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ByDavid Adamson

Vend POS Integration with WooCommerce and Magento – A Window of New Opportunities for Retailers

Offline retailers are in survival mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To overturn the impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak on their business, taking the business online is the need of the hour.

WooCommerce and Magento are two of the leading eCommerce platforms that offer feature-rich and customizable solutions for retailers.

While physical stores are experiencing a hard time, WooCommerce and Magento can be a great escape from the crisis for specialty retailers.

On top of that, Vend POS integration with WooCommerce and Magento can solve multiple problems related to managing stores, both offline and online.

Here we will discuss in detail, the major advantages of integrating Vend POS with WooCommerce and Magento. Also, why is it important for offline retailers to establish an online presence.

integrating Vend POS with WooCommerce and Magento

Vend POS + WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the world. It is built on WordPress that powers 30% of the web.

Website TechnologiesUsageMarket Share

Now, being built on WordPress automatically ensures data security of the highest standards and trustworthiness. Available as a free plugin for WordPress, you can easily plug-and-play WooCommerce if you have an existing WordPress account.

Other features that come together with WooCommerce are:

Customizable solutions

If you are starting your own online store, you would want to give it your own touch and feel to make it unique. With WooCommerce, customization is never an issue. You can easily customize your online store using thousands of storefront themes. Retailers of all sizes can start off with WooCommerce and grow their business online.

Worldwide community

WooCommerce has a community of stores and developers all around the globe that keeps making the platform better. It is also open-source, thus ensuring you are in charge of the proceedings on your store.

High Trust Factor

As it is available as a free plugin on WordPress, the security standards are uncompromising and without any loopholes. WordPress has gained trust from people all over the world as it runs 30% of the web. As data security and trustworthiness are of the utmost importance, WordPress fulfills them. 

Integrating Vend POS with WooCommerce

Vend’s easy-to-use POS combines with your inventory management system to enable you to offer multi channel experience with your eCommerce store. Vend POS gets seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce, to enable retailers to sell online, or on social media, or in-store.

Other features of Vend POS integration with WooCommerce include:

  • Sell easily on social media viz, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social platforms
  • Keep your inventory in sync across all the sales channels in real-time
  • Offer omnichannel  experience to the customers
  • Download all your web orders to the Vend POS and keep the sales and inventory data in-sync
  • Import your entire catalog into Vend in a quick and easy manner
  • Manage the data of your customers whether new or existing, with ease
  • Generate sales reports on online sales and customers
  • Add new outlets to the Vend POS easily when your business grows

Hence, merchants operating their online store on WooCommerce can get real benefits in the time of COVID-19.

Vend + Magento

Magento is an open-source PHP platform that accounts for 12% of the eCommerce market (including open source and enterprise versions). It is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) for online shops worldwide.


Magento runs 12% of eCommerce sites, which shows how wide the reach is in the eCommerce landscape. Retailers operating their stores on Magento can experience three times faster growth.

Magento runs 12% of eCommerce sites

Other advantages of operating a Magento store include:

High usability and customization

A host of exciting features such as full ownership of the website, mobile-optimized site with enhanced functionality, easy customer segmentation, and SEO-friendliness comes with Magento store

Plethora of Extensions

Magento classifies over 4000 extensions that are available on its platform with 2,367 for Magento 2 and the remaining for Magento 1. These extensions can enhance store capabilities with a single click. 


The CMS platform offers a range of themes and templates to add a unique touch and feel to the store. Merchants can set a standard for their store using these themes and templates.

Integrating Vend with Magento

By integrating Vend POS with Magento, merchants can unlock new capabilities of their store and also manage the in-store and online business easily.

The list of features of integrating Vend POS with Magento include:

  • Synchronization of mission-critical data such as inventory, orders, and customers between Magento and Vend POS
  • Reduction in errors such as double-data entry and overselling
  • Generation of sales reports made through multiple sales channels
  • Provide omnichannel experience to the customers with real-time data management

As you can see, the Vend POS integration with Magento can create a huge difference in managing and running the business. In the time of COVID-19, when people are not willing to step out, the POS eCommerce integration can help you level up the game for your retail business.

Wrapping Up

The COVID-19 pandemic has really pushed the retail sector on the backfoot with small and medium-sized businesses reeling due to losses. It is time to try out a new strategy by stepping into the online world and staying afloat. The eCommerce world is set to experience a tough competition in the coming years as more and more merchants will come online due to the new normal.

ByJigar Shah

How to Secure Your E-Commerce Website in 2024?

Security is very important concern for an ecommerce website in 2024. If you want to secure your ecommerce website, you will find the best solution here.

In the era of comfort, luxury, and easy-going shopping, the shopping experience has become so smoother and easier for every user. Retailers or e-commerce owners have found their way to reach out to the wide spectrum of an audience with their e-commerce website or mobile application.

However, we think life is sorted if we get our duty done by just fulfilling customer’s expectations and getting their checklist done by providing indeed products or services. But, here you are slightly wrong.

The users will only land on your website if you gain their trust by just not fulfilling their needs, but also providing a safe and secure check-out process and customer experience. Some of the start-ups or e-commerce companies often lack the expertise to tighten their website’s security. This is why the top e-commerce website development companies are working tirelessly to provide apt and secure solutions to their clients.

We’ve seen that many e-commerce companies lose thousands of dollars after failing to implement e-commerce website security features to safeguard their online stores from hackers and fraudsters.

Somewhat, it’s believed that the internet is a dangerous place to host a business. Also, as per the report, by 2023, online retailer fraud is projected to hit $130 billion.

It’s not just about the payment security but just think about the thousands of users’ personal information, IDs, product details, catalog and prices, financial information including credit and debit card. That’s what makes e-commerce sites, big and small, so attractive to cybercriminals to exploit and competitors to leverage on.

If you own an online store, the increased threats we’ve seen to online security are probably particularly troublesome as you map out your website strategy for 2022.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways you can protect your online store and increase your site’s security to significantly decrease the chances of cyber-attack.

How to Secure Your E-commerce Website From Cyber Attacks?

1. Choose a Better E-commerce Hosting Service

Choose a Better E-commerce Hosting Service

Yes, you spent plenty of money on building your website designing, optimizing, and promoting as well. But let us ask you, are you risking it all by choosing a low-cost hosting option?

You are losing everything if you choose a cheap hosting service. It’s like you own a Mercedes, but you are taking it to the local garage for repair.

Choosing the right web hosting service for your e-commerce website is important and security should be the top priority. The most important thing is that your hosting service must have a good backup service so that your e-commerce website can be easily restored after a security breach.

However, hosting service providers may vary and offer various features as well. Some offer dedicated servers with robust capacity, so threats like DDoS attacks can be prevented. Some are simply better made than others, offering fewer potential vulnerabilities to exploit and issuing patches more regularly.

Ensure that the web host you choose has maximum uptime, 24×7 operational time, and has RAID data protection that creates a back-up copy of your website on multiple disks.

2. Use HTTP with SSL = HTTPS

This is the best thing to make your website secure by integrating AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificate to your website to prevent online frauds. Once you purchase the certificate from the SSL vendor, all you need to do is to install on your website and change the settings on your website.

HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is the online protocol for secure communications over the internet and one of the easiest ways to help secure your e-commerce site from fraud.

Google always gives priority to the websites who are secure and SSL integrated. Thus, they get more visitors. HTTPS is essential for security and protection as it creates a secure link between the user’s browser and your server to prevent hackers from stealing your data.

3. Choose a Secure E-commerce Platform

Before choosing an e-commerce platform, you are responsible to look for various factors such as support, performance, features, and obviously security. However, security must be our top priority, otherwise, all of the previously mentioned factors will be useless. So, to make your website more secure, you have to ensure that your e-commerce platform uses secure payment gateways, releases security patches, and includes shipping method extensions.

Look for proven e-commerce solutions that provide encrypted payment gateways, SSL certificates, and solid authentication protocols for sellers and buyers. You will find many e-commerce platforms to choose from these days. You need to be sure that your choice of e-commerce not only performs well but also provides secured services and updates itself regularly.

E-commerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop are popular platforms, but popularity comes at a price.

Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in these platforms so patches and security updates are constantly being made available.

4. Don’t Store Sensitive Customer Data

Don’t Store Sensitive Customer Data

It’s also risky if you store your customer’s sensitive data like their credit or debit card information on your website. If your systems are compromised, then it’s chances of losing your customers’ trust. If it’s not required, kindly do not try to store that data.

To prevent the attacks and fraud, don’t store sensitive information if you don’t have to. Obviously, this is not easy for subscription-based websites, but most sites should try to avoid storing payment information or personal identification information.

You can also use the process of tokenization. Tokenization generates random numbers to store customer information and that’s known as tokens. It helps prevent credit card fraud.

5. Run Vulnerability Tests On Your Website

If you identify potential vulnerabilities on your site on a regular basis, that will help you maintain a secure site with as few points of entry as possible.

The best way to keep up on vulnerability testing is to set up an automated process using scanning software. It scans your e-commerce website and leaves you with few opportunities for hacking. The right programs will scan your network and website to identify risks and generate prioritized lists that tell you

E-commerce platforms with various tools allow you to scan for vulnerabilities. The better and right program will scan your network and website to identify risks so that you know the risks and issues that should be addressed and fixed.

If you are unaware of how vulnerability scanning works, you should check out a few free programs first to get started. Some of the renowned scanning programs are Retina CS Community, OpenVAS, and MBSA.

6. Keep Your Website Updated

Attackers and hackers are always in search of vulnerabilities that can get them inside your website. When any new vulnerabilities are discovered by developers, they release new software updates. So quickly you need to update your website because you never know when the hackers hack your system and attack you.

7. Take Regular Backups

If you won an e-commerce store, it’s your responsibility to take a backup of your e-commerce site frequently. Whenever any incident occurs, you can retrieve your website’s backup from your hosting provider and restore your website. So, whenever you choose a hosting provider, make sure that it enables an automatic backup service in case you forget to do it manually.

8. Make Sure Your Website is PCI DSS Compliant

As an admin, you must ensure that your site is PCI DSS compliant. PCI DSS is a security standard that increases admin control of customer card data in order to protect your credit card data and reduce fraud. Your website will be able to detect and prevent potential breaches and hacks before it leads to an account data compromise (ADC) event.

Wrapping Up!

If a user or customer purchases a product through your e-commerce website, it means they’ve trust on you to protect their information. And it’s your responsibility to uphold their trust and ensure to provide a secure shopping experience.

Security is not free, but it’s cheaper than getting hacked. Precisely, you will not find an accurate solution to make an e-commerce site sound and secure. Instead, you will find several ways to secure your e-commerce site:

  1. Periodically update and fortify your passwords.
  2. Continuously monitor database and website activity.
  3. Ensure all software is kept up to date.
  4. Minimize the sharing of sensitive information.
  5. Enforce HTTPS across your entire site.
  6. Utilize security plugins and incorporate an Address Verification System (AVS).
  7. Regularly back up your data.
  8. Thoroughly assess and test the security of your website.

If you want to make sure your WordPress website is as safe as it can be, better connect with the best e-commerce development company.

ByDavid Adamson

Best Free WordPress Page Builder Plugins for 2024 [For Beginning Developers]

Creating great websites isn’t a one-day show. Your website must stand ahead of the competitors in terms of content and design, regardless of your business niche. The characteristics of a great website include easy navigation, functional, elegant, user-friendly, and so on.

Furthermore, visitors will abandon your site immediately if it fails to capture their attention. As a result, designing excellent web pages is important. As a result, the simplest method is to use the WordPress Page Builder plugin to edit or design your site.

Do you know what a WordPress page builder does?

A WordPress website page builder gives you access to all of the resources for creating stunning web pages. Also, a page maker includes an administrator GUI, giving you complete command over your website. However, unlike the default page editor, the page builder provides drag-and-drop functionality and easy element configuration. Several page builders also provide premade pages that only require content. Also, consulting the right WordPress web development company comes as the solution.

Therefore, to achieve a seamless experience designing your business site, we have shared the popular page plugins below. Pick the one that best meets your site’s requirements and get started.

List of Free WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is an exceptional drag-and-drop plugin with a frontend editor that is simple to use. Even if you’re not a coding expert, this editor offers a simple editing experience so you can easily build your website.

Interface: Beaver builder serves website building in two distinct ways. Firstly, use the floating Content panel, which you can move around. The second choice is to drag the Content panel to the browser’s left or right sides. This way, the left side will enable you to add and customize components, and the right side will produce the outcome.

Elements Offered: Beaver Builder has only five modules: photo, HTML, video, audio, and text editor. It also has a range of WordPress widgets to choose from. Thus, adding a few more tools to the mix.

Styling Options: According to Beaver builder, styling is the theme’s responsibility. You can create a unique layout using Beaver Builder’s choices. However, no page styling functionality is offered. You can customize unique rows or columns with text colors, but no family or size styling is possible.


Elementor is one of the best free page builder plugins in the market, offering advanced functionality and completely customizable features. Providing pre-built 100 templates, designing alluring WordPress is a breeze.

Elementor’s drag-and-drop, instant live edit, and additional features allow you to create high-resolution websites. Furthermore, Elementor has a user-friendly interface that anyone can use, regardless of whether they are a developer, a marketing expert, or a designer.

Shape Dividers, Headline Effects, Box Shadows, Hover Effects are some skilled features offered to build powerful designs.

Available Elements: To blend into a functional website, page builders must offer at least the most basic elements. Elementor allows creating headings, images, texts, buttons, and so on. Additionally, you are provided with widgets such as the counter, the image carousel, progress tabs, and more.

Additional Elementor Features:

  • Translated to 50+ languages
  • Offers 100+ predesigned blocks and templates
  • 40+ free widgets
  • Open source and free page builder plugin

SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin, like Elementor page builder, is a perfect website builder that is responsive and easy to navigate across multiple devices. It offers a few premade columns and row templates to pick of your choice. However, you have complete control over deciding the capacity and size of rows and columns to implement on your website. SiteOrigin page builder provides you with a variety of widgets to help you develop responsive pages that meet your design requirements.

An administrator interface comes standard with a page creator, giving you complete control over your website. It offers you drag and drop functionality so you can design pages and quickly and easily customize elements on your websites. The widgets offered by SiteOrigin Page builder involve social media, Google maps, and so on.

Additional Features:

  • Enables live editing
  • Available in 17 languages
  • Saves history of new changes made
  • Enormous widgets offered


With the Brizy plugin, coding knowledge is no longer needed. This builder uses a drag-and-drop GUI to make editing as simple as possible. Several editing choices for unique elements are offered to you to achieve a visually pleasing, well-organized, and simple-to-use interface.

Elements Offered:

Brizy offers 150+ readymade blocks to make your work even easier. Furthermore, it provides drag and drop features allowing you to design the website just by dragging and dropping the objects. It includes a variety of elements such as text, videos, photos, buttons, icons, and so on to design pages with a unique appearance.

More Features:

  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Autosaves the changes
  • Pre-built 15+ blocks

King Composer

KingComposer is a well-designed page builder plugin with impressive features that earns it a spot on this list. You can create and format your pages with an amazing CSS framework.

KingComposer provides a library for your website that can be used to save improvement proofs made to any portion of your websites, such as the sidebar, header, or footer.

KingComposer, unlike Siteorigin’s website builder plugin, restricts you to maximum 5 columns usage. Furthermore, it offers compatibility with third-party plugins adding to your website widgets.  After using this plugin to build content on your website, you can uninstall the plugin without losing website quality or content. KingComposer can be used to create themes as well.     Isn’t it great!

Gutenberg Page Builder

Gutenberg is a basic but effective tool that WordPress provides for creating attractive pages.

 It’s a drag-and-drop visual editor with all of the work done on the backend.

Gutenberg possesses an online editor that is intuitive to use. In addition, there is no need to build any elements first. Gutenberg can automatically design headings, paragraphs, and lists.

Below the Pattern tab, Gutenberg provides a few block design options. These are basic but attractive templates that can help you get started. Furthermore, the choices aren’t wide but can help you design your site pages.

Styling Choices

The elements in Gutenberg have just a few styling choices. The font size, color, and background color can all be modified. However, these benefits are practical and enjoyable to have.

WP Page Builder

WP Page Builder is a plugin comprising all of the features required to create a beautiful website. This plugin allows you to quickly add blocks to your website with fantastic results, whether you’re a skilled developer or a freelancer.

To begin with, WP Page Builder holds attractive templates for a variety of niches. Additionally, you have unrestricted access to above 340 IconFont icons further as well as 670 Font Awesome symbols. Also, background parallax can be used to create unique website pages and increase interaction with visitors.

Additionally, the simplicity of WP Page Builder is matched by its flexibility and functionality that you can try for free. To increase your traffic, this page builder also allows you to create SEO-friendly sites. All in all, it’s a real-time webpage creator that makes your website appearance alluring.

Live Composer

There are numerous reasons why to use Live Composer if you want to make a great website quickly. It is a free drag-and-drop builder plugin that is great for any niche website and saves money and time.

Live Composer, like the other page builders, shows you the improvements you create in real-time. Your mobile-friendly website’s page elements will look great on any device. Live Composer is Gutenberg-compatible. This feature ensures that both Gutenberg plugins and the WordPress block editor are compatible with your business website. Furthermore, every WordPress plugin developer, designer, WordPress theme creator, digital marketing specialist, and freelancer would find it useful and compatible.

Additional Features:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Widget and feature-rich
  • Easy usability

Pootle Page Builder

Pootle page builder offers several impressive characteristics and widget choices that give the website a distinct and well-known online presence. It allows you to edit pages and modify them as required without any restrictions. Anyone, whether a pro or a beginner, can create a beautiful WordPress website and pages in no time.

Features Offered:

  • Live drag and drop designing
  • Allows text editing
  • Provides CSS customization feature
  • Easy to create rows and columns

Final Conclusion

It’s never easy to find a free Website page builder plugin. Options are endless but all vary in features. Additionally, you may pick the wrong plugin for your website page building. So, which Page Builder plugin would be best for your website? Any of the shared plugins above could be the perfect fit for your webpage building requirements. Brizy, for example, is the way to go if you need a page builder with several icons. Elementor, on the other hand, can be preferred if you need to design a website that supports WooCommerce. Furthermore, the detailed features, styling options, and differentiators shared for every plugin will help you make the right decision.

Surely, we’ve made your work a little easier. Pick the best free WordPress page builder and get started. Designing the website with any of these page builders will be simple and quick. Thanks for reading!

ByBryan Fernandez

How To Develop A PHP Website in 2024 (Like A Professional Developer)

Learn exactly how to develop a php website in 2024. These are the same strategies a professional developer use to go from zero to end.

How many times have you wondered about creating a website? And how many times did you give up on the idea because of a lack of skills or inability to pay to web development or a web design agency?

Is it that impossible? We believe not and that is why we have a simple guideline on how to develop your very first PHP code website.

A website can become an integral part of your life especially if you are deciding to launch a business or have one, despite its size.

Having a website gives an advantage to your business because it let you reach your potential customers and give a positive experience to your existing one.

PHP has been considered one of the most famous programming language which is easier to learn and use.

Some consider it pretty basic but it has its fair share of benefits. It is also found that PHP will be a part of evolving technology for quite some time.

Hence, for beginners, it is a great way to learn how to design and develop a website based on PHP 2024.

Starting PHP development with a Syntax

Here’s what you have to do:

Starting with a Syntax

PHP Syntax like HTML also includes arrow brackets and semi colons.

Hence, the direction that you need to put and the coding is done between the PHP arrow and semi colon.

The message that need to be delivered or seen on output would be written in between commas (“”).

Starting with a Syntax - PHP Syntax like HTML also includes arrow brackets and semi colons.

Initiate with OOP

Before you officially begin your programming through PHP it is advised that you learn a bit of lessons regarding programming through OOP.

Object-oriented programming OOP is basically the basics of PHP and once you get a proper hang of it you would be able to work on PHP better.

Initiate with OOP

Give it a structure

Next important step that comes in developing a website that even a web design company would even ask you if you hire one is the structure you want for your website.

Take a note pad and pencil and start structuring the thing you want on your website, the type of content, what sort of graphics, and features that you are offering.

Structuring helps in identifying the process and will make it easier for you to work.

Moreover, you will be able to understand the codes and will make a website that’s good in it’s functioning and works faster.

Install PHP

Once you are done with structure and have learned the basic then next important step is to install PHP.

Usually the hosting sites have the advance version of PHP on them.

WordPress is one of those hosting sites that’s written on PHP hence, it is a great place to begin your website.

Install PHP

Begin with the Header

Now is the time to begin with your website, your website will have three pages or part, header, footer and body.

Your header is basically the introducing part which will contain all the initial content and information about your website.

Header also contains the browser information and you need to begin with making a folder with header and add the relevant content in it.

After header come another important part where the content is added that’s body of the website and footer.

This is also done by making file dedicated to the body section.

This area contains all the information that is usually needed by the readers and audience.

Hence, this is the main and basic content of the website.

Then comes the footer of the website it is the ending part of the page leading to another page followed by content.

Add content and footer

Relative Path should be given up

They just create a mess quite literally, hence it is advised to avoid the relative paths that are basically linked with the server.

Hence, it is advised to use root path instead of relative path in order to avoid any problem if there is some error in the parent file.

Update of copyrights

One thing that makes PHP a favorite of many users is that it let you automatically work on any updates and that also includes the copyright.

Where users had to previously do the copyright of their website manually PHP is the programming software that even automates copyright bringing convenience for you.

Now that we have discussed how you can begin with your PHP website what actually are the perks that you enjoy with it?

Here are some of the benefits of PHP programming.

What is php development
  1. It reduces the reliability on the developer or manufacture. Being an open source it let you work on the updates independently.
  2. PHP is capable of saving large data without much hurdle. Hence, explains why WordPress is PHP supported.
  3. It is not specified to a single platform and hence, you can use it on various platform with ease.
  4. It is more quality here and in less expense you would be able to get the best and reliable result.
  5. If you want something which is responsive and fast then PHP is the programming that you should choose.
  6. As the maintenance and upgrades are automated therefore there is less hustle in working on this part.
  7. It is a great programming for beginners as well considering it has a well-developed support and online community that can guide beginner along the path.
  8. It is easy to use and even easier to test. So, before you put your website online you can have a test run just to be sure.
  9. If you are scared of cyber security then PHP has got you covered with the various features that it has to offer.


Website programming isn’t as easy as it seems considering the technicalities that come along and for beginners it is even harder to understand from where to start.

PHP programming is considered one of the easier to learn programming system which even supports WordPress and is also being used by professionals at various web development companies. Hence, by learning it you can begin with your own website.

ByDavid Adamson

Why Use Unity 3D for Your Next Game Development

In the modern age, gaming is no longer a pastime or time to have fun! With the recent stats, it is said that the gaming industry surpassed almost $300 billion and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. It would be one of the most lucrative sectors to choose from as it holds massive potential. Unity is a great platform to build your desired Unity 3D game.

What is Unity 3D Game?

Unity 3D is a cross-platform powerful game engine developed by Unity technologies. The machine can help create 2D games, 3D games, and interactive simulations. The Unity 3D engine supports many industries like automotive, construction, engineering, architecture, and movies.

Unity engine provides an environment where developers need less coding, and even newbie developers can develop their games with little or no coding. You can choose JavaScript, C#, or Boo programming language for your game development. Any unity 3D game development company can use the Unity 3D engine for their game development purpose.

Reasons To Choose The Unity 3D Game.

Recent stats show that 61% of game developers prefer Unity 3D over any other gaming engine. If anybody these days is willing to develop a game, they like Unity 3D gaming platform for their gaming solution. Let’s find out more benefits of why people prefer Unity 3D games over any other engines.

Unbelievable Results For Free

It doesn’t matter how big a budget you have; there are several ways to develop your game. Choosing the right game engine can be a good choice to generate extraordinary results.

Unity 3D gaming engine is a completely robust and open-source gaming engine. However, there are free and paid versions available that you can choose to develop your gaming solutions.

Its free version is also very powerful and capable of developing your gaming needs.

Free & Paid Versions Are Available

As already stated, the Unity gaming engine comes with free and paid versions. The free version has almost every feature that the pro version has. With the help of the free version, we can develop similar complex games as in the pro version.

The only advantage the pro version has over the free version is that it can help develop large-scale projects. However, the pro version offers more building options, a custom splash screen, and cooperation with other teams to build large-scale projects.

Multiplayer Gaming Option

Unity 3D engines are responsible for developing multiplayer games. Unity 3D provides a versatile feature that helps developers create heart-throbbing games. This platform gives high support to developers to build cool multiplayer games.

Unity 3D Gaming Facts & Stats

Benefits Of Unity 3D Game

Undoubtedly, the Unity 3D gaming platform is one of a kind. Games developed on the Unity platform engine are better than any other available technology as of now. This tricky platform allows complex gaming to be more convenient and user-friendly for gamers. Let’s find out other benefits that it provides:


Unity gaming platform develops very complex games. An individual gamer or a group can access all the features and be associated with the others.

Compatibility With Other Platforms

Unity 3D gaming engine provides a reliable solution since it is compatible with every operating system, such as Android, iOS, Steam, PC, and Mac. Hence, it is easy to build your own game using this open-source, free platform that works smoothly on any other media.

Online Guide

If you’re a learner or a newbie, you can avail of free tour guides to watch tutorials and training manuals for free. There are vital elements (modules) that exist in every stage of the game, and Unity engines shift them to the next phase, which makes it more adorable.

Unity Avails Developers Of Rich Assets

Unity platform provides an assets store for developers where they can avail a huge range of textures, animations, object modeling, and 3D models that anyone can use in their game. It rejuvenates the charm of using pre-build segments in your game.

Multiplayer Gaming

Unity 3D platform develops amazingly popular multiplayer games. The platform offers multiple features that help developers to build more complex and high-quality games for online players. Creating games on Unity is great fun, and it is so simple. As a developer, you can think of a game and use pre-built modules, characters, music, animations, and other features to deploy in your game.

Community-Based Assistance

There are more than 2.5 million active developers currently associated with the Unity 3D gaming platform. The developers provide community-based assistance for a splendid gaming solution.

The client can interact easily with the developers to suggest/modify a few modules or structures of the game. This gives a feasible and robust solution for each game developed with Unity.

Awesome Graphics With No Coding

Certainly, Unity offers very intense graphics for gaming. The Unity gaming engine uses high-quality, customizable technology that gives a top-notch gaming experience. The Unity gaming platform supports easy scripting languages like C++ & Java, and there are in-built modules that you can use to develop your game, characters, rewards, and other freebies.


Nowadays, gamers across the globe prefer high-quality graphics that give them a superior-quality gaming platform. Unity web3 development company is now using the Unity gaming engine to develop their favorite games. What makes it look more attractive to the developers is Unity is a free, open-source platform for designing and building games.

Unity entertains developers with 2D and 3D games that use very structured based programming languages. Unity 3D game developers meet yearly, where the developers can directly discuss and converse about new ideas, tricks, and tips to develop more intense and highly graphic games.

ByDavid Adamson

How Can Websites Enhance Business Productivity and Efficiency?

Websites have become essential to every business in today’s competitive world. It works like a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses to reach new customers and grow. With a website, a business can show its products or services to a global audience. A website is vital in connecting with existing customers and building relationships.

A website has various other advantages, such as brand awareness, online visibility, building trust, etc. Having a website for your business can surely result in the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Keeping in mind the benefits of a website, it makes a worthwhile decision to partner with a leading web development company to develop a well-performing website. However, you can think about the goals and objectives of the business and subsequently search for a suitable company.

So, keep reading this blog to understand the significance of having a website.

Importance of Website Development in Increasing Productivity and Efficiency

  1. Work Like an Information Resource

Providing information to visitors results in improving the productivity of a website. It not only improves the site traffic but productivity too. 

For instance, if you are an e-learning website owner, providing value to your users in terms of quality blogs. It means that the more users will come and read your blogs, the more user impressions will be. It will make the site efficient and will improve the productivity for the e-learning site owner.

  1. Operational Costs 

It is one of the significant factors that play an essential role in improving the efficiency of a business. Compared to a brick-and-mortar enterprise, the operational costs of a website are lower. Brick-and-mortar is a traditional form of business, whereas websites are the new generation’s ingenious inventions. 

Websites cut off all the major and miscellaneous expenses you must pay in a retail business, such as staff members’ salaries, business licenses, etc. 

This way, a website saves you all those costs, irrespective of the maintenance cost. It is cost-effective and more efficient than a brick-and-mortar business.

  1. Helpful in Creating Reputable  Web Presence

The first impression is the last; sometimes, it becomes true in the case of some businesses. 

Your website is the go-to tool for success in the online market. In simple terms, it is the face of your business. Remember that it showcases your company, products, and the type of services you are providing. 

The appearance of your website makes a significant impression on site visitors. The better it is, the more users will engage with it. Having a website with a visually polished appearance left a significant impression on the visitors. It, in turn, improves a business’s efficiency. After all, a website built with professionalism in mind can lead to the success of a business.

However, you can hire a web development partner to make an appealing website for your business.

  1. 24/7 Availability

One of the top advantages of having a website is that your website is active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Unlike a brick-and-mortar business where the timings are fixed and holidays too, your website will work for you all day long without having daybreak. 

For instance, if you are a book-selling store owner, most of your users are working professionals, and in the meantime, when your shop opens, your customers do their work, and when they get a holiday, you probably have to shut down it. It creates a hindrance between your business’s availability and your customers. 

The solution here is to have an eCommerce store for your business so that your store will actively work during closed hours. This not only improves your availability as a business but also improves your engagement ratio. All in all, it makes your business more efficient and productive as compared to its presence available locally.

Moreover, you can hire a company that can develop a fully-fledged website for you. But, as competition prevails, the horde of companies also prevails. So, before hiring a reliable web development partner, you have to consider the major factors before hiring a web development company, such as their looking their portfolio, reviews, technologies they are working on, etc.

  1. Understand More About Your Customers 

You can understand your customers more with a website than with a brick-and-mortar business. 

It’s not a fact that you can’t understand your customers by owning a business without a website, but in that case, you don’t pursue the data that is evident to tell you about the likes and dislikes of your potential consumer.

It is possible with a website where you can integrate tools like Google Analytics, Woopra, etc., to understand the likes and dislikes of your consumers. 

You can match the expectation of your consumer with a website, and it is also possible that you can sometimes exceed the expectation limit of your customers. These metrics help you build an effective strategy for improving your value as a business.  

Suppose you understand more about your customers and match their expectations. In that case, it, in turn, helps your business to become more trustable among your consumers, which makes it more efficient and productive.

  1. Build Credibility of the Business 

Having a website is not always dealing with customers and satisfy your objectives. It, in turn, is the greatest asset for developing a solid reputation for your business.

Developing a solid reputation online is only possible if you offer valid and quality information to your users. And also, if your website answers the What’s and Why of the visitors, it improves your credibility as a business.  

For instance, if you own an eCommerce website, the available reviews work like a boon for you in establishing a healthy reputation. The greater the reviews, the greater the brand value, and it improves the chances of enjoying an edge over your competitors.

All in all, a website is effective in building credibility and a strong reputation for your business. It, in turn, improves the efficiency of your business.

  1. Improved ROI

One of the top priorities of a business is to maximize its return on investment. And, if you own a website, there are numerous chances for you to ensure that your website is working effectively to bring you the maximum returns. 

You’ve your idea about the target customers and what they like, and based on this, you’ve developed a website. It will simplify the retention ratio and, in turn, improves sales.

Also, a website is not merely a set-it-and-forget-it type of tool, it’s more than that, and in order to improve your ROI, it requires some effort.

It is only possible if your website is optimized for SERPs, offers responsiveness across all devices, and has clear CTAs and updated content. These factors play a crucial role in a website’s success in the market.

Moreover, developing a website is cost-effective in terms of a physically established business. It, in turn, improves the ROI and enhances the productivity of your business.


A website works like a portfolio of your business. It portrays the effectiveness of your business to its customers. There are various benefits of having a website, such as it improves the retention ratio of your business, around-the-clock availability, and so on. 

Also, a website is quite effective in developing a solid reputation and attaining a large user base for your business.

The role of a website is more significant in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your business as it minimizes the operational costs, stand-out your business with effective strategies, builds the trust of your customers, and so forth.

However, to make a greater impact on a wide range of customers developing a website is an intelligent decision. You can partner with a web development company to achieve your business goals and develop an efficient and appealing website.

ByDavid Adamson

Which is Better for You: Global or Local Websites?

For small businesses, the choice between a local website and a web server can be overwhelming. How do you pick the right one for your business? What advantages and disadvantages do you need to take into account? The answer to this question is complex and depends on your business size, location, and specific needs. In this article, we’ll help You make the decision that’s best for You.

Pros of Local Websites.

Local websites can provide a variety of opportunities for you to make money. For example, you could start an online store or provide content for a blog. You could also offer your services as a consultant or freelance writer.

How Local Websites Can Help You Keep Your Money.

Local websites can help you keep your money by providing valuable information and resources that you can use to improve your business or save money on expenses. For example, website users can access information about businesses in their area, find deals on local products and services, or learn about new trends in the industry.

How Local Websites Can Save Money.

Local websites can help you save money by offering discounts, special deals, and other benefits that may be available only to locals. These offers may include free shipping on orders over $50, discounted rates on local attractions, or other specials that may be available only to residents of a certain area. By visiting a local website, you can get information on deals and discounts that are available only to residents of your area. This can save you money on your next purchase.

How Local Websites Can Make More Money.

One potential benefit of using local websites is that they can offer opportunities for larger businesses to reach a wider audience than they would through traditional marketing channels. This means that companies with large enough budgets could potentially tap into the many resources offered by local websites and make more money than they would if they developed their web marketing strategy from scratch. Another potential benefit of using local websites is that they can offer businesses a more personalized experience when it comes to customer service.

Cons of Local Websites.

Local websites can often have negative effects on your overall investment strategy. For one, they can affect your overall investment results by reducing the number of potential investments you can make and causing you to miss out on high-return opportunities. Additionally, local websites can also impact your overall experience by causing you to interact with locals instead of using a global website interface. This can lead to increased confusion and frustration when trying to accomplish your travel goals.

How Local Websites Can Affect Your Overall Experience.

Local websites can also hurt your overall experience if they’re not user-friendly or provide insufficient information about the products or services offered. For example, some online stores don’t offer detailed product descriptions, or their customer service is slow or unhelpful. In addition, some websites use outdated technology, which makes it difficult to navigate or understand the content. As a result, you may end up buying something that isn’t worth your money or experiencing an uncomfortable browsing experience.

How Local Websites Can Affect Your Overall Investment Results.

Local websites often produce inaccurate information about stock prices and investment opportunities. For example, many online publications list stock prices in terms of dollars rather than cents, which can lead to poor financial decision-making if you want to invest in stocks based on this information alone. Additionally, many local websites do not provide accurate information about the current state of the stock market and their performance relative to other markets around the world. As a result, you may be left with disappointing results when trying to invest in stocks on a local website. Subsection 

How Local Websites Can Affect Your Overall Stock Market Performance.

When looking to invest in stocks on a local website, it is important to be aware of the different types of information that can be found on the site. Some local websites produce inaccurate information about the stock market and its performance relative to other markets around the world. as a result, you may be left with disappointing results when trying to invest in stocks from a local website. 

One way to mitigate these negative effects is by using independent sources of information for your investment decision-making. For example, you can use ETFs or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to purchase stocks from a qualified company within your own country’s stock market. Additionally, you can check news articles and blogs available online to get more accurate information about current trends and investment opportunities in your chosen industry.

Tips for Using Local Websites.

Local websites can be a great way to find local jobs and services. To start, use search engines like Google or Yahoo! to look for descriptions of local businesses and job openings. Then, send your resume to the businesses you’ve found and see if they are interested in hiring. After sending your resume, keep in mind that you should be prepared for interviews. Some businesses may only require an application letter, while others may require a job offer and a physical interview. Do your best to prepare for both types of interviews so you can show off your skills and experience.

Use Local Websites to Find Local Restaurants.

If you’re looking for restaurants, use local websites to find reviews and ratings of local restaurants. You can also use these sites to research what types of food are available in your destination city or town. However, if you want to expand your restaurant business in order to capture the food market through online marketing and social media promotions, then you can take advice from Incrementors Sacramento online web marketing services, which can guide you in improving your presence in the online market. 

Use Local Websites to Find Local News.

Local news websites can be a great resource for finding breaking news about your destination city or town, as well as for finding out about upcoming events and events happening in your area. You can also use these websites to learn about community initiatives or programs that may interest you.

Use Local Websites to Find Local Events.

Local events websites can be a great way to find happenings in your area that might not be covered by other sources. For example, one website that focuses on event listings is Eventbrite. By using this site, you can view past events, submit suggestions for future events, and even vote on which events are the best!


Local websites can be a great way to make money, keep your money, and save money. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when using local websites. First, use local websites to find local jobs and restaurants. Second, use local websites to find local news and events. Third, consider using local websites to connect with friends or family in your area. Finally, make sure to use local websites wisely – if you don’t have a good plan for how they’ll help you achieve your business goals, your website may not be successful.

ByDavid Adamson

Cost Estimation of an Offshore Software Development Project


One of the most challenging tasks that businesses encounter is calculating the cost of software development and how long it will take to develop an entire project when it comes to offshoring. As we all know, every project has its own specialty and it is unique in its own way which is dedicated to providing all the advantages and features in a given timeframe. Whether you are a developer, software analyst, or customer all have their own set of knowledge, ability to adapt, industry experiences, values, and expectations.

Analyzing the project requirements and calculating the overall cost of offshore software development is a major factor that should be taken into consideration to launch your project successfully. If you think that the cost of software development is only dependent on the project size, complexity, and it is all about numbers, then you’re wrong. It includes various other factors that should be taken into account such as strong relationships among the team members, choosing a reliable development team, well-defined tasks, addressing possible risks in advance, and much more. So, if you desire to have a cost-effective and feature-rich project that empowers your business, then it is important to hire an offshore software development team that not only allows you to access skilled developers but also helps you to manage operational costs and cut down major complications.

Business leaders, customers, users, and economists are consistently straining to optimize expenditure and they want to know beforehand when the project will be accomplished. For business executives and startups, the first factor that strikes their minds is the rational estimation of software development costing.

In this post, we’re going to calculate the overall expenses required to build a product and what are the various aspects that affect the cost of software development. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is Offshoring?

Offshoring is the process of hiring a remote development team in totally different time zones. Basically, it uses the development services of a team that is located in a remote location for software development and facilitates all those services in your home country. For developing a feature-rich app by optimizing the cost, the only best option available for you is, hiring a dedicated development team from another country. It concerns human resources, team maintenance in another country, and surcharge.

Generally, the cost per hour for offshore development is approximately 25-30 USD. That’s why this type is usually the most affordable compared to in-house development and offshoring. In short, we can say that the process of offshore software development is a type of business approach where the service provider is based on the other side of the country.

6. Ways to estimate the cost of offshore software development

1. Software Complexity

While estimating the software development costs, make sure to understand the complexity of your project as it might affect the cost. For instance, the type of software testing and coding, designing, identifying software requirements, look if you’re required to integrate your software with third-party systems or not.

If your app is complex and has a large amount of data and information, then it requires more time to develop an app. Depending on your requirements, if you plan to have a unique interface with custom images, fonts, and icons, then you need to hire a web designer from a top-notch company to deal with all of these.

Lastly, if third-party apps are integrated into your software, then it is not an easy task to develop an app from scratch as it requires more effort and professionals to work on it. This may increase the software development cost as the complexity increases and you’re required to write lengthy code to move data from one system to another.

2. Detailed description and project requirements

Are you one of those clients who can say in the middle of the software development process: I have seen a function on a site, and it looks really amazing! Shall we count on it? If so, then make sure to identify all your project requirements and the technical results, so that you’re not required to add any functionality after the completion of the project. Otherwise, the overall expense increases and the management and scheduling of your project are also affected.

One of the most preferred ways to include all your requirements is making a detailed description so that the development team receives what you exactly want and comprehensive technical tasks. If you’re required to perform some modifications to your project and add some more features to it, then you can directly get in touch with the contractor. So, if you’re required to make some necessary changes to the project, make sure to determine a time frame first so that it becomes relevant to add features in the middle of the project.

3. Software size

Software size is one of the most deciding factors for estimating the cost of offshore software development. It is now commensurate with software development expenses. The procedure is straightforward – If you plan to have more pages, it requires more cost and if you want limited screens and pages, then the cost gradually decreases. 

For example, a small and small app generally has 20-25 feature pages, a medium app has between 30 and 40 pages, and a complex and large app generally has more than 40 feature pages. A large-sized project needs to be optimized and tested more carefully, that’s why the cost of a complex and large project is a bit high compared to small ones.

Let’s say if you’re planning to develop a complex and large-sized project for your business having more than 40 screens and top-class features and functionalities, your cost will definitely increase. So before starting your project, make sure to analyze the software project size and then proceed further.

4. Build a reliable software development team

Choosing a software development company and hiring their development team does not only include developers who work on the technical part of the project but it is a lengthy and complex process. If you want to estimate the cost of software development precisely and in total, provide confirming functions and prerequisites which will enable work on the product.

Whether your business is small or large, everyone desires to have a  successful project that allows the users to access the app effectively. User interface and user experience are the two most important things that affect your project and are preferred in the market. But for this, you need a reliable software development team with experienced project managers, designers, and business analysts that works on your project to transform your ideas into reality. Choosing a top-notch company will help you to streamline the development process for employees and help make the project a useful and sought-after one.

5. Scope and flexibility

Largely, the cost of development is dependent on the scope of the software. Project requirements are directly proportionate to the cost of the software. Every deliverable, assumption, and constraint related to the project will be included in the software costs.

A feature-rich project having all the latest functionalities and integrations with databases have various phases of software development that will directly affect the scope of cost. So, make sure to operate with your teams to develop the most precise and effective estimate, including deliverables and timescales required from both sides.

Choosing a reliable team of developers that chooses a flexible approach that is beneficial to both clients and software development companies is also necessary. It is not possible to fix the software development cost down unless a scope and project timescale is properly identified.

6. In-house or Outsourcing

The software development cost is highly influenced by both in-house and outsourcing. But software outsourcing might reduce your development cost by up to 40% without compromising on the quality of your project.

VariableCost of In-house development in the US(32 hours)Cost of outsourcing development to India(32 hours)
Cost per hire$4,200$1,000
Overall team salary$160,000$40,000
IT expenses$20$0
IT systemMac: $1,800$0
Technology training$1,000$0
Paid benefits$6,500$0
Software license$250 per person$0

As you can see from the above table, the cost of outsourcing in India helps you to reduce the overall development cost that makes businesses and entrepreneurs choose this approach for their product development.

Final Thoughts

Before you start your software development journey and invest your time and money in it, make sure to identify your project requirements as we discussed in this post. Make a detailed list of all your requirements so that it becomes easier for you to experience the development process smoothly.

The process of software development is not an easy task, it requires dedicated developers and other professionals to fulfill your project needs that will bring great success to your business.

The points that we discussed in this post are part of the successful estimation of software development that will ensure a limited budget and quality life cycle of the product, so make sure to consider such points when you plan to develop software.

ByMallaya Mathur

React.js VS Vue.js: Which one is better?

The trend of Javascript front-end web development has been trending ever since Google made Angular.js open-source. A few years after, Facebook also released their Javascript framework React.js. Once developers found Javascript easy and useful, dozens of different frameworks were introduced.

Initially, Angular used to be the prime choice of full-stack developers. But many developers complained about the complicated state-management of Angular and they used to find Angular complicated. While React.js provides a great solution for state-management with Redux. Not only React.js but Vue.js also has an awesome solution for state-management “Vuex”.

If you compare React.js and Vue.js then you may find many similarities like Props, Two-way data binding, v-for, and state management. Along with that, just like the Next.js framework, Vue.js has two frameworks as a solution for server-side rendering. These frameworks are Nuxt.js and Quasar.

First of all, let’s discuss the advantages of Vue.js and React.js

Advantages of Vue.js:

– Vue.js is really simple and easy to learn. Being a developer you need to write the least amount lines of code to develop components.

Consider the following code:

<template lang="html">
        <button type="button" @click="changephase();" name="button">Show message</button>
        <button type="button" @click="changephase1();" name="button">Hide message</button>
  <div class="" v-if="vif">
    {{ message }}

export default {
    return {
      message: 'Hi',
      vif: false
  methods: {
      this.vif = true;
      this.vif = false;

The above code explains how simple Vue.js is. In the above example, you can witness how easy is it is to show and hide elements with just one line of code with the help of the v-if directive. Along with that, two-way data-binding with the help of the v-model is also really simple. If you have used vanilla.js or jquery to hide or show elements, then you would probably know how it is easy to perform such operations in Vue.js.

– Vue.js has a really good solution for state management called vuex. With the help of Vuex, you can reduce the number of lines in the code. You only need to code just once for all the mathematical operations or any other logic on the app.

– While using jquery or Angular, many developers complained about handling the array. Vue.js makes it easy to handle the array and show all the incoming information on the database with the help of the v-for directive. Consider this example to understand v-for directive easily

<div class="container w3-white w3-card" v-for="article in articles"
{{ article.title }}
{{ article.body }}
{{ article.description }}
return {
articles: [{
title: “ADC”,
body: “body”,
description: “Description”
title: “ADC1”,
body: “body1”,
description: “Description1”}]

V-for makes it easy to handle the array and shows all the details from Array with just one line of code. Earlier it used to be very difficult to deal with array and show it according to the design.

– Vue.js is the most detailed documentation about the framework. All concepts about Vue CLI, Vue3 have been discussed in detail on the official website.

– As discussed above, Vue.js uses a State-management framework called Vuex. It reduces the total number of lines and simplifies a web app

– To make a website technically SEO-friendly, Vue.js has its own frameworks for Server-side rendering called Qasar and Nuxt.js

Advantages of React.js:

– React.js is powered by Facebook which is a brand and there is absolutely no possibility of it going dead shortly

– Facebook has an active community that makes this framework more advance and reliable

– React.js has an awesome concept called “props”. Vue.js has also copied the same concept. With the help of props concepts, you can avoid issues with the event bus. With the prop concept, you can use the properties of one component into another component by just importing the components.

– There are plenty of jobs in react. Once you learn react.js, you can also opt for React native where you can implement the concepts of React.js

– React.js has the biggest community amongst all the other major javascript frameworks

Similarities between React.js and Vue.js:

– As a matter of fact, Vue.js is a framework that has implemented many good concepts of React.js and Angular. Both React.js and Vue.js use the virtual DOM and they can smoothly work with any existing app

– Both of these frameworks have many directives in common such as Props, both can be installed with the help of NPM.

– These both frameworks have their frameworks for server-side rendering. Vue.js has Quasar and Nuxt.js while React.js has Next.js

– State management is also handled similarly by both frameworks. Vue uses Vuex and react uses Redux.

– Until Vue 2, Vue had limited access for Typescript and after the recent release of Vue 3, you can use the Typescript along with Vue.js.

– Both React.js and Vue.js work on the stack trace technique which can also be used to debug the application errors. This stack trace process uses the binary numbers heavily. A binary number makes the program execution really fast and simple. And for that reason, React.js and Vue.js are faster than Angular. To learn more about binary numbers visit here.

ByDavid Adamson

Reasons Behind Choosing WordPress For Your E-Commerce Website

If you’re asking yourself, Why use WordPress development? You’ve arrived at the right location. If you’re considering this question, you’ve probably done some research on simple-to-maintain WordPress or heard about it from a friend or co-worker. But that doesn’t mean you’ve fully considered all of the advantages and disadvantages or really examined all of the characteristics.

As a result, we’d like to break down the advantages of using WordPress for you, so you can see why it’s the world’s most popular content management system and website-building software. WordPress is capable of almost anything!

It is difficult for any business to succeed without a website. It’s critical to establish a strong internet presence. Customers may want to contact you, so keep your contact information readily available. Sure, social media might suffice, but why rely only on a platform over which you have no control? A website is essential if you want to stay on top of your game.

WordPress is practically everyone’s first pick when it comes to creating websites. To be accurate, this platform powers 35% of all websites on the planet. It’s used by Variety, BBC America, The Walt Disney Company, and a slew of other Fortune 500 companies. WordPress is a powerful, adaptable, and simple-to-maintain content management system.

COVID-19 has caused a 14 percent drop in brick-and-mortar store sales in the United States, while e-commerce businesses have grown by 18 percent in February 2020. E-commerce has become the lifeblood of firms seeking to expand amid periods of uncertainty.

Names like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Wix, and Weebly may sound exotic to the ordinary business owner. Because these are all platforms used to develop websites, the process of creating one brings these names into your life. Each has its own set of advantages, and several are more commonly utilized for specialty websites with specific goals. For example, Shopify is only useful if you have an online store. It’s not a platform for starting a blog and then expanding into an eCommerce store Magento is in a similar situation. Other website builders and platforms offer greater versatility, and these are usually the most popular.

Customers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the typical habit of going up to a store and waiting in huge lines. During the COVID-19 lock-down, approximately 23% of persons in the United States claimed their frequency of purchasing things online rose. You may help clients make purchases online from remote areas at their leisure by creating e-commerce websites for your company.

If you want to start an online store, this robust CMS is exactly what you need. In fact, here are six reasons why you should utilize WordPress for your eCommerce site:

SEO friendly 

Because rankings are important, it’s good to know that search engines are particularly interested in WordPress development. You may optimize each page of your website for SEO by adding title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs that are optimized. WordPress themes are usually fully responsive as well, and we all know how critical mobile-first indexing is. If the basic SEO features aren’t enough, there are a number of fantastic WordPress SEO plugins you can use to further optimize your sites and improve your ranks.

WordPress is a safe platform to use

As long as you keep it up to date, that is. WordPress’s developers are constantly striving to improve its security, which is why it’s critical not to operate your website on an outdated version of WordPress. Why risk becoming the next victim of a cyber-attack simply because you neglected to click the Update button? 

Even yet, with so many hackers out there, a little extra web protection can’t hurt. That’s why you’ve got security plugins. A solid security plugin can greatly reduce, if not fully remove, vulnerabilities. As a result, make sure you add them to your website to guarantee that no hackers have access to your WordPress yard.

It’s free

The platform was created as a completely free, open-source piece of software in 2003. So, even if your budget is limited, you may still start a successful eCommerce company on a shoestring budget.

You have two alternatives once you’ve installed your WordPress version. To create your website, you may either utilize a free WordPress theme or pay for a premium one. Our recommendation is to go with the premium version since for a small fee, you receive a lot of stunning features, frequent upgrades that keep your website secure, and professional assistance.

Free themes don’t come with a lot of features, and you’d have to acquire a lot of plugins to compensate for the theme’s shortcomings. So, pick a premium WordPress theme that appeals to you and saves time, nerves, and, eventually, money.

The flood of plugins and margins 

Simply choose and install some useful plugins to enhance the functioning of your WordPress website and give it a boost. You’ll select the plugins that best suit your needs based on the type of website you’re running. There are over 55k plugins in the WordPress plugin library, so there’s something for everyone.

You may also create a website for your purposes without being an expert because there are so many online store WordPress themes to select from. Finding one that suits both your tastes and your requirements may appear to be a difficult task, but they are all delicious worries.

Easy to use

If you’re unsure how to proceed with something, you may consult WordPress’ rich documentation or reach out to the forum community, which is always happy to assist those in need. Furthermore, the WordPress developers are working on it, so you’ll be able to discover a solution to any issue. There are also a plethora of WordPress tutorials available online, ensuring that you can get answers to almost any query you might have about the platform.

One of the best things about WordPress is that you don’t need to know how to operate a computer to utilize it. Everything is fairly intuitive, so even if you don’t have much technical knowledge, you should be able to navigate the platform without too much difficulty. Don’t be scared to poke about on the admin dashboard and make sure you’re familiar with all of the options. There’s a little blurb detailing each option’s functioning underneath it, which comes in handy when you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Perfectly designed themes

WordPress themes come with all of the elements needed for an e-commerce site, as well as numerous customization choices, a completely responsive design, and an easy-to-use interface. Astra, Webify, Kalium, and a slew of other WordPress themes are designed specifically for e-commerce sites.

If you want to create a more personalized theme that best represents your company, you can go with custom theme development, which allows you to create themes exactly how you want them. Take a look at our collection of the top e-commerce website design ideas and inspirations to learn more.

The best quality security

For offering security to users, the WordPress Security Team employs more than 50 qualified security researchers. On a regular basis, the WordPress community team publishes important and minor security upgrades. Each new version of WordPress improves the security of the platform against harmful threats.

You can also take a backup of data for the record by integrating plugins like UpdraftPlus, Duplicator, and Activity Log. Wordfence Security and Sucuri Security are two free solutions that check your site’s defenses are adequate.

WordPress, on the whole, provides a solid security solution for your e-commerce website. You can keep your users’ data safe and deliver the greatest service by utilizing WordPress CMS to its full potential.

A great way to set up your store

WooCommerce once installed and active, allows you to easily establish, organize, and administer your online store. WooCommerce is so user-friendly and dependable that it now runs 26% of all online retailers around the world.

WooCommerce is a feature-rich platform with a plethora of tools and plugins to help you expand the functionality of your online store. In the WooCommerce Extensions Library, you can find both free and premium add-ons.

Finally, WooCommerce is a platform that is well-maintained and supported. It’s always being updated, with new features being introduced on a regular basis. As a result, you can rest assured that you have the tools necessary to maintain your online store current and expanding.

Wrap up 

WordPress, as a popular content management system (CMS), provides the ideal choice for establishing an online commercial business like the healthcare industry, on-demand app, and other industries.

It offers advanced security features, thousands of plugins, attractive themes, API integration options, and much more. If you want to construct an e-commerce website for your company, WordPress is the way to go.

The use of and is absolutely free. You can read more about the differences between the two here, but in a nutshell, is a self-hosted version of WordPress that allows you to have more control over your site and use complex plugins. Moving away from makes sense for a business that plans to generate money. is fantastic for complete beginners, but it’s not the greatest for a business that plans to make money. Although it has more expensive plans, we recommend it for personal and hobby blogs.