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ByThomas Glare

IEOs, ICOs, STOs and Now IDOs — How to Raise Funds for Crypto in 2024?

Raising funds for your future based blockchain project comes very hard. If you are running IEO, ICO, STO or IDO projects to raise funds in 2024 this post is for you.

IEOs, ICOs, STOs and Now IDOs

The crypto sector has changed in how funds are raised. It started with the decline of ICOs (initial coin offerings), followed by the coming of STOs (security token offerings), and next was the rising of IEOs which are almost similar to ICOs.

Acquiring funds is the way to start all kinds of business in this world. The changes of world coin index and crowdsourcing are all over the globe in every field, mostly in crypto currency decentralized field. That has always happened even if crowdsourcing keeps changing communities, technologies development and blockchain marketing.

Raising Money for Crypto in 2024

blockchain development

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) 

ICO was, in fact, the highest common subject in the crypto field in 2024. During that time, over eight hundred initiatives collected around six billion dollars using crypto ICOs. You can even check crypto news or google search trends and see how the ICOs had really gone up at a time when the costs of Bitcoin had risen.

ICOs crypto started going down before 2020; though during that year 1253 Initial Coin Offerings raised almost eight billion dollars. Now we are in the last quarter of 2024, and it is only eighty- four projects which have been able to get less than 350 million dollars cumulatively. 

But the rumors that crypto ICOs are now obscure are still there. Actually, 350 million dollars is still a great amount of capital for a new ecosystem. We have had great crypto ICOs even during this year. Algorand, which is a Blockchain company, raised more than sixty million dollars in June through a token exchange. Also, Tron Game Worldwide acquired almost eighty million dollars through the crypto ICOs.

The Growth of the Ecosystem Is Important

The importance of the collapsing of cryptocurrency prices cannot get overstated. During the previous two years, crypto ICOs were managed greedily and with guesswork to a certain level. Most individuals saw the cryptocurrency market as a venture for becoming wealthy fast. Organizations also noticed that they were capable of generating a lot of funding through plagiarizing white papers and promising unreasonable returns to people who invest.

Certain research revealed that more than eighty percent of crypto Initial Coin Offerings done in 2018 were a fraud. We now have regulations, and legal action has been taken to those who run crypto scams. 

Crypto STOs were expected to be the following development of crypto ICOs; however, many discovered the unreasonable demands to take part in it. In order to participate in crypto Security Token Offerings, a person should be certified by the US Securities and Exchange Body.

So, even if Security Token Offerings are supported by actual assets, the joining requirement makes it impossible to be a preferred alternative of raising funds. Actually, getting capital via crypto STOs is not easy due to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which is almost similar to IPO (the old initial public offering). But Security Token Offerings are more valuable compared to IPOs.

The Coming of Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs)

The year 2024 was for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs); however, 2024 — for Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). The Binance crypto exchange initiated that, as well as launched an offer for BitTorrent at the beginning. There have been several initiatives going to exchanges that offer similar services. Crypto kitties game is also there to make blockchain available to everyone, including those who play mobile casino games.

The IEOs is coordinated by the crypto exchange in place of a starting company that is interested in raising money. In exchange for their offers, the starting companies are required to pay listing charges and a certain amount of tokens sold in the Initial Exchange Offering. This relationship between the company and the exchange eventually becomes mutual since the exchanges get incentives to assist the companies in advertising.

Most people are convinced that crypto IEOs provides a fairground for startups and new investors who want to raise money. Another good thing about Initial Exchange Offerings is that they have people who know how cryptocurrency mining operates and what its advantages and disadvantages are. So, it is generally a win-win situation for everybody who takes part in it.

But people who reside in America can’t participate in Initial Exchange Offerings for now. Presently, crypto IEOs are not legal since tokens are simply securities and illegal trades act as dealers. But the worldwide money-lenders have revealed that the IEOs are the perfect method of raising money for any crypto initiative. This year alone, the IEOs have managed to collect 1.5 billion dollars with no intervention of the lenders based in America. This is enough proof that they are a good way of raising funds.

Will Initial DEX Offering (IDO) Be the New IEO?

The Initial DEX Offering is quite the same as crypto IEOs. The only difference is that Initial DEX Offerings take place on Cardano crypto or decentralized exchanges while Initial Exchange Offerings take place on the ones which are centralized. Some time back, the Raven Protocol did an IDO on the Binance DEX.

But at the moment, DEXs have less resistance to the extent that most people are questioning their crypto market use. Binance DEX on its own has a trading amount each day; it is as low as two million dollars. DEX has not attained maturity so far in terms of people using it and order book depths. For an Initial Exchange Offering to be successful, it requires a good number of users and their high engagement.

Embrace the Changes

The crypto ICOs is simply a tool used to get money. In various ways, the failures of Initial Coin Offerings are what led to the introduction of Initial Exchange Offerings and the STOs too. Initial Exchange Offerings are nothing but Initial Coin Offerings that have a different mediation and regulating method which ensures value while minimizing users’ risks. But for the crypto STOs, they just possess a higher entry barrier which makes them less useful in some initiatives.

The drop of crypto ICOs interests was because of the introducing of serious crypto exchange field regulations. Also, investors are currently aware of the various dangers related to it, and they are more careful than before.  But the IEOs have already shown that they are the central place for the libertarian design of Initial Coin Offerings. They have also proved to be the draconian regulating design that comes with crypto STOs.


Do you now see how our crypto world has evolved so far? There are sufficient ways of raising money. Analyze all these methods that we have discussed here and determine which one will suit your startup. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions about crypto fundraising, write to us. We will be happy to hear from you.

ByDavid Adamson

What Is The Future Of STO and ICO in 2024?

Are you exited to know what will be the future of STO and ICO in 2024?

ICOs have gained popularity and propagated so quickly as they utilized the loopholes of the uncontrolled market and the major utility tokens were generated, in reality, alike securities.

So, we can say that regulators will soon announce their guidelines and these loopholes are expected to be ended soon.

The popularity and growth of ICOs in 2017 is something that has not been seen before. ICOs have allowed start ups to raise millions of dollars in funding with a few lines of code. In 2017, there was over $5Bn’s worth of tokens sold through ICOs, and it’s not hard to see why.

ICOs are far more flexible than traditional venture capital investments, they have a lower barrier to entry, and they allow individuals anywhere in the world to invest in companies they believe in. However, we are now entering an era where governments are starting to realise how effective.

Future of Utility Tokens (ICO)

It also indicates that the uncontrolled way of ICO will become limited with real utility tokens.

Consequently, little controlled or uncontrolled ICOs will possibly retain their value to fund the social ventures, startups, and tech where the utility tokens will not be considered under the securities laws.

If you want to invest in creating your own cryptocurrency but are unsure of how to go about it, then it is advisable that you consider an STO instead.

Future of Security Tokens (STO)

In upcoming time, STOs (Securities Token Offerings) will be known and used in raising the funds for proven and mature businesses.

As securities´ laws are applicable to such category of issuance of tokens, the mature businesses will be attracted due to decentralized, borderless and highly liquid market.

Further, the VC industry is also expected to attract with the STOs soon to liquefy and exit the many illiquid shareholdings acquired by them in a portfolio.

STOs are likely to impact the internal structure of the corporations. Tokens are also important as they permit the corporations to work in a decentralized business manner.

What Will Be Changed In 2024?

Here is the future of the utility and security tokens:

Problem with ICO

The problem with the ICOs is due to many avaricious founders, scammers, half-supported business models and cheeky advisors who fool others with making-rich-ride. 

ICO is Going To End

The sale of ICOs will be ended in around 6-12 months.

ICO Doesn’t Protect the Rights of Investors

The other reason is the incorrect arrangement of founders’ and investors interests’ because purchasing utility tokens do not permit the rights to shareholders in a respective startup. Therefore, utility token worth is not associated with the founder’s performance and startup success.

STO Provides More Security

It will establish the world of Blockchain including scalability, transparency, increased liquidity, security, easy and fast shares transactions, more inclusivity.

ICO is Just Like Dotcom Bubble

The race of token investors is expected to become very competitive just like the dotcom bubble in March 2000. The unavoidable token crash will be the start of the token economy. And as the dotcom bubble depleted, the mobile internet and social networks came into effect. So, we never know what is going to happen in the future.

Blockchain and Venture Capital Will Be Together

After many years, the World of Blockchain and the World of Venture Capital may come together and unite the two worlds.

ICOs Will Be Due To Equity Tokens Sales

The second stream of ICOs will be due to equity tokens sales which will permit the rights to investors as a shareholder and comprise liquidation preferences, reporting rights, dividend participation, exit, voting rights, and Pro-rata investment rights.

Cost of Utility Tokens Will Be Zero

The worth of many utility tokens is expected to reach zero in the future. We can think the utility token in term of pre-paid voucher considering a non-real service or product. It is also possible that the business models which are based on a decentralized network or protocols may survive.

Venture Capital Industry Will Start

When the tokenized equity will have regulated and stable technical framework, the break-down of the Venture Capital industry will start because LPs (limited partners) will not resist illiquidity gap of 10 years and when they have an option of liquid options.

World Of Venture Capital

It will also form a world of Venture capital consisting deal structuring, deal selection, due diligence by a veteran lead investor, active portfolio management, a legitimate framework to balance founders’ and investors’ interests.

Token Is Not Going To End

It is clear that the ICO is not going to end in the future, although we can expect certain tweaks in a manner it will go on different paths as compared to what we are seeing today.

ByDavid Adamson

Security Token Offering (STO) Sites List 2023 For STO Listing Services

Each STO includes four components a Blockchain protocol, a smart contract, an issuance platform, and an exchange.

According to this formula, many newly launched STO platforms will launch securitize, securrency, swarm, harbor, blocksafe, blockport, tokenmarket and tZERO.

Are you looking for STO listing services? For cost-effective STO listing services, kindly reach out to us via Telegram at @coinideology, Skype at live:coinideology, or email at [email protected].

What is a Security Token?

When a token passes the Howey Test follow the security regulations it called security token.

Security Tokens are controlled by federal security regulations. In the USA, it is compulsory to follow these regulations to be a security token:

Regulation D
Regulation A+
Regulation S

What is STO Listing Sites?

STO listing sites are online platforms that list security token offerings (STOs) available for investment. STOs are a form of cryptocurrency-based fundraising that allows companies to issue digital securities that represent ownership in a company or asset, such as equity or debt.

STO listing sites serve as a marketplace for investors to discover and invest in STOs. These platforms provide information on STOs, including their financials, token economics, and investment terms. This allows potential investors to conduct due diligence and make informed investment decisions.

STO listing sites may also provide additional services, such as token issuance, investor accreditation, and investor relations. Some STO listing sites require that STOs meet certain criteria, such as regulatory compliance or minimum investment requirements, before they can be listed on the platform.

Free Security Token Offering (STO) Sites List 2023

This is the basic knowledge of security token but in this post, we will share with you a list of sites where you can submit and list your security token. This list is updated in March 2023:

S.NoTotal STO Listing SitesDA
8 17

Security offering sites are limited but STO is a very trusted token because legal involvement is existing there.

For cost-effective STO listing services, kindly reach out to us via Telegram at @coinideology, Skype at live:coinideology, or email at [email protected].

If you recommend any STO sites to involve in this list then please don’t forget to leave a comment. I personal read each comment and published only valuable comment that add some value for our users.

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ByDavid Adamson

What Is (Security Token Offering) STO?

By the end of 2021, ICO marketing has become the primary way to finance blockchain startups. Despite the popularity, most investors are well aware of the rather severe shortcomings of this model, which allows them to raise money for innovative projects.


The lack of a verification mechanism for companies conducting ICOs makes investing in Russian roulette. Why do people agree to give money, not being quite sure that they give it to no scammers? The main reason is the low entry limit.

No need to invest large amounts. Since the placement takes place online, the number of potential investors is significantly higher than, for example, with a traditional IPO, and the minimum investment amounts are lower. One thing is that you risk losing $ 50,000, another – $ 100. The insignificance of the number of possible losses weakens the sensitivity to risk.

A contradiction of existing legislation

The main problem of ICO, however, experts believe is not that there is a large number of fraudulent schemes among them, but the fact that many tokens being sold are in fact, shares. Therefore, they violate the laws, according to which the circulation of shares must comply with specific rules.

Difference between tokens and stocks

Shares are related to the property of the company that issued them. They give the right to manage the company and secure the ownership of part of its property. Also, the shares are entitled to receive dividends. Stock tokens are the digital incarnation of traditional stocks.

The utilitarian token provides an opportunity for future access to the company’s products or services. In this sense, it is not an investment product, since it does not involve expectations of regular income or an increase in its price. In most cases, it will be possible to sell it later on a cryptocurrency exchange and get some profit, but owners of utilitarian tokens have no rights or shares in the property of the issuing company.

Usually, the so-called Howey Test, a standard test for determining an investment contract, is used to determine the nature of the token in the United States and many other countries.

To be considered an investment, the sales contract must meet two basic requirements:

The buyer invests in assets and expects to receive profit from them in the future;

A third party generates any buyer’s advantage.

The regulators are at a loss

Theoretically, if a token meets these requirements, it can be considered a share. However, regulators in different countries still have problems determining the nature of digital assets. These problems are related to the fact that they do not look at the purpose of the release of tokens, but on how they are used in reality.

However, in reality, the majority of ICO participants view it as an investment asset with a limited offer and expect an increase in its price, including during trading speculation on the stock exchange after the project implementation. This circumstance confuses all cards because issued as buyers consider utilitarian, tokens as an investment.

Tt was clearly stated recently by Jay Clayton, head of the US Securities Commission: “All the ICOs that I know of are investment projects and therefore violate the laws governing the regulation of the securities market.” Knowing this attitude to ICO in the largest financial market of the planet, many projects stopped selling tokens in the United States.

The future of tokenized shares

Anyone who can effectively solve the problem of tokenization of securities will become fabulously wealthy. The current market for tokens of several billion dollars is just a drop in the sea of ​​traditional investment assets that can potentially turn into digital form. It has already become clear that ICO is only the first step towards the transfer of financial markets to blockchain technology. Despite all the problems and imperfections, the popularity of ICO demonstrates the willingness of traditional economic structures to modernize.

The new model will not have to contradict the existing laws governing traditional stock markets, especially concerning the safety of investors and the companies themselves.

Many experts believe that issuing digital shares will require less cost and will be more effective than ICO. If the regulators increase the pressure, then the risk of paying huge fines for violating the law may be so high that it completely turns off the desire to hold an ICO, at least in the USA. On the other hand, many companies that have already conducted an ICO are doing everything possible so that shares do not recognize their tokens.

They know that in this case, the tokens issued by them will be subject to numerous restrictions, including the characteristics of investors and the exchange procedure, which will significantly complicate the further development and modernization of the launched project.

All this testifies to the fact that the existing legislation requires individual adjustment for digital assets, which takes into account the technological specifics of most projects.

STO is a step towards regulators

An essential step towards bringing together the interests of regulators and technology companies was the emergence of platforms that allow for STO (Security Token Offering). Inform, this accommodation is close to the ICO. The investor buys tokens, sells, or stores them. However, in content, these tokens are investment assets, since behind them, as in traditional stocks, is the ownership of companies or their profits.

What is the difference between STO and ICO

Before the announcement of the placement of tokens, companies undergo procedures that allow them to comply with the requirements of KYC (Know Your Client) AML (Anti-Money Laundering), existing in any jurisdiction. Besides, companies must go through the traditional IPO registration procedure. That is why tokens fully comply with legal standards.

The tokens produced using the STO platforms can limit the range of customers to the framework determined by the law of a particular country. If a specific buyer cannot legally acquire an investment asset, tokens will not be sold to him. Technologically, this is done using smart contracts and an address recognition system.

STO tokens allow their customers to exercise the rights held by their owners.

The platforms on which STO is held are also a trading platform of tokens. It allows you to monitor compliance with statutory rules. Only authorized participants are allowed to bid.

STO technology allows you to automate the verification of the legal purity of the investment transaction.

Thus, STO tokens combine mobility, democracy, and cheapness of ICO tokens with the legality, security, and rights to a part of the assets of companies inherent in traditional shares.

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STO 2018 Platforms

Since the beginning of 2018, three major projects for the production and trading of tokenized shares have been launched.

In February 2018, the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) announced the launch of a platform for processing of operations with securities operating on the ECH blockchain. The tokens issued based on the platform will fully comply with the requirements of the legislation on securities. Both proven companies and those seeking to obtain external funding for the first time will be able to participate in the platform. At the preliminary application stage, it is required to obtain the consent of the Securities Commission. Using the blockchain will allow bidders to close deals almost immediately instead of the usual two days. According to the executive director of CSE, Richard Carleton (Richard Carleton), the launch of the new platform “will turn the trade in tokens from a pirate enterprise into a stable and legal business.”

Prometheus launched in March 2018, a combined blockchain-platform that allows you to perform all types of transactions with tokenized shares and tokens according to the rules of regulators. Includes financial services, brokerage infrastructure, investment security checks, and exchange platform. Ember’s token of the platform ensures the operation of the system and is the basis for issuing digital shares and their further circulation in the secondary market.

Polymath is the platform that allows you to issue and trade tokenized shares. Works on smart contracts Ethereum. Polymath’s marketplace will be the meeting point for digital promoters and investors. The security protocol provided by the algorithm complies with the requirements of the law. Only authorized participants are allowed to trade. The project has already attracted more than 50,000 investors and received bids from more than 20,000 companies for the tokenization of their shares.

Trevor Koverko, the founder of Polymath, is confident that by 2020 the market capitalization of STO tokens will be at least $ 10 trillion. Even taking into account Koverko’s interest, his optimism seems to be very reasonable, because it is supported by the rapid growth in the number of platforms offering STO release.

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ByDavid Adamson

A Brief Guide to Security Token Offerings (STO)

As we move forward into the crypto age, many new terms keep emerging and introducing themselves to make things more interesting for us. Security Token Offering is one of the latest of these crypto terms. Let’s find out more about it here.

Security token offerings, or STOs, refer to the process of selling security tokens in exchange for investor funding for a new project.

The security token industry, even though still being in its early phase, is growing at an unprecedented rate. STOs are quickly becoming the business model of choice for businesses looking to raise funds via blockchain-based crowdsales.

However, there are still many questions that both investors and business owners keep trying to find answers to, like how security token offerings work or how they are better than ICOs.

In this article, we try to answer some of these questions while explaining in detail the concepts and the process of STOs. If you want to know the STO development process then you should visit this

What are Security Tokens?

Security tokens are blockchain-based digital currencies that acquire value from real-world financial assets such as shares, bonds, real estate, etc. By holding security tokens of an issuing company, you’ll essentially be owning a part of the company. STO investors and token holders are also given profits in the company revenue in the form of dividends, interest or value increase.

It is crucial for a security token to pass “Howey’s Test”, which is a special compliance test developed to determine whether a particular digital transaction can qualify as an investment contract. Only the tokens passing the Howey Test are considered security tokens.

What are security token offerings?

A Security Token Offering (STO) is a type of crowdsale held by a private or public company to raise money in exchange for security tokens.

The primary purpose behind an STO or the launch of security tokens is to raise money for a new project or startup. STOs have emerged as an improvement over ICOs, as a more logical, secure and regulated fundraising alternative, providing startups and entrepreneurs with a new source for capital money.

The second and less-common use of security tokens is for the tokenization or digitization of physical assets such as real estate and bonds. This is, in fact, a great potential opportunity for this industry, as the overall value of the world’s physical assets (real estate and equity assets) goes well beyond $300 trillion.

Why Security Tokens?

One of the primary reasons why security tokens are becoming a common choice of both the investors and companies looking for investment is their compliance with the SEC norms, which cannot said for utility tokens which are unregulated by nature. Security tokens are powered by blockchain technology and backed by actual assets, which make them more liquidate than any other type of cryptocurrencies.

Besides being far more liquid as compared to both utility tokens and traditional securities, security tokens are also automated, which means they can be designed to automatically make payments of investors’ dividends using the underlying smart contract.

Being a secure and compliant digital security, these tokens can be used to literally represent any kind of real asset of value. The general adoption of security tokens will remove much of the paperwork involved in the management and trading of physical securities along with the high cost of administering the existing financial systems.


Security token transactions are faster and easier, as all of the compliance terms can be coded into the smart contract itself, which can also ease and speed up the transfer of ownership in case of fractionalization of real assets.


Security tokens employ blockchain’s cryptography along with smart contracts which are very secure by nature. It is virtually impossible to bypass blockchain’s security standards.


These tokens can make the security transfer and exchange process much easier, faster and cost-effective while protecting investors and companies against fraud, increasing the overall efficiency of trading.

Investing in Security Tokens

When someone is looking to buy or invest in security tokens, they have the following two options:

  • Invest in a security token offering
  • Purchase via a security token exchange

Investing in a Security Token Offering (STO)

An STO is more or less similar to an ICO, except for the type of token being traded. If you are looking to buy security tokens, you can participate in an STO of a credible project/company.

Purchasing security tokens via an STO is rather simple. All you have to do is register for the sale on the official website. Then, you can select the number of tokens you wish to buy and make the payment to confirm the purchase.

In most cases, your tokens will be backed by real-world assets such as the company’s shares or stocks and give holders specific rights such as voting rights and/or profit rights in the issuing company. Make sure to check them out before buying.

Launching A Security Token and STO

If you’re planning to launch your own security token offering, you must be wary of many things, including the regulations and legal requirements of security tokens, the best time to launch an STO, your target customers, the best countries for STO, and the launch process.

Different countries may have different laws and regulations regarding security token offerings. Make sure to check the security regulations of your target jurisdiction as the first step. For instance, the US has the following three regulations for security tokens:

  1. Regulation D
  2. Regulation A+
  3. Regulation S

The best time or purpose to launch your STO

Moving on to the next prerequisite, you should analyse whether STO is the best option for your company or startup. For one, your company or project should be big enough and have an expected revenue target of $10 million, if not more.

Some of the best countries for launching your STO are – Malta, Estonia, Canada, Germany and Switzerland.

Issuing your security token

The next step is to create and release your security token which you would be exchanging for investors’ money. The best option is to use any of the registered security offering platforms, such as Harbor, Polymath, etc.

The process of creating a security token via any generic platform will include the following steps:

Step 1: Create an Account

First of all, you will have to create an account on the security token platform through which you want to build your own token.

Step 2: Fund your wallet

Upon signup, verification and sign in, you’ll be asked to link your Ether wallet to your platform account. Once you’ve done that, you need to fund your wallet, according to the rules of the platform.

Step 3: Register your token name & symbol

The next stage is registering a name and symbol for your security token, which you can do from your account dashboard.

Step 4: Select the Partners/Advisories

After you make the payment, you can then select the partners, advisors, legal help and marketing team that you may need for assistance with your STO project.

Step 5: Create your security token

Once you’ve completed the initial stages, you’re all set to build your security token. Don’t worry, you do not have to code or anything. Just enter the additional details such as the STO website address (if any) and click ‘submit’ to create the token.

Step 6: Setting up your STO

Once your token is created, the next step to set up the STO. For this, you need to select details such as the number of tokens you wish to sell, price per token, STO schedule, acceptable cryptocurrencies, etc. Once done, you can confirm and launch your STO.

Creating your own security tokens and launching your security token offering are probably the best things you can do today to raise funds for your startup or new project. The process of building a security token and setting up an STO is quite easy, as explained above. You can seek the help of any of the popular security token platforms for the purpose. Security tokens may not have a very impressive market sharing as of today, but they hold immense potential and will observe a systematic growth in 2019 and years to come, as experts predict. It is the best time to launch your own security token offering.

ByDavid Adamson

Top 7 Benefits Of Investing In STO In 2023

Security token offering is a fund raising process where a company offers STO Tokens to its investors. The main benefits of STO is that it represents the ownership information of the investment product, recorded on a Blockchain.

A STO is a secure way to increase the funds for a new cryptocurrency startup which will be resulting great benefits of investing in STO.  In the process, the percentage of the cryptocurrency is available on offer to initial supporters in terms of transfer of cryptocurrencies or legal tender.

Before offering STO, the company releases a white paper mentioning about the project, objective, money required to undertake, type of money accepted, time duration of STO campaign, virtual token kept with them, and objectives to be furnished by the project when it completes.

These coins are called tokens which are just similar to a company’s shares to investors in regards to IPO transactions. If the collected money from the STO is not sufficient to meet minimum money requirement, the money is transferred back to the investors and it is considered that the STO was unsuccessful.

If the collected funds meet the requirement in a mentioned time frame, the fund is utilized to complete the scheme or to launch new schemes.

Investors are encouraged to invest in the IPO so that the planning can proceed further and investors get a higher value for the coin as compared to the price at which they purchased it.  While IPOs have investors, STOs have supporters who are interested in funding and motivated to get a good return on the investment.

Advantages Of Investing In STO 

STO also call ICO 2.0. The first ICO was started in July 2014 by Ethereal. Even though it was the first time, the ICO collected 18M supporters to launch and then it was established.

People were attracted towards this new type of digital currency and wanted to test their luck with the new technology. In the starting, the project was defined in white papers by a developer who already had an experience in bitcoin.

As the first STO was successful and inspirational, the other developers got attracted towards more of STO launches. Consequently, more STOs were launched after that year and many more are in the line as well.

The Benefits of Investing in STO in 2023

1. No Boundaries

STO is generally launched for international markets. A token sale gets attraction and opens for business across the world than the equities as their scope are not that wide. The international base increases chances to grow 20-25 times more in the given buyer range.

2. Decentralised System

The token introduction can be initiated in any country of the world. The decentralized system makes no involvement of the central government and banks and it creates further individuality. The investors likewise get more benefits than the traditional banking.

3. A New Business Model

The STO launch model renders a technically practical solution for tech companies where initial users get an equal portion of the wealth and the company gets the success.

4. STO Mechanism Advantage

The STO mechanism is built with many useful features. STO coins can be consolidated or subdivided. Coins are easy to trade for selling and buying at cryptocurrency exchanges.

5. Early Coin Purchase Matters

Funds under STO are transparent and verified as well provide clarification about where the STO funds will be spent. In the starting phase of the STO companies, the early supporters have more liquidity and high chances of the rapid capital growth.

6. Best Investment Returns

For the investors who are looking forward to investing in new STO, this is a good choice to get early and fast benefits. As the supporters increase, the fund raises respectively and so the investment as well.

7. High ROI

For the supporters who invest in STO, the chances are quite high to get the success as the ROI stands high for the relevant investment.

With the successful track record of STO transactions, it is also considered as a disruptive innovative tool of this generation.

As all the STO or crowdsale campaigns are not genuine, the investors need to tread with cautions. As these firms are not controlled by some authoritative financial ruler such as SEC, the chances to lose the funds are high as well as the fraudulent initiatives are not trackable.

So before investing in a fund-raising operative, it is advisable to research well about it before buying it unknowingly.

ByDavid Adamson

Is STO the Future of ICO?

In a period of less than 5 years, the global financial market experienced a sudden rise and fall of a an unique trend. ICO, Initial Coin Offering emerged as a trend raising considerable amount of funds in public sphere.

Although backed by technology not popular among masses, ICOs were successful to gain good consideration as an investment opportunity.

Ethereum was the first successful ICO raising bitcoins equal to US dollar 2.3 million back in 2014. Starting with Ethereum’s success, ICO became a bandwagon for businesses and enterprises reaching incredible peaks in terms of fundraising.

Until January 2018, Filecoin was the ICO with highest-grossing funds backed with token sales worth US dollars 257 million.

However, within a year of this bullish trend, by 2020, now ICO reduced itself to a failed buzzword. Although the trend of failing ICOs was quite rampant in the beginning of 2018 as well, the recent market fell to a state that it does hesitate to align ICOs with words such as ‘RIP’ and ‘90% ICOs are failing’.

Citing ICOs as a bubble, there were strong criticisms indicating it as a mechanism of scams. This happened because either most of mushrooming ICOs were not backed with adequate technology to support their claims, or they prioritised the objective of rising public fund rather than adding value as a problem solving mechanism.

A major reason to this is also the approach of ICO enterprises to align themselves with IPOs.

ICOs are based on crypto tokens and currencies. They are not merely shares with a purpose of rendering profit to shareholders. Most ICOs fail ignoring this fact.

While, tokens and ICOs with a purpose of utility are still with much relevance in the market. For instance, tokens like Ripple, IOTA, Steller are serving strong purposes in several industries.

This is where the concept of ICOs is gradually beginning to transform to STOs, the security tokens. A Security token may not be similar to Utility tokens like Stellar or IOTA, they are based on credible securities, bonds, revenue or even tangible assets belonging to the ICO.

More importantly, it hits the bullseye solving the most important lacuna related to ICOs, Regulatory Compliances. Since, STOs are based on securities, it is under direct purview of licensing and security compliance authorities.

STOs are gaining a good traction in the financial market for its credibility. There are two primary reasons for this. First, the underlying mechanism behind a security tokens is simply the smart contract which ensures the proportional relation of its value to the value of the asset or securities it is connected to.

Thus, they are transparent and simple compared to ICOs, which often require massive information to convince investors with wordy whitepapers and technology jargons. STOs are comparable to cryptographically secured digital representation of share or revenue of the promoter enterprise.

Second, STOs are under the ambit and scrutiny of state laws and regulatory bodies. The technology mechanism behind Security Tokens must align with the security laws and regulations of the state or the country of its origin. Thus, it naturally increases its credibility as an investment avenue.

STO is the connection between SEC and Cryptocurrencies. It provides a legally authorised identity to crypto tokens. From investment perspective, STO is comparable to digital representation of stocks and shares. There is a strong probability of their official adoption across the globe, as digital currency became an irreplaceable development in finance.