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SEO vs PPC – Which One to Prefer For Better ROI?

ByDavid Adamson

SEO vs PPC – Which One to Prefer For Better ROI?

SEO and PPC are the two efficient digital marketing techniques that can generate better growth in business with higher ROI. But the problem rises from here.

Since both of them are found powerful for business, marketers find it difficult to choose the better one for digital marketing. What is your opinion regarding this?

Take a 5 mins break and go through this article to learn the solution between the two white label services – SEO and PPC.

Let’s start with the definition, followed by the benefits of the individual service.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a digital marketing technique that improves the rank of a website and acquires high organic results by optimizing the web content and technical aspects of a website.

What is PPC?

PPC or pay per click is a paid advertising tool that improves the website traffic by paying for keywords related to the services or products. PPC advertising model paybacks whenever the users click on the ad or your website link showcased on Google or other PPC advertising platforms.

Advantages of SEO

  1. Cost-effective: SEO campaign is a cost-effective plan. You don’t have to break your bank account to execute your SEO campaign. You just have to pay for the SEO experts and to maintain your SEO campaign.
  2. Long-lasting results: Organic SEO is stable and offers long-lasting results to the business. Since the results are completely organic, they remain there for a long span of time. And the best part of this is, the website rank remains in a higher position with a properly optimized solution.
  3. Strong reputation online: SEO requires a completely optimized website. Experts make use of white hat SEO techniques to drive huge traffic to the website, build an online presence, and generate higher results.

    Since all these are done in ethical ways, the business finds no difficulty in establishing a strong reputation online. With sustainable marketing techniques, the scope for developing organic traffic and organic visibility has been increased.

Advantages of PPC

  1. No waiting for generating traffic: PPC ads give results in minutes. Yes, if you want an instant result, PPC marketing strategies work the best. With this advertising tool, you can immediately generate high traffic, more clicks, more conversions, and more search engine results. All these happen in no time without giving a second of thought.
  2. Scalable but controllable: PPC advertising strategies are more than two. But you need to decide which one fits your budget. The scalable advertising tactics can turn business growth higher. But it is up to you, how you can control your budget and manage your website performance. PPC can scale effectiveness but you have the control and pay for the strategies that you desire.

  3. Rank website higher with ease: Ranking website higher in every search engine result is an easy task for PPC advertising. Marketers using this advertising strategy hardly take a minute to jump to the top of the SERPs. You don’t actually need to worry about the search engine’s algorithm to make your position stronger. Just go for it and find yourself at the top.


Despite these individual advantages, both SEO and PPC contain a lot of drawbacks. For example.

In SEO, you have to wait for the desired result for a long time. Patience is very much required when you are implementing SEO services in your business. Therefore, it requires a lot of effort, a well-trained technical team to optimize your website, and a long span of time to view the results.

In PPC, the result obtained is very fast. But it retains for a temporary timespan. This is expensive and loses its effectiveness with time. That’s the reason why you always have to ready with your next ad copy when you are executing your PPC campaign. The moment you switch off the campaign, all your efforts go in vain.

Which one to prefer?

In marketing, both search engine optimization and pay-per-click have great significance. If SEO is used to generate organic traffic for a long time, PPC establishes paid methods to enhance the marketing strategy and build engagement in no time. It is thus important to channelize both the strategies and improvise your business.

Look for an SEO and PPC management company and improve your search engine results.

Remember, if you try to choose the better one between SEO and PPC you will always lose something or the other to empower your business. However, if you balance to use both of them strategically, you will have no reason to regret it.

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David Adamson is the founder and digital strategy manager at Coin Ideology Digital. He develops techniques to boost traffic, sales, and brand awareness for startup agencies. He has specialization in Blockchain and digital marketing industry including SEO, PPC, SMO, influence marketing and consumer behavior analysis.

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