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Telegram Vs Discord – Which one is best for NFT Community Building

ByDavid Adamson

Telegram Vs Discord – Which one is best for NFT Community Building

Both Telegram and Discord are helpful platforms for crypto users. You can easily keep your audience engaged with the help of the discord channel and it is a crucial part of the crypto community. People often compare Telegram Vs Discord but choosing the one between the two can be a tedious process. 

Due to the sudden rise in the craze of cryptocurrency and NFTs people are switching to the platforms that help them to keep their audience engaged. 

Privacy and other features of these apps make them unique and the first choice for the users. Choosing the one between discord vs telegram helps you to make a brighter future with the help of cryptocurrency. Discord and Telegram are two solid competitors when it comes to building a strong community. 

Difference between Telegram and Discord

There are existing multiple differences when it comes to telegram and discord. There exists some positive and negative points when it comes to finding the best between these two. Here are some of the points that differentiate between telegram and discord. 

Telegram Discord 
Supports end-to-end chat encryption and provides you complete anonymity and privacy to the users. The features help to keep the users’ data safe and secure. It does not have a clear policy on protecting the user’s data and their privacy. Discord server lags when it comes to privacy and protecting the user’s data. 
An interface that is minimalistic has some difficulties in streamlining the multiple aspects of the community management. With the interactive interface, you can easily convey your message to the users. Here the intuitive interface allows the community managers greater flexibility in categorizing channels based on their specific functions. You can also have the eligibility to enjoy the functions of fast and smooth streaming. 
It supports the sharing of data and large files of size up to GB. It does not support the sharing of large files and that may be a drawback. 
It is completely free for the users and helps them to use it wisely. It is having a premium plan for some of the additional features. 
Prone to streaming.It offers better protection against spamming. 

These are some of the differences that separate and differentiate between telegram and discord. People often differentiate which one is best for NFT community building and they often look for various comparisons around the web. Let’s have a look at why Discord is better than a telegram. 

Why Telegram?

Telegram uses proper emojis and other tools to make the platform more interactive. You can easily convey your message to your audience using Telegram. As a messaging platform Telegram combines the features of other famous social media platforms to convey your message more efficiently. 

You have to select what is best for NFT community building when it comes to educating your audience. It makes it popular with many different communities in the crypto space. Multiple crypto market leaders use Telegram and Discord for conveying their messages to their audience.

Problems With Telegram

Strong NFT community building cannot afford the use of platforms that contain loopholes and provide a bad user experience. With no way to rank the quality of posts and comments, the helpful information is usually hidden behind trolls. Let’s have a look at Discord as a hero. 

Why Discord?

Discord is a chat and voice application that is basically targeting the gaming world. It is a perfect fit for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. These two leaders of the internet share multiple common bonds. But When it comes to providing a better user experience, Discord is a step ahead. 

Using Discord you can easily build a strong NFT Community that can raise the importance of cryptocurrency among people. Here is the top 5 crypto discord groups to learn more. Unlike the telegram, Discord has multiple features for the tech-savvy user to take control of the community. Let’s have a look at some final thoughts. 

Problems With Discord

Similar to Telegram, Discord is also having some problems. One of the most common problems associated with Discord is the user limits. Users cannot freely explore the platform instead they are bound to a particular space. Discord combines a few of the navigation integration features that help the users to be quick. Also, another disadvantage of Discord is related to its memory. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have a fair light on the differences between Telegram and Discord. It’s your turn to choose the best among these two. With a Blockchain development company related platform like this, you can get updates on the NFT projects and grow your community. Cryptocurrency is mostly similar to the gaming industry and needs a proper communication platform that can help the users to know every update in the market. Blockchain development companies are a great medium to constantly impart such knowledge to educate the communities further.

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