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ByDavid Adamson

How to Develop TRC-20 Tokens For Free [A Complete Guide]

Tron is the leading altcoin in the crypto industry. The popularity of this Coin and its TRC-20 Token is skyrocketing.

We have also shared the guide for ERC-20 Token development and BEP-20 Token Development.

In this guide, I will share with you how to develop your own TRC-20 tokens for free. So without any delay, let’s get started.

First of all you need to install tron link extension on your browser. Click the link to install the TronLink chrome plugin.

To develop a TRC-20 token you need to make sure that there should be more than 1000 TRX coin in your TronLink account.

Copy the code from the template to develop your own TRC-20 contract.

Edit the code in the token.sol file according to your project requirement and change Token Name, Token Symbol, Precision and Total Supply.

Deploy the contract with TronScan development and blockchain explorer tool and upload the contract file.

Use 0.5.10 version compiler to compile the TRC-20 contract.

If the following screen appears, it is an indication that your code is successfully compiled and it is ready to deploy.

Remember token is the main contract, so in the Deploy Parama window, you need to choose the token contract and click confirm to deploy the code.

A popup box will appear with the Tronlink singnature. Click on Accept button.

When the code is successfully deployed, you will get a contract address. Cope and save it.

Now go to record tool, select token type, click on yes button, enter the complete token profile information and click on confirm button.

When you made any changes in the contract, all-time it requests a signature from the connected Tronlink wallet. Now your token is successfully recorded.

Congratulation! You have created your TRC-20 token successfully, please watch the video if you need video guide.

If you are looking for a guide with step by step screenshots, please visit this:

I hope you the link step by step guide to developing your own TRC-20 Token for free. Please leave a comment in the comment box if you face any issues. Our Token developers will help you.

ByDavid Adamson

How To Develop BEP20 Token For Free [Text and Video Step by Step Guide]

If you blockchain developer and looking for how to develop BEP20 Token for free, these step by step guide will help you to create BEP20 Token. Previously, we have also shared a detail guide on how to development ERC-20 Tokens and TRC-20 Tokens.

Required Resources To Develop BEP20 Token For Free

Here we will teach you how to compile and deploy BEP20 contracts for developing your own BEP20 Token for free. Let’s get started.

First of all, you need to open the remix software to develop the smart contract from here:

Don’t forget to select the solidity language to make the code easy to understand in your local language.

To create your BEP20 Token contract, you need to copy code from this file and create a new contract file in remix software with this file name: BEP20Token.sol

Now you need to modify the token name, token symbol, decimals, and total supply according to your project requirement and your whitepaper.

How To Compile the BEP20 Token Contract

Now compile the BEP20 token contract using the following steps:

A. First of all click button to switch to compile the page.

B. Secondly you need to select the BEP20Token contract.

C. Thirdly, you need to enable Auto Compile and optimization.

D. Fourthly, Click ABI to copy the contract ABI and save it.

How To Deploy the contract to BSC

Here are the easiest steps of deploying the contract to the BSC blockchain:

Step1: Click on the button to switch to compile button.

Step2: Select “Injected Web3”

Step3: Select “BEP20Token”

Step4: Client “Deploy” button and Metamask will pop up

Finally, you need to click on the confirm button to sign and broadcast the transaction to BSC.

If you are still facing any issue in deploying the code, please watch the video guide to create and deploy BEP 20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

If you are comfortable with text guide then please read the Binance guide with step by step screenshots :

If you are not a developer and still want to develop the BEP20 Token then this link will help you to develop it without any technical knowledge. You just need to fill the form according to the required information and check all the customized requirement that will automatically add in your smart contract.

Hope you like this post. Please don’t forget to share your experience about this guide in the comment section. You can also ask any queries. I will help you to fix it.

ByDavid Adamson

Bitcoin vs. Blockchain – How To Differentiate Blockchain and Bitcoin?

The term blockchain seems highly complex, and it surely can be. But the core concept of the Blockchain is straightforward. This is a kind of database. If you want to understand the Blockchain, then initially, you must try to understand what a database actually is. A database is mainly a collection of information which is reserved electronically on a PC. Any kind of information, or data, in databases, is structured well in table format in order to allow for easier filtering for information.  

Spreadsheets are specially designed for user group for easy access and storage of limited information. Wherein the database includes specific amounts of data to be accessed, filtered & altered by different users at once.

Large-sized databases can house data on servers, specifically made of strong computers. These types of servers are built involving use of thousands of computers to have the computational power & easily accessible storage capacity for multiple users collectively. Wherein the spreadsheet or database may be accessible to many people. It is owned by business and managed by an appointed professional who takes the complete control of how it entirely works along with the data within it.

Main Points About Blockchain

  • The Blockchain is a particular type of database.
  • This is different from a typical database; that is, it can store information. The blockchains can store data in blocks which are then chained together. 
  • With every new data entry into a new block, it is filled with data. The, it is chained into the previous block, while keeping it sorted in a chronological order.
  • Among all the types of information to be stored, this acts as a ledger for transactions. 
  • In the case of bitcoin, the Blockchain is used in a decentralized way.
  • Once the stabilization of decentralized blockchains is done, it shows the data entered is irreversible. On the other hand, in case of Bitcoin, it means that transactions are recorded permanently & now available for viewing for all.   

Is Blockchain a Secure Platform?


You might be aware that Blockchain technology is currently accountable for security and trust issues in various ways. Primarily, the new blocks are stored chronologically and linearly. To have a closer understanding of the Bitcoin’s Blockchain, understand that each block has a position on the chain, which is called as ‘height.’ 

Once the block gets added at the end of the Blockchain, it gets very challenging to go back and alter the block contents, until there’s consensus for editing. This happens because every block involves its own hash, along with the block before it and previously mentioned time-stamp. The hash codes are created with the math function, which transforms the digital information to a string of numbers & letters. In case the data is edited; obviously, the hash code also changes as well.

Let’s say, the hacker wants to first alter the Blockchain & then steal the Bitcoin. In case they were to change their copy, it would not be aligning with everyone else’s copy. If everyone else cross-references their copies, they would see this one copy stand out & that the hacker’s version of the chain would be casting away as invalid. 

Bitcoin vs. Blockchain – The Difference Between Blockchain and Bitcoin

The main goal of Blockchain is to allow digital information to be recorded & distributed but not edited. You must be glad to know that Blockchain technology as outlined in the year 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta. These two researchers aimed to implement a system where document timestamps not to be tampered with. But with the launch of Bitcoin in the year 2009 in January, Blockchain comes up with its first real-world application.

Basically, the Bitcoin protocol is built on a blockchain. In a research paper, it has been introduced that the digital currency, Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator referred to it as an advanced electronic cash system that’s fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party. The main thing which is focused on here is that Bitcoin hardly uses Blockchain. 

Presently, there are a wide variety of blockchain-based projects to implement Blockchain with the techniques to help society other than just recording the transactions. For example, that the Blockchain being used as a way in order to vote in democratic elections. The nature of Blockchain’s stability means that fraudulent voting would become far more challenging to occur. 

Blockchain is considered as a technology that underpins Bitcoin. It was developed for Bitcoin. So, bitcoin was the first example of Blockchain in action. Moreover, without Blockchain, there would be no Bitcoin present. That is why both terms are used interchangeably. But keep in mind that both the terms are not exactly the same. Bitcoin is just one example of a cryptocurrency, though other cryptocurrency networks are also powered via blockchain technology. Therefore, though Bitcoin uses blockchain technology in order to trade digital currency, the Blockchain is more than Bitcoin.

What is the Advantage of Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Explained

1. Accuracy of the Chain

The transactions on the blockchain network are approved by a network of ample PCs. Therefore, it removes almost all human involvement in the process of process. Thus, it results in less human error and provides an accurate record of information.  

2. Cost Reductions

Generally, the consumers pay a bank to verify the transaction or a notary to sign a document, to perform a marriage. Blockchain removes the requirement for third-party verification and reduces the associated costs. Business owners incur a small fee when they accept payments via credit cards. On the other hand, Bitcoin does not have a central authority and has a limited transaction fee.

3. Decentralization

The best part of the Blockchain is that it does not store any of its information at the central location. Instead, it is copied & then spread across a network of PCs. As soon as the brand-new block is added to the Blockchain, every PC on the network updates its Blockchain in order to show the change. By spreading that information across a network, Blockchain becomes more difficult to damage with. 

4. Secure Transactions

Whenever the transaction is recorded, its authenticity should be verified by the blockchain network. Many computers on the blockchain rush to confirm the details of the purchase. Once a computer has validated the transaction, it is then added to the blockchain block. When the information or any data on a block is edited, then the block’s hash code changes. Despite the hash code on the block after, it wouldn’t. This discrepancy makes it highly difficult for information on the Blockchain to be changed without any notice. 

5. It provides transparency

Generally, the blockchains are open-source software. It means that everyone can view its code. This provides auditors the ability to review the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for security. Moreover, it also shows that there is no absolute authority on who can control Bitcoin’s code. Thus, anyone can suggest changes to the system. In case, the majority of the network users agree that the new version of the code with the upgrade is worthwhile, then Bitcoin can be updated.

A Summary Of The Primary Differences Between Blockchain and Bitcoin

Here’s the wind up about the Blockchain and Bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, whereas the Blockchain is a distributed database.
  • Bitcoin is basically powered by blockchain technology, but Blockchain comes up with many uses beyond Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin basically promotes anonymity, whereas the Blockchain is all about transparency. To be applied in specific sectors, the Blockchain has to meet strict know your customer rules.
  • Bitcoin helps to transfers currency between the users, while the Blockchain may be used to transfer all sorts of things, such as information, etc.
ByDavid Adamson

How To Use Infographics To Promote Your Blockchain Project

Human beings respond to visual stimuli more than auditory or experiential information. Infographics, which combine text, visuals, icons, and data, help users retain what they learn. Crypto users are far more engaged by a well-placed marketing infographic than blocks of texts.

According to 2020 research almost 68% of marketers create infographics for B2B marketing.

Various types of infographics can be used in crypto marketing. The most commonly used categories include:

  1. Statistical marketing infographics – data-heavy infographics
  2. Informational marketing infographics – text-heavy visuals that communicate concepts
  3. Funnel infographics – visuals that give an overview of projects and timelines
  4. Strategy infographics – graphics that highlight processes in marketing
  5. Social media marketing infographics – repurposed infographics shared on social media

How To Use Infographics To Promote Your Blockchain Project

Blockchain projects can use infographics to promote their projects in the following ways:

Visual communication

A visual can help company communication better than a video meeting or a chain of emails. For example, a strategy infographic can help clearly explains how the project leverages blockchain technology for meeting customer pain points.

Data visualization

By combining data in a chart, pairing them with icons, adding labels, and voila, the company can have an infographic that paints a clear picture of what the project is about. An example is a market research infographic that uses icons and donut charts to depict numbers. A user simply needs to glance at the visual to get the salient information.

Landing pages

Creating high-converting landing pages has always been a challenge for blockchain projects. You want to give users the requisite information but you don’t want to overwhelm them. The key is to create infographics to showcase your product’s benefits. Or to depict the process of using the technology platform. If the information is relevant and attractive, the graphic encourages the user to stay on the page.

Blog posts

Crypto marketing infographics have been used alongside blog posts for a while now. You can use an infographic to summarize your blog post. This makes the post easy to skim. The infographic can also be used as a way to entice readers to stay on your post.

Social media

A social media marketing infographic can be a great way to attract audiences and boost follower numbers. Users on social media are constantly looking for content that educates them and improves their lives. To make the process easier, projects should create more infographics.

If you need help promoting your company or project to the crypto community, reach out to the team at TokenMinds for assistance.

ByDavid Adamson

Bitcoin Price is Down, Should I Buy, Hold or Sell?

After almost one year of constant upward movement, Bitcoin finally decided to take a break and started going down in mid-April this year. For the first time since January 2021, Bitcoin again went below the $32,000 mark on May 23rd. Many experts have already started comparing this to the earlier bitcoin crashes of 2018 and 2020. Investors are, however, in a bit of confusion as to whether it is the right time to invest more in Bitcoin or should they sell their holdings. If you are also wondering the same thing, here are some quick facts and tips to help you make a decision.

Volatility is the basic nature of Bitcoin

If you are investing in Bitcoin, you probably already know that it is a highly volatile cryptocurrency. That said, it is the basic nature of Bitcoin to rise and fall unprecedentedly and sometimes without a reason. What I am trying to say is that there is no reason to panic. So, if you are planning to panic-sell your bitcoins, don’t.

What is fueling this Bitcoin fall?

While the price of bitcoin, like any other market-linked commodity, mainly depends on the market demand and supply, the sudden drop and rise in the BTC price are often the results of the changing investor sentiments.

It has also been seen that when regular markets such as stocks start dropping, the price of Bitcoin starts increasing. This is because when people are afraid of drops in regular markets, they seek to invest their funds in alternative assets, including Bitcoin, and suddenly the price of Bitcoin starts increasing.

The recent drop in the bitcoin price was also the result of investor sentiments led by the news of China putting a ban on Bitcoin mining and asking its leadership to avoid any type of crypto trading. This made investors panic-sell, causing a sudden and significant drop in the market, leading to a fall in the prices of almost all of the top cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, there was news of the Indian government planning to ban cryptocurrencies in the country, which further caused the Indian crypto investors to panic and sell their crypto assets. According to a business-standard report, there are more than one crore (10 million) crypto investors and traders in India. And when most of them start to panic-sell, the price is apparent to go down.

All that led to a sudden and significant drop in the price of Bitcoin, ETH, DOGE and several other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, for instance, dropped by almost 100% from the April high of $63,000+ to reach less than $32,000 in May 2021.

Does it mean the time of Bitcoin has come to an end?

Far from it. In fact, the latest crash is nothing compared to the 2017 fall of cryptocurrencies, when the price of bitcoin had dropped by over 500% in a matter of 15 months, only to rise back and reach its all-time high of $63,000 in the next 2+ years.

So, there is no need to panic or fear based on the current downtrend in cryptocurrencies.

Should I sell or hold Bitcoin?

Do you sell your stocks every time there is a market crash or correction? You probably don’t. It’s because you believe not in stocks but in the companies behind those stocks. If a company is strong enough, its stock will certainly give you good returns in the long-term, no matter its current price or movement.

The same is true for cryptocurrencies. When investing in a cryptocurrency, invest in the project and not just in the coin. Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of almost 1 trillion. It’s already being used by organisations worldwide for easy & secure payments. So, the future seems bright, which means there is nothing you should worry about.

So, I would strongly suggest all Bitcoin investors to keep holding their funds, and NOT SELL.

Is this the right time to buy Bitcoin?

For any asset, the best time to buy is when the market is low or during a market crash. And this is probably the biggest bitcoin crash we will see this year, which makes it the best time to invest in Bitcoin.

As they say, BUY THE DIP.

Bitcoin has already dropped to almost half from its year-high. From here, it can only go up. So, invest now before it’s too late.

To easily & securely buy Bitcoin in India, you can visit the Shiftal P2P exchange. We are a leading and European-regulated Bitcoin exchange that offers 70+ payment options, including Paytm, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, UPI and NEFT to users in India.

ByDavid Adamson

Building Your Own NFT Marketplace Website And Mobile Application.

The digital collectibles (NFT) market is growing in popularity.

If you intend to enter this market, you may want to learn how to create your market.

Aside from growing popularity, the NFT market is still in its early stages, with more options to choose from.

Introduction to NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

NFT Markets is an online market used to exchange NFTs.They are similar to other e-commerce markets in some ways.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is an encrypted token created by entrepreneurs and developers using public blockchain platforms such as Ethereum.

But there is a certain difference between NFT and other crypto tokens which are:

  • NFT is the only encrypted token. Bitcoin is the same as another Bitcoin (BTC), but each NFT is unique.
  • NFT cannot be divided into smaller blocks; however, Bitcoin and Ethereum can be divided into smaller blocks.

Apart from difference, there are certain similarities too:

  • Developers are using blockchain platforms such as Ethereum to create crypto tokens that are effective for NFTs.
  • You can create crypto tokens by encrypting certain computer programs, which is the same as NFT.

Some of the popular NFT market platforms


OpenSea is a popular NFT market.You can find different types of digital collectibles here.

These include artworks, trade cards, digital collections related to sports, and more.

You can use NFTs on digital collectibles, and OpenSea allows you to search and purchase different types of NFTs.

Another popular NFT market is Rarible.

It offers all of the standard NFT market functions. You can sign up for an account and then create a digital collectible later. You can sell them using Rarible. You can look for and purchase collectibles.

Features of the NFT Marketplace website or application?

  • E-commerce type storefront
  • Search functions, including advanced functions; various search filters
  • create product lists
  • View the status of product lists.
  • Shopping function, including shopping cart, checkout, and other functions;
  • Auction function;
  • Integration with popular digital wallets; payment function
  • Product identification function.

Once you have decided what function to include you need to design it, for that you use platforms like Drupal, Magento, and so on.

There are also NFT marketplace clones and pre-design web & app templates that you can use.

NFT Marketplace creation overview

Let us briefly talk about creating an NFT market by creating an NFT. We recommend that you create an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain platform. For this, you need to develop smart contracts from Ethereum.

  • Create an Ethereum account. Use easy-to-use Ethereum wallets such as an eth-light wallet.
  • Install testrpc, a popular blockchain client.
  • You need to install Web3.js, the Ethereum JavaScript API. contract.
  • Install MetaMask, a popular browser extension used to communicate with Ethereum.
  • You need to use the Ethereum standard ERC-721 for NFT.
  • Use Remix to encrypt your smart contract. It is a popular IDE for writing Solidity smart contracts.


As the NFT marketplace is gaining its strength in the main digital world, more and more people are getting used to it. It gives opportunities to people to either start their NFT marketplace or even sell and buy items over there.

By joining the NFT marketplace as an artist you can make your art like music, photography, and other art more valuable and also one of its kind.

ByDavid Adamson

6 Reasons To Invest And Trade In Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency world is surely fascinating. Despite the price of the various cryptocurrencies being prone to immense fluctuations, investment in digital currency has been substantially been increasing.

And so is the interest surrounding it. For instance, Finder reports that every three seconds, a social media post about Bitcoin emerges. According to GlobeNewswire, the market value of cryptocurrency is expected to reach a whopping 1,758 million USD by 2027.

You might be wondering, is it wise to jump on the bandwagon and trade in cryptocurrency? The answer is yes. Why? Well, here are the top six reasons why investing and trading in cryptocurrency is worth it.

Bitcoin is like gold (but better)

No one can contend that gold is the most sought-after asset. Its scarcity has made it the backbone of modern currency via being a store of value. What makes gold unique is that there is only a fixed quantity in the world.

Bitcoin, one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world, is also fixed in number. The maximum bitcoin that can be mined is 21 million, which is expected to all be extracted by 2140. This allows Bitcoin to be similar to gold, and hence be a potential store of value.

What makes it better? Well, while the quantity and availability of gold are not known to all and are surrounded by ambiguity, all cryptocurrencies’ information is public. Whether it be its production rate or the ledger, it can be tracked by all.

High Liquidity

Cash is often thought to be the best asset because it is the most liquid asset out there. While cryptocurrency cannot come close to the power of fiat money, slowly, the liquidity of cryptocurrency has become quite high. In fact, now it is very easy to trade cryptocurrencies.

As per Statista, there are more than 8,488 ATMs of Bitcoins in the world, as of 2020! This means that you can easily convert your crypto money into fiat cash when the need to do so arises. Similarly, there in 2020, crypto wallet quantity increased to over 54 million, whether signifying the demand and accessibility of the currency.

Direct transactions

There was once a time when the world of cryptocurrency was met with immense skepticism. People did not think that the currency would make it to mainstream usage. However, we now live in a time, where various industries and companies accept cryptocurrency as a mode of transaction.

For instance, you can even eat a whopper in the Netherlands by paying for your meal in whoppercoin, a cryptocurrency! Within n the automotive sector, you can find cars for sale that can be purchased directly via cryptocurrency. This is both true for online websites as well as physical dealerships.

No third-party involvement

The level of independence that can be enjoyed via the help of cryptocurrencies is unparalleled. It can never especially be matched by a bank where your access to your own money is limited by another organization and other people.

As the financial crises of 2008 illustrated to the world – the banking system can crumble.

To keep it short, the money you put in banks doesn’t stay in a physical vault. Instead, banks maintain a certain level of liquidity and invest all other money. When trust in the system dissipates and people demand money from banks all at once, it cannot cater to the requests and goes under.

The world of cryptocurrency cannot go bankrupt. While its value may vary, and hence you incur losses or profit in your investment accordingly, the quantity of currency you have will not change.

The fact that you don’t have to rely on other financial institutions for holding and transferring your money also means that you don’t have to pay any service charges.

Aid in portfolio diversification

We are certain you have heard of the cliché adage “never put all your eggs in the same basket”. In fact, investment services rely on this motto to offer their clients a mix of investment opportunities to best diversify their portfolio.

When it comes to exploring a wide variety of assets, nothing comes close to cryptocurrency. After all, there are so many digital currencies within the blanket term to invest in. To be specific, according to Reuters, there are 2000 such assets. Considering more keep entering the horizon, who knows how many more cryptocurrencies will enter the market.

What makes crypto a worthy asset for portfolio diversification? Well, it is because its price is not dependent on stocks, bonds, or gold. It is a world of its own, with each currency featuring its own price fluctuations. Hence, it offers traders the chance to minimize their risk and maximize their ROI.

Newfound legitimacy

No one can deny that cryptocurrency was once a murky business, with many countries going as far as banning the asset. While there are still certain places that discourage the use of digital assets, the world is slowly opening up to it, hence providing it with legitimacy.

As more and more billionaires and institutions buy and accept bitcoin, countries are moving towards regulating the asset rather than shunning it. For instance, the OCC has allowed US banks to hold cryptocurrencies as legitimate assets. Post-2019, it is also being taxed.

For those of you who don’t understand the significance of this step, allowing something to be taxed means giving it legal status. Additionally, the rise of blockchain technology within various industries has further established trust in the main driver of cryptocurrency – hence giving the currency itself credibility.

Ending Remarks

Yes, the world of cryptocurrency is unstable and dynamic. However, this is what makes investing and trading in it so fulfilling. With high stakes comes the high potential return on investment. And this is what traders live for!

Study the cryptocurrency market and find the best time to invest in the asset. Whether it be for speculative purposes or for actual use as a mode of payment, the fact remains that the crypto is one asset you would want to have.

ByDavid Adamson

Top 10 Ways to Earn with Bitcoin in 2021

As bitcoin is on its way to complete 12 successful years of trading, crypto enthusiasts continue to look for new ways to increase their income from Bitcoin, with or without direct investment. While you can always invest and earn from bitcoin through its ever-growing value, there are multiple other ways for people to make money with Bitcoin, some of which may not even need them to invest anything.

So, let’s start discussing the top ways to earn money with Bitcoin in 2021.

1. Bitcoin Mining

Mining continues to remain one of the top ways for people to earn new bitcoins. It’s the process where miners (people who mine) get rewarded with new bitcoins in exchange for their help to maintain the blockchain network, which they do by solving complex mathematical equations. The mining reward depends on the number of blocks a user solves before other users in the network.

However, mining is more complex than it sounds. To earn huge with bitcoin mining, you’ll need high-end computer equipment, a constant power supply and a lot of effort. Also, the competition in this space has increased significantly over the years.

Bitcoin Mining

2. Trading (Buy and Sell)

Bitcoin trading is one of the best ways to make quick money with bitcoin, especially for beginners and newbies who are not familiar with the technicalities of bitcoin mining. Bitcoin trading is simple, and with so many bitcoin exchanges out there, you can register and start trading bitcoins in as little as a few minutes.

It involves buying bitcoin at a low price and selling it at a higher price to earn some profit. There are exchanges that allow you to buy bitcoin for as low as INR 100 and charge a nominal fee.

3. Buy and Hold (HODL)

Another great way to earn huge with bitcoin is HODLing, which refers to the process of buying Bitcoin and then holding it for a considerable period with the hope to make big profits from the coin price hike in the long term. HODLing is particularly preferred by professional investors who trust Bitcoin and have the patience to keep holding it during the ups and downs.

The word HODL, which was originally a typo, is now used extensively to refer to the act of holding bitcoins for long term or ‘Hold On for Dear Life’, as they say in crypto communities.

Buy and Hold (HODL)

4. Refer and Earn

It’s exactly what it sounds like. There are many websites and some forums that reward you with free cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins, to act as their affiliate. In other words, you get to earn free Bitcoin for referring new members to join the platform/website.

Shiftal, which is one of the world’s leading P2P bitcoin exchanges, has a popular bitcoin affiliate program, where users can earn free bitcoins by simply referring their friends and followers to join and trade on the Shiftal exchange.

5. Get paid in bitcoins

Well, you can always do work that pays you in Bitcoin. There are a vast number of organisations worldwide that now pay their employees in digital currencies, mostly bitcoin. Many companies are now paying their freelance workers, including web designers, content creators, etc. in bitcoin, which is an easy & low-cost means for global payments.

Also, there are websites that may pay you in bitcoin for certain micro jobs such as watching an ad or completing a survey. This is a good way to earn bitcoins easily.

6. Teach about bitcoin

Want to earn big with bitcoin without directly buying it? Well, you can use your bitcoin knowledge and experience to teach people about it. There are many new investors & developers who are willing to learn more about bitcoin and blockchain and would be ready to pay for it. You can start your own blog, a YouTube channel or a podcast to start teaching and earning with bitcoin.

7. Lending Bitcoin

Got some bitcoins in your wallet? Did you know you can also earn by lending your bitcoins to others for an interest? There are multiple websites that let you earn an interest by lending your bitcoins. The top options include BlockFi,, YouHodler, Xcoins, Lendabit, and Coinloan.

The process is simple and works the same as a standard loaning procedure, which involves loaning your funds to a person who needs it and receiving a recurring monthly/yearly interest on it.

8. P2P Bitcoin trading

P2P Bitcoin trading is similar to regular bitcoin trading where you buy bitcoin at a low price and then sell it as the price increases to make a profit. The only difference is that a P2P exchange like Shiftal lets you trade directly with other users. The result is a low platform fee and increased security and profitability.

Check out to know more.

9. Accept bitcoins as payments

Bitcoin is increasing in value with time and will continue to be more valuable in the coming future. So, owning and holding bitcoin in any way is beneficial. If you run a business like an online store, you can allow your customers to pay in bitcoin, which will not only increase flexibility (of payments) for your customers but also give you more ways to earn bitcoin and benefit from its potential rise.

10. Become a master node

Last but not the least, you can consider becoming a master node with one of the several blockchains out there. A master node is a special node that helps keep up the network by performing specialized activities, including maintaining the network security, announcing valid transactions to the nodes in the network, managing voting rights, participating in the decision-making process, among others. Some believe that the work of master nodes is actually less than regular nodes but the earning is higher.


The good news is that Bitcoin price is increasing every day, which means you are going to be in profit if you own & hold bitcoin, irrespective of how you earned it. The world’s favorite cryptocurrency recently breached the $60,000 mark and now has a market cap of around $1.2 trillion. Need I say more?

So, stop reading and start investing now. Buy bitcoin at the best price from the world’s best P2P exchange – Shiftal.

ByDavid Adamson

Top 10 Best Crypto Exchanges in India 2021 (In-Depth Review)

With the government of India yet to clarify its stand on the regulation of cryptocurrencies and their trading in the country, the crypto market and users in India are in a kind of puzzled situation. But, that hasn’t stopped thousands of Indian investors to get a chunk out of this ever-growing industry. Top crypto exchanges like Shiftal and WazirX have a major role to play in this.

According to a Medianama report, the average daily cryptocurrency trading volumes across the top Indian exchanges grew by nearly 500% between March 2020 and December 2020. That’s huge. And that means Indian crypto traders are buying/selling cryptocurrencies despite the uncertainty around market regulations.

If you are also looking to start trading cryptocurrencies in India and want to know about the best crypto exchanges for this purpose, you’re at the right place.

1. Shiftal


Shiftal is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange that allows users to buy/sell Bitcoins directly with other users in India by creating/using offer advertisements. It’s the only bitcoin exchange that supports the callback feature, automated KYC and provides near-zero fee trading services. Besides, it supports over 70 Indian payment methods and uses escrow wallet to protect users from fraud.

Despite the fact that the Shiftal exchange was introduced in India only recently, it’s now a most popular P2P crypto exchange and enjoys a user base of thousands. Other than BTC, Shiftal also supports the trading of ETH (Ethereum) coins.

FounderRishabh Jain
Headquarters locationLondon

2. WazirX

WazirX Crypto Exchange

WazirX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that enjoys the honor of being the most used cryptocurrency exchange in India. Founded in 2017, WazirX gained significant popularity and users during the COVID lockdown in 2020, as thousands of Indians started trading bitcoins during this period.

According to a Livemint report, trading volume during the financial year 2020-21 on WazirX surged nearly 2,600% to $8.4 billion year-on-year. As of March 2021, the platform had over 2 million users. The exchange supports the trading of 130+ digital currencies.

CompanyZanmai Labs Pvt Ltd.
FounderNischal Shetty
Headquarters locationMumbai
Parent organizationBinance Holdings Limited

3. Paxful


Paxful is another P2P crypto exchange that lets its users buy and sell digital currencies like Bitcoin and ETH easily and directly with each other. It supports a wide range of payment options, including Amazon gift cards and Paytm wallet, which makes it a popular choice for Indians looking to buy bitcoin through conventional options.

Not just in India, Paxful is popular in many other countries, including the US, Australia, and Nigeria, as one of the best ways to buy BItcoins in a peer-to-peer fashion.

FounderArtur Schaback
Headquarters locationNew York

4. Zebpay

Zebpay was founded in 2014, which makes it the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in India. As of today, ZebPay provides crypto trading services in 162 countries and has been used by over 3 million users to date. The exchange provides services through a website as well as mobile apps. It’s known to be secure and with one of the simplest fee structures.

According to an ET report, ZebPay is on its way to becoming the first Indian crypto exchange to cross $2 billion worth of trades per month.

CompanyZeb IT Service Pvt Ltd
FounderSandeep Goenka, Mahin Gupta, Saurabh Agrawal
Headquarters locationSingapore

5. CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch is a cryptocurrency exchange in India that allows its users to trade the top 100+ digital currencies by pooling liquidity from leading crypto exchanges to get the best live rates at any given time. Besides Bitcoin, it supports the trading of many other top digital coins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and more in India.

CoinSwitch was among the few exchanges that benefited immensely after the crypto ban imposed by RBI was lifted by the Supreme Court of India in April 2020.

FounderAshish Singhal
Headquarters locationAsia-Pacific (APAC)

6. CoinDCX

After WazirX, CoinDCX is probably the second most popular domestic cryptocurrency exchange in India. As of today, it allows users to buy and sell over 200 cryptocurrencies at the best price in the market. Some of the top features of CoinDCX include instant INR deposit & withdrawals with zero fees, 24*7 support, high security & insurance, and fast transaction speed.

Thanks to some of the innovative products and features of CoinDCX, including a dedicated channel for new investors to learn bitcoin trading, it is regarded as one of the easiest ways to trade crypto in India.

CompanyPrimestack Pte. Ltd.
FounderSumit Gupta
Headquarters locationMumbai

7. Binance

Binance is an international exchange and one of the largest exchanges in the world in terms of the total trading volume. Binance allows Indian users to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos on its platform using a number of options including credit cards for payments. One of the best benefits of buying Bitcoin in India from Binance is that you get access to the live, real-time & global price of bitcoin, unlike many Indian exchanges that offer slightly different rates than the global market.

FounderChangpeng Zhao, Yi He
Headquarters locationMalta

8. Giottus

Giottus is one of India’s leading exchanges to buy and sell top cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, with complete security and trust. As a centralized exchange, it provides the platform and tools for users to buy bitcoins at the best live price. The platform is particularly known for its ability to offer high-speed trading service, which includes the processing of almost 50 thousand transactions per second. Besides bitcoin, you can trade many other top coins, including Ripple, ETH, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash on the Giottus exchange.

CompanyGiottus Technologies Pvt Ltd
FounderVikram and Arjun
Headquarters locationChennai

9. BitBNS

After the huge success of the first few crypto exchanges in India and seeing the increasing popularity and demand for local crypto exchanges, many new exchanges were created and launched between 2016 and now. BitBNS is one such exchange that was launched in December 2017 with the aim to make crypto trading easier and more affordable for Indian investors. This is one of the few crypto exchanges in India that also allows direct lending (& borrowing) of digital currencies as an alternate source of income for crypto investors.

CompanyBuyhatke Internet Pvt. Ltd.
FounderGaurav Dahake
Headquarters locationBengaluru

10. BuyUCoin

BuyUCoin is another one of the oldest crypto exchanges in India. Founded in 2016, the exchange soon became a go-to choice for hundreds of crypto enthusiasts looking for an easy way to buy Bitcoin at the time. It’s also one of the first exchanges that introduced the P2P crypto trading model in India. The platform USP includes its easy to use interface and support for multiple digital currencies as well as INR deposit and withdrawal.

FounderShivam Thakral, Devesh Aggrawal, Atulya Bhatt
Headquarters locationNoida


The number and services of crypto exchanges in India are increasing each day, providing investors with multiple ways to buy/sell Bitcoins and other top cryptocurrencies. The new exchanges are more secure and allow crypto trading with a minimal platform fee.

So, which is your favorite way to buy Bitcoins in India? Write in comments.

ByDavid Adamson

Blockchain Digital Marketing Case Study: Grow Your Traffic by 20-100% Organically

At Steem Experts, we have years of experience in offering top-notch Blockchain website SEO services. As a result, we have numerous customers who got benefitted from more traffic growth and revenue generation. We will list down a step-by-step process of building up traffic for blockchain traffic successfully. 

Mostly, when people hear the word blockchain, the first thing that comes to their mind is selling and buying cryptocurrencies. But the use of this innovative technology is not limited to the financial world. It is slowly disrupting almost all sectors/industries, even digital marketing. 

As per the latest research, it’s not only tech giants like IBM and Google investing in blockchain but also retail leaders, such as Walmart. Considered the next wave in digital marketing, many businesses have started to invest in blockchain social media marketing services

Whether it a traditional website or blockchain-based website, the success depends on how much traffic it attracts. It’s simple, the more online visitors your website receives, you are likely to enjoy more signups, purchases, and more revenue. If you are wondering how you draw more organic traffic towards your website, SEO is the answer.  

Here, we will outline the process of developing a blockchain marketing strategy for one of the clients. By following this plan, we grew the traffic of our client’s blockchain-based website from zero to 20-100%. Let’s get straight to the case study: 

Creation of a clear product 

To ensure the created product is clear to everyone out on social media, we took time to answer the Why, What, and How. Many companies neglect this step, which affects their blockchain marketing significantly. We try to explain the complex processes most simply and avoid too much jargon.

Starting slow and early

When it comes to blockchain, it is a new tool with a great potential. With this technology, we can solve most problems faced by traditional social media sites. The first thing that our blockchain did was building a dynamic blockchain-based web app. Before getting into the development process, we determined the target audience and business needs and goals. 

Attention from the right people 

Contrary to typical industry, social media is not enough to attract the majority of audiences. Therefore, at Steem Experts, we include a step of sending a white paper in our blockchain marketing campaign. With this, we can explain the values of our client business to writers or publishers. Our experts also look at Verge,, or Redmond to receive the attention from the right people. 

SEO to boost online visibility

Creation of a clear product

If you want your blockchain marketing strategy to be successful, you must create useful and engaging content. For instance, online users should be able to interact with your website smoothly and with ease. To do so, your users must have easy access across your website pages without any dead-ends. 

For this reason, our professionals used familiar terms when writing content for blockchain SEO. Also, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry to achieve the best results. 

Leveraging influencers 

Influencers can play a vital role in boosting your brand/business on social media networks. And it is a popular way to promote products and services. Keeping with the trend, our professionals also used influencers to enhance the visibility of a blockchain-based website of our client. For example, Boosto, a start-up, was developed to support influencer-led communities.

In closing 

At Steem Experts, we don’t use any secret hacks in boosting website traffic using blockchain marketing. But we focus on creating high-quality content and implement SEO correctly while ensuring attention from the right people. 

Whether you already own a blockchain-based business or are planning to launch a new product, Steem Experts is your one-stop-shop to get the much-needed assistance. We are one of the best blockchain social media ads agencies to help clients with customized solutions that meet their needs and preferences.