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5 Traits Successful Websites Share Between Them

ByDavid Adamson

5 Traits Successful Websites Share Between Them

This article will help you recognize five key elements that are found as common in all successful websites and how can you make use of such things into your website.

Here we have listed the key traits which each and every successful website design have in common:

Minimal Design

Having a look at the websites with good traffic, you will notice that they are beautifully crafted and have less going on. Or, we can say, well-designed websites have a minimal design as compared to meshed up websites with more fonts, sizes, colors, and alignments as well. While the professionally built websites have the below-mentioned particulars in overall website design.

Which are

  • Font Styles: 2-3 font styles in total
  • Font Sizes: 3-5 font sizes in total
  • Colors: up to 3-4 colors
  • Alignment: Barely 1-2 types of alignment

Organized Layout

The layout of a website plays a vital role in its success. A well-organized website focuses on the structure being used to display content on the website. Also, the content should be arranged in a way that one can easily scan the content they are searching for.

While developing such successful website design, most designers confront the issues like finding out the various types of users will land on the website and their needs, in order to structure content accordingly. So that the website can display content in a way that one can easily get related content as per the query.

For your information, all the successful websites use sitemap not more than three layers deep as it can be understood easily and allow the user to navigate through the concerned content with just a few clicks.

Designed for Conversion

The successful websites are always devoted to maintaining alignment between meeting the need of the visitors and of the business as well. Previously discussed the organized layout of a website fulfils the needs of the visitor.  While how a website converts that visitor into a profitable amount of money called conversion.

A website designed for conversion navigates visitors to a success path. It recognizes the need for the visitor and then provides a pathway to proceed further.

The websites which fail to convert visitors have messed up websites that are less focused and confuse the visitor rather than help them.

Designed for Mobile

If a website is not designed for mobile, it is not meant for around 20-50% of all visitors landing on your website. The website designed for mobile even adjusting the CSS of your site, also perform practices like the perception of the user shift when they are using the mobile device. Also, it takes care of the design, layout, and information structure of the website will be conveyed to people when they are using a responsive web design on mobile.

Other than this, mobile design is developed on the basis of continuous decline in the attention of people while visiting a website. It keeps the most relevant information first and foremost in the website design.

Less Loading Time for Website

When a visitor lands on a great website, he really was not thinking about the website. Instead, he got delighted and engaged with the experience being provided by the website.

The loading time for a website plays a significant role in keeping visitor’s interest on the website. If the website takes a long time to load, the visitor automatically will go out of experience from the content and the website itself. Also, the website load time is one of the major factors considered via Google for website rankings.

Out of the 10 most trafficked website on the internet, there will be at least one which have a load time of under 2 seconds.

So these are the five aspects that are found commonly in successful websites and plays an important role in ranking them in the top ten searches.

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