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Learn 9 Differences between Marketing and Branding

ByDavid Adamson

Learn 9 Differences between Marketing and Branding

A minor difference is between branding and marketing. Both look the same; however, for perfect results and analysis, know about branding vs. marketing.

Branding is not about grabbing your attention today, instead, it is about creating a perception over time.

Basic Difference Between Marketing and Branding

  • In branding, a logo, a slogan, a text, an image, or a face shows to people many times like hammering to memorize it.
  • In marketing, “benefits with feeling” show to people to take future buying action.

Focus Areas in Marketing and Branding

If you want to impress people make it complicated!
If you want to help people, keep it simple!!

  • In branding, the focus is to display name, image, face, slogan, etc.
  • In marketing, the focus is to collect customers’ information like emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc. for Remarketing.

Location Target in Branding and Marketing

  • In branding, a place is taken for the long term, and branding is done through online and offline media. You may have seen when any brand launches himself; they stick posters in the whole city. The more they hammer your mind, the more progress they get. It does not have any new benefits.
  • In marketing, a location is taken with a process. The manager makes a strategic plan and analyzes results.

Results Calculation

  • In branding, results are considered for a long time. In branding, you cannot measure results in a short period. Branding results are evaluated by brand value.
  • In marketing, results are considered according to the marketing plan, but it is also long term but shorter than the sales plan. The balance sheet evaluates marketing results.

Easy Way to Make a Difference – Think of Politics

  • Showing the big face and identity is branding.
  • Processing the strategy to win the election is marketing.

Branding has Less Mortality Rate

  • Branding works as immortal if it is done perfectly for many years. We never forget a few brands, a few historical people’s names. Branding starts with one individual or team, and after a few years, everyone starts branding without knowing that they are branding. You may see a few brands like Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Amazon. Almost everyone knows the name and shares it with others who don’t know these names.
  • Marketing is changeable according to the current scenario, the needs of people, and location. People don’t want to do marketing for others until they get paid something. Marketing is mortal. If you stop marketing, it will stop giving results after some time.

Mind Game

  • In branding, a name/logo/slogan tried to store in your subconscious mind by showing the same thing many times. Once the name stores in your account, the game becomes easy. The items stored in your memory becomes your asset, and your asset becomes your idea, and you can fight for your idea. It is just like transferring ideas one mind to another mind without permission. If someone goes against your idea, you start fighting, start convincing others, start marketing, and start selling. You become the ultimate seller without getting paid. Strange but true…
  • In marketing, things stored in your cache memory like cash in the wallet. You see something until you need them. In marketing, you see the benefits. Benefits are worked until you have a need. When the need is over, no reason to see the benefits of a thing. Suppose you have a deficiency of iron in your body. You intake salads, medicines, spinach, go to the doctor, etc. when you see the report that now you don’t have any deficiency of Iron, you even forget the name of medicine which you used to take regularly. Marketing works until you need it. It is focused on your needs. Marketing is your bank balance; branding is your heritage, where you get a royalty.


  • Branding is simple; without many strategies, one can start branding. For this, one needs a name, a logo, a face to increase the value.
  • Marketing needs experience, expertise, strategies, processes, and analysis. It is not an easy task. It needs patience and a mind who can measure the result.

One to Ten Years Goal

  • If you are looking for short term success, branding is not your cup of tea. You need years. For one to five years’ goal, branding is not suitable for you.
  • Marketing gives success even in a short period. If your goal is for up to 10 years, you should choose marketing as a good tool. You can analyze results and act accordingly. You can earn huge amounts of money with this.

Success Rate

  • The branding success rate is very less. If you do not have a good budget, you do not have much time; then it will fail. People will forget you simply.
  • The marketing success rate is high.

What to choose – Branding or Marketing?

According to your goal’s period, you should choose branding and marketing. You can start both at one shot because, in marketing, it is automatically doing your branding. However, it should be clear in your mind what you are doing? You should not judge results through values if you are marketing, and you should not measure results in the balance sheet if you are branding. I hope the concept of branding marketing would be cleared.

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David Adamson is the founder and digital strategy manager at Coin Ideology Digital. He develops techniques to boost traffic, sales, and brand awareness for startup agencies. He has specialization in Blockchain and digital marketing industry including SEO, PPC, SMO, influence marketing and consumer behavior analysis.

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Thank you for all the insights. I found it really useful for my first campaign.

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