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How To Develop A PHP Website in 2024 (Like A Professional Developer)

ByBryan Fernandez

How To Develop A PHP Website in 2024 (Like A Professional Developer)

Learn exactly how to develop a php website in 2024. These are the same strategies a professional developer use to go from zero to end.

How many times have you wondered about creating a website? And how many times did you give up on the idea because of a lack of skills or inability to pay to web development or a web design agency?

Is it that impossible? We believe not and that is why we have a simple guideline on how to develop your very first PHP code website.

A website can become an integral part of your life especially if you are deciding to launch a business or have one, despite its size.

Having a website gives an advantage to your business because it let you reach your potential customers and give a positive experience to your existing one.

PHP has been considered one of the most famous programming language which is easier to learn and use.

Some consider it pretty basic but it has its fair share of benefits. It is also found that PHP will be a part of evolving technology for quite some time.

Hence, for beginners, it is a great way to learn how to design and develop a website based on PHP 2024.

Starting PHP development with a Syntax

Here’s what you have to do:

Starting with a Syntax

PHP Syntax like HTML also includes arrow brackets and semi colons.

Hence, the direction that you need to put and the coding is done between the PHP arrow and semi colon.

The message that need to be delivered or seen on output would be written in between commas (“”).

Starting with a Syntax - PHP Syntax like HTML also includes arrow brackets and semi colons.

Initiate with OOP

Before you officially begin your programming through PHP it is advised that you learn a bit of lessons regarding programming through OOP.

Object-oriented programming OOP is basically the basics of PHP and once you get a proper hang of it you would be able to work on PHP better.

Initiate with OOP

Give it a structure

Next important step that comes in developing a website that even a web design company would even ask you if you hire one is the structure you want for your website.

Take a note pad and pencil and start structuring the thing you want on your website, the type of content, what sort of graphics, and features that you are offering.

Structuring helps in identifying the process and will make it easier for you to work.

Moreover, you will be able to understand the codes and will make a website that’s good in it’s functioning and works faster.

Install PHP

Once you are done with structure and have learned the basic then next important step is to install PHP.

Usually the hosting sites have the advance version of PHP on them.

WordPress is one of those hosting sites that’s written on PHP hence, it is a great place to begin your website.

Install PHP

Begin with the Header

Now is the time to begin with your website, your website will have three pages or part, header, footer and body.

Your header is basically the introducing part which will contain all the initial content and information about your website.

Header also contains the browser information and you need to begin with making a folder with header and add the relevant content in it.

After header come another important part where the content is added that’s body of the website and footer.

This is also done by making file dedicated to the body section.

This area contains all the information that is usually needed by the readers and audience.

Hence, this is the main and basic content of the website.

Then comes the footer of the website it is the ending part of the page leading to another page followed by content.

Add content and footer

Relative Path should be given up

They just create a mess quite literally, hence it is advised to avoid the relative paths that are basically linked with the server.

Hence, it is advised to use root path instead of relative path in order to avoid any problem if there is some error in the parent file.

Update of copyrights

One thing that makes PHP a favorite of many users is that it let you automatically work on any updates and that also includes the copyright.

Where users had to previously do the copyright of their website manually PHP is the programming software that even automates copyright bringing convenience for you.

Now that we have discussed how you can begin with your PHP website what actually are the perks that you enjoy with it?

Here are some of the benefits of PHP programming.

What is php development
  1. It reduces the reliability on the developer or manufacture. Being an open source it let you work on the updates independently.
  2. PHP is capable of saving large data without much hurdle. Hence, explains why WordPress is PHP supported.
  3. It is not specified to a single platform and hence, you can use it on various platform with ease.
  4. It is more quality here and in less expense you would be able to get the best and reliable result.
  5. If you want something which is responsive and fast then PHP is the programming that you should choose.
  6. As the maintenance and upgrades are automated therefore there is less hustle in working on this part.
  7. It is a great programming for beginners as well considering it has a well-developed support and online community that can guide beginner along the path.
  8. It is easy to use and even easier to test. So, before you put your website online you can have a test run just to be sure.
  9. If you are scared of cyber security then PHP has got you covered with the various features that it has to offer.


Website programming isn’t as easy as it seems considering the technicalities that come along and for beginners it is even harder to understand from where to start.

PHP programming is considered one of the easier to learn programming system which even supports WordPress and is also being used by professionals at various web development companies. Hence, by learning it you can begin with your own website.

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