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Paid Search Services

Are you looking for efficient and profitable paid search services?

In search engine marketing (SEM), paid search is one of the most important factors when it comes to ensuring that your online advertisements are seen by the right people; that is, those who are interested in your products or services.

Paid search service providers at Coin Ideology Digital have a wide range of experience and success in this aspect of Internet Marketing.

We can create a paid search campaign, coordinating it with other marketing efforts to get you fast and positive results.

Understanding SEM

One of the great things about paid search is that it is a scalable form of advertising that is relatively inexpensive and, yet, often highly effective.

Most often associated with Google AdWords and pay per click (PPC) marketing, paid search involves creating an ad, which will appear on a result’s page when certain keywords are searched.

With PPC, if someone clicks on your advertisement, you pay a prescribed amount for that click-through.

Another positive aspect of paid search is that it is targetable advertising.

In order to be effective, paid search must properly use the right keywords. Misusing keywords is perhaps the biggest and most common mistake made by businesses.

Unlike organic search engine results, which come up in the center of your result’s pages, paid search results are displayed to the right, above, and below organic results, and are part of a formal advertisement.

To compare the two, organic results offer searchers information, while paid search results, which are part of the same search, offer products and services for purchase.

Creating Viable Ads

Advertisements that pop up after keywords are loaded into a search engine are restricted in terms of length and how many characters with which one has to work.

In essence, you’re given a total of 95 characters, plus your URL, which links interested buyers to your website. Coin Ideology Digital is adept at utilizing every limited character available in an online ad.

Ads are broken down into three components: the headline, first line of text, and second line of text.

The headline character limit for Google Ad-words is 25 characters. Advertisements may then have two lines of text with each being a total of 35 characters.

Together, you have a total of 95 characters. This is not a lot to capture users through the proper use of keywords.

Proficiency in the creation of paid search ads is a must if you want to get the best possible results and the biggest bang for your buck.

Developing a Presence

With paid search, you can quickly create a presence on the Internet and, with proper utilization, send prospective customers to your website.

You only pay for those who click through to your site and the cost-per-click (CPC) is something that you can predetermine.

By the way, the more you’re willing to pay for a click and the bigger your budget, the higher you’ll appear in search results.

However, it’s not all about the money. You’re also rewarded with higher results if your advertisement is deemed to be more relevant than others.

Thus, success is partly determined by well written, keyword targeted ads.

With paid search, you set a daily budget, determine the maximum CPC you’re willing to pay, and then are charged accordingly.

As an example, you may set your paid search budget at $10.00 per day and be willing to pay $0.50 per click.

However, depending on placement and other factors, you may end up paying an average of $0.40 per click.

That means in a 24-hour period, you could have up to 25 people click through to your site.

Effective Paid Web Search Services For You

To understand how to fully utilize paid search, contact the team at Coin Ideology Digital

We’ll answer all of your questions and develop a cost effective paid search campaign for you.

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