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SEO For Legal, Lawyers and Law firms – How To Promote A Website

ByMelisa Marzett

SEO For Legal, Lawyers and Law firms – How To Promote A Website

If you are the owner of legal business and have wondered how to promote a site by SEO or digital marketing and make it the main channel for attracting clients, then this article is for you.

Legal traffic is a huge layer that can steadily expand its client base and generate constant income for law firms. But how to attract it to your site? How to retain visitors and make them customers? You will receive answers to these questions in this article.

Law Firm Marketing Strategies

A mobile-friendly and fast website is the key for each business, so it will also apply to the law firm.

Create a landing page and run PPC ads on getting some clients on the initial level to run your law firm and ofcourse marketing campaign.

Publish high-quality and informative content on each page of the law firm website.

Don’t share everything on social media, be selective before sharing anything on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Create practice related calls-to-action for each page and blog posts of the website.

Get a review from the old client by creating a review link of Google my business, Facebook, Yelp, and other law firm profiles site.

Create high-quality backlinks using industry-specific directories like Avvo, Martindale-Hubbell, Justia,, FindLaw,, etc.

Interview with local news sites and share your experience with your local audience.

Create a dedicated web page to collect email addresses and ask users to subscribe by giving away something free.

Every day, thousands of people try to solve their legal problems using the Internet. Most users want to get expert help on the site, to be able to consult here and now on-line. Today, there is still a small amount of high-quality legal Internet resources that can be deployed to respond to the user in the form of content and the convenience of feedback on the site.

As a rule, the site of a law firm consists of a standard set of pages, which are Home, About us, Contacts and Services. The development of such a site ends exactly when the developers put it on the hosting and forget everything about it, only sometimes, someone from the staff changes the price of services. But clients from minority websites that develop more than just a business card website that answers topical questions, provide on-line advice and delve into the problems of visitors, get customers.

Physical persons are people who have a problem, but they still do not understand how to qualify it. This traffic will generate many non-topic questions. But in general, forming the base of individuals, it is possible to consistently receive income from servicing customer data.

Juridical persons are a more interesting segment of clients, as they have specific goals and objectives. Legal entities can be attracted to subscription services, which, in turn, is financial, in the long term, interesting for any business.

Your site can cope with both tasks in attracting individuals and legal entities, but for this, it is necessary to clearly understand at the stage of designing and creating the site which promotion tools will be used and why so that as a result there will be a constant increase in site traffic and client base.

SMM is one of the key areas for promoting an online business.

PR – publications on visited resources have always been and will be relevant. One`s expertise must be carried to the masses. By working on PR publications, you are gaining brand awareness.

SERM – when promoting your resource, do not forget about your reputation. If you invest in website promotion while turning a blind eye to negative reviews about your company on the network, in this case, you will not achieve great results.

SMM – social networks as a powerful tool

A page or group on social networks play a huge role. A modern audience is accustomed to an active social life on the network and the presence of another point of contact with you will be a big advantage.

During the development of the SMM channel, a loyal audience is formed that will constantly hear about you. Some may seek legal assistance out of habit, and if the clients cooperate successfully, it is necessary to request a review on their page. Thus, all the friends of this person will know about you.

Also, social networks today are a powerful advertising tool. Super thin settings in the selection of the audience will help advertise with high probability to those users who may find your services useful. Not a single billboard or advertisement in magazines or other periodicals gives such an opportunity.

Each page generates interesting professional content. Also on these pages, there are company contacts and you can contact them at any time.

SMM is a very important channel, every law firm should understand this. Developing your page on social networks is as necessary as creating a site.

PR – publications that will attract customers

Content is the foundation of the entire Internet. If you publish useful thematic content in the media, the result will be forthcoming. This view is quite expensive and aimed at a large coverage of users.

It is not worth setting a goal to attract customers directly from this channel, but you can count on focusing on a smooth increase in brand recognition. PR publications must be done regularly so that the expertise of your company is always in the public eye.

PR publications are an important development direction for the company. This type of promotion must be used when there is already a customer base and there is something to finance this campaign with. PR will always come to the rescue in solving the problem of increasing brand awareness, increasing the level of expertise of a law firm.

SERM – Online Reputation Management

Actively promoting a legal website on the Internet and eventually getting the first reviews from clients, do not forget to monitor the resources where such reviews may appear. One negative review can seriously damage the company’s online reputation.

To independently monitor your reputation on the network, you need to collect as many sources as possible, where they can appear or have already appeared. Try to work out negative reviews. Dissatisfied customers can be phoned again to offer a better service or defend their point of view regarding a negative situation. It is very important not to miss this moment in the integrated development of the company.


Developing a law firm website is vital. With a competent approach to the issue of integrated Internet marketing, a site can become a serious source, and with a thorough study of all areas, it can become the main channel for attracting customers.

Whitehat SEO promotion of a legal site begins with a deep analysis of a niche. You need to study the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, meticulously research their link profile, develop a link strategy and add innovations that will be unique to your site.

In addition to SEO, there are alternative sources for developing an online business, such as SMM and PR. Continuous work in these areas will bring excellent results shortly in the influx of new customers and brand recognition in the network.

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