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The 15 Best Cities for Crypto Startup & ICO Project

ByDavid Adamson

The 15 Best Cities for Crypto Startup & ICO Project

The crypto market continues to grow. Every day are born new initiatives in the virtually currency and many crypto entrepreneurs looking for an optimal location to start their projects.

Due to international regulations regarding blockchain, many countries have been banned for this reason we have propose a list of the 15 best cities in the world for crypto startup and ICO:

San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco and the nearby Silicon Valley have a thriving blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. The area is home to numerous blockchain startups, venture capital firms, and tech talent.

New York City, New York, USA

New York City has a significant financial industry presence, making it a hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. The New York State Department of Financial Services has established the BitLicense, which provides a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency businesses.

Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland, in general, has been favorable to cryptocurrency and blockchain companies due to its regulatory environment and strong financial sector. Zurich, in particular, is a hotspot for blockchain startups and ICOs.

London, United Kingdom

London has a growing blockchain and crypto scene, with many startups and events focused on these technologies. The UK government has also shown interest in blockchain and digital currencies.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is known for its vibrant tech startup scene and has become a hub for blockchain development in Europe. It’s home to many blockchain projects and events.

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia has been at the forefront of digital innovation and is known for its e-residency program. The government has been open to blockchain technology, making Tallinn a hotspot for crypto startups.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel has a strong tech startup culture, and Tel Aviv is no exception. It has seen the emergence of several blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan has a regulated cryptocurrency market, and Tokyo has a growing blockchain and crypto community. The country’s regulatory framework provides some level of security for investors and businesses.

Hong Kong

This is one of the most crypto-friendly city on the world. Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading financial epicenters, the SFC is set to reevaluate cryptocurrency laws, especially in terms of regulating the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sector. Hong Kong is the latest Asian nation that is set to tighten crypto laws on traders and exchanges.


This another of the first countries to start regulating the usage of digital currencies in 2014 by imposing taxation on earnings. Singapore is known for support of crypto related technologies and fintech innovation. The cryptocurrency exchanges and trading are legal in Singapore, and the city taken a friendly position for starup and ico’s.


The city of Switzerland also called “crypto valley”is the capital of many startups,currently around 500 projects concerning blockchain and ico’s. Switzerland in 2016 was the first country in the world to accept the bitcoin for the payment of municipal taxes.Switzerland is known for its crypto-friendly approach and blockchain development.


The island has always reported to crypto friendly. Malta has been receiving companies related to the crypto market such as Binance and BitBay. The Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, has been very favorable towards virtual currencies and blockchain technology and has pushed for friendly legislation in the country.

San Francisco

The Silicon valley is the capital of giants company like Google, Apple, Facebook.

Coinbase, headquartered in San Francisco, has become one of the biggest companies of the moment, allowing users to buy and sell bitcoins.


The city  is one of the most crypto and Bitcoin friendly cities in Europe. Amsterdam have also an important number of crypto start ups. The city is famous for Bitcoin Embassy,The Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam is a location where the community and all the crypto enthusiasts can meet and organize a variety of events and projects.


A major European and international city  for cryptocurrencies, the Czech capital has 150 places (restaurants,bar,hotels) where Bitcoin is accepted as a method of payment.Many  of blockchain companies operate in the Czech Republic like ,fintech startups SDK finance, Cashila, finGOOD.

Final Thought

Keep in mind that the cryptocurrency landscape is highly dynamic, and conditions may have changed since then. In this blog you have read about some cities that were known for their favorable environments for crypto startups and ICO projects.

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