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ByDavid Adamson

The Ultimate Guide for Perfect Website Structure

The article on how to create a website structure will explain why and how you should plan your website. The issue is, SEO and UX are inextricably linked. As a result, it’s preferable to plan ahead of time and then go right into the design work. So, what the meaning of Website Structure actually is? It’s the way your website’s pages are linked together. How your website’s major pages lead to deeper pages. You can think of it as the structure of your navigation and sitemap.

How To Plan a Website Structure?

So, why plan a proper structure for your website? It can aid in the enhancement of your user experience, SEO, internal linking, and ease of use. You should be aware that structure planning includes not only the main website but also the blog and internal links. Let’s now discuss about them in details.

  1. It improves the user experience on your website: All that remains of the website after removing the colours, fonts, and other design components is its framework. When a visitor can readily discover all of the information he needs, his user experience improves, and he stays longer on your site. Make sure your navigation on your website makes sense and that your visitors can quickly and easily discover important pages. It can also assist you develop groups of pages if we arrange the structure.
  2. A proper site structure can prove as an asset in improving your SEO: This is due in large part to the fact that if you organise your structure, you will also organise your content groups, and you will have a better way of informing search engines about how your material is related. It’s even more critical to understand which site is receiving the most backlinks so you may convey authority from one site to others. Typically, the majority of hyperlinks are sent to your home page. As a result, having a link to your services and blog from there is a fantastic idea. It’s a fantastic idea to design your home page as a sneak peek of what you do and provide.
  3. A well-planned structure makes your website easy to crawl on: Web crawlers must be able to visit your website in order for it to appear in a search engine. Furthermore, your website must have a strong structure in order for web crawlers to find your content. As a result, creating a sitemap for your website is critical.
  4. It will help you to plan your goal before-hand and help you in achieving it: When you plan out the framework of your website, you should also investigate your competition and keywords. As a result, you’ll have a solid foundation on which to organise your navigation, as well as your content strategy and structure. And with all of that, you can receive an estimate of how much traffic you may expect. When you have a good idea of how much traffic you’ll get, you can start talking about conversions and what you need to do to improve your CRO. If you carefully observe you can notice that, everything is interconnected, allowing you to properly prepare for the development of your website.

You’ll save yourself a hassle by developing a website structure. Because when you’re producing pages, you’ll have the list of pages and titles right in front of you. You’ll also know what your page descriptions are up front. At the very least, you’ll be prepared. The truth is that by conducting research and establishing a website structure prior to constructing a website, you will be able to determine where and what your potential clients are looking for, as well as how you will compare to your competition.

As you can see, a simple sitemap and structure are insufficient. If there isn’t any research to back it up, they aren’t giving you the full picture. After you’ve completed your study, you’ll know exactly what pages to design, how the website will be structured, and what material you’ll require.

Steps To Create A Website Structure

Now, let’s see the steps which you can use to create a website structure, also you can implement these steps for a website that already exists.

1.                 Gain the basic knowledge and insights for the business that you are in: This entails getting to know your own organisation. It’s not simply vital when you’re speaking with a designer or the person who will build your website. When it comes to you, this is crucial. This will reveal your or my research’s starting place. It will provide you the fundamental information you need to see what they’re up to and where you are in comparison to them. It will also demonstrate how you vary from them, at least on a fundamental level. That’s all there is to it when it comes to conducting thorough keyword research.

2.                Begin with the keyword research for your website now: The following stage would be to conduct keyword research. That’s right, the good times begin right here. You’re going to go on the internet and further start looking for keywords and terms that can help you get more traffic. You’re aware of the traffic that can boost your profits. Make sure you record the search volume and competitiveness for each of these keywords in a spreadsheet. In terms of competitiveness, I would say that if your website does not have a lot of authority or if it is a new website, you will be at a disadvantage. As with these keywords, you want to generate some initial traffic to help your website perform better. All of this keyword analysis will also reveal the type of search intent that is driving them, as well as the kind of posts you should be writing.

3.                Do not forget to conduct a research on your Competitors: We’re still doing keyword research, but we’re going to dig deeper into your website’s competition. Look at the predicted traffic that your previously discovered keywords generate for websites. It’s also a good idea to look for keyword suggestions on the websites of your top competitors. This will help you to know better what you should do, and what not even think of. Make certain you put yourself in your customer’s shoes. The ideal client. Also, look at the kind of posts that appear on the first page to get ideas for your own.

4.                Carefully carry out the hierarchy for your website: This is when the real grind actually begins. This phase entails creating a system that organises your data in a logical and user-friendly manner. You should make a diagram with the important pages on top and then structure your topics from top to bottom. Make sure it’s straightforward and easy to understand. This will assist you, and you can then proceed to create your navigation and URL structure.

5.                You can now start with the creation of the URL Structure for your website: Use keywords in the URL wherever possible, especially for blog entries. This can also be seen in the example structure. When building your URL structure, make sure to use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_), this is better for your search engine optimization and user experience.

6.                Generate Navigation for your website that is simple and logical at the same time: Make it lean by not burying your most critical pages too deeply in your navigation and URL structure. Don’t blindly follow the three-click rule; instead, make sure that your important pages are easily accessible, so that your user doesn’t have to dig through your pages to find the information he needs.

7.                You can make use of CSS & HTML for generating Navigation for your website that is top-class: Using HTML and CSS to design your navigation is the safest approach to ensure that the crawlers can read it. Don’t overcrowd your top-level navigation with too many components; it will be confusing, horrible UX, and congested. That’s something you don’t want to happen.

8.               Have an internal link strategy for your website structure: It’s a crucial aspect of SEO. To put it another way, if your website’s homepage receives the majority of backlinks, it’s critical that the authority from that page is distributed to other sites. Internal linking is what allows your website’s structure to function properly. It aids logical organisation, assists people in navigating your website, and develops your shared information hierarchy. When you add new content or pages, internal linking makes it easier for Google and other search engine bots to find them. In general, every page should connect to at least one other page and receive a link back from at least one other page.

9.                Lastly, do not forget to create the sitemap when creating the structure for your website: After you’ve completed all of these steps, you can start planning your sitemap. It’s essentially a single file that contains all of your website’s pages and is constantly updated. The problem is that most search engines rely on sitemaps to learn about new pages. It also aids search engines in indexing your pages more quickly than if you don’t have one.

In today’s world, web development is an essential component of any organisation. Web development must be an integral element of any organisation, whether you have a global presence or are just starting out. The web design must be of the highest quality. Better development services are critical for your company’s success. And so, you should find and hire the best web development services for your company.

Keep In Mind When Thinking Of Hiring Web Development Services For Your Business

Here are some things to keep in mind and consider when thinking of hiring web development services for your business:

  1. Know what you actually want, only then will you be able to find someone who can fit in that need of it. Begin by analysing your business process and structure to determine exactly what you require.
  2. Know the cost that you are willing to incur. For the same work, different developers will present a wide variety of price quotations. Many companies make the mistake of settling for the lowest price. Instead of focusing on the price, you should concentrate on gaining the characteristics you want.
  3. You must choose someone or a company that you can openly communicate with, because for the creation of a website that can cause an impact on people, it is necessary that there is a substantial communication between the developer and the property owner.
  4. Respect the process, what you must remember is that the process of development takes tine, even for professionals. And so you should not hurry them into complete it sooner or quicker.
ByDavid Adamson

React Native Development – Learn Why It Makes Perfect Sense for Start-ups

The programming languages used for front-end development are constantly evolving. With every passing day, start-ups are expanding the horizon by introducing new advanced technologies and business ideas.

As the businesses evolve, programmers need to stay abreast with the changes and provide solutions that help sustain growth and development.

Thus, programming languages are being fostered with advanced updates to reach a stage where they can cope with the latest trends and advancements in the world of technology.

JavaScript has undergone rapid growth through the addition of new libraries as well as a range of enhanced features over the last decade.

However, despite the regular JavaScript changes, the language that has offered a stable and calm harbour for developers in 2020 is React Native.

Start-ups as well as existing businesses have relied upon React JS development services as their main background programming language throughout 2020 and a number of reasons are responsible for it.

Let’s take a look at React JS and why it has garnered such great trust of users around the world.

React: What is it?

React is an open-source JavaScript framework that is popularly used for creating real, native-rendering user interfaces and mobile applications for iOS, Android, MacOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP.

First developed by Jordan Walke from Facebook in 2011, the aim of the library was to help in the development of highly responsive as well as dynamic websites.

Businesses hire React JS developers as they can use React’s framework along with Native platform capabilities.

React represents the ‘V’ or the ‘View’ in the MVC model. JavaScript is used by it to build view components. Additionally, JSX is used in the React library to structure component syntax template.

The React JS project was made open source for everyone in 2013. Since then, React app development services have been adopted all over the world and appreciated for its resourcefulness.

React JS development companies are gaining popularity over the years as they allow business owners to create applications or websites that can completely transform data while the pages are being rendered.

React Native is used extensively to create real and exciting mobile applications just by using JavaScript.

Since JavaScript is supported by both Android as well as iOS platforms, only one set of code is sufficient for both platforms.

Thus, React helps developers save precious time during the process and allows business owners to launch their app sooner.

Backed by Facebook, React Native has continued climbing the popularity charts owing especially to its very active community support group.

React Native is built upon React JS and is deemed better than the long standing favourite Angular JS as well.

Difference Between React Native and React JS

While React Native and React JS stem from JavaScript itself, they have certain similarities and certain differences between them.

React Native framework builds a hierarchy of UI components in order to develop the JavaScript code. It inherently has a set of components that are unique to iOS and some that are unique to Android platforms.

These components enable it to build a mobile application that has native look and feel. React JS, on the other hand, is an open source JavaScript library that can easily construct user interfaces.

Thus, in a nutshell, both React Native and React JS are developed by Facebook using the exact same design principles, except for the user interface designing.

What’s New in React?

The last decade has seen React evolve into one of the most popular frameworks in programming, leaving its contemporaries behind by miles. In the last couple of years, React has introduced and established React Hooks.

This is an extremely crucial change as it has a large role to play in deciding how developers build React Components in the years to come.

Developers are able to generally opt for either class-based components or function-based components.

When they are dealing with internal component state, they require class-based components. The introduction of React Hooks, however, enables developers to organize everything as function components.

This eliminates the need for re-writing the entire components. React is can also introduce brand new patterns – for instance sharing logic between various components.

Concurrent Mode and suspense data fetching are some other great tools that have been introduced in React in the last couple of years.

As React has evolved immensely onward the last couple of years, it has its capabilities. It is sufficiently meeting all the requirements that are expected from any new age programming framework.

Dilemmas of a Start-up

  • Unclear of the Target Audience

At the start of a business, it is difficult to fathom the preferences of the target audience due to lack of data to back any assumptions. Therefore, a start-up needs to prepare for all scenarios and focus equally on Android and iOS app development. Hiring separate teams for app development for different platforms is not a viable option. React provides the nearest solution to all the problems that might arise in such a scenario.

  • Cost of Development and Limited Funds

It is no secret that any start-up wishes to conserve all their funds and utilize them judiciously at the start of any project to ensure minimal wastage. They look for solutions that provide maximum gains from spending minimum amount. Yet, they do not wish to compromise on the quality of the end product.

  • Effort Involved

Initially, for any business, a lot of effort needs to be put in to build and stabilize the product. App development is the centre of this entire process and teams need to conserve time and effort in this sphere, to ensure the timelines are followed. A difficult product development leads to flouting the strict timelines.

  • Performance

While selecting a programming language for the development of the app, the paramount factor that needs to be addressed is the performance of the app. This is one thing that cannot be compromised on as it lays the foundation of a strong business.

Any start-up needs to look into various parameters while choosing the programming platform for its app. React framework has entered the arena with a long list of positive factors, which is why every new business prefers it over its counterparts.

Benefits of Preferring React Over Angular JS and Vue

Despite continued good performance of Angular JS and Vue, start-ups are still going in with React development services. A number of reasons can be attributed to this trend, like:

  • Simple Database Operations

At present, a large proportion of no SQL database is organized through MongoDB. React is able to use the React JS environment to allow better convenience while conducting any database operations. React JS can organize as well as manipulate JSONs with little to no human interference. This is a simpler way as compared to that opted by other languages like Ruby on Rails that need convergence during intermittent stages.

  • Effective Proxy Services

Another extremely useful feature of React JS is that it makes a number of tools and services available to the developer that allows them to set-up proxy services. The React JS environment can offer various third-party resource exchange such as data collection, data processing, or data execution within the CDN. Therefore, React JS can provide proxy services in cases where no actual professional proxy set up is available.

  • React is SEO-friendly

SEO and marketing are very important for any new business set-up. Any service that aids them is regarded as extremely important for start-ups. JavaScript is known to be a very powerful tool for a front-end developer. React Native is very well compatible with the latest premium search engine features. React Native can effectively improve the ranking of a website. In fact, React has certain inbuilt features that offer excellent compatibility with the latest SEO algorithm features.

React Router and React Helmet are two amazing tools that help develop SEO-friendly websites easily. React Router library helps developers to reroute a react application. React Helmet helps developers utilize HTML metadata in the component header of any application developed.

  • Great Flexibility

React is popular for offering a high level of flexibility to developers. For instance, when a developer uses MongoDB to develop no SQL database, there is a chance that a need for integrating the system with JQuery may arise. In such a situation, React JS makes the integration process extremely easy by offering web packages and resources. React JS is, therefore, essential for new age developers.

  • Excellent Support Continuously Through an Open Source Community

Open source resources have been given a major boost by the tech developers who come together on the internet and construct as well as enhance such platforms. The community of developers contribute advanced features and problem solving techniques to ensure bug fixing and ease of development for their counterparts. The JavaScript Package Manager (JPM) enables developers all over the world to use code functional blocks. These blocks are continuously tested to ensure robust and error-free development consistently.

React has a community of over a thousand active members who ensure that the React JS system runs smoothly and flawlessly.

  • Great Compatibility

The increased the use and adoption of cloud computing and other similar solutions by developers has created a need for the right developmental tools that can easily help post the note server for the development of any application. By providing various adept tools, React JS allows developers to bundle applications on Docker (CE and EE), Microsoft Azure and AWS.

  • Support for Full Stack Development

The various tools offered by the platform assist in the full stack development of web applications with React JS. For instance, React JS can be used to build the back-end of an application, React Angular can be used to build front-end of the same application, and no SQL can be used to develop the database.

Why Should Start-ups Go in for React Framework for their Application Development?

Now, the major question is why you should choose the React Framework! Let’s have a look at the factors in favor of this decision:

  • Low Development Cost

When starting a new business, money is of essence and saving it at every corner is the wise thing to do. Development of apps using React consumes significantly less time as compared to the time taken in development using other libraries. This can be reasoned by the implementation of boilerplates in React that facilitate code reuse and help save time as well as other resources.

  • Excellent User Experience

React provides a long list of great features that help in the creation of apps that provide excellent user experience. React uses virtual DOM and server-side rendering to enable the creation of fast and high-performing apps.

  • Cross-Platform Development

React supports development frameworks like React Native that allow developers to make a simple switch from React JS to React Native mid development and get the optimum benefits from both frameworks. React Native allows developers to render UI for both Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, various React JS web app sections can also be reused in React Native mobile apps, thus eliminating the need for developing separate apps. React Native is UI-focused, and thus, gives a smoother overall feel by allowing the apps to load faster.

The above factors are the main points that pull every start-up owner towards React Framework.


ReactJS is among the most promising and consequently, the most popular web and mobile app development technologies in the industry today.

As a start-up business owner, incorporating React JS in an app development plan will help the organization reap rich dividends in the form of a reliable tech stack and a cost-effective development process.

The hired React JS developer not only experiences agility and ease in the development process, but also gets the benefit of high efficiency and low cost during the process.

The workload is significantly less as well. The process is made even more exciting by the fact that there is no need to focus on both iOS and Android to create separate apps. This is why most start-ups are recommended React Framework for their first app development.

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ByDavid Adamson

How Bad Website Design Can Hurt Your Business

It doesn’t matter if you are considered one of the best lawyers in the world or you’ve invented the car that drives itself.

If your website design is poor, you will never receive the traffic you deserve.

The design of your website should be considered as the icing on the cake; the front door to your home; the first glance from your future spouse.

Your website design is the first thing that your visitors will see and the last thing if they leave!

If you are noticing that you are losing customers and potential clients before you’ve had a chance to sell your pitch, there are four major factors that can ruin a website.

Too Much Text

Too much text is one of the leading causes of lost traffic for all websites.

It is best to imagine yourself as a customer or future client and think about what kinds of things you are looking for when you reach a website.

The customer wants to see text, but it’s important to make it short and sweet.

Text that is easy to digest, such as shortlists or bulleted points, can help get the point across quickly so that your potential client can move on to the next area of your site for information.

Someone who is interested in the services you have to offer will continue to sift through each page of your site, but if your landing page is full of too much text, they won’t go any further.

Every detail does not need to be included in the first page of your website. Take it slow and let the details unfold naturally.

Pushy Registration

When it comes to website design, there isn’t really a necessity for the readers to register for the website unless they are interested in more information,

It is important and extremely helpful to a visitor to have a live chat option available, but keep the option available at the bottom of the screen or only allow the option to pop up one time during a visit from each customer.

A person who is constantly being nagged by a pop up window offering assistance from a live chat operator is not only going to be annoyed, but they are going to exit your website immediately even if they did like what you had to say.

Unresponsive Design

Responsive design is a new and popular way to format many websites so that they are accessible from all devices.

This article explains the importance of responsive website design and how approximately 6 billion people have mobile devices—and you can bet your pennies that many of them will be using their mobile devices to search through your website!

If you operate a website that does not adapt to different sized screens and different devices, this can cause issues and problems for the reader who is trying to visit each web page.

When a visitor encounters problems that provide them with a poor experience, they may never return or may exit before retrieving any contact information from your site.

Boring Design

Even boring industries have found a way to succeed on the Internet with their websites by creating pages that are exciting and pleasant to view.

Some of them use videos, pictures, and off-topic content to keep the visitor interested.

Contact For Top Website Designing

There are many different reasons why poor website design can cause you to lose business before you get a chance to change their minds.

At Coin Ideology Digital, we visualize success and want to do everything we can to give your visitors an experience with your website that they will never forget. 

Contact creative web design agency today at [email protected] to find out how we can spruce up your website design and increase conversion rates for your business.

ByDavid Adamson

Why You Need To Hire A Professional Web Development Company

If you are the one, who is looking forward to being competitive in the online or offline market then you must have a professional website.

These days, the internet is the leading resource for people to find information, with business research being a leading reason to perform a search on the web.

It would be not wrong to say that those businesses, which do not have a professionally created website, might have a risk of losing potential customers on the Internet and in their storefronts.

Nowadays, customers are evaluating products and companies long before they decide to make a purchase, so if your website does not seem professional or secure, then they might go away and move on to the next vendor.

Web Designing

As we know that the sales and credibility are the two main factors for having a professional website created for your business, so the following few reasons will help you in deciding why a professionally created website is needed to your business.

How a great website design with proper UI/UX can improve your companies brand name

Custom design

If you hire a professional web agency you know that your site will be created to suit your business.

Dedicated and experienced web designers will evaluate your business and products, and work with you towards your goal.

You get best website design if you want to generate online sales and Walk-in sales.

The professional web designers design to meet your specific needs. A professional web designer is not captive to any restrictions.

Design is Vital

The first impression of your site is the way your site looks, the way it navigates, and the colors and graphics used.

You must also know that visitors do not like to search for information, nor do they wish to be barraged with loud colors and crowded text.

So it is necessary to approach a professional designer, as he will make sure that your color scheme, text and navigation are designed to be user-friendly.

Uniqueness Branding

You have right here to change your vision into an appealing brand identity including your Business Cards, Logo, Envelopes, Letterheads, and other merchandise.

Marketing vs Branding

Website Development

Here you will get the website of your requirement, which starts from Personal Portfolios to large-scale Corporate Business websites, dynamic content, e-commerce solutions and heavy CMS based website.

How To Develop a PHP Website

Web 2.0 Designing & Multimedia – We make sure that the client website has an amazing Web 2.0 design with creative design concepts, as per their requirements including Print media and Multimedia Presentations.

Programming development

Programming Development life cycle faces a considerable measure of troubles in the midst of each stage; the best test will be from where to start.

Most exceedingly terrible conditions will start an errand with new labourers, who don’t have space ability, questionable development and that too with a testing due date.

Close by specific difficulties, any condition may disappoint an item headway plan and place organization in a perilous and unpleasant crisis, which not took care of well this situation may provoke – things are overshooting cost and time estimations yet ending up in low quality.

API & Web Applications

We can make custom APIs along with implementing Google, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo, Amazon, IMDB, MLS/RETS, Oracle, cc Avenue, PayPal, EBS, Shipping, etc.

Strategy Advancement

The ability to map out an detailed plan is among the strengths web designers have. You will concentrate on your company plan in this course, and any long-term aspirations and goals.

If your long-term goal is to build online companies, they’ll help you lay down the bricks and map the most effective path forward to make sure your strategy succeeds.

Not all designers are completely up to the challenge when it comes to tactical preparation, but web development SEO Manchester companies observe this as yet another obvious method to help you achieve your goals.

Quality Web Development

A website is the doorstep to your organization and must make an excellent initial impression on potential customers.

With the introduction of e-commerce and e-store integrations, many transactions today happen on the websites.

Your website, consequently, needs to be of top quality, well-planned, and active to be able to provide the many preferences and choices of the numerous customers who visit such sites.

A professional web design team understands the creation of a results-driven website that is attractive, vibrant, and great user experience.

Exclusive Content Management

The content is king in web design and development. A website without content is, in essence, like a farm without crops; it’s bare and it’s absolutely useless.

Development of content is an art that not everyone has and therefore developers may neglect to create captivating content.

How Content Marketing Help You Grow Your Business?

Content needs to be original, fascinating and useful in attracting prospective audience.

Internet software firms generally have multiple groups assigned to perform different tasks throughout the process of web creation.

Some teams deal solely with the production of content to ensure the whole platform is of quality.

Internet Marketing and SEO

 We will market your business online with our complete package of Internet marketing solutions, SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, Email marketing and affiliate techniques.

Domains, Web & Mail Hosting

 We have the best in web hosting, class email hosting, and domain management services. We give you 99.9% uptime guarantee to make sure that your website and email services are always ON.

Website Development Company Have Good Websites For You & Your Business

You’ll be meeting some website production companies on the web. However, Dricki is one of them to find the best, which can grow your best product and make you happy in every way. This company provides dedicated support and awesome developers forever. It is a network of tremendous goods, services, and expert people who are designing, developing, and consulting every market requirements. We work on web-based applications. Our customer will never disappoint with our branding, concept, web development, web designing, web & email hosting.

Web development company’ aim is to do web development with continuously providing dedicated support forever. This approach makes us separate from other web development companies. For more than five years, we are providing our best service that is why now we have built a reputation for our clients with their optimistic responses. If you are actually serious about your web success, we can get you there. That is a cause why, we get back our 80% clients. Our experts are experienced to generate coding, designing for development. This Website Development Company in India provides a wide variety of services to our client base.

ByDavid Adamson

5 Traits Successful Websites Share Between Them

This article will help you recognize five key elements that are found as common in all successful websites and how can you make use of such things into your website.

Here we have listed the key traits which each and every successful website design have in common:

Minimal Design

Having a look at the websites with good traffic, you will notice that they are beautifully crafted and have less going on. Or, we can say, well-designed websites have a minimal design as compared to meshed up websites with more fonts, sizes, colors, and alignments as well. While the professionally built websites have the below-mentioned particulars in overall website design.

Which are

  • Font Styles: 2-3 font styles in total
  • Font Sizes: 3-5 font sizes in total
  • Colors: up to 3-4 colors
  • Alignment: Barely 1-2 types of alignment

Organized Layout

The layout of a website plays a vital role in its success. A well-organized website focuses on the structure being used to display content on the website. Also, the content should be arranged in a way that one can easily scan the content they are searching for.

While developing such successful website design, most designers confront the issues like finding out the various types of users will land on the website and their needs, in order to structure content accordingly. So that the website can display content in a way that one can easily get related content as per the query.

For your information, all the successful websites use sitemap not more than three layers deep as it can be understood easily and allow the user to navigate through the concerned content with just a few clicks.

Designed for Conversion

The successful websites are always devoted to maintaining alignment between meeting the need of the visitors and of the business as well. Previously discussed the organized layout of a website fulfils the needs of the visitor.  While how a website converts that visitor into a profitable amount of money called conversion.

A website designed for conversion navigates visitors to a success path. It recognizes the need for the visitor and then provides a pathway to proceed further.

The websites which fail to convert visitors have messed up websites that are less focused and confuse the visitor rather than help them.

Designed for Mobile

If a website is not designed for mobile, it is not meant for around 20-50% of all visitors landing on your website. The website designed for mobile even adjusting the CSS of your site, also perform practices like the perception of the user shift when they are using the mobile device. Also, it takes care of the design, layout, and information structure of the website will be conveyed to people when they are using a responsive web design on mobile.

Other than this, mobile design is developed on the basis of continuous decline in the attention of people while visiting a website. It keeps the most relevant information first and foremost in the website design.

Less Loading Time for Website

When a visitor lands on a great website, he really was not thinking about the website. Instead, he got delighted and engaged with the experience being provided by the website.

The loading time for a website plays a significant role in keeping visitor’s interest on the website. If the website takes a long time to load, the visitor automatically will go out of experience from the content and the website itself. Also, the website load time is one of the major factors considered via Google for website rankings.

Out of the 10 most trafficked website on the internet, there will be at least one which have a load time of under 2 seconds.

So these are the five aspects that are found commonly in successful websites and plays an important role in ranking them in the top ten searches.

ByJason Fernandes

Top 10 Ways To Automate Tasks on Your WordPress Site

For the past many years, WordPress has remained as the go-to website creation tool for many web designers as it offers multiple benefits starting from SEO-friendly updates, easy maintenance, cost-effective features, to quickly upgrading and transferring the website.

However, to avail full advantages of WordPress, the site owners must automate their WordPress websites.

One can enjoy high security and super-smooth interface features after automating their WordPress website. Automating the WordPress sites post its release allow the site owners to deliver the best possible UX experience to the website visitors.

So, if you are someone who is keenly looking to automate your WordPress website, then you need not worry as you have already landed on the right spot. The article will provide you with complete information about the ways you can automate your WordPress site. So, with adieu, let’s first start by understanding:

What is WordPress Automation?

In the easiest terms, WordPress automation refers to having all the necessary plugins, software, and settings at the right place to handle all the critical site updates regulatory with minimal input from your side.

Well, at first glance, automating your website may seem a daunting task to you as adding plugins for automating your website may add some heavy weight to it, resulting in slow loading time.

To add more, the plugins managing your site codes often cause issues that can corrupt your database or even put the site in offline mode. To avoid such problems, the simple trick is to consider having a few plugins to minimize the site downtime.

By automating your WordPress site, small or big no matter, you can save a lot of your valuable time by automating the highly repetitive tasks. You as an owner of the WordPress site must definitely know how much time all those little updates, backup, and other process take that you manage on a day-to-day basis.

A lot of WordPress automation tools are available in the market that helps you ensuring your site remains up-to-date as well as free from any security mishaps or site malfunctions. Again, installing plugins and software can be a way better idea of performing regular site maintenance tasks.

Here are the Top 10 ways to Automate your WordPress Site

1. Site Performance Monitoring

Fortunately, numerous tools are available in the market that can be used by you for improving your website performance. You can have a look at the caching plugin tools like Hummingbird for automating tasks such as site monitoring, performance and optimization. 


To add more, Hummingbird is a great plugin tool for caching your website gravatar, browser, page data and generating reports about your site’s performance.

2. Scheduling Posts

A lot of people post their blogs regularly to keep their website relevant and fresh for their followers. Some microbloggers even post more than once in a day, offering some valuable news to their followers.


Well, as we know, it is slightly challenging to automate the content creation task fully, you can still automate some of the posting functions for your website. For example, one can schedule the posting of different blogs in advance in an attempt to keep a consistent schedule for the readers following them. For this purpose, one can take help of automation tools like auto post scheduler.

3. Auto Update of Website Themes and Plugin

A host of plugins and themes are used by WordPress site owners to improve their website functionality. However, the more themes or plugins you integrate into your site, the more time you have to dedicate for managing them in terms of keeping them up-to-date. Ignoring updates can also lead to security vulnerabilities in your site.


Although, WordPress automation mechanism tries to install most of the critical updates on the site on your behalf, there is an ‘update’ plugin also present for you in WordPress to make sure that you implement and keep track of all the necessary site updates. You must also ensure that all the web plugins installed by you are from trusted parties owing to the security aspect.

Automate is one such update plugin that you can try as it allows the WordPress site owners to control the degree to which you want to update your site with regular reports about the updates that occurred to your site.

4. Website Backup

Keeping regular backup for your website is a great way to tackle any security breakdowns and data losses. In case of a data loss, bug, security breach, or accidental data delete, you can always rely on the backups that you have stored for your website. It is vital to keep several recent copies of your site backup data at most easy to retrieve places.

A variety of dependable plugins can be used by site owners for keeping regular automatic backups. Updraftplus is an excellent auto-backup tool that can be freely downloaded by site owners for automating their website backup tasks.

5. Optimizing Site Images

Optimizing the sites with heavy graphics, media, and images is essential for site owners to keep it super smooth and responsive. This also helps in reducing the website loading times. In case, when you have a plethora of posts to upload with heavy images and animations, compressing and resizing them can take a lot of time, so it is always better to go for plugins, which helps you immensely.

Many plugins allow you to instruct your site about what image optimization methods need to be chosen for particular images. Plugins like Smush Pro, EWWW, and ShortPixel, etc. easily perform the image optimization duties on your WordPress site.

6. SEO Optimization

A lot of time and resources are wasted by big firms and web bloggers in ranking their sites high on the search engine result pages. However, more than often, they do not obtain the desired results due to poor SEO friendly updates to their site. If you are also struggling with poor search rankings, you can consider taking the help of some reliable SEO tools like Google Analytics.


However, first, you must use WP Checkup to check the overall SEO friendly functions of your site, and then use SmartCrawl to create and transmit updates of your XML sitemap to search. Afterwards, you can use a reliable SEO tool to check and verify your Google Keyword rankings.  Such tools also offer regular updates about SEO performance and traffic on your site.

7. Security Monitoring

In the recent past, the security is one of the biggest concerns faced by most owners of WordPress sites. Keeping your site unaffected from any kind of security mishap is a time-consuming task; hence, you can automate the security monitoring tasks of your site. Security automation tools perform similar to antivirus software. 

For automation of security monitoring tasks, you must consider WP Checkup, the best automation security tool, which periodically sweeps your site for checking the security holes. Defender is another excellent security automation tool that can look out for keeping your website free from security breaches.

8. Blocking Spam Comments

Site owners or bloggers get a wonderful opportunity to interact with their followers or fan in the comments section. So, in order to ensure a great comment section, you need to put specific measures in place to block spam comments, enabling real users getting your maximum attention.


This is especially beneficial for those who have thousands of comments on their blogs, articles, or news posts. Bloggers or site owners can install plugins that automatically filters out the spam comments. Akismet is a great spam comment blocking tool that can be installed freely by the site owners on their site.

9. Email List Creation

Some of the greatest methods to reach out customers directly in the digital marketing domain include sending out newsletters, deals, alerts, reminders, and other necessary correspondence via email. For such purpose, the website owners are required to create an email list of customers who are well versed with the brand. Automating email listing task can be an excellent idea for you to save maximum time. You can check out OptinMonster software tool for automation of email listing task.

10. Broken Link Checking

A broken link can be a great setback for readers while they are visiting your blog, news, or any other post. Broken links create a great inconvenience for the users or fans of your blogs while accessing your referenced content. In order to avoid broken links and improve the overall quality of your blog, you can take help of the Broken Link Checker tool. It is a great WordPress to view all your broken links and fix them as soon as possible.

Final Words…

Many WordPress site owners are mostly wary of using a plugin or software on their site, fearing it will degrade the website performance, i.e., slow loading time and they will also lose the personal touch with their customers. Well, in reality, using automation tools, software or plugin can be an excellent idea for you to improve the overall performance of your WordPress site by automating the tedious, repetitive tasks mentioned above.

Having said that, following the above tricks can greatly help you create excellent content and improve your website without worrying about the site maintenance tasks.

If you need help with the automation, optimization, or management of your WordPress website, let us help. We provide exceptional WordPress development, designing, and marketing services.

If you liked this article, do not hesitate to share it with others. And if you have a question for us, go ahead and write in the comment section.

ByVivek Sharma

Touch Height of Success in Online Business with Right Web Designing Services!

The fact can’t be denied that SEO and web designing services or across the world are playing a big role in the growth of the online business. The reason is that due to high completion in the digital world it has become difficult to come on the top position in the search engine result pages (SERP). And, without being on a high position, no customer would even know that your business exists.

Being on the first page in the SERP is not enough for business success. For catching the attention of the customers, one thing that has the utmost importance is the design of your website. Yes, it is one of the big factors. A website is the face of your business.

More attractive would be the website, you would get the huge traffic on it which would surely elevate your business growth. Only a good looking website indeed is enough to rock your business, several other factors contribute to making a business successful. In this read, let’s have a look at the significant impact of website designing services on online business and how it aids to flourish your business.

It helps to build customer trust: A wonderfully website design helps to build the trust of the customers. The reason is that if your website would not have an awesome design, then it would seem outdated. And, no customer would love to visit such kind of website.

On the other hand, when customers would see a professional and attractive website, they would visit it and stay for a longer time on this kind of website. Like this, they would visit the same website again and again if they find it the best. That’s why it is said the well-designed website is essential to beat the competition in the digital world.

Drive traffic: Another thing that arises the need of good website design is that it is driving the huge traffic on the website. Yes, when a website is designed professionally, it is without a doubt attracts more and potential customers on it.

Elevate the sales: It is obvious when you have a large number of visitors on your website, then your overall sales would enhance. And, it is only possible when you have a large customer base. So, if you are running an online business, then hire the best web designing services provider for your website and give it a unique and professional look with the help of that company. It would definitely help to increase the sale of your products/services.

Help to build the brand name: One of the essential factors that are required for the success of any kind of business is to build the name of the brand. Yes, this is the factor that aids to provide the long term benefit for the business. So, a wonderfully designed website helps to build the brand name. It would help to make your brand famous in the market because it would be visited by more customers.

Provide good user experience: Another big advantage of the professional and outstanding website is that it offers good user-experience. A well-designed website has excellently managed that help to the customer to easily explore every page of the website. This kind of website encourages the customers to explore it fully and also increases the chance to make them the convenience to make more purpose.

Point is that you can only get the perfect and desired design of your website when you would hire the right company web designing company for it. Here are some tips which would help to hire the right web designing company for your business. Have a look-

How to Hire Right Web designing Services for Your business?

1.    Discussing their experience is essential

2.    Check Portfolio and references

3.    Understand the scope of your project

4.    Describe your exact demand to them

5.    Set budget and time

6.    Customer reviews

7.    Whether they are able to satisfy you or not

Discussing their experience is essential:

If you are thinking to avail the web designing services from any agency, then one thing which is necessary to discuss with them is their experience. It is a smart choice to select the designing services provider company that has rich industrial experience and knowledge. We are suggesting the company which has rich industrial experience is because they know what is in trend and what kinds of websites are liked by the customers. If you would avail of the website designing services from the company that doesn’t have the experience, then it may be a chance that you don’t get what you are expecting due to their lack of experience and knowledge. So, it’s always great to go with an experienced one.

Check Portfolio and references:

For ensuring that you are dealing with the right web designing company, it is good to check the portfolio of any particular company. Apart from this, it is wonderful to avail of the services of any website of which you get the reference from your reliable sources. So, it is another important point to remember while hiring such kind of service for your business.

Understand the scope of your project:

One more thing you have to be very clear that is to understand the scope of your project. When you will understand the scope of your project, then it will be easy for you to understand which agency would be the best for you.

Describe your exact demand to them:

When you contact any website designing Provider Company, then describe them your exact demand. If they guarantee to complete your task, then hire that agency. If not, then search for another agency. If you feel that they can’t do it on time, then it would not be the best company for you.

Set budget and time:

The budget and during of completion of your project are highly significant factors on which you need to work. So, first set the budget and timing of your project. If you would be very clear about these two important points, then you surely hire the ideal company for your project. Yes, this point helps a lot to hire the best web designing agency for you.

Customer reviews:

Customer reviews are the most important point that will show you the right direction in choosing a reliable web designing company for your business website. You can check the reviews of the customers about any particular company for its work. Also, you can directly contact the customers who you know have taken the services of the company for which you are thinking to avail of the services.

Customer satisfaction:

A company would be able to deliver the best web designing services for your website if it provides the utmost customer satisfaction. If you are satisfied with all the answers given by the agency you are thinking to hire for designing your website. If you are not satisfied, then move to another company.

Apart from this, there are so many other benefits of a well-designed website. If you are running any business and have a website that does not look professional and attractive, then avail the service of the reliable web design company. It is a great way for uplifting your business that an even affordable rate. Yes! It is true that there are lots of agencies that offer the best services at cost-effective rates. So, search for the best web designing services Provider Company and hire them for your business and let your business touch the height of success. Hope now you have understood better why the demand for web designing agency is high in the marketer.

ByDavid Adamson

Why Do Small Businesses Need A Website?

We will present you a mandate reason why SMBs need a website.  We know the needed person always thinks about how to start, which one the best, don’t think negatively. We won’t say we are the best or your last station.   Do you know what? Today every 2nd guy is using smartphones in the world and 90% of peoples active on social media platforms. 

Exactly, that is the big deal just think about it your customers are online to find more about your business. Today everything is switching to web platforms like Amazon is the biggest example behind which 1000’s of entrepreneurs are following the same concepts some of these have success and some of these have failed.

Whenever talk about web development services, every business choosy to choose a website development company for their business, they always want to make a website within affordable budget, but in this case, time is going on and they still think to develop a website what happens then competitors win the race, because who take decision fast with prepared plan. You know that you can get more out of your business and you can serve and help more people by being online. This means you are accessible anytime and everywhere.

The interesting thing about the business is that having a site isn’t just suggested, but it has become necessity.

Truly, the percentage of businesses that have a website has expanded in one year. In 2019 there were just about 67% of Businesses that didn’t have a site. The new research shows the percentage rate is improving. The data picked from India, but that is the real fact are similar for rest of the World more likely worse and there are likely around 45% of Businesses without an online presence.  

If you are running a business without website, so you are losing revenue and online engagement with your customers. Understand the market trends now you can start earn better revenue and online customers, however when the youngsters will start to be more in the market you will miss out.

Do you know what 89% people are doing research on the desired product before they buy? So, it is a bit of walking call and you should be inclining toward the yes answer. 

Obviously, these are insights and we want to give you some more reasons you should get your Business a website.

There are following 18 reasons you need a website: 

Your Business should be 24/7

Yes, Your Business should be 24/7, obviously, that is the point. The site is there 24/7 open. Where, you sell your products and services. While you would prefer not to go through the entire day in your office and work until 3 or 4 AM. Many peoples are doing research about their next buy at that time. Why wouldn’t you want to be one of the options?

This brings us to the next one.

A website is a Tool That Sells Your Products and Services 

A website acts like a catalogue for product or services. If further you want to changes i.e. specification, prices or plan (packages) for your services, you can ease to change it. Now you don’t need to wait for brochure or printed material to arrive, which you have then conveyed to your potential customers. 

This is your board. You can instant your business present to tons of potential customers. Obviously, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to do whatever else. You need to promote your website and business. There should to be a SEO marketing, social media exposure and content marketing. These all are different but work together.  It means your site should be ever evolving and be flexible for changes in the market.

Your Business Can Now Do Business Globally

It’s not just as said above, that you would now be able to arrive at a bigger market. As well that your business can now offer services and products worldwide. 

There are almost no limits in today’s World. You can reach potential customers and markets that you wouldn’t imagine before. This is the reason your agency needs a website. It is your pass to the next level. 

Sky’s the limit if you execute the right strategies behind your business website. 

You Can Target a Bigger Market

Your local market will be broad, you will be in front of potential customers that weren’t in contact with your brand before. No matter if you sell services or products. 

If you decide to have an online store that you can sell directly on the spot and the store is up at any time.

Your Potential Clients Are Online

It’s difficult to accept, but it’s true. People are online and that doesn’t infer that solitary progressively young age is using the web. Around 77% approaches for web globally. 

It doesn’t make a difference if your Business is large or you run a privately-owned company. You should be online, introducing yourself as one of the providers of services or products. Numbers of people are enhancing day by day looking to do the research on what to buy and more importantly from whom to buy online. If you’re not giving your presence there they’ll simply loss your benefits, you will be left outside.  

Your Clients Expect You to Be Online

There was an interesting research done in 2019 by Aculance, which appears, that customers do expect that Businesses should have a site. 

90% of participants in the age between 18 – 54 state that they are more likely to contact a business if the business has a website. 

You could be missing the loss of a lump of clients that are searching for your product or services and they can’t find you.

You Can Educate Your Customers about Your Products, Brand and Services

It means, how does present your services or products and what better place would you write about your products, brand and services than on your own website.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t imply that you should boost in your posts. Your blogs should reflect your business goal, your presence important to your visitors.

If you can offer a deal through your website and educate them about your specialty they will be more engaged and bound to turn into your customers.

An extraordinary expansion to your blog posts are share buttons for social media. This feature can help you in your blog posts to share with other networks and get you even more exposure.

With a blog, you will as well improve your communication with your potential and existing customers. Additionally, you have more effect on visitors and potential customers buying choice, by offering deal on your website.

Get New Clients for Your Business

As should be obvious at this point. Users are looking for new information on the web. So they tend to search for solutions for their concern to an ever increasing extent. With a well optimized and creative-designed website, you can position your agency as somebody who can provide them with a solution. It can mean a great deal when your potential customers and users are choosing where they want to buy their next product or service.

Give them that you can solve their problem and that you understand their pain. 

There is additionally a choice to implement a “Call-to-Action-Button”. It implies they can generate an inquiry from you in a few minutes. You get a notification and you call them back.

Your Website Can Provide Social Proof

Obviously, you most likely have some kind of social proof, i.e. Facebook page, Pinetrest Twitter, Instagram account. Also Scoopit, Tumblr, Linkdin and Google Reviews.

All this is great, but if users are already searching for you on the SERPs page, it would be great if they can explore your link. This is the place you can add your happy customer’s reviews. 

Remember that you could do some case studies and provide even bigger value. Since you will show them the method and a happy customer. Believe it or not majority of people love to look for comments and what other people are saying about you. The outcome of a study done by Aculance state that 90 % users trust online reviews. A good reason to have your own business website and add testimonials and if applicable ever star reviews.

A review is one of the key factors for your webpage rankings so it’s a great value for you and your potential customers.

A Website Builds Your Business Legitimacy and Credibility

Your business can get instant credibility. Additionally, if you connect this to the above reason, you are providing to your customers with valuable information on your website.  

It shouldn’t only the information on your business information, but also other marketing relevant data. As well as proving you as a trustworthy business.

Execute all above in a well-structured and creatively designed website, where you can close sales deals more easily. Your site will show your customers that you mean genuine business.

If your website not optimize with all these features, so targeted customers could think don’t follow the technological progress or more terrible they’ll think you are in such tough situation that you can’t afford it.

These are things that you don’t need your potential customers to consider your Business. 

A long time back it was significant that your business had a genuine physical location. 

Today it’s significant, that you have a website. 

It can look suspicious to your potential clients if your business doesn’t have a website.

A Website Can Help You with Your Business Goals

A business website can’t run without the content that will aware and educate your users or visitors. If you have uploaded quality content on your website will help you rank better on top search engine pages. 

But, whenever you are writing your content, there are numerous things that should be possible better or extraordinary. 

This will help you with overhauling your business and get you to address a few things. Set yourself new objectives. Structure your business in well manner and learning way. 

Compete With the Competitors 

Still you are thinking, however you can’t compete with them. They have a sufficient amount of resources or in some other cases have big resources. But people don’t always look at that rather looks for a well-designed website, where well structured products and services in manner way you can also will mix-up with them. If you have great plan just implement in your dream website with best Web Development Company in India. 

Your Website Helps You Fulfill Your Brand Promise

The fact is, numerous entrepreneurs and owners forget, that a website is the face of your business. It means you can build up a unique experience for your customers when they connect or work with you. 

By having a professional website, which reflects your business importance, you are presenting your creativity. This is something that will different & unique your company from your competitors.

E-Commerce Are Growing

According to a survey ecommerce market is rapidly growing globally. The ratio of ecommerce retail sales increasing yearly by 15-20 percentages.

Today, people mostly prefer online shopping because is cheaper and more convenient. Obviously, you shouldn’t be fooled and think that physical stores are going away, they are most certainly not.

But you can more improve your revenue if you have physical store as well convert into an ecommerce sites. Because you will sell 24/7 on the web, but since you will enhance sales in your physical store with the help of your online store.  

Create a Knowledge Base and Resource Center for Your Staff

Until this point, we have been focused on your clients. Be that as it may, the thing is, you can give assistance to your staff as well. This is also important nowadays. You can make a site on sub-domain, not visible to any other else but your staff. Upload info videos, learning material and different assets that can assist them with improving their work. Your staff will feel progressively valued and this can assist you with running a superior and more people oriented business. The staff isn’t your cost they are your investment. Treat them right and you will get the best outcomes.

Your Competitors Have a Business Website

I spared this one until the end. Since ideally, you will see, that your competitors can and will overtake you if won’t be cautious. What’s more, if still you have a question why small businesses need a website, this one will assist you with acknowledging you do require one. 

Customers nowadays are researching what to buy online. This is normally the beginning stage of the buying choice.

As we saw toward the start, by far most of buyers will rather purchase from a company that has an online presence. If you are not using internet, you are not aware of technology and you are falling behind your competitors that are on the web.

You are giving your potential customers a reason to buy from your competitors.

ByRitesh Patil

Hiring Offshore Development vs. Freelancers Teams: Select the Most Appealing Model

Employing remote developers is the big trend that has now turned into a business-standard. International business names like Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, Apple, and others have saved billions from employing remote developers.

A study of Harvard Business Review shows that over 54 million employees are involved in commuting in the United States alone:

If you ponder about delegating jobs to hire onsite offshore programmers to stay determined, then you must follow two choices.

You can either individual contractor/ hire freelancers or build an entire offshore team. Which model is suitable for your requirements?

Remote Contractors/ Hiring Freelancers

Employing the freelancer is the right idea when the work pressure is not so much, and you need one-two experts for completing a job, i.e., designers or remote software developers.

Or when you do not need them permanently, but continuously. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages.

Important Price Reductions

By employing remote programmers from particular countries, you can gain up to 50%-60% of your revenue.

There is no requirement to pay for employee’s insurance or purchase expensive technical things, i.e., smartphones and laptops.

Additionally, you do not have to agonize about office janitor services, supplies, and use. The non-attendance rate is low, which process that you can gain up to $1,900 per employee yearly.

A report of Global Workplace Analytics is how much companies lose on unscheduled nonexistence.

Big Talent Hunting

When changing to telecommuting, you need access to a big talent pool, not just locally but also globally. Indeed, when you employ a workforce who has to travel to your office, you miss numerous prospects outside your settings.

Telecommuting enables you to look, top designer, remote programmer, or any other experts from worldwide.

Although telecommuting is not just about profits, especially when employing remote freelance programmers. It would help if you were sensitive to the coming difficulties.

Isolation Undermines Expansion

Communication is an establishment of personal associations and an essential issue for transferring information.

During 45 hours a week depleted in an office, staff not only toils but also learn innovative things and ideas.

They get crucial knowledge about business’ strategies and culture through casual conversations, which help them develop.

Distorted Work-Life Equilibrium Causes Personal Exhaustion

Employees are working from house face numerous interruptions, and as an effect, their work-life stability becomes unclear.

Imagine, on a day; they may have several tasks to fulfill: repair a car, drive kids to school, or aid friends with some critical problems.

Therefore, every contractor sometimes gives up their work for belongings that trouble them. As an outcome, their productivity slump, but it isn’t the only intricacy.

Legal Problems

When assigning tasks to freelancers, there are surly legal subjects to keep in intension. First, there was no assurance that a contractor won’t trade-sensitive data to your entrant.

Even if you deal with an NDA with the remote developer, it is a probability that the individuals will use your intellectual properties, i.e., source codes or specialists, for other development.

Since it is unfeasible to track such movement, you may lose vital information and reluctantly confer it to your entrants. Hire Onsite Offshore Programmers to achieve substantial price reductions and give the capability to access global talent.

Although the risk is significant, so this means it may be more feasible for short-term developments that do not require considerable effort and do not have many results on your action.

If you want to delegate a large project and avoid such problems, pay consideration to the devoted team model.

In the subsequent, it is gathered the profits and disadvantage and easy infographics comparing the above models – employing freelancers and building up an integrated offshore team.

ByAnkit Dhadwal

How a Great Website Design with Proper UI/UX Can Improve Your Companies Brand Name

Before getting to the benefits of UI/UX importance let us discuss what exactly they are.

UI – User Interface

A user interface as you may call it is that part of your website or a software that a user interacts with. It’s a part that you can call act as the presentation with which the user interacts firstly. Mainly UI is designed by the companies for the customer engagement with the products, it’s a way through which the user connects with the product. UI is the graphical representation so that user can interact with the user and help them navigate through the products. UI is provided by the companies with the sole purpose of how the design components are used by the users for their conveniences.

UX – User Experience

A user experience is the study of the factors that come into play during a user’s interaction with a product. These factors include emotions, preferences, feelings, interaction with previous apps etc. UX helps in designing the products in such a way that they fulfill these requirements of the users.

Without the Ux, UI is nearly impossible as without proper research of the targeted audience you’ll be designing a product without meaning and irrelevant audience being targeted.

Let’s get back to the importance of the UI/UX as the concept is clear now. Below are the TOP 10 reasons how UI/UX helps in increasing the brand name:

  1. Customer Engagement

    As everyone out there are thinking about better customer engagement and that can only be achieved by the proper UI/UX design. With proper study you can design the proper UI/UX and thus helps in more proper engagement of the customer to the product. An ideal person spends about 10-15 sec on a website or an app, so if you want to engage your customers in this time only a proper UI/UX can help you achieve that.
  2. Increased Traffic

    You can get traffic to your website one time when someone visits to check their query but if you’ve a poorly designed UI/UX there is no chance that they’ll come back for more. So in order for them to return to your website, your UI must be designed in such a way that it makes the customer wanting for more maintaining that previous traffic and even increase it as well encouraging them to share it on social media, bookmarking, etc.

  3. Customer Satisfaction

    The main aim that a product is designed is solely to satisfy the customers and make them your permanent customers. But a customer satisfaction is achieved by a proper UI/UX design as it’s the main part with which the user interacts and it’s said that first impression is the last impression. So with proper product a proper UI/UX is also necessary for better customer satisfaction. A great product is made by a great design and thus doing proper research is mandatory.

  4. Consistency across different platforms

    A proper UI/UX not only helps in engagement but it also helps in maintaining a consistency across these different platforms. Take Twitter for an example if you’ve used it on various platform then you’ll find it’s got different UI but the feel and the basic concept is the same. It’s easy to use despite being a complicated system which user nevers feels. With proper UI/UX your sites, software, apps etc will be optimized and it will help in providing a good look and a great feel which will help in maintaining that consistency which your product desires and with consistency then comes improvement in product as well.

  5. Saves Time and Money

    While creating a brand everyone devotes everything into the process by spending most of their time and a lot of money into it. But if your UI/UX is not properly designed and well researched you’ll end up spending even more into changing it every time you receive a feedback. If you’ve a proper research done and designed according to the targeted audiences then all you need to do are small basic changes to keep the app exciting, saving a lot of your money and time as well.

  6. Eyecatching Designs

    Everyone wants their products to be admired and liked by their customers to bring those sales. Even a small business owner who wants to make money online knows a website should look good and attractive. But to make those eye catching designs you need to have a proper research and then design it. As we have discussed earlier without UX it’s impossible to design a UI so a proper UI/UX combo helps in creating those smashing designs that every customer wants and you want to please them so that they can stick with you for a long time.

  7. Create a Unique Brand

    A unique and well researched UI/UX designs can help you in setting an out of the box identity for your brand. As you’ve got a great UI/UX your targeted audiences will remember you by it and will become your signature that will help in your recognition in the near future. As a unique signature it’ll help in building a trust with your target audiences.

  8. Integration

    A proper UI/UX will help you integrate your products and present them in a more appealing way. As you’ve got integrated products it’ll be accessible across various platforms and will increase your sales by way too much. As your accessibility is increased people can find you on various p[latforms thus increasing your reach.

  9. Promotions & Referrals

    The major part of a company comprises of Promotions & Referrals and with correct UI/UX designed, you can easily land some referrals and some of the big guns (other successful companies) might want to advertise with you. This will greatly help in your brand expansion and provides your brand that great exposure.
  10. Research & Development

    R&D of a website never stops with the market range the website or the app keeps on changing to enhance the user experience. The team in the R&D department continuously measures and analysis what actually user wants and is looking for. Once the analysis is done the report is sent to developer team to take further actions. The final results that you get is definitely worth spending time and money on it.

FInal Thoughts

UI/UX can be considered a backbone for any organisation and with the passage of time, the growth in this field in remarkable and have a potential for a whole lot of growth in the years coming and the users are selective in choosing their services. In order to compete with all the big companies out there, your UI/UX needs to be upgraded with time and it’s design should be able to attract and interact at the same time with audiences and fulfill their services.

Surely the trends in the next year 2022 will be changed, new trends will come or old might stay the same one can’t say that for sure but surely there’s a great area of opportunities for everyone to progress in this particular field.