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Security Token Development

A token who passes the Howey Test is considered a security token. The security tokens are subject to federal securities and regulations. If a project with the tokens doesn’t follow the regulations, they could be subject to penalties.

Want To Develop Your Own STOs Project? Let’s Have A Look At The STO Development Services, Technology, Features and Benefits Provided By CoinIdeology.

Security Token Technology

Wondering how Security Tokens are better than Utility tokens and other cryptocurrencies?

Legally Compliant

Security tokens must be regulated by federal authorities under specific jurisdictions. The code of the same is embedded with their smart contracts.

Access to Global Investors

Our security tokens are designed with global tradability, which means you can trade these tokens as securities online in any region which complies with the underlying security laws.


Empowered by the distributed blockchain technology, STOs provide a transparent ecosystem which helps with the government regulation as well as to simplify the investment process.


The security token wallets developed by Coin Ideology are feature-rich and highly secure, allowing investors to store and manage their tokens in a seamless manner.

Security Token Offering Services

Security Token Development

At Coin Ideology, we develop world-class security tokens through modern approaches with a focus on your business goals. Our STOs are strictly compliant with SEC regulations and related laws.

Security Token Exchange Development

Our expert blockchain developers follow advanced programming approaches to build highly secure and compliant end-to-end security token solutions for your unique business needs.

STO Marketing

We can help you cut through the competition and give your STO the exposure it needs to grow in the target market. Our multichannel blockchain marketing strategy coupled with an extensive understanding of the industry will help you reach the top.

STO Whitepaper Development

We will help you draft a clean and crisp whitepaper for your STO project, giving all the important details such as technology, platform, objective, STO details, investor benefits, the team, etc.

Payment System Development

We can help build a robust and secure payment portal for your security token offering to ensure that the investors can easily and safely manage their tokens as well as exchange them.

Features of Security Token Offerings

Here’s why Security Token is the best choice for your blockchain project.

Highly Customizable

Security tokens are as customizable as one can imagine. The code of these tokens can be re-programmed for the tokenization of any kind of security or asset.

Increased Liquidity

Security tokens are highly liquid as they get their value from real physical assets such as gold or equity. It is easy and more profitable for investors to trade liquid tokens.


Our security tokens are designed to be compliant to SEC and other federal regulations in your targeted region/s so you can start selling them right away without worrying about the law.

Secure Wallet

Owing to the high security and credibility of security tokens, the wallet in which they are stored must also be very secure, preferably employing blockchain’s encryption.

Global Investor Access

Unlike traditional investment products such as stocks and shares which are limited by regions, security tokens can be purchased/sold/traded on a global platform to investors around the world.


Investors prefer transparency when it comes to trading their hard-earned money. Our security tokens are completely transparent based on a decentralized, distributed blockchain.

No Intermediaries

The lack of intermediaries in security token networks will ensure that transactions involving these currencies are faster, secure and cost-effective (no dealer fee).

Smart Contracts

Our security tokens are based on blockchain technology, which employs smart contracts for automatically verifying and processing the transactions. It reduces the cost and avoids fraud.

Benefits of Security Token Development for user

Automated Dividends

Security token smart contracts can be programmed to offer automatic dividends to the shareholders (tokenholders) and investors which will ensure transparency in profit sharing.

Sharing of Rights

Each investor or buyer of security tokens gets access to some specific rights along with the tokens. Depending on the issuing company, investors can get sharing rights, voting rights, etc.

Liquid Assets

Due to the high liquidity of these tokens, the companies can ensure a regular and healthy flow of cash by tokenizing all kinds of assets into tokens, enabling people to invest in small stakes.

Voting rights

As mentioned before, some specific security tokens also give owners the right to vote in the issuing company. Make sure to check the contract carefully for such details.


Since security tokens are highly liquid, most of the issuing companies will associate buyback rights with them, allowing their investors to sell them back at any point in time.

Simple to Trade

Security tokens are digital currencies, which can be traded and managed online through a simple platform, removing the need to invest in offices and accounting personnel.