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Crypto Video Marketing

People don’t like to read a long white paper or study your website. Your potential investors or visitors just want the key idea of your project. Video marketing is the best solution for that.

We create a 30 second to 5 minutes scenario and produce a quality video to highlight the key values of your project, so everyone can comprehend what is your project idea? how you will proceed, and why you need investors for this project.

Crypto Video Making Packages

Video LengthVideo Cost ($)
30 Seconds50$
1 Minutes99$
2-3 Minutes199$
4-5 Minutes249$

The following things will be included in the video mentioned in the package:

Video script
Video animation.
Background music.

Note: Maximum 2 corrections will be applicable.

What is a Video?

A video is a form of visual communication that uses moving images in order to tell a story or share an experience with others. Videos have become popular because they can be easily accessed via the Internet. The first video was created by Charles Francis Jenkins in the late 1800s.

Here is all video marketing services provided by Coin Ideology Digital:

  • Crypto video creation services
  • ICO explainer video designing services
  • NFT video teaser making services
  • Blockchain video marketing services

Video Marketing Services for Crypto Projects

With the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the business world, it has become clear that the best way to promote your business is through video.

Video marketing is an effective way to get your message across. It also gives you a chance to show your company’s personality and culture. When done right, video marketing can be a powerful marketing tool that draws in customers and drives engagement with a brand.

Today, people are watching more video than ever before. The average user spends over 4 hours a day watching videos online, and that number is continually growing each year.

Crypto Video Making Process

This is a quick video to go over the process of making videos for those who want to make their own crypto-related videos.

The steps are:

  • Find a good topic
  • Write out a script
  • Find the right stock photos/pictures and music for your video
  • Record yourself in a quiet room or office, with your own microphone and webcam – nothing fancy required!
  • Use the video editing software of your choice to put all the pieces together.

Why To Coin Ideology Digital For Crypto Video Marketing

Coin Ideology Digital offers clients a comprehensive range of crypto advertising services. The agency’s experienced and creative team can develop and produce videos based on the client’s ideas, or use its own creative concepts to create original video content.

The agency offers the following services:

  • Content creation for promotional videos,
  • Pre-ICO and ICO scriptwriting,
  • Post-ICO video editing,
  • Crypto advertising on YouTube and other social networks (Facebook and Instagram),
  • Video content marketing, including PR.