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Crypto Press Release

A press release can publish when you have any announcement related to your project growth. the press release announcing an ICO could include the following information:

  • The name and brief overview of the ICO project.
  • The dates and details of the ICO listing on a listing sites.
  • The exchange or platform where the ICO will be listed.
  • The team and advisors behind the project.
  • The use case and potential impact of the project’s technology or platform.
  • Any notable partnerships or collaborations.
  • A quote from a team member or advisor on the listing and future plans for the project. offers you the most affordable ICO / crypto press release submission services to our featured users. It is a part of blockchain marketing service. You just have to nominal cost and we will distribute your press release on Coinideology press release section, 20 crypto and blockchain related websites and 500+ general news and media sites at very affordable prices.

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Crypto Press Release Submission Guideline

Strictly follow the Press Release guidelines, when you write a copy of press release:

  • The press release content should be well written in English
  • The word limit should be between 300 to 1500 words with 2 outbound links.
  • has the right to not publish your press release in that case we will refund your payment.
  • Fraudulent or illegal ICO’s press release will not be published.
  • You should have an email address in your press release where the user can contact you for the required information.
  • Your press release should be informative with general business information.
  • Your press release should not have a token price, predicted token price, or any other cost.
  • Maintain unbiased tone during the press release so your readers don’t find it as a selling copy.
  • Guide your reader smoothly about your website.
  • Include quotes and facts between the long paragraphs.
  • Don’t stress the content to increase the word limit.

Which Types of Business Get Benefits From Press Release

Press release works for all types of clients and business, here is a small list of client that can get benefits from the Press release:

  • Online Business/Clients
  • Offline Business/Clients
  • Physical Products
  • Info/Saas Products
  • Marketplaces like Amazon.
  • Technologies like Shopify

Press Release Marketing Strategies To Get More Benefits

Solid PR strategies help to leverage for achieving goals for your organization. Here we are sharing proven press release strategies to follow by each organization:

  1. Write 5-10 press releases each month to be visible in news and media.
  2. Choose google news approved press release sites.
  3. Add max 2 links in a press release copy. One to stack, one to SEO shield, or to an entity site. 
  4. Use the naked URL or brand name for a backlink in the press release content.
  5. Manage keyword density in the content.
  6. Include your business name and keyword in the PR title so people can find your business with its name.
  7. Syndicate your press release on your online networks like blogs and social media networks.
  8. Include Youtube embed video in the press release content.
  9. Always embed an image from your main website.

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