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ByDavid Adamson

First Flutter Banking Application in Europe: Case-Study

About the Client

Rosbank is a universal bank from Russia that is also a member of the Société Générale Group, a global financial group. The bank has a broad customer base, serving over five million private clients, 78,000 from the small business community, and 7,350 from the corporate sector. 

Project Idea – Create a New Mobile App Version for “Rosbank Business” 

Rosbank decided to create a new business app. The bank has adopted the smart bank concept, which suits the client. This makes it possible for clients from different walks of life to benefit from its usefulness. Smart Bank is a complete hub for fixing banking-related problems. 

Any clientele base, such as small and medium-sized businesses, accountants serving small companies on outsourcing, corporation and holdings representatives, should have an easy time using this app. 

The original plan was to carry out the project within the shortest terms possible. The bank did not go for the idea of native development but instead opted for a cross-platform version. We – Surf studio – had to develop the app for iOS and Android, which minimizes the time and cost of the whole task.

A mobile banking app is a major project that needs the involvement of qualified specialists during the whole development project. The team should be made up of Flutter developers, designers, analysts, and quality assurance (QA) experts. All the procedures should be well set up from continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), quality assurance to management.

We had to develop the initial version of a new business app inside an intelligent banking concept framework. Rosbank also wanted to take up the task and proceed with in-house development.

Business Challenges

  • Develop the first Russian banking application using Flutter cross-platform technology.
  • Merge the app with legacy backend banking services.
  • Move users to the new application without registering again.
  • Assist the bank in starting Flutter development and move the project for additional in-house development and support.

The Results

Rosbank adopted a new business app with a user-friendly interface and a bright modern design. You can execute all banking operations with several taps. You will also have all the essential information displayed on the main screen. Clients don’t have to carry out a new registration in the app. 

You can include as many companies as you want with this app. This means you can manage the finances of various companies that are unrelated to a single device. Accountants and business owners contracted out with several legal bodies can work hand in hand with multiple companies. The user can monitor information for each organization and the entire holding separately in the holding mode, with only one account. 

Flutter is an ideal solution, which has played an essential role in reducing time and development costs.

The Rosbank Business app was ranked first among mobile apps in the Banking, Finance, and Insurance group in the recent Tagline Awards. This is the top Russian award for interactive tech projects. The awards are usually issued annually for the best digital and most creative, fascinating, top-quality projects.


We developed an excellent platform for modern mobile banking within a short period. We also managed to set up universal mobile banking for companies, useful for small business clients of any magnitude from a small coffee outlet to a top oil company. 

Main Features

  • Adaptable Home Screen- Smart banking apps should offer fast access to all the mainly used features. The home screen is more like a dashboard or control panel, which consists of the most popular notifications and services. The app’s initial version allows users to manage accounts, access documents, and invoice history with a few clicks. Upcoming versions will have more features and a home screen suitable for user needs. 
  • Easy Access to Documents, Anywhere, Anytime– We have included an important home screen button, which can help Rosbank clients create documents easily. You can easily create an invoice from the start or use a saved template. This is also possible through a repeat feature that is available in three clicks. 
  • Access All Your Documents in a Separate Tab– The app has a flex filter system that lets you search by type, date, period, status, and account simultaneously. You can easily access an essential document among hundreds of them in a few clicks. 
  • Easy to Work With Invoices- You can create a template, repeat an invoice, or send a report concerning it instantly to your partners. 

The Solutions

Smart Design

Rosbank created its design. Our role was to improve it. We evaluated the business format, logic, and structure of the server data. After some serious evaluation, we developed a design that factors in the bank’s team vision and the technical aspects of mobile development.  

Flutter is a Technology that can save and Cover What the Bank Requires

The mobile work should work correctly with both iOS and Android. Two native apps should be enforced to achieve this. This included two development teams and different programming languages. Developing a native app is quite expensive. 

Flutter cross-platform technology was the easiest and affordable option for Rosbank. Among the benefits of Flutter include:

  • Cost optimization
  • Short time-to-market
  • A single code base makes it easier to test and debug apps and has a lower error rate
  • Easy to maintain, develop, or scale the app
  • Minimal difference from native apps
  • Improved security

The Latest Features Implemented Despite Old Backend Limitations

Some old backend services were written in the out-of-date Burlap XML Protocol. The new mobile app needed a new architecture that combines JSON and Flutter, which proved to be a challenge for the Surf team. 

We got a solution: a middleware layer. This is an intermediate server that can link the new mobile app to JSON and Burlap. It linked with the new and old backend and responded in a language they wanted. 

The middleware made it possible for the bank to rewrite the modules used in the old banking system with modern technologies. These changes don’t affect the mobile banking app’s performance. 

Smooth User Migration from the Old App to the New One

For a first-time login to the banking app, the user should use a PC to log into the bank’s internet client through an EDS. He should then authorize his mobile device before they start using the new mobile banking app. 

Deploying a new mobile bank app means Rosbank clients would start fresh registration. Seamless authorization prevented this. The procedure involved data migration, where data was moved from Android and iOS apps to different servers and transferred to new applications. The new app is more like an update of the old one. 

Transfer of Projects to In-House Development Teams

We carried out the project on the SurfGear architecture on GitHub to simplify everything before transferring the task to Rosbank’s in-house team.

ByDavid Adamson

29+ Cleaning Business Digital Marketing Plan and Ideas [CASE STUDY]

If you run a cleaning business but your own website is untidy, chances are that you might be losing customers online.

Today, 4 out of 5 customers check online before visiting a local business. This says how important it is for your cleaning business to have a website. But, what about the importance of having a good, optimized website?

Is your website optimized well?

That’s one of the most important questions to ask yourself if you continue to want to get leads and grow online. Most cleaning businesses who have a website choose to forget about it soon after it’s live. That attitude might be hurting your business. Here’s why.

While it is important to have a website for your local business, it’s more important to keep your website optimized, updated, fresh and user-friendly to continue to grow your online business and reputation.

Similarly, there is no meaning in having a cleaning business website if it doesn’t rank well in search engines like Google. If you are serious about getting your business to the top, your website should also be at the top of Google.

All this is possible only with a well-fitted marketing plan for your cleaning business. If you’ve no idea how to do that, consider hiring a reputable digital marketing agency.

Cleaning Business Marketing Plan And Ideas

Any successful digital marketing plan has the following two components:

  • An optimized website
  • A strong off-page marketing strategy

We will take each component and discuss the best tips to market your cleaning business accordingly.

Let’s get started.

How To Optimize Your Cleaning Website

1. Get A (Good) Website

Something that doesn’t to be said, yet I am saying this because more than 50% of all local businesses still do not have a website.

If you don’t, get one right away. A website markets your business 24/7, like no man, will do.

2. Clean Your Website

If you’ve already got a business website but haven’t checked it in days, it’s time to dust off the cobwebs.

And the most important thing is to keep your website clean.

No matter how much information and impressive details you have to show off your business, only include the important information on the website homepage. In no way, it should look messy or overwhelming. Users love clean websites that are easy to read and good looking.

3. Show Price Details

One of the reasons why users check your website before hiring your cleaning service is to check your price quote. So, make it easy for your potential clients to see your pricing structure by displaying it separately on the website.

4. Contact Information

In SEO terms, we say that local businesses must optimize their NAP.

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Make sure these three things are easily visible and reachable on your website. Put it everywhere, including the top, bottom, contact page, about page, etc.

Moreover, you can also consider adding an Online Booking option to make things easier for the customers.

5. Reviews

When it comes to local services such as cleaning, consumers love businesses with great customer reviews. With the internet, it has become easier than ever for consumers to find reviews about a company before availing their services.

So, it’s important that your cleaning website has some genuine user testimonials and ratings to help build trust among new customers. You can either show user reviews on the homepage itself or by adding a dedicated testimonial page on your site.

Also, encourage your clients to share reviews about your services on your website or other platforms such as Google business page, YellowPages, etc.

6. Responsive Web Design

Today, more people use their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) to access the internet.

Gone are the days when having a basic, desktop-ready website was enough. Today, if you want your online business to have maximum visibility, you need to make sure that your site is made to be accessible across all major platforms, including mobile devices.

7. Keep The Load To A Minimum

Page speed is another crucial factor to consider when optimizing your business site. The best way to optimize speed is to reduce the load on your website by removing unnecessary images, graphics, plugins, etc. or optimizing them for better performance.

But, that doesn’t mean that you should not have high-quality images and videos on your business site, in fact, original pictures and videos are some of the best ways to make your site stand out.

Just avoid using duplicate media and the ones with large size.

8. Before And After Pics

This works like a charm for renovation related businesses, including cleaning services.

Display ‘before and after’ photos of the places you’ve cleaned to let potential customers get an idea of how much difference you are actually making with your cleaning services and how effective you are at it.

9. Link Your Social Accounts With The Website

It’s a good habit to socialize more, especially when you’re running a local business.

Thankfully, in the online world, you have options like social media sites, through which you can increase your business reach and client base by creating official business pages on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Make sure to connect these social profiles to your official website to make it easier for customers to connect and interact with your cleaning company.

10. Add A Chatbot To Your Site

You might not be there 24/7 to serve or help your website users with their queries, but an automated chatbot will.

By integrating a chatbot or automated messaging system to your site, you will make it possible for users to get an instant solution to their queries, make cleaning service bookings, get price quotes, and more.

To enable this, you can either learn how to make a chatbot or hire a chatbot development company for the job.

11. Make Your Website Automated

What it means is that your website will notify you instantly whenever someone sends you a booking request or some other message.

Moreover, there are also tools to track the visitors, behavior, website performance, etc. which you can use to get the best out of your marketing efforts. For example, you can set up automated messages whenever a visitor attempts to leave your site without making a booking or inquiry.

This is a nice way to increase engagement on your cleaning business site.

12. Improve Your Brand Value

Your online brand marketing starts with your website. How well you have optimized your company’s branding on the site will make all the difference.

Besides a great-looking and relevant logo, you should clearly include business name, photos, relevant colors, brand mission/vision and values on the site to help users understand and connect with your company.

13. What Makes You Unique

It’s obvious that you’ll have competitors in whatever marketing your cleaning business is operating. So, what makes you better than them? It’s called the value proposition.

Find out your unique value proposition or USP (unique selling proposition) and use your website to market it properly to ensure that each and every one of your clients knows about it.

Now, your value proposition could be anything, like you offer eco-friendly cleaning services, so all your cleaning tools and techniques are friendly to the ecosystem. Moreover, you can offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which none of your competitors offer.

14. Showcase Your Achievements

Customers need to be able to trust you in order to work with you, and the best way to establish yourself as a trusted business is by showing your achievements, awards, and recognitions on the website.

Have you ever been awarded for wonderful customer service or been featured in a newspaper for an achievement? Feel free to include these things on your cleaning website to show your customers that you are reputable and can be trusted.

15. Optimization Location Pages

If you’re serving in more than one location, make sure that your website has a separate page for each location.

Each location page must be optimized for specific services and service areas, including relevant content and maintaining transparency throughout. This will ensure that users are able to find the relevant service in their area. Moreover, it will help your website rank well for location-specific keywords in the search engines.

16. Add A Blog

Blogs are a must for business websites. Adding a blog to your cleaning website will give your potential and existing customers a better platform to connect with the company, get informed about new updates, ask questions and learn more about your services.

You can use your website blog to write about things like cleaning tips, guidelines, new product/service launches, business news, offers, among other things. The trick is to be consistent by posting at least one post every one to two weeks and regularly replying to comments.

Your business blog will not just ensure a great user experience but also will help you become more visible on search engines.

17. Add A FAQ Section To Your Site

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs are specifically important for service-based websites where customers often have a number of common questions. Here, you can address all these questions without having to repeat them for each customer separately.

For example, customers of a cleaning company would ask questions like –

  • Which locations do you serve?
  • What are your service rates?
  • Can you provide a free quote?
  • How much time will cleaning my office take?
  • What cleaning techniques you follow?

You can collect more questions by asking your customers directly through social media for your blog

FAQs are also a great way of improving transparency and trust in your business.

18. Regularly Update Your Website

Updating your website is important for many reasons. It keeps you in line with the latest industry trends and ensures that your site keeps providing high-quality services and relevant information to the visitors.

If you forget or simply avoid updating your site, it will harm both your business and branding.

19. Optimize For SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what makes your website optimized for search engines to ensure that it appears when people are trying to find a cleaning business in your area.

Cleaning Business Specialized SEO Services include improving your website for things like target keywords, contact information, content quality and relevance, speed, meta tags, robots.txt, images, etc.

20. Optimize Your Domain Name

Among other things to improve on your site, one is your domain name.

The domain name is the URL by which your site is accessed on the internet. Ideal, Google-recommended practice is to keep your domain relevant to your business name. A good idea is to use a combination of your business name and primary keyword.

Make sure to keep your site URL short and readable.

To sum up, your cleaning business website should be clean, fresh, informative, impressive, responsive, professional-looking, search engine friendly, and easy to access, use and navigate.

Off-Page Marketing Strategy For Cleaning Business

Once your website is ready in all aspects, the next thing to do is to build a strong plan for marketing. For that, you must have a basic knowledge of technical SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization).

The first step to increasing leads to your cleaning business is making sure that people are able to find your cleaning business/website on Google. (That’s also the most difficult part.)

21. Network With Other Sites

While most SEO experts will focus on creating backlinks to their own website, we at Coin Ideology Digital also link other sites from our site. Here’s how it works.

Suppose that you are writing a blog about cleaning tips for offices, you can link to a well-known website like Wikipedia in the content, or add links to relevant “How-to videos” or sites like Amazon. These are called outbound links, which happen to be a great way of networking with other sites in your industry.

Just avoid stuffing too many links on a single page; Google hates it.

22. Build Good Backlinks

Good links are the ones that are high in quality, value and can do a lot of good for your website. Links from top sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other popular news sites are a great example.

So, how do you get backlinks from such a website?

To be honest, it’s not going to be easy. You will have to keep your eyes open for the right opportunity.

For instance, you can approach your local news website, offering to write about a recent/trending subject that you have good knowledge about, and in exchange get a link back to your site.

23. Guest Posting

Guest posting is another fruitful way of getting links from good websites. But again, it’s not going to be easy.

Top sites like Forbes won’t even consider your content unless it’s really good. But if you somehow manage to get it done, it will be totally worth it.

Link building through guest blogging will not only send good traffic to your site but also will help boost your search engine rankings by telling Google that the top sites in your niche recommend/support you.

24. Send Email/Newsletters

Newsletter emails are one of the best direct marketing approaches in today’s tech-dominated business world.

If you have a cleaning business blog, you can send weekly emails notifying subscribers about your latest blog posts, news, and updates. You can also send tips or ask them to check out a new service on your website

If you send newsletters to your existing and potential customers, make sure to include your website/blog link in it.

25. Send A Gift Card

Send free/promotional gift cards to your family, friends and potential customers, asking them to try out your cleaning services.

Word of mouth continues to remain a good way of getting leads. But if you’re a new business, there won’t be many people who can talk good things about your business. So, the best way to get started is by offering promotions and discounts to people.

Remember, as a new business, your primary aim is to bring customers to your site. If you can do that by giving away bonus offers, it’s a good deal.

Once you have served many customers, you can expect to start receiving new leads through word of mouth.

26. Google My Business Listing

Ever since its launch in 2014, Google My Business has been a tremendous help for local businesses. It is a listing site where you can list your local business in a relevant category.

Depending on how well your GMB listing is optimized, it may appear in Google search results for your business relevant keywords.

The trick is to optimize your listing page by providing proper, valid and up-to-date information about your business, adding photos, address, business timings, contact number, etc.

More than that, you need to gather some positive reviews about your cleaning business. Ask your existing and past clients to share reviews on your Google listing page.

27. Blog Posting

Blogging is also an excellent way of building quick and good quality backlinks to your cleaning website.

By writing relevant, high-quality and informative blog posts (both off-site and on-site) about your business, you can surely help boost its search engine rankings.

Just make sure to avoid spam or duplicate/spin content, it does more harm than good.

28. Directory Listing

Other than Google My Business, there are many other business directories where you can (and should) get your business listed.

Business directories are used by people all over the world to find information, such as contact details, etc. about local businesses, including cleaning services.

By listing your cleaning business to popular online directories like YellowPages, Yelp, Foursquare, etc., you can increase your exposure and reach to millions of customers. Just make sure to keep your business listing up-to-date.

29. Socialize On Social Media

Merely existing on social media is not enough. You need to be active. Here are some ways to do that –

  • Post new, interesting things on your Facebook/Twitter page. Here are some social media post content ideas
  • Post business updates and news
  • Post offer
  • Answer users’ questions and comments
  • Ask reviews

Besides these, you can also consider using paid advertisements to further increase your business reach and gain more customers on social media.

30. Get An App

This is not compulsory but highly recommended. Today, most people like to surf the internet with their mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) rather than a desktop computer.

Whether it’s shopping online or availing a service, mobile apps are the best and easiest way to do the job. By getting your cleaning business a dedicated mobile app, you will give your customers the ability to easily reach you, make a booking and share reviews right from their smartphones.

Mobile apps also help with the branding of your business and creating long-term/loyal customers. Make sure to hire a reliable mobile app developer for the job.


This is a foolproof and comprehensive marketing strategy for cleaning businesses of every scale and type and can be used by local businesses everywhere.

A perfect marketing strategy is a combination of website optimization and off-page marketing techniques. With these proven marketing tips, you can increase both the visibility and ranking of your cleaning company as well as convert more traffic into leads.

ByDavid Adamson

Blockchain Digital Marketing Case Study: Grow Your Traffic by 20-100% Organically

At Coin Ideology Digital, we have years of experience in offering top-notch Blockchain website SEO services. As a result, we have numerous customers who got benefitted from more traffic growth and revenue generation. We will list down a step-by-step process of building up traffic for blockchain traffic successfully. 

Mostly, when people hear the word blockchain, the first thing that comes to their mind is selling and buying cryptocurrencies. But the use of this innovative technology is not limited to the financial world. It is slowly disrupting almost all sectors/industries, even digital marketing. 

As per the latest research, it’s not only tech giants like IBM and Google investing in blockchain but also retail leaders, such as Walmart. Considered the next wave in digital marketing, many businesses have started to invest in blockchain social media marketing services

Whether it a traditional website or blockchain-based website, the success depends on how much traffic it attracts. It’s simple, the more online visitors your website receives, you are likely to enjoy more signups, purchases, and more revenue. If you are wondering how you draw more organic traffic towards your website, SEO is the answer.  

Here, we will outline the process of developing a blockchain marketing strategy for one of the clients. By following this plan, we grew the traffic of our client’s blockchain-based website from zero to 20-100%. Let’s get straight to the case study: 

Creation of a clear product 

To ensure the created product is clear to everyone out on social media, we took time to answer the Why, What, and How. Many companies neglect this step, which affects their blockchain marketing significantly. We try to explain the complex processes most simply and avoid too much jargon.

Starting slow and early

When it comes to blockchain, it is a new tool with a great potential. With this technology, we can solve most problems faced by traditional social media sites. The first thing that our blockchain did was building a dynamic blockchain-based web app. Before getting into the development process, we determined the target audience and business needs and goals. 

Attention from the right people 

Contrary to typical industry, social media is not enough to attract the majority of audiences. Therefore, at Coin Ideology Digital, we include a step of sending a white paper in our blockchain marketing campaign. With this, we can explain the values of our client business to writers or publishers. Our experts also look at Verge,, or Redmond to receive the attention from the right people. 

SEO to boost online visibility

Creation of a clear product

If you want your blockchain marketing strategy to be successful, you must create useful and engaging content. For instance, online users should be able to interact with your website smoothly and with ease. To do so, your users must have easy access across your website pages without any dead-ends. 

For this reason, our professionals used familiar terms when writing content for blockchain SEO. Also, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry to achieve the best results. 

Leveraging influencers 

Influencers can play a vital role in boosting your brand/business on social media networks. And it is a popular way to promote products and services. Keeping with the trend, our professionals also used influencers to enhance the visibility of a blockchain-based website of our client. For example, Boosto, a start-up, was developed to support influencer-led communities.

In closing 

At Coin Ideology Digital, we don’t use any secret hacks in boosting website traffic using blockchain marketing. But we focus on creating high-quality content and implement SEO correctly while ensuring attention from the right people. 

Whether you already own a blockchain-based business or are planning to launch a new product, Coin Ideology Digital is your one-stop-shop to get the much-needed assistance. We are one of the best blockchain social media ads agencies to help clients with customized solutions that meet their needs and preferences.