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ICO Development

Before coin development, every new cryptocurrency master launch pre ico website in order to raise funds for a new coin campaign. Basically, there are two types of ICO development process, first Pre ICO and second Post ICO.

ICO Development Agency is the leading ICO development agency in India serving around the world with an experienced team and cryptocurrency experts. If you want to hire our ICO developers for your projects, please contact us.

In ICO software development, we offer following ICO development services to our clients:

Front End ICO Website Designing

– Timer – The timer is a clock that we add during ico development to show the people that the pre-sale is going to start soon.
– Whitepaper – The Whitepaper contains the complete concept of your coin, like the idea, how the coin will grow, benefits when to launch etc.
– Roadmap: The Roadmap is the plan with the approximate time frame.
– Description of the ICO: A unique descriptive idea and concept of the coin.
– Team: high-quality photos, brief biographies, links to social networks. You need to show your face, publish personal data, tell about your experience.
– Press: photos with Vitaliy Buterin (ideally), links to publications, videos of presentations and speeches.
– Documents: Terms, Whitepaper.
– Partners or advisors, if you have.
– Contacts and social channels.
– Subscription form.
– Initial ICO Listings

ICO Back-end Features and Functionality

ICO Launch Services

User Functionality

– User Dashboard
– Add Fund Option
– Buy Token Option
– Referral Program
– Transaction History
– BTC/ETH Balance
– User Profile
– Logout

Admin Functionality

– Admin Dashboard
– Token Setting
– User Panel
– ICO Setting
– Bonus Setting
– Admin Profile
– Logout

Industries We Are Serving For ICO Development

  • Finance
  • E commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Logistics

What Include in ICO Development Services

  • Whitepaper development
  • Token Development
  • Landing Page Development
  • Explainer Video
  • Airdrop Management
  • Bounty Management
  • ICO Dashboard.
  • ICO Roadmap
  • ICO Tokonomics

Features of an Initial Coin Offering ICO Development

  • Tokens Sale System
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization
  • Paper Free Work
  • Referral, Airdrop and Bounty Programs
  • Minimum Failure Risks
  • Awesome Execution Rate

Front End and Back End Technology For ICO Development

Front End Technologies – HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, React Native, React JS, UI, UX

Back End Technologies – PHP, Python, Cake PHP, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, DevOps, Javascript, CSS, HTML

Cost of ICO Development offer you best ICO development cost to develop your own initial coin offering solution. Our ICO development cost starting from 1000 USD.

If you are interested to develop your pre ico website with us then please leave an email at [email protected] or skype at coinideology