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Social Media Maintenance

Before choosing the social media maintenance services you should know how to understand the power of social media.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that social media is a powerful force. Reconnecting with your friends from high school is just one small component of the capability of social media. The sheer number of individuals and businesses that are connected through social media either directly or tangentially is seemingly infinite.

Many years ago, local businesses survived entirely on the word of mouth of their customers. The information shared between people could make or break a company. Today, information sharing is just as important—except now it is done

Making the World Smaller…One Click At a Time

For years, we have quipped that the world is getting smaller because of connectivity. However, the phenomenon of social media has made the world smaller than ever…

For example, picture this: An unexpected natural disaster occurs in Australia and a young man happens to record the event on his iPhone. He then sends it to a news network, but not before posting it to his Facebook account.

Within minutes, his post is shared thousands of times and has traveled across the oceans. The news network also posts the recording to its social media page. It is then shared, posted, and reposted, eventually going “viral” and reaching millions.

What other phenomena can accomplish such a feat?

And for businesses of all shapes, sizes, colors, and even industries, the questions become:

How can we harness that power so that our brand reaches millions of potential customers?

How do we convert those potential customers into existing customers?

Quantifying Quality

Social media marketers and experts acknowledge that quantifying the value of social media content past the very first post is quite difficult. When a brand posts content to its social media page that has 10,000 followers or it pays for a social media advertisement, the “first generation of engagement” is easily quantifiable.

This means the brand can determine how the level of “engagement” of a piece of content, such as how many people liked the post, shared the post, clicked on the post, and so on…

In fact, this first-generation engagement is the reason why marketing departments first justified creating and actively maintaining a social media presence in the first place. When done correctly, social media content can be an effective method of lead generation.

And, when social media is strategically used by a company over time, it can become the most powerful form of marketing out there—hands down. It also provides companies with an unprecedented ability to conduct market research to see what is working, and just as importantly, what is not working.

Claim to Fame…or Chaos

Social media gives brands an enormous, inexpensive, and effective way to grow their recognition and build trust. But…just as social media can catapult a company to “fame”, it can also bring a company to its knees by quickly and efficiently exposing a lousy product, terrible customer service, and/or poor or unethical business practices.

The power of social media is so vast because it is an enormous, widespread, connected network. At the same time, it is a small, intimate network between friends and people who trust one another.

Friends sharing their experiences with a firm or business (good or bad) on Facebook, Twitter, and even in text messages and emails is the modern way to convey and share information.

The “Network Sprawl”

Since the crux of social media networks is the people who actually make up the network, their opinions and recommendations matter. Those recommendations connect to friends, which pass to other connections, and so on and so on.

This creates a powerful “network sprawl”. Therefore, social media’s impact on a brand goes well beyond what it posts on its own social media page or a paid advertisement.

When brands are able to understand how content naturally spreads through social media networks, and embrace social media, only then can they begin to re-focus and fine-tune their marketing efforts to reach their target audience and potential customers?

Social media is the most popular and trending digital marketing technique using a good population of the world this year.

It is a fact that there are 3.4 billion active users on social media users, who spent 116 minutes a day on social media platforms.

Like you more than 80% of all small and medium businesses use social media platforms to engage with their customers. They spend more than $40
billion dollars on social network advertising.

After reading the statistics you have understood how social media marketing is important for businesses. But there are lots of businesses who don’t have the budget to run social media marketing campaigns on a big level.

At we offer social media maintenance package to our clients at a very affordable cost.

Where we maintain your social media accounts on daily basis share information about your product/services, offer, send an attractive greeting to you customer occasionally thru social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, etc.

Social Media Maintenance Package, Plan and Services

Plan and PackageBasic Plan Corporate Plan
Facebook1 Per Day with Graphic2 Per Day with Graphics
Twitter 1 Per Day with Graphic 2 Per Day with Graphics
Linkedin 1 Per Day with Graphic 2 Per Day with Graphics
Instagram 1 Per Day with Graphic 2 Per Day with Graphics
Telegram 1 Per Day with Graphic 2 Per Day with Graphics
TumblrN/A 2 Per Day with Graphics
Youtube N/A 2 Per Day with Graphics
Pinterest N/A 2 Per Day with Graphics

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How We Use Social Media for Your Business

Social media is not a coming thing; it is here, and if you’re not using it to promote your business and build your clientele, then you’re missing a golden opportunity.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, and others can be beneficial to your company in many ways, creating a positive image, connecting with new customers, and keeping those informed who are interested in your business, and the services and products you provide.

For this blog, the professionals at Coin Ideology Digital have put together five effective social media tips that will aid you in your use of these sites.

These are important basics that everyone needs to know and utilize.

Be Professional

Social media allows you to contact thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people at a time. The first rule of thumb with social media sites is always put your best foot forward and be totally professional.

Don’t use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any other site in an irresponsible manner that will put your company in a bad light. You can be creative, different, and extremely interesting.

At the same time, always be tasteful, respectful, and appropriate. One rude, tasteless, or insensitive tweet, Facebook post, video, or other such social media effort can result in a reputation management nightmare that may never go away.

Attract New Followers

Use social media to attract new followers everyday. With many of these sites, such as Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest, you can elect to follow others and, hopefully, they will then follow you.

If that happens, you’ll be connecting with their followers too! That can eventually lead to more people signing on to your social media site. Try to follow those who have a lot of people connecting with them everyday, and look for those who are in related fields.

Do not, however, follow competitors. That’s simply a bad idea, as those who are in the same business will be put off by your apparent attempt to take away their followers or split their interest.

Instead of following them, monitor your competitors to see how they are attracting their followers and using social media. You may learn something.

Use It Daily

Utilize social media daily, and time your Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, and other social media usageso that you are sending out information at scheduled times.

Tweets should be sent on a daily schedule, as this will encourage people to check for them at specific times. If they are interested in your products or services and your tweets are good, they will look forward to them.

Don’t Overuse It

Generally speaking, three topnotch tweets, Pinterest images, and/or Facebook posts a day are better than 10 mediocre ones. Don’t overuse social media to the point where it becomes annoying to your followers, or you’ll lose people rather than gain them.

Make each use count. Also, try to come up with a weekly feature for each site, that you may be able to promote over time, as well as unique, one-of-a-kind posts.

Combine Efforts

Coordinate your social media efforts in various ways. Examples include tweeting a summary of your new blog,or pinning a new image on Pintereston the same day it gets posted on Facebook.

If you have a new video on YouTube, make sure you let people know about it on each of your social media sites. By combing your use of social media outlets at appropriate times, you can start to create a strong network of followers.

A Professional Can Help

If you’re too busy yourself and don’t have someone on hand who knows how to use social media effectively, it can be cost-effective to hire someone to handle this promotional and marketing aspect of your business.

If you’re interested in social media services, contact CoinIdeology Digital today at [email protected].

We’ll set up a free, no-obligation consultation where we’ll discuss your business, how you are presently utilizing the Internet, and what social media can do for you.