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Broken Link Fixing Services

Broken links may be a result of typos, redesign, and redevelopment of an existing website and URL restructured. It is commonly known with these titles:

404 Errors
404 Soft Errors
Not Found Errors
Broken Linking Issues
Dead Link or URL Issues

Whatever the title or reason but Google treats then very strictly. It may be a reason for a complete website penalty that can remove your website from the search engine. It doesn’t good for users’ experience too.

If your website facing the issue, you should fix it immediately.

How To Know If Your Website Facing the 404 Broken Link Issue

There are many methods to check 404 broken links but here is few:

Broken Google Search Results

Sometimes visitors click on Google results and reach a URL that no longer available now. This is the worst experience for every user who gets a result in search but couldn’t reach the required page.

Broken Link Building

Backlink Broken Link During the link building, you create many backlinks but sometimes accidentally you put the wrong website URL and did not check after the submission. If the backlink is created on the google traffic website then it will not give a good experience for Users about your website.

Broken Internal Linking

Broken internal linking is the most dangerous for your website as it is westing the link juice and users not reaching to the desired post and pages due to broken links.

Google Search Console Coverage

Google search console coverage issues collect all broken links in 404 and soft 404 forms. It also shows which URLs having the issue and how to fix them.

Other Paid and Free Tools

There are lots of paid and free broken link checker tools that scan the whole website and filter all the URLs as which have broken link issue.

How We Fix The 404 Broken Links From The Website

We fixed all broken link according to the following pipelines.

  1. We scan your website to find how many broken links your website has.
  2. We collect all the errors in an excel sheet with there broken link status.
  3. We manually remove the broken link from the web page.
  4. If there is a potential we can replace the broken link with a working link of your website.
  5. After fixing all the broken links. We send you a report.

Why Choose Us For Broken Link Fixing Services

These point will help you to decide, why you should choose us for the 404 broken link fixing services:

  1. We have a 5+ year experienced team.
  2. We are very good at technical SEO.
  3. We offer quality services at an affordable cost.
  4. We can make your website error-free within 99$ only. (t & c apply)
  5. 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are looking for 404 not found error fixing services, please fix the contact form or email us at [email protected]