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7 Best Crypto Exchanges to Buy/Sell Crypto Coin Like Bitcoin in 2024

ByDavid Adamson

7 Best Crypto Exchanges to Buy/Sell Crypto Coin Like Bitcoin in 2024

There are many digital payment currency, which has been created to provide a faster and more secure means for making payments globally. The coin can be used by anyone for sending/receiving digital money worldwide.

Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology which uses consensus for the processing of transactions.

People who are also interested in the trading coins can do so at any of the crypto exchanges where the coin is listed. For this purpose,

Here are the top 7 Exchanges where you can buy/sell crypto coins now.

1. P2PB2B

P2pb2b‌ is one of the most used and probably the best crypto trading platforms, for many reasons. It is highly secure and keeps most of the coins in cold wallets for added protection. P2pb2b‌ also works aggressively for the promotion of new and startups that have good potential.

So, if you are looking to invest in a new coin, P2pb2b‌ is probably the best exchange for the purpose. The platform is available in multiple languages and all the services are completely legal, so you can be assured that your money is in safe hands.

2. Mercatox

Mercatox exchange is another great place to trade coins. The tagline “One platform. So many possibilities.” says a lot about the quality and features of the exchange, and it is not far from the truth. With Mercatox, you can trade many digital and crypto-currencies.

It supports multiple e-wallets, payment methods, margin trading, lending, peer-to-peer currency exchange and many other things that you’ll not find with any other exchange.

3. NovaExchange (

Nova Exchange is one of the popular crypto exchange platforms. It supports over 300 digital assets which can be traded for each other. BTC, DOGE, LTC, are some of the most popular coins being traded via the exchange.

Many cryptocurrencies have been listed on the Nova Exchange to get exposure to a wide number of cryptocurrencies from all over the world, enabling investors to trade their coins for other, more profitable digital assets. Since Nova Exchange supports only high-potential coins, irrespective of value,

4. SouthXchange (

SouthXchange is one of the best platforms for trading for bitcoin and several other top cryptocurrencies. The exchange is known for features like fast and secure trading, low trading/withdrawal fee, real-time data updates, etc.

Another interesting thing is that SouthXchange is a mobile-friendly exchange, which means you can also trade coin using your smartphone device on the go.


Enmanet is a modern digital asset exchange platform which was developed for global markets. Besides a simple yet streamlined listing approach, the exchange offers many features like instant trade execution, secure and multi-tier digital asset wallets, high-grade security mechanisms, and more.

With the mission to increase the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies, Enmanet platform excessively supports the listing of new, high-potential coins such as Bitcoin.

6. Crex24 (

Crex24 is a rather new trading platform which is slowly rising to popularity. The best thing about this exchange is that you can trade both top currencies (like Bitcoin, ETH, LTC and more) as well as rare yet important coins like Bitcoin here.

Some of the outstanding features of the Crex24 exchange platform include a simple and easy-to-use interface, real-time price updates, high-level data security, etc.

7. CoinExchange ( is a leading exchange platform for altcoins. The platform supports a large variety of cryptocurrencies. It is particularly beneficial for smaller and less popular currencies which are yet to make big in the market. Coin Exchange platform aims to provide a stable price market for beginners and expert crypto traders alike.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, the exchange is also likely to support multiple other digital assets.

Besides the ones mentioned above, you can also trade Bitcoin on various other platforms including ESCODEX, P2PB2B, Mercatox and many more.

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