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ByDavid Adamson

ITO vs. ICO: Know the Main Difference (Which is Better)

The Investment industry is growing very fast. About a decade ago, no one would have imagined that a simple paper on blockchain technology released by Satoshi Nakamoto (blockchain’s acclaimed founder) would create a revolution that would last for years to come.

Now that the true potential of this technology is being known to the world, many companies are actively engaging in creating and backing blockchain-based projects.

For the investing purpose there difference but both are same for the marketing purpose.

What is an ITO?

An ITO, or Initial Token Offering, is the process of selling tokens in exchange for investment for a new blockchain project. An ITO is similar in concept to an ICO but there is a basic difference between the two.

Yes, you guessed it right.

ITO refers to Initial Token Offering, that means it is tokens that are sold in exchange for funding. On the other hand, an ICO involves the sale of coins in exchange for investors’ money.

The purpose of both events is the same – to raise funding for an upcoming project. The difference is in the item which is being sold.

In order to be able to understand the difference between an ICO and ITO, we must first understand the basic difference between a coin and a token.

Token vs. Coin

Coin or crypto-coin is a term used to describe the very first generation of digital currencies. These include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple coin, etc. Tokens are the new generation of digital assets.

Crypto-coins are simply a means of digital payment and transactions. Just like any other currency, they are supposed to be used for trading other things. On the other hand, tokens have far more functionalities.

However, the two terms are broadly used interchangeably. The development process of token and coin are complete different.


Since a token has a greater purpose than a coin, it can be used in a wide range of applications. This is why a project or application backed by token will have more value in the actual world. This is where an ITO is different (or better) from an ICO.

During an ITO, you can buy tokens which have more features and functionalities rather than simply being a way to make digital payments. Tokens have more value and are expected to gain even more value over time.

Another major difference is in terms of security and trust. Whereas ICOs have become highly corrupted by scam and fraud projects, ITO is still an investment option you can actually trust. DCI Ecosystem – a blockchain-powered digital investment platform – is all set to begin the ITO sale of its tokens.

ByDavid Adamson

StableCoins: A Hot Property In The Cryptocurrency Market

Trading in bitcoins is not for the faint-hearted. It can give you highs and lows reminiscent of an alter-state.

Narratives are paramount in the public sphere. Like any aspect of social life, they set an image precedent difficult to shrug off. Part of the current public opinion on cryptocurrencies can be attributed to it.

However a major contributor towards this was the instant growth-depreciation price curve of cryptocurrencies. The Volatility Factor forced cryptocurrencies to become mere fantasy talks rather than investment options for the common public.

With no standard rulebook on investing in cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins come as a welcome alternative for those seeking a more stable decentralized investment alternative.

In this blog, we look at some of the core features that make stablecoins the new hot property in the cryptocurrency market and also understand how stablecoins will help the ‘Cryptocurrency Vision’ finally find its true voice amidst the masses.

What are StableCoins?

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies backed by real-world assets both physical and financial. These assets are normally stored in vaults or in escrow accounts for transparency. Unlike early stage cryptocurrencies, Stable Coins gain value from these real assets.

While die-hard crypto enthusiasts would beg to differ but StableCoins absorbs within its fabric the stability of the old FIAT system and transparency of the new decentralized system.

The Promise: Freedom And Safety

Some experts have termed StableCoins as price stable cryptocurrencies. StableCoins promise price stability. Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, had envisaged the dream of a stable cryptocurrency in one of his blog posts four years ago.

In the post, Buterin stressed on the need for an alternate form of cryptocurrency that was backed by real-world assets. This would help everyday people become familiar with the crypto economy.

Another promise that stable coins claim to keep is to ensure transparency in industries crippled with tedious norms and inefficiency. Say for example the Real Estate. Blockchain promises to render transparency to the otherwise vague industry norms.

A large-scale adoption of cryptocurrency will require an asset-backed cushion to check volatility. No-doubt the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies have attracted one and all, it is the risk factor of investing in an unregulated crypto economy that has kept the common man at bay.

StableCoins promise freedom and safety for coin owners. As more stablecoins make their entry into the crypto economy, the freedom of choice and safety of assets could ensure the much-awaited paradigm shift that the crypto enthusiasts have been waiting for all along.

ByDavid Adamson

7 Successlife ICO Review To Evaluate New ICO Project

Once you’ve decided to make an investment in an ICO, the next thing is to find out the best ICO project that actually has a demand in the market and a chance to grow in the future.

To help our users, we have decided to list the top ICO projects ideal for investment in 2019 according to the data by some of the most reputed investors and investment companies in the world.

An ICO or Initial Coin Offering is the public sale of the tokens of a new cryptocurrency project/company. The main purpose of an ICO is usually to raise funds from potential investors.

While ICO may seem like a nice option for both investors and crypto startups, the increasing popularity of it is also attracting many scammers.

Make sure to go through successlife ico review given below to be able to find the right ICO for your investment this year.

Elysian – E-commerce smart contracts

Elysian is a new yet very innovative cryptocurrency company that provides a blockchain based decentralized platform for e-commerce websites.

The platform makes use of smart contracts to provide a secure way for developers (and even non-developers) to create awesome, feature-rich e-commerce websites in no time.

Other features of the platform include secure data storage, robust code, increased efficiency, faster delivery, theft protection and more.

The objective of the project is to create an innovative e-commerce system that consumers can actually trust.

Cypherium – Bringing Blockchain Mainstream

Cypherium is one of the most unique ICO projects of the year 2018. The project is backed by some of the professional developers from companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

The purpose of the project is to make the use and access of blockchain common to everyone. The developers of the project are working on a system to rectify the shortcomings of present blockchain infrastructures.

As of now, the commercial and public use of blockchain is limited by things like decentralization and the lack of sufficient infrastructure.

The object is to design an intuitive interface for general users to access and use all the functionalities of comprehensive blockchain technology.

NAFEN – Empowering industries with nano superpower

The Nafen project has been designed to help industries across the world. The company has created a nano-material that can be used by industrial organizations to increase the capacity and quality of their production.

The said nanofibers can dramatically change the various chemical and mechanical properties of industry materials infusing them with superpowers.

The Nafen project will be of use in a range of industries such as automobile, metallurgy, chemistry, oil, fuel, planes and new materials.

Neon-exchange (NEX) – An innovative way to trade tokens

The NEX project has been designed to overcome the limitations of DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) and provide a highly secure exchange platform for crypto investors to invest and trade their coins.

NEX platform enables users to participate in complex decentralized crypto trading and transactions.

NEX makes use of an off-chain verification system to enable a more secure and faster system for complex trades across different blockchains.

SHIPIT – NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform

Shipit is another innovative technology service for travelers and shipment senders.

It enables travelers and senders to connect through a common platform and help each other. Shipit will be available in a mobile app format which senders can use to find the right traveler to ship their packages to their destination at a low cost than normal courier rates.

This gives travelers an opportunity to earn income while traveling. – A blockchain based brokerage platform has been designed to revolutionize the way brokerage services are provided and used.

The platform provides a convenient tool for brokers and agents to provide their services and make money efficiently. It is a decentralized platform that can be used by brokers to ensure smooth service transactions.

As of now, the system is already being used by many people in traditional trading markets as well as in crypto markets.

GlobaliPay – A Global Digital Payment Gateway

GlobaliPay has been regarded as one of the most sophisticated and realistic ICOs of 2019.

Why? For one, it is based on the concept of digital payments, which is something that’s never going to get out of demand.

Then, it takes the concept one step further by implementing a blockchain based payment system that can be accessed globally and can be used for making low-cost financial transactions with features like payment confirmation, fail-safe, high transaction security, transparency, and low transaction cost.

Now that you know about the successlife ico projects review where you can or should invest in 2019, go ahead and conduct your own research to find out more about these specific projects. Choose wisely and invest accordingly.

ByDavid Adamson

How To Launch A Successful ICO or STO As A Startup?

In this blog, we are going to share with you how to launch a successful ICO or STO as a startup in 2023.

Let’s get started!

An ICO can be a nice way for a startup to raise funds quickly for their new project.

However, the core requirement for the launch of an ICO is that the project should be based on the blockchain.

This is a good thing for projects that are already based on the blockchain technology or upcoming projects that use this technology for their core functionality.

Initially, we are going to discuss the procedure for planning and launching an STO or ICO.

procedure for planning and launching an STO or ICO

Before you get started with the ICO, make sure that you are not doing it just to raise money, but your project is actually based on the blockchain and has a real use for this technology.

Also, be ready to launch your own cryptocurrency that you will sell to your investors in exchange for their money.

What is an ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a fundraising process for blockchain projects.

A cryptocurrency startup that is working on a blockchain application/project conducts an ICO sale in order to raise funds for that project from interested investors.

ICO is somewhat similar to an IPO (Initial Public Offering), but the crypto company does not provide any real asset or shares to their investors who invest money during the ICO. Instead, the investors are given crypto tokens or coins in exchange for their contribution to the sale.

How Does ICO Sale Work?

A token may have real-world applications and/or can be used for trading on crypto exchanges, depending on the particular project.

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a fundraising process

Here’s how an ICO sale works:

ICO Website :

The crypto company creates a website/platform for the ICO where it tells users about the upcoming ICO sales, schedule, tokens on sale, price, procedure, etc.


The white paper is an important document for the ICO.

The project whitepaper contains details about the token, the ICO, the underlying technology and various other things that a potential investor should know about the project.


As per the schedule, the sale of tokens is started on the company website or a third-party website.

An ICO may be held in one or multiple phases, including a pre-ICO (private sale) and the main ICO (public sale).


The user buys tokens in exchange for dollars/ETH/BTC or any other currency by registering on the company website.


Some crypto companies may also offer a discount or bounty offer to the early investors with the aim to make more users buy in the sale.

Now that you know how an ICO works, let’s get started with setting one up.

Things You Will Need:

  •  A new crypto token to exchange for the investment of the user
  • Define a value for the token
  • Define the maximum limit of tokens and the ICO hardcap
  • A project website
  • Ethereum or any other crypto wallet
  • A perfect white paper that contains a proper roadmap of the project
  •  An escrow account
  • Secure the ICO

How To Setup And Launch Your Own ICO?

First, you need to create a website for your crypto project. I am assuming here that you already have started working on the project itself and have a working model ready.

Do not expect anyone to invest in your project unless you have something worth their time and money.

Mention everything about the project, including why people should invest in it, on your website. Provide a detailed project roadmap along with the current progress of the project.

It should be clear as to how and when the project will be finished. Provide proper contact information on your website. Create a separate platform for ICO registration and investment.

Create and upload a project whitepaper on the website homepage. The white paper is what a potential investor will read in order to find out more about your project.

Make sure that you clearly and precisely mention the purpose and objectives of your blockchain project in the whitepaper.

Also, provide details of the team and its members so that users can contact and find more information about them if needed.

The whitepaper should contain everything there is to tell about your project and how you can convince users to invest in it. Try to make it appealing.

Without ICO Marketing You Achieve Your Goal

Once your website is ready and live, the next thing is the ICO marketing.

With so many ICOs going around, you cannot expect users to come straight to your website and invest in the project, without much efforts on your part.

You need to tell (convince) the user why they should invest in your project and not in several other blockchain projects out there.

You can use social media sites, blockchain communities, email, messaging and several other resources to get the word out there.


A powerful blockchain concept accompanied by a real-world application is the most important thing and will do a lot of work itself. All you need to do is tell people about your project and bring them to your ICO. If the project has the potential, it will sell itself.

ByDavid Adamson

Cryptocurrency: Defination, History, Process, Advantages

What is Cryptocurrency?

Over the last couple of years, the Digital world is rapidly increasing and almost covers all sectors, Digital money or Cryptocurrency is one of them. It is a digital currency which is created and managed by different encryption techniques known as cryptography.

Cryptography’ is a term used to code and decode some message with the help of some technique.

A Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money which is linked to the internet and 10 times secure to the current form of money. This type of money is secured by the cryptography process.

Evolution And History Of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the amazing and unbelievable example of current technology and changes the view of business persons towards the money.

A technology named as Block Chain technology has played an important and beneficial role to raise digital money. The first Cryptocurrency is Bitcoin which is a peer to peer Electronic Cash System founded on January 3rd, 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto.

There are many types of digital money currently running in the world. Bitcoin is very popular among them. Here I am sharing names of some Cryptocurrency.

  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Peercoin
  • Ethercoin

The Cryptocurrency market is now worth more than $100 billion and almost every country now used the digital currency for their private investment.

How Cryptocurrency Works:

It composes of a Blockchain which consists of a computer file and documents which are distributed over the Internet and shared by its holders. The record of each and every transaction is kept secured in that Blockchain. And this chain is run by miners who kept a record of transactions and also cross verify them. Their work is to maintain the confidentiality and authentication of information and also to update the transactions. Value of Cryptocurrency is depended on demand and supply. And there is no interface like bank between seller and consumer; hence they share peer to peer transaction. And their identity is not revealed.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency

  1. Cryptocurrency is in the Digital form it can neither be transferred nor received. Hence, there is no possibility of fraud and user can safely use his money.
  2. The data is encrypted so there is the least possibility of being hacked or attacked by intruders.
  3. No charge for fees to do online transaction.
  4. Money can be easily accessed and exchanged according to market rates.

So this is all about the Cryptocurrency now you can easily decide Digital currency changes our future and why people love to replace it with visible or non-digital money.

ByDavid Adamson

An Informative Guide For ICO Investing

What Is ICO Cryptocurrency?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a common choice of fundraising for cryptocurrency startups. This involves the company putting a part of its future crypto tokens on sale in exchange for initial funds. This is beneficial both for the company and for the token buyers.

The ICO gives a startup a perfect and affordable way to raise money to carry their project requirements, while at the same time, strategic investors get an opportunity to invest in a market where a high return on investment is almost guaranteed. Or is it?

In the past few years, crypto startups have managed to raise funds in billions of dollars and presently, it is being considered the most effective way to raise money for a new company.

However, not all ICOs are alike and not all ICOs can guarantee you an assured return on your investment. Therefore, it is important to choose and invest in a good ICO.

Here are a few tips for Investing In ICOs. You will also find here some reasons why you should consider investing in an ICO?

Things To Consider Before Investing In ICOs

The Idea

Know that you are not actually investing in a cryptocurrency, since the currency has probably not been launched yet, but in the idea behind that currency. So, the first thing you need to do is try to figure out whether the idea is worth your money.

Does the company/idea provide a Blockchain based solution to a problem which cannot be solved otherwise? If not, then the public would probably not be eager to adopt it.

Does a similar solution already exist? If yes, then why would someone be looking for the same product unless it has something unique to offer?

The website quality and appearance

You can tell a lot about a company or business just by looking at its website. The level of professionalism on the website, including the availability of proper and right information, is crucial. Look for the following things on the website of the ICO in which you are considering to invest.

The White Paper – a white paper detailing the layout of the project including all the information, proposal, idea, target market, etc.

The roadmap – If they are serious about the project, they must definitely have a project roadmap (timeline).

The team – a reliable company will always show the team behind the project to increase the user trust.

Website appearance – A company that desires to raise money from investors must be ready to invest in its own website. If they don’t, they are probably not serious about the project.

Business Experience

It is also important to check whether the company has any experience in the particular industry as well in general business market. Make sure that the team members are experienced and qualified in their specific areas. Whether the company has previously managed any multi million dollar business or any projects of the same measure. Who are the advisers, legal team members and investors of the company and so on.

Following are some other points to consider while investing in an ICO:

  • How many coins the company plans to hold and how many it puts on sale.
  • Whether the company has proper social pages and the level and quality of activity on these brand pages will also tell you a lot about the company’s reliability.
  • Search the project/company name in Google for scam alerts and to read the reviews from other users/investors who are associated with the name.
  • Also, look out for the past projects of the company. Ask for the same if not mentioned on the website.
  • Check out the individual profile of each of the company employees, team members, investors and partners for legitimacy.

You cannot be too cautious when it comes to finding the right ICO to invest in. Cryptocurrency may be one of the fastest rising markets on the internet, but it is also very much vulnerable to fraud. Be alert and take better decisions to find the perfect place for your investments.

ByDavid Adamson

How Coin and Token Sales Process Work in An ICO or ITO Project?

Let’s talk about how coin and token sales process work in an ICO or ITO project.

ICO sale process allows users to make payments in cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and token and Fiat currencies like the dollar. The users will be able to manage and trade their coins and tokens through the wallet itself.

This blog aims to explain to interested and future investors about the ICO and ITO Sales Procedure.

Steps Of Token Sales Procedure

1. Registration

You must be a verified ICO project user to be able to purchase All tokens and coins during the ICO sales.

Non registered users must sign up at ICO project to get access to the ICO participation link which will be distributed only to registered user accounts. Upon following the participation link, the ICO Terms & Conditions should be accepted. Thereafter, the user will be redirected to the ICO participants personal account.

Registered users must visit the ICO project website and login to their accounts using their user id & password. After accepting the ICO Terms & Conditions, registered user will be directed to the ICO participants personal account page.

Users who are already logged in to ICO project should follow the onscreen instructions in their ICO project account and accept the ICO Terms & Conditions. Users will then be directed to the ICO participants personal account page.

2. Purchasing All tokens and coins

Each token or coin will be sold for ETH or BTC. There may be other payment sources as the accepted payment method.

All tokens and coins will be available for purchase through the ICO participant’s personal account. In order to buy tokens, the user will have to send funds to the addresses and QR codes of ICO project Ethereum or BTC wallets mentioned on the page. Information on the total amount of tokens purchased, the ICO schedule, token cap, and the percentage of the total amount of tokens sold will also be available in the ICO participants personal account.

The details of the transfer will become available in the user’s purchase order list in the ICO participant’s personal account after the transaction confirmation is received.

Transaction details will contain the confirmation time, transaction amount, the number of tokens received, and the number of bonus tokens depending on the ICO phase during which the purchase is made.

Tokens will be delivered to the user’s specified wallet after the payment is confirmed. The ICO project team will make their best effort to promptly summarize and reconcile all the necessary statistics that will be needed for the appropriate token delivery to all ICO participants.

3. Token Listing

All tokens and coins will trade under the ticker symbol token and will be listed on major exchanges shortly after the ICO. In order to increase liquidity, our Management team will do its best to ensure that token or coin is listed on all reputed digital currency exchanges prior to the token sale event. There is, however, no guarantee that this will occur as it is beyond the authority and control of ICO project’s management team.

In conclusion, we must agree that cryptocurrency is the fastest rising market in the history of the internet and digital finance. Investment returns can be beyond comprehension. However, this comes coupled with an equal probability fraudulent traps and deceptive offers. Be alert and make wiser decisions to find the perfect options for your investments. Visit the ICO project website to know more about the ICO and the reasons why you should invest in it.

ByDavid Adamson

5 Myths About ICO Whitepaper: Busted

As an ICO advisor, I often come across several queries associated with Initial Coin Offering. More ICO projects come into light every day, and many people with no knowledge about ICO are entering into this field. The people are taking interests in it, as media have reported that funding in Initial Coin Offering is high.

As I have mentioned that people with no idea on ICO are attracted to it, so I want to brush up your basic knowledge about it before going ahead on the topic.

What is ICO?

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a platform for raising funds. In this mechanism, new projects vend their original crypto tokens in a transfer of Ether or Bitcoin. It is very similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering) in which people buy shares of an organization.

In spite of being a relatively new phenomenon, it has fastly become a prevalent topic of discussion in the community of Blockchain. Many of the people take ICO projects as unfettered securities, as these projects permit project owners to raise a low amount of money. On the other hand, several others take it as an innovative way to fund a venture.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed and decentralized ledger. By using this technology, every transaction is recorded. Without approval from stakeholders/creator, no one can alter data. Being transparent, secure, and safe, this technology has gained enormous popularity in the finance sector. Businesses of several different industries are working on this technology to make it better for their business operations.     

What is White Paper?

As a document, WP or White Paper supports your probable customers take a favorable decision in favor of a particular product/service or your organization. If it fails to help clients in making a favorable decision, it might not be a WP. In layman words, it is something amid a marketing brochure and an article. Apart from containing useful information, a White Paper leads to a list of facts to encourage customers to buy a product/service.

5 Myths About ICO Whitepaper

Now, I come back to the topic – ICO Myths. I am going to mention the five most common myths:

1. Starting an ICO is effortless  – False

No, it’s completely false. You need to do your homework first before going out for raising funds. Having a well-brought-up white paper is just beginning. Most of the ICOs underestimate legal aspects that are significant. And the legal issues are pricey. Be ready for a considerable war chest, as the cash flow is going to be outlandish for you. Have the patience you can, as starting an ICO would be a long journey for you. It might take even more than one year.

2. Setting up money for an ICO is easy – Totally False

Rising funds/money for ICO is not like a Cakewalk. Investors in today’s world think a lot before making any investment. It is, as several investors have lost their money or many ICOs are Yet to Perform. The investors have become more conscious in selecting projects, and you need to follow them a lot to draw a little form of attention. You need to have an in-depth idea about the crypto community and find out the right people who can be your cash resource. It is very different from a park walk.

3. Every whitepaper is factually correct – Not True

In a white paper, it is easy to find out fraudulent or incorrect assertions. However, it would be harder to notice factually wrong data. TRON sets a unique instance in this sense. It had plagiarism. However, it showed it was licit, leading to a diminishing to the industry credibility.

4. The success of ICO is guaranteed – Success ratio is half.

There is no guarantee of success. While investing in an ICO, you need to be very careful. According to Sodium Capital, approximately half of ICOs have got failed. However, around 1400 ICOs got published in the first three months of 2018. It means it is clear here that one in two people can trust you and they can invest in your project. You need to be very careful whether you are launching an ICO project or going to invest in it.

5. Every listing site is the same  – Not True

On the Internet, you can come across a large number of ICO websites. Keep in mind all of them are not the same and useful. Some of those sites only list the projects while some go beyond listing and offer all associated information to investors. Ensure to go through reviews if you are checking an ICO site. Going through those reviews can support you comprehend how such a website analyze a project before listing it.

Besides the common myths mentioned above, I want to state some other myths to help you be aware of the project you will launch or invest. Here are some other myths:

Advisors Support You – It is also a myth. No one advises you at free of cost. You can google to avail the most of advisors’ knowledge. For ensuring your success, you need to find the right advisor who can give you real insight and support you. 90% of advisors claiming to be a super advisor join for a selfish reason. Before going ahead, talk to a lot of people and ask them for their commitments to your ICO project.

You can hand over the ICO leadership – It would be a big mistake if you trust your experienced friend to run your ICO project. I am saying this, as your friend can find a way for his benefit. You must avoid putting your plan in the hands of strangers.

Pitching ICO support you raise money – It may / may not help you. Here one thing is sure that it is highly expensive. Throwing your ICO for 5-10 minutes at a conference can cost you 5000- 1000 US dollars. Other guys would be waiting to present their pitches just after you and can kick you out. I know many organizers might promise you about the presence of hundreds of investors. You need to be very careful and do not get trapped in their promises. Schedule personal meetings with some of the interested investors. It can help you a lot in raising money.

Customers are ready to buy your ICO – It is very tricky. In general, the crypto community, professional investors and businesses bring ICO tokens. Around 90% of these are not the customers of your super platform. They just trade with your tokens and consider how fast you would be placed on exchanges. You need to get your customers, and you should have a solid plan for it.

Tokens and coins are same –  Several people consider both tokens and coins as same. They use these both terms interchangeably. In fact, these two terms are different. You need to comprehend the fundamental differences between them if you are going to invest in it or launch an ICO. A token has more than one function and saves an array of value levels. On the other hand, a coin is one utility and saves only one level of value.

In brief, you have to be very careful whether you are going to launch your own ICO or to invest in one. For launching your ICO, you need to create a product, build a token, take legal advice, draft your white paper, create a community and place your token out for exchanges. Take these all steps very carefully.