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ICO Marketing Services

Have you created your token or crypto coin? Now it’s the turn for marketing to make your cryptocurrency successful in the market.

Let’s make your cryptocurrency shine with “ICO Marketing Services

The cryptocurrency market is becoming more popular nowadays, so you should hire an ICO marketing service provider company that understands the process and make your coin/token more popular in the market.

ICO Marketing Services

Why You Need Our Crypto ICO Marketing Services

  • Our crypto ICO marketing services are compulsory for you because:
  • Your potential investors don’t trust you.
  • Your current marketing team is not doing the right job.
  • Your investors are not showing interest in your crypto product.
  • Creative a network of target investors takes lots of time.
  • You need a reliable team of crypto marketers.

Benefits To Choosing Coin Ideology Digital

Advisable Cost – Our crypto ICO promotion services cost is 40% cheaper than freelancers and 60% cheaper than other companies.

Reliable Team – Our team is working in this industry since 2017, so we have more than 5 years experience in the crypto market.

Fairly Working – We handle only a few projects at a time to give a stress-free environment to our employees.

Powerful Strategies – We know our strategies work that’s why are still working and creating new strategies for our clients.

Advanced Token ICO Marketing Strategies

  1. A newly launched token should be listed on the top wallets, where people can store them and use them in a transaction if required.
  2. We will list your token on the top exchange sites. It will help traders to do trading with your coin easily.
  3. Start a program for offering additional rewards to your investors who are ready to adopt your token at the earlier stage.  
  4. Don’t ignore the power of the airdrop program. Yes, it is still working. In this program, you provide free tokens to interested users. You can increase your token transactions and social media network through the Airdrop program.
  5. Bounty Program is most similar to the airdrop program. It has large amounts of tokens in return for more activities participants need to perform to get the rewards.

Strategies That Help Us To Win The Game

Relevancy – We only work on the relevant, niche-specific, and thematic networks and communities to attract active and target audiences.

Visual Representation – We are very good at visual marketing like social media, gifs, infographics, and videos that help us to represent our client’s projects with their potential investors.

Strong Execution – It is very easy to create a plan and strategy but execution is the key. It is a god gift to our team that helps us to execute complicated strategies very easily.

Press Release (Paid) – It will allow us to distribute one press release each on 200+ USA-based news sites including Yahoo Finance,, DigitalJournal, BuffaloNews,, and many more.

AirDrop or Bounty Program (Free) – We will run an airdrop or bounty program on industry-related platforms including:

A. BitcoinTalk and other forums
B. Medium and other industry blogs
C. Telegram
D. Reddit

Telegram and Twitter – Our employees study the project in detail for the subsequent implementation of support in the community and successful interaction with users in the 24/7 format. We also increase members in your community on initial stage.

CoinMarketCap Community Posting – We regularly update project updates and announcement on Coinmarketcap community.

Crypto Exchange Listing Suggestion – We also suggest best crypto exchange for your project and connect you with them to do negotiation.

Introducing Innovative Reward & Loyalty Programs

Connect with finance niche journalists

Crypto Podcast – Start a podcast (with the company owner), if you have the time.

Give away/ Give out free gifts/promotions

Join groups on LinkedIn

Answers questions on Quora as an industry expert

Promote Project Transparency by the following marketing techniques:

  1. Start by being transparent with our project teams
  2. Explain our decisions
  3. Ask customers what information they need, then get it for them
  4. Respond positively to honesty
  5. Socialize with coworkers

Promote the project’s security feature by the following marketing techniques

  1. Innovative uses for blockchain technology are already becoming a part of other fields beyond cryptocurrencies and can be especially useful to boost cybersecurity. 
  2. Consider DDoS-as-a-Service (distributed denial of service) to prevent server attacks

Cost-Effective ICO Marketing Package and Plan

ICO Marketing Cost >>1000$2000$
Free ICO Directory Listing2050
Token Voting Listing25
White Paper SubmissionYesYes
Referral and Airdrop MarketingYesYes
Press Release Submission510
Reddit and Telegram CommunityYesYes
Prioritize Email Marketing2050
Niche PromotionYesYes
Content Marketing25
Social Media MarketingWeeklyDaily
Giveaway and Contest MarketingNoYes
Search Engine OptimizationYesYes
Bounty ProgramYesYes
Gifs and Memes MarketingYesYes
Wallet SubmissionYesYes
Influencer MarketingYesYes
Video SharingYesYes
Support and ReportingMonthlyWeekly

Important Notes:

1. Content for social media, press release and content marketing will be included in the Platinum Plan.
2. Explainer Video for video sharing will be created by us in the Platinum Plan .
3. Paid marketing cost will be additional.
4. AMA on other group management cost will be included in the Platinum Plan.
5. Press Release distribution cost will be included in the Platinum Plan.
6. Group manager will be hired by us in the platinum plan.

We follow the following ICO Marketing strategy to make your ICO marketing campaign successful:

1. Find your Target Audience
2. Learn The Latest Rules
3. Understanding Your Audiences Behavior
4. Tell Your Story to Your Audience
5. Optimize Your Website Build
6. Offer Your Data
7. Write a detailed technical White Paper
8. Create a brief explained video
9. Pay for banner ads on relevant publications
10. Focus on community building
11. Build an email list
12. Utilize social media
13. Tap into influencer networks

ICO Marketing Services, Offered by are:

Social Media
PR (Publishing on Information Giant)
Press Releases
Bitcointalk Announcements
Paid Promotion
Display Campaigns
Reputation Management
Community Management
ICO KYC Services
ICO Auditing Services
ICO Link Building Services

Procedure We Follow to Get More Traffic for Your Crypto ICO Project


Aim: To grow your customer base and token sales.

What: Run a major Airdrop program for at least a month

How: Inviting & rewarding users to refer their friends and family to purchase your Token.

Listing the Airdrop program on popular paid websites.

Estimated cost: 500$

What: Listing & Advertising your token/project on Etherscan

Why: Etherscan is a leading Block Explorer, Search, API and Analytics Platform with over 50M Page Views per Month.

How: Use Sponsored Banner Ads to promote to millions of blockchain enthusiasts & investors on the platform.

Advertising ‍on CoinMarketCap

What: Promote extensively on CoinMarketCap

Why: CoinMarketCap is the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency data platform with a 94 million Avg. Monthly Pageviews.

How: Use CoinMarketCap’s Paid Advertising Plan to help extend your token reach and popularity.

Advertising on Cointelegraph

What: Paid promotion on Cointelegraph

Why: Cointelegraph is the #1 digital media platform covering blockchain technology and crypto assets, with 13,825,000 Monthly Visits.

How: Use Targeted Ads (sponsored articles, banners, etc.) to promote your token/project to potential customers on Cointelegraph.

Crypto Affiliate Program

Aim: To grow your customer base, token sales and trading

What: Create & run a major Affiliate Program for your project.

How: Rewarding existing users for bringing leads/sales to your website.

Influencer Marketing on YouTube

Aim: Drive traffic from YouTube to your website/project.

What: Use YouTube influencers to create incredibly effective direct response ads (video) for your project/token.

Why: YouTube is an excellent place for Influencer Marketing. Millions of potential users & traffic. 

Bug Bounty Programs

Aim: To remove code vulnerabilities, generate project awareness & build communities.

How: Inviting the tech community to explore the project. Rewarding them to identify & correct code deficiencies.

Weekly Quiz

Aim: Generate project awareness & build community.

What: A quiz competition is a weekly competition around the project.

How: We’ll ask questions and choose one lucky winner at the end of every week.

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Aim: To improve the project and build user interest.

What: Give a chance to users to Ask Anything about the project.

How: Invite questions & suggestions from users. Reward the users whose suggestions are implemented for the project.

Invitation Program

Aim: Get more people to join the platform or buy your token.

What: Inviting people through direct messaging, email and social media as well as through existing communities.

ICO Marketing ProgramsICO Marketing Cost
AirdropReward Cost + 500$
Advertise on EtherscanBanner positions are fully occupied till further notice.
Advertising ‍on CoinMarketCap$5,000.00
Advertising on Cointelegraph$20 CPM | Minimum budget = $10,000. Click here.
Crypto Affiliate ProgramCommission Cost
Influencer Marketing on YouTubeStarting From $500 Per Influencer
Bug Bounty ProgramsReward Cost
Weekly Quiz$500 Per Week
AMA (Ask Me Anything)Reward Cost
Invitation ProgramReward Cost

If you are interested to promote your ICO with us then please leave a message at [email protected] or add us on skype : live:coinideology or Telegram: @coinideology