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How To List ERC-20 Token on Binance Exchange

ByDavid Adamson

How To List ERC-20 Token on Binance Exchange

In this guide, I will share with you, how to list ERC-20 tokens on Binance the leading cryptocurrency exchange.

When you list your token on the Binance exchange, it will be counted as one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market. A listed token on Binance can transform your project by helping you reach billions of prospective clients from across the globe. 

Benefits of Listing on Binance Exchange

  1. Biggest Exchange By Volume and Value: Biance conducted more than 1.4 million transactions per second worth millions of dollars. It makes it the largest exchange in the world by volume and value.
  2. Absolute Ecosystem: Binance is the absolute ecosystem for crypto-based services that works globally.
  3. Head of Developments: Binance regularly develops new products and services to promote crypto projects.

Binance Success Secret: Binance takes advice from reliable industry experts in many cases of exchange listing. 

Coin Ideology also provides blockchain-related consultation to its customer to make their project successful in the market.

A Project Requirements To Be Listed on Binance Exchange

You need to have your fundamentals in place before the listing process:

  1. Skilled Team – Your team should be experienced skilled and dedicated that make trust with potential clients.
  2. Proven Technology – A project solid technology with the established platform is considered more reliable by Binance.
  3. Fully functional Platform – A fully functional project is considered as a key essential for a cryptocurrency project by Binance.
  4. Legal Consent – Your project should have all the necessary documents to make it compatible with the law. It makes your project more attractive to be listed on Binance.

Binance Exchange Listing Checklist

The preliminary checklist before proceeding.

  1. A functional token and platform(except if it is a fresh launch)
  2. A well-established team.
  3. Dedicated time and personnel for the listing process.
  4. Continued updates on the project to ensure viability and activity.
  5. Ready team to implement necessary minor pre-listing changes to the project.

Required Information By Binance Exchange About The Project

  1. Name of the project
  2. Link to the asset page on the Binance Chain (If it is already present there)
  3. Name and position of the person applying for the listing
  4. On e sentence pitch about the project
  5. The target is planned to be achieved through the project.
  6. Team size and information about the name, role, and responsibilities of each core member. Information about the commitment in multiple projects and conflict of interest management.

Token information and Economics Required By Binance Exchange

  1. Total supply of the token
  2. Token name and symbol
  3. Primary use case of the token.
  4. Other places where the token can be used
  5. Total supply of the token
  6. Circulating supply of the token.
  7. Breakdown of current token allocation
  8. List of team wallets holding the token.
  9. Lockups for holders of the token
  10. Legal compliance in all operating jurisdictions tokens in other networks
  11. Token migration timeline and mechanism
  12. The exact timeline for opening swap/bridge to public and if ready. Evidence of it being ready for close to ready
  13. Date of token allocation to the public if not really
  14. If the token is listed on another exchange.

Fundraising and ICO Information

  1. Was an ICO conducted, if yes, when?
  2. Amount of funds raised in the ICO funds spent from the ICO till date and the reason that the funds were spent.
  3. Runway required by the project to ship the final product.
  4. The currency/coin/token in which the funds will be held
  5. Coin storage and conversion policy. Is a flat conversion made only when spending is made?
  6. Manner of disclosure of spending each month
  7. Information about the place where funds are stored.
  8. Information to be provided for the public.

Information about the Technology Development

  1. The technological innovations of the project, if any
  2. The location of the code repositories
  3. Any products of UI demos that can be shared publicly. Additionally, if any of them were built by the community instead of being house.
  4. Plans to release weekly progress updates in the forum.
  5. Plan to host monthly or bi-monthly video ask me anything.

Required Information About Competitors

Current competitors: 

Who is viewed a current competitors/peers?

Competitive advantage:

What is the competitive advantage of the current project in comparison with the competitors?

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