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Website Content Updation Services

You are regularly writing quality content and publishing on your website but you are not getting as good result as you deserve.

Maybe you are only focusing on new content but what about the old content?

Google and its latest algorithm love the fresh content and expect you to tread old content according to your users’ expectations.

Old content updating is not as easy as we think. It needs a professional service that can fix it according to Google guidelines maintaining users’ experience.

What Types Of Content Updation Services Do We Offer To Our Clients?

Website content updation is not just changing the year in the content and change the post updated date of the content, It is more than this.

Here are the website content updation services we offer to our clients:

Outdated Content Fixing Services

Outdated content can harm the quality of your website content. It is a serious issue that needs to be fixed immediately. Our white-hat on-page SEO expert fixes outdated content to maintain the quality of your website in Google’s eyes.

Expired Content Removal Services

Expired content should be redirected on the relevant and suitable page or post and removed from Google search so people could be reached on fresh content instead of expired content. Our expert understands the complete process of how to deal with expired content. 

Meta Title and Description Tag Optimization Services

The meta title and description tag should be updated according to content. For example, if we are updating content for 2020 that was written for 2019 then metadata should be changed accordingly. Our professionals offer the meta title and description tag optimization services according to the content.

Heading Tag Optimization Services

Heading tags like H1, H2, and H3 most important content after the meta title, Google picks keywords from there. But it should be unique, keyword-rich, and attention-grabbing. Our heading tag optimization services is the most powerful than others.

URL Structure Optimization Services

If a URL is dynamic or has date/month/year or unnecessary words that are making it too long then it should be restructured. In URLs structure optimization services, our on-page SEO experts fixe the URL structure to make it SEO friendly.

URLs 301 Redirect Services

If you are deleting outdated and expired pages or posts from your website and not redirecting them on the relevant page or post then you are doing a big mistake. It can be a reason for the website penalty in Google because you are not taking care of user experience. 301 redirection services are the key to content updatation services.

Internal Linking URL Changing Services 

After changing the slug, it is good practice to update the internal linking with the newly structured URLs for passing the link juice to the correct URL. In internal linking URLs changing services, our team fixes all the internal linking from each page and post to pass 100% link juice.

Content Optimization Services

In the content optimization service, we add fresh content in your expired content to make it new and removed outdated content that is not useful now.

CTR Optimization Services

Click-through rate is the ranking signal that should be added on each metadata, heading tags, and the first paragraph of your page and post. It attracts visitors to click on your website results in the search engine result pages.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We have a team of limited but highly skilled onpage SEO experts.
  2. Our team has done those practices for thousands of clients.
  3. 100% Money back guarantee if you don’t satisfied with our services. 

If you are interested in our content updating services then please contact us via the contact form or via email at [email protected]