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SEO Project Cost – Types and Factors That Affecting SEO Price in the Market (2022)

ByDavid Adamson

SEO Project Cost – Types and Factors That Affecting SEO Price in the Market (2022)

Cost of SEO services depend of the experience, work quality and project done by a particular freelancer and agency. In blog, we will discuss in detail about the SEO project cost charging by qualified SEO professionals or agencies.

What is SEO Project Cost?

SEO is the key to every successful business online.

Every business needs SEO professionals to manage their search engine optimization project, so the demand for SEO analysis is continuously increasing.

If demand increases, supply will also be increasing.

So there are lots of SEO professionals available in the market to manage your projects at the different cost slabs. 

Hence, a cost, in which an SEO profession offers its services called SEO project cost.

How To Decide SEO Project Cost?

There are four types of SEO project costs offered by SEO professionals in the current scenario:

  1. Keyword wise SEO project Cost.
  2. Monthly SEO project Cost.
  3. Hourly SEO project Cost.
  4. Fix Project Cost.

Here we will explain each slab of SEO project costs:

Keyword Wise SEO Project Cost: 

Keyword Wise SEO Project Cost - SEO Ranking Analysis

Each keyword has different competition and ranking values as per the project products and services with which it is ranking. 

Before deciding the cost SEO professionals analyze the competition and the monthly searches of the keyword.  

Cost also decides according to the number of keywords and ranking position as Top 3, Top 5, and Top 10.

The keyword wise SEO project cost starts from 50$ per keyword to 500$ per keyword.

Monthly SEO Project Cost:

Monthly SEO Project Cost with All SEO Work

Monthly SEO project cost decides according to the SEO plan where the number of backlinks and the number of pages for on-page SEO are pre-decided to be completed during the fixed period.  

Numbers and types of backlinks like guest posting, sponsored posts, influencer posts, paid backlinks, quality of content, images, video, and infographics can impact monthly SEO project cost.

The monthly SEO project cost starts from 99$ to 999$ in the market.

Monthly SEO Project Cost

Hourly SEO Project Cost

SEO project hourly cost decides according to the SEO professional’s experience, expertise, market value, number of projects he had completed.

The hourly SEO project costs are 3$ to 50$ per hour in the market.

Note: According to Ahref search 83.33% of India-based SEOs reported an hourly rate of $25 or less. The remaining 16.67% were in the $41–50 range.

Fixed SEO Project Cost

The cost of a fixed SEO project can vary according to the technology of the website. For example, if the website built in WordPress them the cost will be less compare to eCommerce platforms like Magento.

Normally companies charges $100 to $50000 for fixed SEO project depends on the contract between both parties.

Fixed SEO Project Cost

Factors That Impact on SEO Projects Cost

Here are the most important factors that impact on the SEO project cost and impact on the project finalization:

SEO Expertise: How much experience the SEO guy has who will work on your project? How many projects has he completed successfully? Result of the previously done project he worked on? This is one of the most important factors that impact SEO project cost in the market. 

SEO Company Profile: SEO project cost also depends on the company profile on Upwork, Freelancer, and other similar platforms where the company is listed. How much experience does the company have? How many employees are working in the company? The infrastructure and market value of the company all are an effect on the cost of the SEO project.

Work Quality: What types of work quality the SEO guy or company is delivering to the business also impacts on the SEO project cost. Some companies are just delivering the numbers not the results. So this type of company can make fools of the customers for a long time. It directly or indirectly affects the cost of the SEO project.

Results and Portfolio: A client always checks the results and portfolio section of the company where he wants to handover his project for SEO. If you show the best results, the client will happily give you the most desirable cost.

Other Client Reviews: A smart client checks your old client reviews in the testimonial section. Sometimes he can connect with your old client to ask for the result. If your old client gives him a good review of your services he will be agreeing to give your asking cost for the services.

The Number Of Team Members Who Will Work On Your Project: A big team can increase the cost of a project. In SEO, sometimes you need a big team to manage a big project like link builder, on-page SEO expert, content writer, graphic designer, web designer, and developer to make an SEO friendly website.

Reporting: Before choosing any SEO company clients always ask for an audit report to check the SEO knowledge and reporting of a company. So spend a good time creating the reporting to impress the client and get the fittest project cost.

SEO Service Cost By Coin Ideology

At CoinIdeology, we respect our client time and money so we give our 100% to them at an affordable cost. Checkout our keyword wise, monthly, hourly, and fixed SEO project cost:

Keyword Wise SEO Cost50$ To 500$ / Keywords
Monthly SEO Cost499$
Hourly SEO Cost6$
Fixed Project SEO Cost999$

Request for a free audit report by filling the contact form and we will give you a detailed audit report that will help your SEO team to improve website SEO score.


I shared my experience about the SEO project cost, hope you like it. Let’s quickly learn what we read in the above-detailed blog.

  • What does an SEO project cost?
  • How To Decide on the SEO project cost?
  • Keyword Wise SEO project cost.
  • Monthly SEO project cost.
  • Hourly SEO project cost.
  • Fixed SEO project cost.
  • Factors that affect the SEO cost.

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