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ByDavid Adamson

86+ Top Free ICO Listing Websites [Updated 2024]

Are you looking for free ICO listing listing website? Listing your ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is an excellent method to enhance its credibility and expand the visibility of your content and business. There are numerous websites dedicated to token listings, spanning from long-standing, reputable media outlets with years of activity to newly emerging and undiscovered platforms.

Some listings websites can be incredibly expensive, but the benefits they offer are worth the price tag. Getting listed on an authoritative ICO listing website provides a ton of exposure and traffic.

List your ICO detail at the top 85+ free ICO listing sites and get more investor for your initial coin offering.

What is ICO Listing

ICO listing is the source where you can list your ico detail like Pre ICO and ICO detail, roadmap, whitepaper, explainer video, team members, token price, number of token and every information that can attract your investors. It is the most powerful way to promote your ICO project.

ICO listing refers to the process of adding a new initial coin offering (ICO) project to a list of existing ICO projects on a platform or website. An ICO is a fundraising method used by startups and other companies in the cryptocurrency industry to raise capital. In an ICO, the company issues a new cryptocurrency token or coin and offers it for sale to investors in exchange for more established cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Listing an ICO on an ICO listing platform or website can be beneficial for the company because it can help the company gain greater exposure and visibility within the cryptocurrency market. It can also help investors discover new investment opportunities and compare different ICO projects based on various criteria, such as the project’s goals, team, and market potential.

ICO listing platforms and websites typically charge a fee for listing an ICO project and may also require the project to meet certain criteria, such as having a well-defined project plan, a strong team, and a clear use case for the token or coin being offered.

Successlife ICO Review

Here is the top free ICO listing websites where you can submit ICO detail.

Webpage URLDAPASpam Score

If you are interested in having your project listed on these ICO listing sites by Coin Ideology Digital, we invite you to contact us through email: [email protected], Telegram: coinideology, or Skype: coinidology. Our team will be happy to discuss the listing process and provide you with further information on how we can help your project gain greater visibility and exposure within the cryptocurrency market.

ByDavid Adamson

Free Airdrop Submission Sites List 2024

Top ICO Airdrop Marketing Program detail submission sites list where you can submit your Airdrop or Bounty program detail.

What is the Airdrop?

Airdrop refers to a marketing technique where a user is given free tokens or crypto currency as an incentive to sign up.

This strategy is often used by blockchain startups to create awareness about their project and also attract users.

Since the crypto market is still in its nascent stage, the airdrop strategy is mostly used by startups that are still trying to build a community around their project.

It helps to bring you the best new ICO coins that are active, upcoming or in discounted pre-ICO. Browse the Airdrop listings to discover free initial coin offering.

What is Airdrop Listing?

Airdrop listing refers to the practice of distributing free cryptocurrency tokens to holders of an existing cryptocurrency, as a means of promoting a new cryptocurrency or blockchain project.

In this context, an airdrop typically involves the distribution of a small amount of the new cryptocurrency to holders of the original cryptocurrency, based on a snapshot of the blockchain taken at a particular time. Airdrops are often used as a marketing strategy by new projects to generate interest and build a community around their token.

Airdrop listings can be beneficial for both the new project and the holders of the original cryptocurrency. The new project gains exposure and potentially attracts new investors, while the holders of the original cryptocurrency receive free tokens that they can choose to hold, sell, or trade.

It’s important to note that airdrop listings are not the same as initial coin offerings (ICOs), which involve the sale of tokens to investors. Airdrop listings are typically free, whereas ICOs require investors to purchase tokens.

Airdrop Sites List To Submit Your Bounty Program Detail for Cryptocurrency Investors

Web PageDAMoz RankLocation York Holland Jersey Jersey

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For cost-effective airdrop listing services, kindly reach out to us via Telegram at @coinideology, Skype at live:coinideology, or email at [email protected].

ByDavid Adamson

The 15 Best Cities for Crypto Startup & ICO Project

The crypto market continues to grow. Every day are born new initiatives in the virtually currency and many crypto entrepreneurs looking for an optimal location to start their projects.

Due to international regulations regarding blockchain, many countries have been banned for this reason we have propose a list of the 15 best cities in the world for crypto startup and ICO:

San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco and the nearby Silicon Valley have a thriving blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. The area is home to numerous blockchain startups, venture capital firms, and tech talent.

New York City, New York, USA

New York City has a significant financial industry presence, making it a hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. The New York State Department of Financial Services has established the BitLicense, which provides a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency businesses.

Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland, in general, has been favorable to cryptocurrency and blockchain companies due to its regulatory environment and strong financial sector. Zurich, in particular, is a hotspot for blockchain startups and ICOs.

London, United Kingdom

London has a growing blockchain and crypto scene, with many startups and events focused on these technologies. The UK government has also shown interest in blockchain and digital currencies.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is known for its vibrant tech startup scene and has become a hub for blockchain development in Europe. It’s home to many blockchain projects and events.

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia has been at the forefront of digital innovation and is known for its e-residency program. The government has been open to blockchain technology, making Tallinn a hotspot for crypto startups.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel has a strong tech startup culture, and Tel Aviv is no exception. It has seen the emergence of several blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan has a regulated cryptocurrency market, and Tokyo has a growing blockchain and crypto community. The country’s regulatory framework provides some level of security for investors and businesses.

Hong Kong

This is one of the most crypto-friendly city on the world. Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading financial epicenters, the SFC is set to reevaluate cryptocurrency laws, especially in terms of regulating the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sector. Hong Kong is the latest Asian nation that is set to tighten crypto laws on traders and exchanges.


This another of the first countries to start regulating the usage of digital currencies in 2014 by imposing taxation on earnings. Singapore is known for support of crypto related technologies and fintech innovation. The cryptocurrency exchanges and trading are legal in Singapore, and the city taken a friendly position for starup and ico’s.


The city of Switzerland also called “crypto valley”is the capital of many startups,currently around 500 projects concerning blockchain and ico’s. Switzerland in 2016 was the first country in the world to accept the bitcoin for the payment of municipal taxes.Switzerland is known for its crypto-friendly approach and blockchain development.


The island has always reported to crypto friendly. Malta has been receiving companies related to the crypto market such as Binance and BitBay. The Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, has been very favorable towards virtual currencies and blockchain technology and has pushed for friendly legislation in the country.

San Francisco

The Silicon valley is the capital of giants company like Google, Apple, Facebook.

Coinbase, headquartered in San Francisco, has become one of the biggest companies of the moment, allowing users to buy and sell bitcoins.


The city  is one of the most crypto and Bitcoin friendly cities in Europe. Amsterdam have also an important number of crypto start ups. The city is famous for Bitcoin Embassy,The Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam is a location where the community and all the crypto enthusiasts can meet and organize a variety of events and projects.


A major European and international city  for cryptocurrencies, the Czech capital has 150 places (restaurants,bar,hotels) where Bitcoin is accepted as a method of payment.Many  of blockchain companies operate in the Czech Republic like ,fintech startups SDK finance, Cashila, finGOOD.

Final Thought

Keep in mind that the cryptocurrency landscape is highly dynamic, and conditions may have changed since then. In this blog you have read about some cities that were known for their favorable environments for crypto startups and ICO projects.

Coin Ideology is the ICO marketing agency where we offer ICO listing services for ICO projects.

ByDavid Adamson

Is 2024 Calling for the Death of ICOs?

With the sheaf of disparate startups coming up to light, it’s getting tougher to detect the genuine ones. Jason Cohen had once quoted, “It’s more effective to do something valuable than to hope a logo or name will say it for you.” Hence, we cannot judge or comment upon a company’s progress solely depending upon its hype or revenue generation.

To know where a company stands, it’s necessary to take into account a bunch of other offbeat factors furthermore. The funding, business model, ideas, team, and timing are the factors which hold the potential to make the startup revolutionize a marketplace thereby leaving a lasting impact. The investors need to make sure they are investing in experience. They need to find people smarter than themselves.

A startup that is comfortable with any kind of change and has all its hands on the deck to execute its vision is more or less unfeigned. There are many Initial Coin Offerings going on in the market today. Only a quarter of the ongoing year is left, so let’s quickly have a look at the funds already raised by the ICOs of 2024.

Image credits: Crowd Fund Insider

Research credits: ICO Data

It’s quite hapless to note the wretched state of the ICOs this year. As we can see from the monthly-recorded chart above, the funds raised by the ICOs have declined from about $1.423 billion in January 2018 to approximately $533 million in April 2018.

The Assumed Why

Talking of the most successful ICOs, there are startups to have raised over billions in a minute! That is how crazy the world of ICOs is. There is no doubt that ICOs have changed the financial landscape over the past 2 years.

However, these farcical success booms have just made us look over the facts through a rose-tinted glass. Factually understating, about 99% of the ICOs taking place, tend to fail. Last December, the value of bitcoins soared to 20,000 USD, following which the price was dropped by 70% in the initial months of 2018.

The Greater Fool   Theory economically states that the price of an object increases not because of the value that it brings in but because of the irrational beliefs attached to it. Applying the same to ICOs, you have a bunch of decentralized applications and currencies coming up which are bringing in nothing new to the ecosystem.

However, because they have been hyped up so much and there are so many ignorant investors around, their value increases anyway, and furthermore, the tokens face inflation. The reason why most ICOs fail is that most developers/entrepreneurs do not pay any attention to the three pillars that make an ICO:

  • Cryptoeconomics: It is funny how most developers forget thecryptoeconomics of their ICOs. It is literally the combination of “cryptography” and “economics”. While most developers pay attention to the cryptography part, they hardly pay any attention to the “economics” part. As a result, it is very rare to find a token whose economic skeleton has been properly and thoroughly mapped out.
  • Utility: Utility is the total satisfaction gained by the consumption of goods or services. Most of the ICOs do not maximize their token utility. The tokens should be absolutely integral to the ICO and must increase the overall value of the final product. If you do use tokens for your business, then you need to completely understand its role and maximize its utility.
  • Security: During and immediately after the ICO, there’s a big target on your back. If the security isn’t paid attention to, hackers will attack and rob you. Chainanalysis unerringly say, “More than 30,000 people have fallen prey to ethereum-related cyber-crime, losing an average of $7,500 each, with ICOs amassing about $1.6 billion in proceeds in 2017.” In fact, there seems to be a 1 out of a 10 chance that you will end up being the theft victim. A faulty code, few phishing schemes or, the mismanagement of keys can be the other reasons adding on to the stumbling security.

ICO Data also says, “In most cases, the tokens or coins being sold are for platforms and businesses that are yet to be fully built, or even worse, exist only as an idea.”

The entry of Altcoins

Back in December 2017, the value of bitcoins soaring to a 20,000 USD, led to a steep drop in its price by 70% which affected the initial months of 2018. As a result, a lot of altcoins started being issued through the ICOs.

Although altcoins or alternative coins resemble Bitcoin in the way they’re designed, most of them serve a different purpose than just being a financial tool. The vast majority of altcoins doesn’t do anything special at all as they just try to mimic a Bitcoin with little tweaks. Some, on the other hand, has been designed with a purpose of becoming a worldwide computer and can be used as a platform for building decentralized applications.

Many critics have contended that these altcoins can be easily manipulated on exchanges as they are created in a small supply at the beginning of the ICOs. This manipulation is generally done by the founders who entrusted to the pre-ICO period or by the early eminent buyers.

Ultimately when the coins hit the exchanges, the founders and other early investors are known to have blatantly washed the traded the tokens back and forth between themselves under minimal regulations, thereby kicking off a pump to create an illusion of demand for the coins. Some founders can easily disburse the funds raised in ICOs on some hype-creating campaigns instead of on the actual product development.

Coin founders build the social media hype before releasing the coins onto exchanges. Many ICOs state that the startup holds zero obligations to its investors. VitalikButerin, the inventor of the most used altcoinEthereum, proposed an improved model of ICOs in January called the DAICOs. DAICO models enshrine greater investor involvement, a gradual release of investor funds to companies and powerful voting rights.

Unfortunately, scarcely some companies have opted to do DAICOs in place of ICOs. Numerous experienced cryptocurrency influencers are trying to make more companies adopt this new model. This might help overcome the already discussed wretched state of the ICOs.


Kevin Roose has quoted the following in New York Times to reveal his opinion about the operation of ICOs:

If you’re having trouble picturing it: Imagine that a friend is building a casino and asks you to invest. In exchange, you get chips that can be used at the casino’s tables once it’s finished. Now imagine that the value of the chips isn’t fixed, and will instead fluctuate depending on the popularity of the casino, the number of other gamblers and the regulatory environment for casinos.

Oh, and instead of a friend, imagine it’s a stranger on the internet who might be using a fake name, who might not actually know how to build a casino, and whom you probably can’t sue for fraud if he steals your money and uses it to buy a Porsche instead. That’s an ICO.”

Cost goes before the profit. A wise man once said, “The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money”. Take time if required. But never fail to choose the right ICO to invest on.

ByDavid Adamson

Reasons to Join Gameinfinity Presale in April 2022!

Before talking about Gameinfinity Defi token presale allow me to throw some light on the very basics about what token presale is, what to consider prior to joining a token presale and why we advise you to participate in our token presale right away. This article is accurately for the assistance of newbies who are looking forward to join the crypto community and not yet so familiar with the word.

What is  a Token presale? It is announced before the launch of an ICO, where the startups and firms offer tokens to the community before they are made available to the main public. In this phase, the token is usually under development depending upon the startup plans and releases. Moreover, the funds raised are utilized used for further project development at its early stage as well as to fund the operations to eventually launch the ICO successfully.

The presale organized by Gameinfinity will give investors a golden opportunity to get the project assets and tokens at a discounted rate. Before enrolling in an ICO, the user needs to understand the project, get a thorough knowledge about the volatility of the project, and examine the team working behind the project.

Gameinfinity DeFi project built on the Binance Smart Chain network gladly to announce the continuity of its GAMEIN token presale. This context covers all you need to know about the Gameinfinity GAMEIN token presale, why you shouldn’t miss this opportunity and how can you participate in the presale. So, let’s get started!

About Gameinfinity Metaverse Project

Gameinfinity project is a Web3 gaming metaverse platform built on and powered by Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It is a unique and robust platform which is entirely dedicated to offer quick, smooth, accessible, profitable gaming services that can be used within the gaming system. The players can access its P2E functionalities with wide range of games earning passive income in terms of BNB and GAMEIN tokens [native asset of ecosystem].

Since its establishment as a DeFi gaming metaverse project, Gameinfinity has been consistently garnering momentum which marked its record with complete project development in relatively short time. The team of developers behind this project has motive to solve crypto gaming problems by allowing many transactions with tournament online gaming to be executed simultaneously.

As a user of Gameinfinity finance, the user can freely optimize and customize their profile, tournament leadership scale, investment tactics to obtain GAMEIN tokens, earn money with passive income and also use assets as means of payment. There are tons of benefits to join the Gameinfinity token presale right away which is not limited to any numbers.

This is definitely a promising project for the ones who are looking to explore the blockchain and gaming sector alike, Gameinfinity is providing lots of quality games and application developed/deployed on the DeFi protocols for all users to freely access the digital game-in assets.

Not only the platform but also the team consist of developers having vast experience in building and developing decentralized and technical products in the world of blockchain. They integrate and incorporate the latest standards and best security practice within their smart contract. The Gameinfinity team have a community driven and transparent system incurred.


GAMEIN Token has entered the phases of presale and we are glad to say that this asset is performing exceptionally well. The GAMEIN token is basically a new P2E [play-to-earn] crypto gaming environment protocol that is eventually making use of NFTs’ growing popularity. The players can accessibly own the in-game assets in the form of NFTs, Gameinfinity is all set to transform the gaming sector for good.

This token can also be used to play games, trade in-game NFTs and make other network payments. The in-game NFT market also enable the players to purchase NFTs in order to help users get along the way. After completing each level players earns some relative number of GAMEIN tokens. This project also promises to pay in GAMEIN tokens to keep the assets for a prolonged period.

You can play interesting fun games on this Web3 platform and earn crypto. Not only games, user can win NFT and exclusive crypto rewards on multiple events. Gameinfinity prioritize community more than anything else, so you can also be an authority member to join the latest trends and developments. Now, most likely, the team and community members determines where the financial system earned by network transactions tend to go- buyback and burning.

Buy $GAMEIN | Presale Phase 1

1GAMEIN = $0.0050 and Listing price: $0.015

Presale Phase 2 is coming soon where 25% assets to be sold is the target

GameInfinity project has all in place with standard tokenomics structure, sophisticated roadmap and well-presented whitepaper all designed to serve the best crypto project to all the participants.  To participate in the ongoing presale, you need to use only BSC-supported native wallets like Trust Wallet, MetaMask Wallet, Binance Wallet.

Tokenomics Distribution

Total Supply: 270000000

Network: Binance Smart Chain

GAMEIN Tokens: BEP20

  • 49% is raised for gaming, NFT, and rewards
  • 29% (4%+25%) of assets will be issued in two presale phases
  • 14% tokens is raised for liquidity that will be added to Dex
  • 8% is reserved for team and developments.

Why Gameinfinity GAMEIN Token Presale is a Good Choice?

GAMEIN is built on a very reliable and mostly used BSC blockchain, whose wallets are really compatible with lending, transacting and saving. This network and blockchain protocols rely on a strong decentralized governance that are not controlled by any establishment/government authority, instead is an independent board.

Gameinfinity further development will create DeFi application gaming stream, building cryptocurrency blockchain partnership with DEX and CEX, enabling the use of GAMEIN tokens for purchase across the wide virtual space and facilitating the use of GAMEIN tokens to add more in-game items receiving payments and wages.

There are much more potentials, plans and use cases that stand out and will amount to GAMEIN token to become most demanding asset that will affect the long-term price positively in the coming future. Most awaited gaming platform is here offering the best ever possible opportunity to serve tons of assets with great future potential. So don’t wait, join us right away!

GAMEIN Token Presale

GAMEIN token presale is live on the website, the presale phase 1 is running for the coming months and phase 2 will commence soon after the closure of phase 1. Only BNB is accepted in exchange for the GAMEIN presale token.

Visit the official portal to purchase the assets and be among the fortunate people to enjoy benefits from the Gameinfinity gaming community. The buying process is really simple and straightforward, click on the “Connect wallet and Buy Token” Icon flashing on the above-mentioned link, sign-up and make your purchase with BNB acceptable token.

This presale presents enormous profits for the users who are looking to invest in the utility token early. Many existing members share words about anticipating in this presale event because of the protocol tends to have a grandiose outreach, the utility and forward-thinking community-driven network, and overall the investment seems profitable to anyone in the gaming market space.

Our token presale brings the best of both the ecosystem, this project is considered as an excellent middle ground for investors. We allow investors enjoy and grab higher bonus then available in most of the crowdsale with the minimal risk in comparison to purchasing tokens in private sale.

Moreover, this presale offers an option of whitelisting which makes investors part of a privileged group of individuals securing tokens before anyone else. The users registered as whitelisted members buys the tokens in presale phase to unlock various benefits and services.

Investors attaining our token presale also acquire chances to get a quick return, in case the tokens are purchased at a discount are sold at token price in token trading. If you have made up your mind to invest in GAMEIN token presale, you have definitely made a smarter choice. If not, what are you waiting for? Get started!

What Experts Say About Gameinfinity?

Gameinfinity is exactly a promising gaming project and team behind the project is perfect. This platform has a good reputation that actually deserves close attention. Additionally, their team has already done an excellent job in securing partnership, and until the periphery result there is a little that will amaze the entire industry with cryptocurrency!

The project examines all the details from the players and investors to gain the momentum and saw very great prospects for development. The project is already gaining public attention which shows a sign of growth in capitalization.

If you are really looking for a reliable investment, then this is your all-in-one excellent option. As the success of this new yet potential project hugely depends on the investors’ trust in the project. Needless to say – Gameinfinity future seems bright. Lastly but undoubtedly this is your right time to invest in GAMEIN token presale to reap the utmost gains with the success of the project.

ByJason Fernandes

Best ICO Projects to Invest in 2024

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a public sale campaign run by a new cryptocurrency startup that wants to raise funds to continue the project.

It is similar to an IPO (Initial Public Offering) where a company offers a part of its shares to early investors. However, there are many differences between the two. If you are looking for the right ICO to invest in 2024, you can find some tips here.

Whether you are investing in an ICO, an IPO or in the stock market, you actually invest in the company’s trust and reputation and not in its shares. So, research about the company first before making any investment.

Features Of A Great ICO

Here are some things to look for while investing in an ICO

Backed by a team of highly experienced, qualified and somewhat famous people and businessmen.

  • A profile with regular updates and communication.
  • A clear project timeline with focus on each stage and the availability of proper documentation, including a white paper, presentation, video, etc.
  • Existence in media and on famous bitcoin communities.
  • A definite purpose and range of applications of the token
  • Limit on the number of coins
  • A healthy distribution and development timeline for the token
  • Evaluate the White Paper
  • Check the quality of the code

What Is The Best ICO To Invest In 2024?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, it was the first crowdfunding option to surface in the blockchain ecosystem. ICOs enabled anyone, from anywhere, to finance the development of a company or project. In return for their investment, investors will receive several utility tokens, or user tokens. These tokens represent future access to a company’s product or service.

Anyone with little technical knowledge can launch an ICO easily. As we stated above, there is not a lot of regulation on ICOs, so if you can establish the technology, you can launch an ICO.

Therefore, of all the funding methods, ICOs are the easiest to set up as a scam. Once ICOs were the most preferred option for fundraising, it was so popular that every company that wanted to raise money for their project or product was blindly choosing it. Because of its popularity, it also becomes a favorite for scammers and fraudulent activities.

But after observing all the risks, companies have taken some steps to make it more secure and trustworthy. ICOs are still happening but with more security and better planning. However finding authentic ICOs is still a job that will require some effort, but to help you in a better way we have prepared a list of best ICOs Projects to Invest in 2024.

Top 5 Best ICO Projects to invest in 2024

There are hundreds of ICOs running currently, they all have their own concept and are aimed at different purposes. Some are valued very high and some are still at the bottom. However, we found 5 best ICO Projects you can invest in 2024 and we listed them below for you.


POICoin is Africa’s first coin in value exchange and empowerment, and aims to revive Africa’s dying economy. It is an Ethereum-based token that costs $0.25 on an IEO and $0.15 on its own ICO. The ICO project is solving some of the common and well-known problems of the African continent. It incorporates the latest technology to bring together existing and new blockchain users and then give them better access to finance, markets and the ecosystem with dApps.

PoiCoin users and almost every part of the POICoin ecosystem will make better profits and get easier access to finance for their business and a marketplace. Additionally, they will have access to all goods/services and can pay using PoiCoin through the dashboard or DApps.

  • Current Value: $0.15
  • Buy POIs:

Libra Ecosystem

Libra Ecosystem is a blockchain-based platform developed to solve existing problems and to improve the eCommerce sector. This will help businesses generate more revenue to investors, sellers, and it also allows users to transact via cryptocurrencies in a secure environment. The platform has Libra Coin and Libra Wallet.

The project aims to add more payment options to e-commerce, especially payment modes that accept Ethereum based cryptocurrencies. The project will provide financial support on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will eliminate middlemen from the complete system. The project will also reduce the price of goods and services while keeping the sellers at a profit. Libro IEO provides a great opportunity to generate a good return on your investment.

  • Official Website:
  • Coin Price: $0.4206

SOUL Token (SLT)

The SOUL token (SLT) is essentially a charity token, designed to help communities around the world. The SOUL team uses the transaction fees collected from users who invest and trade in tokens to contribute to official charities around the world.

The SOUL token is a DeFi token based on the Binance Smart Chain. As a community-powered token, they designed it to help contribute to charities. The token helps investors increase the value of their funds through buying and holding.

Crypto investors willing to invest in a significant project with a long-term perspective can buy SOUL tokens to hold and make profit.

  • Official Website:
  • Coin Price: $0.0000036

AiChain ICO

AiChain is the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. It is a smart block chain based marketplace for trading digital goods and assets tailored to the interests of the AiChain community. It facilitates automatic matching of buyers and sellers through an artificial intelligence approach.

AIchain is the project that can play a vital role in making this digital revolution smart. It is a long-term project that aims to improve, simplify and make Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning development accessible to students and developers. The project combines traditional and smart contracts, block chains and a futuristic idea of ​​connecting people and operating by analyzing users’ preferences.

  • Official Website:


This is the first Polkadot Moonbeam Crosschain DEX for energy derivatives for trading and launchpad for renewable energy projects. ENEDEX enables a market for miners to securely issue collateralized synthetic assets, a market for traders to gain exposure to them, and a platform for entrepreneurs to develop new projects speeding up the energy transition creating a sustainable environment.

Official Website:

Coin Price: $0.05

That’s it for today here, the 5 best ICOs to invest in 2024 are listed above with their main concept, current coin value and official website details. If you are looking for beneficial as well as meaningful ICO projects having good future scope you can invest in any of these ICOs.

ByDavid Adamson

Gif and Meme Submission Sites List (Including Free Tools and Templates )

When you read a blog post or check the status on social media what keeps you engaged?

Graphics Interchange Format (Gifs)

Yes, you are right. 

Did you know that almost 70% of companies invest in content marketing, which could include gifs marketing strategies?

According to research, 32% of digital marketers admit that visual images like gifs and memes are the best form of content in brand awareness.

All are good but what are animated images and how we can use them in our blog and social media posts?

Don’t worry, today, I am going to share with you unique information about the animated images that will help you to create and share visual content.

Types Animated Images to Improve Time On Site

Types of animated images that engage more than a simple image:

  1. Gifs
  2. Memes
  3. 3D Images

Meme and Gif Submission Sites:

Free Gif and Meme Creator Tools

Templates To Get Ready-made Gifs and Meme Graphics:

Hope you like the information. Please do share the post on your social media accounts and with others too who really need this information and don’t forget to leave a comment with your thought and you can also leave a site in the comments if you want me to include them in this list.

ByDavid Adamson

Acquire Knowledge of the Best Approach to Create Your Crypto Exchange Software!

Ever since the advent of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin in the year 2009, cryptocurrencies have been gaining huge traction and popularity among global investors because of their many advantages. Especially after the blockchain technology concept was brought in, it expanded the benefits to the investors in the crypto business. Hence, cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges have been the spotlight since then, in the digital business sphere. 

Because of this, Every budding entrepreneur is willing to try their hands with the crypto business and aspiring to own their own crypto exchange platform. But with the widespread demand and competition, they are often confused about where to begin and which is the right way to go for developing an exchange software that will survive and shine through the competitors. In this article, we are going to discuss every solution that you will require to build a robust cryptocurrency exchange software for your business. If you are a beginner, let’s start from how a crypto exchange software works. 

How does a crypto exchange software function? 

A crypto exchange software allows investors to exchange their cryptocurrencies for another, buying and selling of coins and also,exchange of cryptos for fiat money and vice versa. Crypto exchanges also work almost like stock exchanges but the difference is that, in stock exchanges, traders exchange assets such as shares, company stocks etc to profit from the changing rates,  whereas in cryptocurrency trading, traders use cryptocurrency pairs to manage and profit from the volatility in the crypto prices. 

Crypto exchanges allow investors to buy and sell cryptos with low commission fees. The traders will be charged a minimum transaction fee for conducting trades on the exchange platform. 

Let’s take a look at the working of the exchange software step by step, 

  • A multitude of users around the globe are connected to a secure network through the crypto exchange software
  • A trader makes a request for a transaction with the required details
  • The multiple nodes linked with the exchange validates and verifies the user’s request
  • Once the request is verified, the transaction takes place. 
  • The exchange records the transactions with the help of blockchain technology. 
  • With every new transaction, a new block is added to the existing blockchain. 
  • Once the block is added, it is not possible to erase, or alter the record of the transaction.
  • Thus, cryptocurrency exchange allows secure, seamless transactions. 

Why should you go with crypto exchange software for your business? What are the key advantages that will make your business profitable? Let’s take a look. 

Significant advantages of cryptocurrency exchange

  • Enhanced liquidity

Liquidity is the key factor that will help investors with converting their cryptos into cash, without affecting the market price value. It is essential for an exchange because it offers users with quicker, efficient transactions at better prices. 

  • Flexible trading hours

The crypto market allows 24/7 transactions from anywhere to anywhere around the world as crypto exchanges are not governed by central authorities. Crypto exchanges allow direct transactions between traders with zero downtime. 

  • User Anonymity and immutability 

Blockchain technology allows the users to conduct transactions anonymously and their information is completely protected. Also, transactions once recorded on blockchain, cannot be interchanged/ erased which ensures security to the users. 

  • Elimination of third parties

As crypto exchanges allow direct peer-to-peer transactions, it removes involvement from any third party, therefore ensures a risk-free transaction process to the users. 

  • Control and security

Crypto exchange platforms offer sole ownership to the users. The user gets to control their funds and makes decisions on the transactions that happen on the exchange. This offers enhanced safety and security to their funds and helps with a hassle-free business experience. 

How to develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform? What is the best approach? 

To develop a crypto exchange software, there are two ways to go. The first one is, building the exchange from scratch. To build an exchange from scratch involves several processes such as,

  • Choosing a location to run the exchange and acquiring legal compliance based on its geographical restrictions.  
  • Conducting research on the market needs and gathering equipment based on them to build the exchange
  • Partnering with a bank or financial institution
  • Implementation of technological and security factors 
  • Connecting with external exchanges for improving the liquidity of the exchange
  • Thorough testing
  • Planning out clear-cut marketing strategies 
  • Preparing exchange for launch.

To be done with all the above mentioned steps will take an ample amount of time and cost a fortune. It also involves quality technical assistance to withstand the competition in the market. 

The second method is probably the most convenient method, obtaining whitelabel solutions. Whitelabel crypto exchange platforms are readily-available solutions that come with every necessary technical, security and feature integrations required for the exchange to run. Also, whitelabel solutions come with a name, branding, logo, UX/UI based on the preferences of the customer. They are easy, customizable and scalable.  They are readily-available, quick to launch and available at cost-effective prices. 

For deeper understanding of whitelabel exchange software, let’s take a look at the significant features that come along with it. 

Salient features of a whitelabel crypto exchange software

  • Multi currency support integration
  • Multi-language support 
  • Automated KYC/AML
  • User-friendly interface
  • Secure, multicurrency wallet
  • Powerful trade matching engine
  • High Volume TPS
  • High-volume liquidity
  • Spot trading function
  • OTC integration
  • Order sharing
  • Admin panel
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Integrated referral program
  • Mobile applications support
  • Enhanced security

With whitelabel solutions,launching crypto exchange becomes way quicker and easier. They are already available for launch and the users have to just buy and install for the exchange to hit the market. They are also pre- tested before delivering to the customers, hence they are 100% reliable. 

There are a multitude of companies offering whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange solutions. If you want to choose the right one, conduct extensive research and choose a well experienced team of developers. 

ByDavid Adamson

Step By Step Guide To Starting Your First ICO Project

Starting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) token sale might feel like a troublesome task to those who are just beginning in the crypto industry. But if you know just the right approach, you can save yourself a lot of money and time and make things quite smooth while starting and running an ICO.

With that purpose, we are today going to share a brief yet complete guide to starting the first ICO project.

But, first things first.

What is an ICO?

ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is a new kind of fundraising method in which the issuing company sells a new cryptocurrency (token) in exchange for investors’ money, usually as a way to raise funds for a new project.

How to start your own ICO

Here’s a step-by-step guide to starting and running a successful ICO token sale.

Step 1: About the Project

Start by telling people about your project. You simply cannot expect anyone to invest in your ICO unless you tell them everything about the project and convince how investing in it will profit them.

For this, you must have a very good idea of the project concept and the problem it is trying to solve. Then, you need to find a USP (Unique Selling Point) that makes your ICO better or different from the existing ICOs. Then, start telling about it by writing on your ICO website, writing in the whitepaper and sharing on social media and other places.

The more people know about your project, the more likely they are to become a part of it.

For instance, DAVX coin, which is a digital payment currency, is all about providing an alternative to bitcoin by making digital payments convenient and secure. By spreading the message all over the internet, social media, forums, etc. they are making sure that the investors know about the coin before investing in the ICO.

Step 2: Project (ICO) Calendar or Roadmap

The project roadmap is also an important thing to include on your ICO website/whitepaper in order to give investors a clear idea of how the project will proceed, when and how you are planning to hold the ICO sale and what happens after that. So, make sure to craft a good and achievable roadmap for your project and convey the same to your targeted audiences.

Step 3: Technical Specifications (Whitepaper)

While most of the novice investors may not ask for the technical specifications of the project before buying your tokens, a professional/experienced investor always will.

Technical specifications include the technical details of the project, including the blockchain type, implementation mechanism, token details, smart contract, mining process (if there is the mining of coins), etc. Make sure to explain everything in detail in your ICO whitepaper.

Step 4. Smart Contract

Smart Contract is a blockchain application that is created mainly for the purpose to work as a digital contract for the users of a blockchain network. Smart contracts are written in computer code and can be customized to validate any kind of digital transactions such as payments, contracts, ownership transfer, etc.

Every ICO which is powered by blockchain technology must have a smart contract to digitally and fairly process the investors’ money. The smart contract must be available to investors on request.

Step 5. Explain How The Project Makes (or will make) Money

One of the major concerns of the investors of any new ICO is whether the project is even capable of giving a return on the investments. No investor will ever want to put their money in a project which does not have a proper revenue mechanism.

For instance, a digital currency will be used for payments as well as for trading on exchanges. So, the investors can earn profits by using or trading/holding the coin.

Similarly, the issuers of new ICOs must also have a clear and proper mechanism for revenue generation for the platform as well as for the project investors. Do explain the same in your project whitepaper.

Step 6. Lending Program

If there is a lending program associated with the project, make sure to specify it in detail in the whitepaper. A lending program is where the issuing company allows token-holders to lend/borrow money in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Other than the lending program, you may run other user-exclusive programs such as crypto exchange, in-wallet transfer, etc.

Step 7. Affiliate Program

Also commonly known as Airdrop program, this involves paying a commission (usually in the form of tokens) to the people who bring investors to your ICO. An Airdrop program may also involve paying free tokens to those who help promote the ICO via several means such as social media, communities, etc.

If you are running an affiliate/airdrop program with your ICO, make sure to convey it properly with the potential audiences.

Step 8. Listing on Top ICO sites

In order to get your ICO more popular and increase its reach to more and more people, you must mandatorily list it to various ICO listing sites such as ICOBench, CoinHills, ICOHolder, FoundICO, ICOBazaar, etc.

The ICO listing process on these sites is quite simple. You’ll have to provide the details of your ICO along with an option for potential investors to connect. Then, you can sit back and wait for investors to start pouring (depending on how good your project actually is).

Step 9. News Section

Adding a news/blog section to your ICO website is another very promising way of creating engagement and converting traffic into sales. Keep your website’s news section up to date with the latest updates about the project, investment tips, ICO tips, etc. Add a comment section to your blog and always reply to user comments to further create engagement on your posts.

Step 10. Future of the Project

Last but not least, you should have a clear vision for the future of your ICO project. Any investor who wants to invest in your token/coin would first like to know about your future plans. You should be able to convince them in a genuine way that the project will succeed in the future and have great potential for the same. The thing that I like the most about ICOs is that anyone can start them. But that is also the thing that makes them dangerous, as anyone (even a fraud person/company having no intent to develop anything actually) can start an ICO. Investors are, therefore, becoming very careful when investing in a new token or ICO. Make sure that you deliver a good ICO experience with all the things mentioned here.

ByDavid Adamson

A Step-by-Step Investment Guide for Beginners

“It’s never too late to learn.” When it comes to learning the art of investment these words from Malcolm Forbes could not be apter. Investment can be a mixed bag of opportunities and disappointments.

But this cannot be a deterrent factor from putting part of your savings to work. A golden rule for investing is to stay focused and keep your investment strategy simple and easy.

If you are still a novice and taking your first plunge into the complex yet exciting world of investing, this blog lists some of the best practices that you can adopt as a beginner and get at ease with the rules of the game.

Start Early: This is one thing that all investment pundits will give you first hand. There is no denying the power of compound interest but to see it in its full bloom there is one thing that you need by your side and that is ‘TIME’.

So start saving early to invest early.

The only secret for success in investment is to realize that there is no secret at all. Do not look for overnight success as well as there is no such thing as ‘Great Timing’. Remember the road to a successful investment portfolio will have its share of pitfalls and bumps. The only best friends that you can have is ‘Information Technology’.

Be Aggressive but Tactical: The first thing is to make an assessment of your risk tolerance limit. And the next must be to breaking the investment in smaller periodic portions which will better equip you to take advantage of the currency value averaging.

Guided Investing: Unlike the erstwhile ‘You For Yourself’ investment environment, today there a host of online and offline companies offering technology-driven solutions for ensuring a great investment portfolio for their clients. Al the help and options you want is just a phone call away. The only downside is that the services are not free.

Zero fees Investing: Today there are fintech apps like Robinhood which bring all your investment needs at the tip of fingers and that also free of cost. From listing special index funds to providing analytics tools and reports, there are apps which do all the math free of cost.

Diversify: As they say, never put all your eggs in the same basket, investment portfolio must reflect a rich palette of stocks and funds that are contrasting not only in principals but industry too.

Bird-Eye View: Assessment is the key to strategizing. A common practice is evaluating your returns with respect to an index like S&P 500 or Nasdaq. Benchmarks like this not only give a bird’s eye view of the larger picture but also help in better categorizing your hits and misses.

Zen-Like Calmness: Investment can be a bumpy ride for some. But instead of being overly elated or overly depressed by short-term gains and losses, one must keep one eye on the larger prize and work out a strategy accordingly.

And when we talk about the future, one can’t ignore but mention the pioneering blockchain solution that brings classical (stocks, funds, etc) and modern digital investment like crypto coins, tokens etc) under one roof. Powered by AI and Blockchain, the DCI Ecosystem offers intelligent and strategic investment solutions for amateurs, beginners and crypto-enthusiasts alike.