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Product Marketing Services

A product is a good or a service that fulfills the need of a customer. 

There are two types of products as digital products and physical products. 

Product marketing is an art and science to promote a product to increase the sale to the customers. 

Product marketing is a process that helps a product development company to create a better product for a customer by removing weaknesses and adding qualities.

Coin Ideology Digital creates marketing communication strategies to sell you the right products to your right customers.

Why You Need Product Marketing Company?

  1. Product Marketing increases recall value by memorizing your product.
  2. It increases the business revenue to run an organization.
  3. It is helping in doing more sales for more profit.
  4. It supports the sales function to run a business.

Product Marketing Company Process

  1. We research and find your target audience or customer for your product. 
  2. We help you to understand the buying roles for your customers as who is your product Initiator, influencer, decider, buyer, and consumer.
  3. We help you to understand your customer demographic and psychographic.
  4. We do a competitor analysis and help you to decide a product, its price, profit, and positioning. 
  5. If you are selling more than one product then we help you to decide which is your hight or low focused product and which product you should remove from your product portfolio.

Online Product Marketing Services We Offer To Our Customers

Niche Marketing: We promote your specific product for specific customers at a specific price.

Social Media Marketing: Almost 90% of internet users use social media. We promote your product organically and thru paid marketing on all popular social media platforms.

Giveaway Marketing: We run a freebie program, contents, and bounty program on different online platforms for your product to attract your target audience.

Buzz Marketing: We create curiosity for your product online by using limited time, limited product strategies.

Blogging: We create a blog and share information about your product with your target customer to aware of them for your product.

Landing Page Marketing: We create a landing page for your product and all the required information there as product description, product image/video, product features, old customer reviews, FAQs, etc. 

SEO: We promote your landing page in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and generate organic target traffic.

PPC: We run paid ads on a social media platform and major search engines to generate more paid traffic to convert them into the sale.

Email Marketing: We send a mass email to your potential customer through email marketing and send them a special offer. 

Outbound Marketing – We also offer podcasting, telemarketing, radio marketing, and television marketing services for our customers.

Cross Promotion Marketing – On behalf of our client we try to contact a business that already had the same target customers but selling non competing products. This is the best product marketing technique to get more reach without any extra expenses.

Coin Ideology Digital is a reliable product marketing company that had helped many of product development companies like you. If you are new in this industry and looking for affordable services then don’t hesitate to contact us.