focus on offering transparent services to businesses.

Their SEO techniques focus on high-quality strategies that pay off in the long run. They offer assured results in an estimated time.

Local SEO Search is a company based in Toronto. They base their SEO strategies on hard and tested data. They serve clients everywhere across the globe.

They combine online traffic sources with driving visitors to optimize landing pages.

Once the traffic is converted into leads, Local SEO Search will assist your business with the sales funnel and other best practices to ensure you get the most out of your campaign.

At Local SEO Search, each client is their top priority, and they make sure everyone who visits us is satisfied, and fulfill their expectation. They assure you of their best services always.

Their goal is to get your rank first, but grow your business by delivering more right leads and converting leads to customers. 

So this was a carefully curated list of the best SEO companies that can help you grow your business. Hope this will be useful for you!!

ByDavid Adamson

Why Do You Need CRM Software: List of Top 10 CRM Software 2024

We all are aware that customer relationship is the critical key aspect throughout the business journey. CRMs are one of the robust tools these days that can be beneficial for accelerating businesses while enabling easy collaboration, automating operations, synchronizing data, and more.

Also, a survey reveals that adaptation to Customer Relationship Management technology is expected to increase to $43.5 billion worldwide by 2024.

Customer relationship management is a structured approach to build, handle, and maintain strong connections with customers. In simple terms, CRM software helps you track all the encounters with the consumer throughout their journey. Furthermore, it serves as a central hub for businesses, ensuring security, integrity, and scalability of consumers communications.

Customer Relationship Management Importance

Every successful business these days knows the significance of CRM. It provides the firms with a unified platform to easily handle the clients, aligns the marketing efforts, automates daily operations, and delivers quality customer assistance.

Furthermore, the customer relationship management tool enables organizations to improve workflow and drive increased sales. The best part about these software solutions synchronizes with varying apps like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

Focuses on Consumer Needs

When the businesses see a rapid increase in expansion or sales, a sudden up and down in the leads is likely to happen.

But integrating an effective CRM system can help you eliminate such chances of decline in sales as they are designed considering the user experience. In simple terms, CRM software focuses on everything you do around your consumers.

For example, it aligns all the business operations that your sales representatives, marketing experts, and customer support teams perform. As a result, it enables businesses to focus on company objectives and meet consumer requirements.

Easy Collaboration Between Marketing and Sales Teams

Cross-functional team collaboration is critical to achieving business success. Such collaboration helps in simplifying all the phases of the consumer journey.

Here, the internal sales team is responsible for delivering the customer data so that the marketing team can put in their best efforts. As a result, customers will have a seamless experience buying from your brand and will become loyal customers too.

Simplified Synchronization and Data Sharing

CRMs are responsible for simplifying the tasks such as sharing data or synchronization. For example, in earlier times, updating the customer information like name, phone number or address manually was time-consuming.

But today, no matter if it is just a contact name or number or finding who talks with certain users, all the details sync up and update the system automatically. You can modify the data your way and track whatever you want to. For instance, new leads, repeat customers, conversions, and so on.

Furthermore, such synchronization of data and efficient collaboration among the teams allows easy access to accurate information.

This way, you can deliver an exceptional user experience without any hurdles and automate most of the time-consuming efforts.

Excellent Customer Service

To track all the customer data and other analytics and reach the target audience, integrating CRM software is critical.

For example, a user visits your site and is interested in your product/service as they clicked on your contact details or email option. As a result, having the CRM system will allow you to easily communicate with the consumers and better determine their needs.

This means you will be able to deliver your consumers an invaluable experience and retain customer loyalty.

Consumer Interactions Made Simple

There are enormous opportunities to engage the visitors or reach the target audience online like social media, live chat, or video call.

CRM solutions available in the market these days are capable of meeting the challenges faced by sales representatives or marketing teams.

For example,

You can track calls or assign the calls
Handle customer queries via live chat
Utilize CRM to monitor business questions on social media
Enable email tracking, automates marketing campaigns, and take on-time follow-ups.

Top 10 CRM Software in 2024

Here is the list of top 10 CRM software in 2024.


Salonist CRM Software

Salonist is a leading salon CRM software that caters to businesses of all sizes with a diverse set of features and functionalities. It enhances everything from brand exposure to revenue, time management, and more.


Online bookings and inventory management
KPI reporting, notification/alerts, and online payment gateways
Loyalty system, email marketing, SMS campaigns, and more

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM

A well-known and free CRM tool by HubSpot enables businesses for effective lead management. Furthermore, with the HubSpot CRM pro version, the sales representatives get access to core functionality like tracking conversions, content management, and more.


Live chat
Performance Metrics

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM

This CRM software is perfect for all-size businesses as it incorporates solutions for both the marketing team and sales representatives for improving the consumer experience. Moreover, this software solution enables staff to interact among themselves or the consumers leveraging a variety of channels.


Customer Support Analytics
Performance metrics
Knowledge management


The most popular CRM tool of all in the market is PipeDrive. This software focuses on the sales pipeline to keep the transparency of leads, conversions, and increased profits.


Easy access to interface anytime anywhere
Leads and conversions layout
Free trial to assess the benefits

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM lets you close the activities or deals conveniently. All business sizes can implement this CRM to boost sales and automate the business tasks, resulting in informed decisions.


Track leads and examines conversion rate
Seamless cloud storage and analytics capabilities
Search, customer assistance tracking, and metrics

Zoho CRM

The customer relationship management tool by Zoho enables the firms to shut the deals, streamline the tasks, and have control over the processes. It also lets the organizations communicate with the user via live chat, email, or video call.


Integrates with around 400 apps
Automates important tasks associated with sales, marketing, and user experience
Reduces operational costs

Agile CRM

One-stop CRM solution to avail the features and functionalities you are looking for. It provides deal management, virtual appointment booking, contact management, and so on.


Email marketing and social suite
Mobile marketing and knowledge management
Self-service portal

Netsuite CRM

Netsuite CRM is software designed by blending both the traditional and modern CRM abilities. With this tool, you can access customer interaction records and other vital data.


Marketing support
Excellent customer assistance
Affiliates and salesforce automation

Yetiforce CRM

Yetiforce, an award-winning tool, can be customized to any business requirements. You can also integrate the Yetiforce CRM with third-party libraries to deliver extensive outcomes.


Equipped with 80 admin tools and 80 user modules
Customer service analytics
Customer support tracking, Self-service portal, and live chat


Businesses can integrate SutiCRM to handle consumer interactions and their vital information. Also, it automates the marketing processes and other consumer assistance activities.


Boosts partner and supplier interactions
Provides metrics, custom support, live chat, and more
Lets you understand the user needs and integrate the CRM accordingly

Boost Business Efficiency With CRM

Once you understand the importance of integrating CRM into your business, you will never stand behind in meeting the consumer needs or raining your company profits. So, choose the right tool based on your team requirements and get started.

Thanks for Reading!!

ByDavid Adamson

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Companies 2024

We research top results in all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Duckduckgo and find these top 10 best digital marketing companies in June 2024.

The world of digital marketing is a very competitive one. There are lots of companies with so many amazing features for different types of organizations.

These digital marketing companies offer different digital marketing services. Some offer more services than others.

However, the premises for judgment will be about how well they deliver these services and not just how much. Below are the companies considered to be the best marketing companies.

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Web FX

digital marketing company

Web FX is arguably one of the best digital marketing companies in the US.

It offers services such as digital transformation, branding, search engine optimization and social media marketing.

This team of about 200 individuals is sure to deliver your next web design or web development project. Their minimum price is $1000 per project.

Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising has proven to be a digital marketing company that is best for brands who want to create awareness about their products to new customers.

It only considers projects from $1000 upwards. Projects include performance marketing, social media marketing and email marketing.

It is one of the best marketing companies if you want to create a landing page.

Wow-How Studio

Wow-How brings sophistication to a whole new level with its game design, 2D and 3D graphics, sophisticated animation, video editing, post-production, VR and AR services.

Offering services such as branding, marketing, graphic designing, game development at the minimum price of $1000 per project is a bargain.

This digital marketing company is always looking to up its game and it is currently doing so by adding performance marketing, ecommerce development and marketing to its services.

Bird Marketing Limited

Bird Marketing is believed to the highest level of service and extensive knowledge.

Its is no surprise that most companies turn to this digital marketing companies for pay per click, branding, SEO and web design solutions.

This UK based company has seen all there is to the digital world and is dedicated to bringing customer’s business visions to life through its knowledge and experience.

Its minimum project prize is $1000. It uses paid and organic traffic to help its clients create adequate brand awareness.

Over The Top SEO

Over the top is a multifaceted company that specialize in creating top-notch brand partnerships.

They help their clients find investment opportunities in the digital domain.

They also promote omnichannel marketing campaigns for their clients by offering SEO, social media, email marketing and performance marketing services.

In other words, Over the Top is a digital marketing company and a startups accelerator rolled into one. It is no surprise that $5000 is their minimum project price.

SEO Brand

Marketing entails trust and it is a long term process. This is the fundamentals of SEO Brand digital marketing company.

This digital marketing company helps small and medium scale enterprises that want to build on the long run by providing them SEO, pay per click, client relations (customer marketing) and content strategy services.

Although their minimum project price is $1000, SEO Brand prefers to work with clients who are willing to commit to a long term contract.


It is not every day you see startups that are helping other startups.

However, a group of university students came together and made this a reality.

With a minimum project price of $5000, EngineerBabu will offer Services: branding, SEO, content marketing and development services to their clients.

It focuses on organic marketing to create awareness and it specializes in building Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for startups.

Studio Mosaic

Studio Mosaic is no small digital marketing company. This marketing company has worked on the latest digital marketing projects in India.

This includes launching and promoting more than 500 apps all over the world.

With minimum project price of $1000, clients can get app store optimization, app install campaigns, online pr, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing development & design


Technical SEO is a very important aspect of SEO. They can help boost organic traffic and help curb expenses the website would have incurred using paid traffic.

Delante has SEO experts who are passionate about helping firms grow their website by offering SEO, content marketing, development & design services. Minimum project price is $1000.

The company encourages its clients to use Google Ads, organic listings, social, search, and paid marketing to scale faster.


Perhaps it is called crowd because it can help a website draw crowds. The company offers SEO, web development and design, and content marketing services to its clients.

Besides brand awareness creation, Crowd also helps with lead nurturing and business development.

The experts here can give you the best digital tools, the most suitable design and development strategies for a minimum of $5000 per project

There are a host pf other digital marketing companies that are not listed here.

This is not to discredit them as the list above was sourced according to the locations of the different companies. In addition, this list is not arranged in any particular order.

ByDavid Adamson

Top 20 Digital Marketing Professionals 2024 [You Should Follow]

The world of digital marketing has completely changed the traditional business method. The advent of digital marketing has revolutionized the way sales and customer retention are handled.

With time, the digital marketing industry is expanding its progress. Digital marketing is not a static process, it is a continuous implementation with changing customer behavior.

There are very expert and influential professionals in digital marketing. They have carved a niche for themselves with their years of unparalleled experience and skills.

In which many wish to share their experience and have a cult following.

Gary Vaynerchuk : Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most renowned digital marketing experts and is known as the ‘Father of Influence Marketing’. Gary Vaynerchuk was the first marketing influencer to become more popular and popular on YouTube with his show.

Gary Vaynerchuk is the owner of VaynerMedia Digital Marketing agency. He is one of the best-selling marketing writers and has been at the top of the list of top digital marketing influencers for some time.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a renowned digital marketer as well as an angel investor and a public speaker. If you want inspiration from the best, then Gary Vaynerchuk is him.

Neil Patel: Neil Patel is known as a true teacher of digital marketing, he has expertise in search engine and content marketing. Neil Patel is a leader in SEO education and is one of the top 10 digital influencers according to Forbes.

Neil Patel is the founder of Crazy Eggs, HelloBar, KISSmetrics and many other platforms. If you are a digital marketer then you must have known about Neil Patel’s website, it is a must for any digital marketer, where we get amazing information from great SEO tools and in-depth articles.

Ryan Deiss: Ryan Dees is the creator of the Customer Value Optimization strategy which is a major income model of online companies. She is the founder of a digital marketing company that provides quality training and service in SEO and brand building. Ryan Dees has worked as a digital marketing influencer with big companies like Uber, Spotify, and InfusionSoft. He has established an amazing reputation in the digital marketing industry.

Rand Fishkin: Rand Fishkin started his career as a blogger in 2003. After that, he started a software company and developed tools for SEO and got a huge success. Rand Fishkin is the founder of MOZ and is counted among the top influencers in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. Follow Rand to improve your SEO techniques and stay updated with the latest SEO trends in search engines.

Larry Kim : Larry Kim is a Digital Marketing Influencer, a Coach, as well as the CEO and Founder of MobileMonkey and WordStream. He is a top contributor to Medium as well as one of the most famous writers on Medium. Larry Kim specializes in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO.

Pam Moore : Pam Moore is one of the top social media influencers. She specializes in social media optimization and conversion strategies and shares with followers the best strategies and techniques for promoting branding, selling on social media, brand development, social media optimization, and much more. He started as a social media marketing specialist and over time Pam Moore has earned his place as one of the best digital marketing experts.

Tim Ferriss : Tim Ferriss is known as the ‘Bad Boy’ of Digital Marketing. Tim Ferriss is the author of the 4-Hour Work Week which is on the Wall Street Journal and New York Times best-sellers lists. They have placed their bets on Facebook, Duolingo, Shopify, and others as investors. He is also known for his podcasts and audio shows. He helps brands grow and teaches Digital Marketing, Business Management, Leadership, and Business Development.

Kim Garst : Kim Garst is one of the top social media influencers and is one of the most retweeted digital marketers of all time. He was also included in the Forbes list of 10 Best Digital Marketing Influencers. He also serves as an advisor to companies such as MasterCard and Microsoft and is a popular keynote speaker. It can help you tailor your social media to your main traffic and sales channels.

Jennifer Polk : Jennifer Polki has worked as a consultant to chief marketing officers and marketing specialists all over the world. If you want to know about the multichannel marketing approach, then she is the best influencer for you. Jennifer Polki helps companies grow e-commerce companies, increase customer engagement and build brand awareness. If you want to hone the art of multi-channel marketing, Jennifer Polk can teach you how to do it the right way.

Derric Haynie : Derrick Heaney is known as one of the world’s top e-commerce tech and digital marketing influencers. He is also well known as a high-stakes poker player and also wrote the book “Quantum Poker”. Derrick is a serial entrepreneur who has multiple digital marketing agencies. Currently, they have E-commerce Tech, a free resource for e-commerce teams to find the right software and apps for development. Follow Derrick for e-commerce growth tips that will help increase your e-commerce conversions.

Isaac Rudansky : Isaac Rudansky is a top digital marketing expert and CEO and founder of AdVenture Media Group. He shares useful insights and tips on his “Isaac Rudansky Show” and makes marketing learning fun and refreshing. You should check out and follow his Udemy courses on retargeting, landing page design, Google Ads, and more. 

Jay Baer : Jay Bear is known for Viral Marketing and Lead Generation. He is a genius at customer retention and is also known for his podcasts. He is the founder of five multi-million dollar companies. She is the CEO and owner of Convince and Converts Digital Marketing Agency which works with clients such as Cisco. If you want to understand your customers, promote your brand, and your viral marketing to them then you must follow Jay Baer.

 Jeff Sheehan: Jeff Sheehan is known for his Viral Marketing. He is considered a viral marketing teacher. Bey Sheehan is the founder of Marketing Strategies, a company that develops marketing techniques for clients such as IBM and Apple. He has expertise in LinkedIn and Twitter marketing. 

Bhavik Sarkhedi : Bhavik Sarkhedi is India’s fastest growing content agency, RightWrite, and author of 3 bestsellers – The Week Pont Dealer, Sea to T Content Writing. He is globally recognized as one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurs in the digital marketing industry. He was listed by Forbes India as one of the best content writers in the country.

Leonard Kim : Leonard Kim is a top branding expert and one of the top digital marketing influencers. He is known to be one of the most followed TED speakers. Leonard Kim teaches impressively the business mindset, personal branding, influencer marketing, startup approach, LinkedIn marketing, and more.

If you are interested in learning about and learning about the latest digital marketing news, trends, and best practices, then you should follow Leonard Kim. Their effective methods will help you move forward.

Scott Stratten : Scott Stratton is known to be one of the top Video Marketing Influencers in the world. He has mastered the field of video marketing. Scotts was previously in the marketing of the music industry but over time he has evolved into a successful digital marketer. He is also the author and keynote speaker of several best-selling business and marketing books related to marketing.

Neal Schaffer : Neil Schaefer is one of the top social media influencers in the world. Apart from being an influential person, he is a consultant, speaker, and a wonderful writer. Neil Schaefer is more popular for his books, guides, and blog articles on digital marketing and social media marketing hacks and practices. He has created marketing material for Forbes, USA Today, and Mashable. For some quality tips and tricks about digital marketing and social media marketing, follow Neil Schaefer.

Donna Moritz : Donna Moritz is one of the experts in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content, and Visual Marketing. She also serves as a brand ambassador for many successful companies. He is a pro in content strategy development. The socially ordered blog written by him is full of marketing hacks, tricks, and tips, with articles published on HubSpot and Marketo.

Mari smith : Mari Smith has carved a niche for itself in Facebook marketing and business strategy development and is one of the best marketing influencers in the world. She is known as the “Queen of Facebook Marketing”. She inspires clients to achieve their personal and professional goals. She started her career in 1999 and has been able to climb the ladder of success due to her skills and passion.

Dennis Yu : Denise has been credited as one of the top digital marketing experts. He is well known as a prolific and popular speaker on social media and digital marketing circuits. As a regular contributor to AdWeek and Social Media Checker, he inspires other marketers with articles on how to be more effective. Be sure to follow Dennis for more hot marketing tips and tricks to help you grow your digital agency.

About the author:

Moazzam is a digital enthusiast writer having 10+ experiences in digital industry. His publications are live on Hackernoon,, Yourstory and more. Currently heading digital marketing at TechIngenious a Mobile app development company in Jaipur, website development, software development and digital marketing services backed with skilled app developers and marketers.

ByDavid Adamson

Top 10 Blockchain Marketing Agencies 2024 (Researched by Industry Leader)

It’s time to know about top 10 blockchain marketing agencies in 2024 that make a difference in the quality and cost of your project.

When looking for a top blockchain marketing agency for your cryptocurrency projects, you’ll often find yourself surrounded by too many options, which makes it difficult to choose the right one.

Well, you can always trust the word of industry-leaders like Clutch when it comes to shortlisting the top digital marketing companies in India.

Blockchain Digital Marketing refers to the act of using digital tools and options such as social media, website, content and email for the promotion of a particular brand, product or service.

As the trend for social and mobile is rising, so is the businesses’ interest in digital marketing, which is already replacing traditional marketing as a more efficient and globally accessible means for increasing business sales.

In the modern, digital-oriented marketplace, having an online presence is compulsory for a business to get long-term success. A digital marketing company can help you both create a digital presence and increase your digital reach, traffic, and business sales.

However, finding a suitable blockchain marketing agency can itself be a challenge, especially if you have no previous experience of hiring or working with a digital agency.

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That’s why we are sharing this list, researched and curated by Clutch, of the top blockchain marketing agencies that you can hire for your next digital marketing campaign.

Top 10 Blockchain Marketing Agencies

Make sure to do your own research of these companies, read the descriptions, reviews and check out their past projects to find the right fit for your marketing needs.

1. Coin Ideology Digital

Based in the U.S., Coin Ideology is a digital marketing firm that has been consistently ranking on top in Clutch’s list of best blockchain marketing agencies in the world. With over 7 reviews, averaging at 4.9, Coin Ideology is the most preferred choice of businesses for digital marketing services. 

The company has over 50 digital experts and provides a variety of blockchain marketing services, including SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.

Clutch Rating – 4.9

Top Awards: Dealcrunch Editor’s Retail Choice Award™: Performance-based Web Marketing Services (2017), Inc 5000 Hall of Fame, Google Premier Partner, #1 Best Place To Work in PA


SAG IPL is an India-based digital marketing and technology firm that has been rated as one of the best IT companies in India for its unparalleled suite of services and exceptional work quality. 

The company provides all types of digital services, including web design, development and digital marketing, with specialization in the ICO marketing of blockchain projects based on cutting-edge technologies like blockchain. 

They have an in-house team of 200+ full-time marketing and development experts who serve customers in over 30 countries.

Clutch Rating – 4.6

Top Rewards: Best Digital Marketing Company 2019 by TopSEOs, Top Developer 2019 by Clutch, Most Reliable Company by Extract, Best Mobile App Developer by Appfutura, One of the Top Content Marketing Companies by GoodFirms

3. Big Leap

Based in Utah, USA, Big Leap is a blockchain marketing agency “built on trust”. As a full-service digital marketing company, it provides services to both local and international clients in a variety of niches. 

Its services include SEO, Content Marketing, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, CRO Marketing, and Marketing Automation.

Clutch Rating – 4.7

Top Rewards: Inc. 5000 (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), Entrepreneur 360, Best Company Culture, Sales and Marketer of the Year, and Best Company for Women

4. Wpromote

Wpromote is a leading blockchain marketing company based in California that provides marketing services such as SEO, PPC, Email marketing, and Social Media.

The company is dedicated to helping businesses increase their online reach, growth and customer acquisition rate. It has an ever-growing team of 250+ professionals, delivering quality digital services to their clients all around the globe.

Clutch Rating – 4.5

Top Rewards: Agency of the Year (2017) by Landy Awards, Best Place to Work in Advertising & Media by AdAge

5. IndeedSEO

IndeedSEO is an SEO agency based in India and providing services to clients worldwide. Its services include SEO, Social Media, Reputation Management, PPC, Link Building, and Content Writing. 

The company has a staff of 15-20 full-time professionals and also works with freelancers on a need basis. It provides services to a variety of businesses, including SMEs and startups.

Clutch Rating – 4.6

Top Rewards: Best SEO Company by goodfirms Google Analytics Certified Partner, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, Google Certified Partner

6. Red Hot Penny

This is a London, UK-based digital and search marketing company that provides a range of digital solutions & services to online brands.

They have a team of less than 50 employees, who are all expert in a variety of digital techniques and skills. 

The services provided by Red Hot Penny include digital media, PR, social media, content marketing, and others.

Clutch Rating – 4.6

Top Rewards: Biddable Brand Campaign of the Year 2017, Shortlisted for the UK Agency Awards 2017

7. Rise Interactive

Rise Interactive is a digital marketing agency founded in 2004 in Chicago. The company provides a complete suite of blockchain marketing services, including SEO, email marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, content marketing, and more. 

The company also provides web & mobile development services through a dedicated team. They have specialization in healthcare, finance and many other industries.

Clutch Rating – 4.5

Top Rewards: Crain’s Best Places to Work: 2018 Best Places to Work in Chicago

8. HelpGood

HelpGood is a digital marketing company with specialization in helping nonprofits and purpose-driven organisations achieve their online goals through personalised marketing. 

The company works exclusively with nonprofits, governments and similar agencies.

Clutch Rating – 4.5

Top Rewards: Ad Council Awards (2013, 2015-2017)

9. Novi.Digital

Novi.Digital is a Lancaster, UK-based digital marketing agency that was founded in 2009 and provides services like SEO, PPC and content marketing to global clients. 

It’s a Google-certified company for data-driven marketing.

Clutch Rating – 4.5

Top Rewards: 2014 Lancashire Red Rose Award, BIBA Lancashire Employer of the Year Finalist

10. MultiView

MultiView is an Irving, Texas-based digital marketing agency with a specialization in B2B marketing. 

The company was founded in 2000 and now has offices in the USA and Canada.

Clutch Rating – 4.5

So, now you have the list of the top digital marketing companies that you can connect with for all your online marketing and promotion needs. All these companies have been researched and approved by Clutch for reliable & effective services.

11. SOLUS.b

SOLUS.b is a crypto marketing agency with a team of marketing professionals in influencers marketing, media buying, ABM&IR campaigns. Our expertise allows us to help crypto projects to skyrocket during the uptrend and feast when the market goes down. We are not aiming to sell, we are aiming to build relationships that matter

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ByDavid Adamson

Top 10 Ways to Improve SEO Rankings in 2024

If you expect people to find you through Google searches, search engine optimization (SEO) should be high on your list of priorities. You won’t get sales leads for your business if no one finds you.

Over 3.5 billion searches are carried out on Google every day. So you need to follow Google’s guidelines to ensure that potential visitors can reach your content. One of the best ways to get more traffic is to improve your website’s SEO.

Before we investigate the details of improving the search results for your site, we’ll take a moment to check the ranking of your current page in the search results. Visit the tool to help you rank your site by keyword searches.

Your goal, of course, is to put your website at the top of this list. Higher rankings mean more organic traffic and should increase the overall ROI of your SEO strategy. Sounds like a dream right? However, if you are disappointed with the ranking check of a newly launched website, don’t panic. Follow these tips to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and make sure your website ranks high in search results.

Well, finally you have developed the website for your business and launched it now. But now what would be the next step? After spending a good amount and investing time too, you want your website to be ranked in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and get noticed by millions of people. But do you have any idea – how to do it?

You might have heard the term – SEO and we assume that for any business owners or entrepreneurs, what SEO means is, ‘keywords’. Well, SEO is not only about keywords, but it’s also much more than that.

In the era of the digital world, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems to be the topic that comes in every business owner’s mind. On the other hand, most of the consumers use search engines like Google just to find out their needs – brands, products, and services. But have you thought about what’s the actual procedure behind the stage to increase the search engine optimization results?

That’s why the term was born – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And here, we have come up with the ultimate guide on how to increase and improve search engine optimization rankings for your website in 2020.

But retailers or business owners are running out of patience and they want their website to be ranked on the search engine in a very quick time. Let us clear your mind here, SEO is not a short-term course which could give your overnight results. It’s all about the long-term game and anyone promising with quick results should be greeted with a high level of skepticism.

Besides this, Google is frequently changing its algorithm to ensure that only good SEO practices are implemented by SEO experts daily. Proper techniques don’t mean to rank your website higher but that helps people find relevant information effortlessly. That’s called a white hat SEO technique.

So to the point, SEO is not here to serve you a page ranking but gets you potential visitors, followers and happy customers.

10 Effective Ways to Improve your Website SEO Rankings

However, some factors might help you boost your website on the search engines. Here’s the time to get into the shoes of SEO with the several techniques and improve your website ranking on the SERP.

Here are several ways to improve your SEO.

1. Audit Your Website

SEO Audit

(Source: webpixeltechnologies)

Just like when you are planning to purchase a car, you inquire about the company and the car itself about the capacity, advantages, and drawbacks. The same theory applies here. If you are planning to do SEO, first you need to monitor and audit your website. Thus, you will be able to identify your website’s weaknesses and strengths. That will become much easier for you to play to your strengths while creating strategic improvements to the weaker areas of your SEO.

An SEO website audit depends on several factors, such as:

  • The structure of your website
  • The information you are providing
  • The existing content
  • Duplicate Content.
  • Title and Description lenght.
  • Broken links and redirection.
  • Anchor text overoptimization.
  • Thin content removal.
  • Missing image alternative text.
  • Page speed optimization.
  • Internal linking.
  • Bad link removal and disvowing.
  • Schema structure data.
  • Sitemap html and xml.
  • Robots.txt optimization.

The actual point of auditing your website is to identify areas that need to be fixed so that you can start to develop a strategic plan for improvement. Though the audit itself will not help you improve SEO; it’s the basic and first step in effectively boosting your SEO efforts.

So, since you are clear with the first and basic step, let us figure out the other techniques as well.

2. Produce Useful & High-Quality Content

So tell us, how often do you update your website with content? If you have not updated it for a long time, you’re probably out of the race of SEO right now.

To gain more traffic to your website and increase its popularity, you need to feed visitors with unique, proper and relevant content so that they will come back to your website frequently.

The amount of time visitors spend on your website also creates an impact on your SEO ranking. That’s called a ‘Dwell Time’. This lets you know the time users are spending on your website.

If the content of your website is fresh, exciting, interesting, informative and unique, the visitors will never leave your website, visit frequently and this will improve your dwell time.

Different types of content attract users, so don’t publish same types of content and use the different formate of the content:

  • Example
  • Point-illustration-explanation
  • Thought Leadership
  • Inverted Pyramid
  • Interview
  • List
  • Link Post
  • Book Review
  • Product Review
  • How to
  • Case Study
  • Media Post

According to research by QuickSprout, the content words between 2000 to 2500 seems to rank the highest in search engine results.

Average Content Length

(Source: QuickSprout)

Although the SEO world is not ruled by word count, moreover, nobody will ever read your stuff if it’s not helpful and relevant. Actually, lengthy content does give you the opportunity to provide more value, inject more keywords and give more outbound links.

Another method that will boost your SEO ranking is – when visitors bookmark your content on Chrome, the browser helps to improve the SEO ranking of your website.

3. Optimize Your Page Speed

Page Speed

(Source: seoptimer)

Page speed or website speed is yet another important factor that the Google algorithm considers when ranking your website on its SERP.

The longer your page takes to load, the more frustrated the user becomes. This will force them to leave your website and choose your competitors.

As per the research, if your site speed is more than 3 seconds to load, there is almost 50% chance of losing customers or visitors. Even 80% of those visitors will never visit your website again. This is troublesome for your SEO ranking as it eventually kills the traffic.

Thus, to improve bounce rates and SERP ranking, you will have to focus on site speed. This way, users will keep coming back and Google algorithm will recognize your website’s traffic and adjust your search ranking accordingly.

Here are a few factors that should be considered to optimize your page speed.

Image File Size: It’s a common thing and everybody knows that larger image files take longer to load. It slows down your page speed. So, compress and optimize your image size before uploading it on the website.

Browser Caching: When a browser loads a webpage, it’s loading a number of resources. These types of resources are stored in the user’s computer with browser caching. So, it is not necessary to be loaded again – making pages load faster.

Script Handling: JSS and CSS files can reduce your site speed, so make sure that you actually need these extras to enhance your site before using them.

So, at the endnote, when you are improving your website speed, you are just not providing a better UX, but you are also increasing the conversion rates.

4. Improve Your Header Tags

Nobody likes to be bound into the wall of text. Obviously, good content attracts the visitor, but good formatting catches the visitor’s attention. It makes readers or users more willing to spend time to read your content and come back again, which will ultimately affect your SERP.

Formatting and Formula of the Header Tags

  • The headline should be in the center.
  • Use Bold and Large font in dark color with white background.
  • Use Title Case.

5 Header Tags Formulas:

  • [Large Number] Ways to [Achieve an Outcome], Live Example :
    Top 5 Ways to Improve SEO Rankings
  • The Definitive Guide to [Achieve a Desired Outcome], Live Example: The Definitive Guide to Getting SEO Rank Faster

Proper use of header tags can help break up your content into various sections that look more appealing and amazing to read.

Improve Header Tags

Linking is another important factor to gain traffic and increase search engine optimization results. The best way to increase the readability of your content is to give a link to that content with the relevant content of your own site or third-party websites. The more informative content you write and share with others, the more likely other sites will link back to your content.

Linking to other trusted websites will not only increase the relevancy of your content and dwell time, but Google gets trust signals based on the user traffic and improves SEO ranking.

Apart from adding external links, you can also link your own site pages internally. So, whenever you find any relevant content or data regarding your content then include links. This will not only help you increase search engine optimization results but it also navigates readers to refer to other useful content regarding that topic.

Here is some sample data that you can use in each column of the Link Building Scorecard:

Here is some sample data that you can use in each column of the Link Building Scorecard:


Input any information that help you contextualize what kind of website you’re trying to get links from. For example:

  • Nutrition
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Football
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Fashion

Link Placement:

Where is your link going to be positioned, in case you succeed? Here are some examples:

  • Footer
  • Sidebar
  • Resources page
  • Article body
  • Author Bio/signature
  • Navigation


On a scale of 1 to 5, how relevant is the topic of this website in relationship with your website topic.


Domain Score and Page Score.


Using your preferred competitive intelligence tool, what is the estimated traffic this website gets per month?

No Follow/Do Follow Links:

Using your preferred competitive intelligence tool, determine the amount of No Follow and Do Follow links this website has.

Referring domains:

Using your preferred competitive intelligence tool, determine the amount of Referring Domains this website has.

6. Improve Your Homepage Loading Speed

Your page loading time is important for a reason. If your download speed is too slow, Google will detect it and it will affect your ranking. However, a slow website also affects how your website visitors interact with your pages. Hence, these negative attitudes will hurt your ranks as well.

A survey shows that 40% of visitors leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load a page. Even more shocking is that 80% of these visitors do not return to this site. This is terrible for your SEO rankings as it will ultimately kill your website traffic. On the other hand, if your page loads quickly, people will return.

The Google algorithm recognizes the popularity of your website and adjusts your search position accordingly. This leads to optimizations for both page speed and response time. If you want to check the speed of your website, online services like Pingdom are available for free.

This way, you can test your site in different places around the world. If you find that your site is slow, you should check its theme and plug-ins. If your slow server is to blame, check out my list of the best web hosts and forward them to the new host!

Now that 25% of adults in the US have smart speakers (a number that is set to reach 55% by 2024), it’s safe to say that voice search is something to consider in your SEO strategy.

Revenue from voice searches reached $ 1.8 billion last year (and is expected to reach $ 40 billion by 2024). 2% of smart speakers in the United States bought their own devices. There are huge differences between using voice and text search and therefore optimizing voice search, and user results. For example, a search engine might enter “horse part.” But voice search is usually longer – something like “What do horses eat?”

Long-tail keywords play a key role in voice searches, with long-tail usually referring to terms with at least three words. Write a long, detailed blog post that publishes these semantically related keywords accordingly. For example, write a detailed post on the keyword or plugin like WooCommerce pre order, you provide or you use in your site to give a thorough description and engage with your audience as well as for the site’s ranking. Also, try to produce content that is significantly better than what is currently set for your target keyword.

Do you remember how we said that about 40% of the voice search results come from highlighted snippets? Using structured data can increase the possibility that your information will be used to answer a competitor’s voice question.

Even if you follow all of the technical SEO tips for a page, there is no guarantee that Google will be the homepage. A lot of search engine optimization has to do with backlinks and whether or not you are creating links from high-authority websites.

Different links can come from two sources. Your backlink is an order or an unsubscribe, and the backlink carries more weight.

Wheels = On-page SEO
Engine = Off-page SEO
Gas = Backlinks and New Content
Oil = Link Diversity

A website that gets a backlink: For example, if you advertise your content and ask publishers to run a story, your source of the backlink is a website that links to your content.

A diverse portfolio of backlinks signals to Google that your website is an authoritative source and that you are naturally creating links using an outdated black hat or another spam tactic.

Do you need help finding the right backlinks? You can use the link analysis tool to identify your referral domains and entire links. They provide the ability to compare up to four competing URLs to understand your position.

9. Take Advantage of YouTube SEO

In most cases, YouTube videos often provide search results. YouTube is the most popular video site on the Internet. Two billion active users watch 1 billion hours of video every day.

Many SEO managers forget about YouTube when they think of search engines. Video marketing isn’t for everyone, and not necessarily for all industries, but now that most of us have powerful video cameras, now is the time to play with video marketing.

Like Google’s spiders, YouTube’s algorithm collects and uses information about your video. The file name, title, and description of the uploaded content will affect your ranking in YouTube search results.

A great thumbnail should tell viewers exactly what it is about. Don’t use a single YouTube screenshot for your video. Instead, create your thumbnail with an eye-catching image.

Breaking a topic or story down into a series of videos called a playlist allows users to stay on your channel longer and engage with most of the content.

10. Continually Learn From Your Analytics

By monitoring the performance of your website, you can better understand what’s right for your audience and what’s not. This way, you can create more content that is tailored to your liking and dislike. There are many metrics to improve that you can focus on. Below is a common metric error that you need to look out for.

If you look at how much time visitors spend on a page, you can get valuable insight into their reading habits. For example, if your users spend less time on the page than others, this can show you what content your audience likes.

A bounce rate shows how many visitors to a website leave a page without navigating to another page on the site. A high bounce rate is a sure sign that something needs to be improved on your site. In some cases, slow download speeds or even inaction can lead to high bounce rates.

Knowing what sources are driving traffic to your website can be very helpful. This metric shows where to focus your efforts for the best results. For example, if your website gets the most traffic from Instagram, it could be because of your audience or even your brand type.

Wrap Up

If you want your website to be ranked on the top page of the search engine, you will need to keep an eye on all the aspects of SEO. The role of SEO and its techniques will make you a leader of the search engine.

Having said earlier, search engine optimization takes time, attention and continuous effort to rank among the first few results on Google’s SERP. It’s the most important factor that your website needs to concentrate on right now and in the future as well.

Well, it’s never too late to start a new beginning and implement strategies we just shared here. Even, there are many other strategies as well to improve your SEO rankings.

Start with zero and eventually that will lead you to a hundred. Monitor the activities and results. Soon enough, you will make your way toward the top search results on Google.

Who knows, you might even occupy the first rank as well!