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7 Successlife ICO Review To Evaluate New ICO Project

ByDavid Adamson

7 Successlife ICO Review To Evaluate New ICO Project

Once you’ve decided to make an investment in an ICO, the next thing is to find out the best ICO project that actually has a demand in the market and a chance to grow in the future.

To help our users, we have decided to list the top ICO projects ideal for investment in 2019 according to the data by some of the most reputed investors and investment companies in the world.

An ICO or Initial Coin Offering is the public sale of the tokens of a new cryptocurrency project/company. The main purpose of an ICO is usually to raise funds from potential investors.

While ICO may seem like a nice option for both investors and crypto startups, the increasing popularity of it is also attracting many scammers.

Make sure to go through successlife ico review given below to be able to find the right ICO for your investment this year.

Elysian – E-commerce smart contracts

Elysian is a new yet very innovative cryptocurrency company that provides a blockchain based decentralized platform for e-commerce websites.

The platform makes use of smart contracts to provide a secure way for developers (and even non-developers) to create awesome, feature-rich e-commerce websites in no time.

Other features of the platform include secure data storage, robust code, increased efficiency, faster delivery, theft protection and more.

The objective of the project is to create an innovative e-commerce system that consumers can actually trust.

Cypherium – Bringing Blockchain Mainstream

Cypherium is one of the most unique ICO projects of the year 2018. The project is backed by some of the professional developers from companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

The purpose of the project is to make the use and access of blockchain common to everyone. The developers of the project are working on a system to rectify the shortcomings of present blockchain infrastructures.

As of now, the commercial and public use of blockchain is limited by things like decentralization and the lack of sufficient infrastructure.

The object is to design an intuitive interface for general users to access and use all the functionalities of comprehensive blockchain technology.

NAFEN – Empowering industries with nano superpower

The Nafen project has been designed to help industries across the world. The company has created a nano-material that can be used by industrial organizations to increase the capacity and quality of their production.

The said nanofibers can dramatically change the various chemical and mechanical properties of industry materials infusing them with superpowers.

The Nafen project will be of use in a range of industries such as automobile, metallurgy, chemistry, oil, fuel, planes and new materials.

Neon-exchange (NEX) – An innovative way to trade tokens

The NEX project has been designed to overcome the limitations of DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) and provide a highly secure exchange platform for crypto investors to invest and trade their coins.

NEX platform enables users to participate in complex decentralized crypto trading and transactions.

NEX makes use of an off-chain verification system to enable a more secure and faster system for complex trades across different blockchains.

SHIPIT – NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform

Shipit is another innovative technology service for travelers and shipment senders.

It enables travelers and senders to connect through a common platform and help each other. Shipit will be available in a mobile app format which senders can use to find the right traveler to ship their packages to their destination at a low cost than normal courier rates.

This gives travelers an opportunity to earn income while traveling. – A blockchain based brokerage platform has been designed to revolutionize the way brokerage services are provided and used.

The platform provides a convenient tool for brokers and agents to provide their services and make money efficiently. It is a decentralized platform that can be used by brokers to ensure smooth service transactions.

As of now, the system is already being used by many people in traditional trading markets as well as in crypto markets.

GlobaliPay – A Global Digital Payment Gateway

GlobaliPay has been regarded as one of the most sophisticated and realistic ICOs of 2019.

Why? For one, it is based on the concept of digital payments, which is something that’s never going to get out of demand.

Then, it takes the concept one step further by implementing a blockchain based payment system that can be accessed globally and can be used for making low-cost financial transactions with features like payment confirmation, fail-safe, high transaction security, transparency, and low transaction cost.

Now that you know about the successlife ico projects review where you can or should invest in 2019, go ahead and conduct your own research to find out more about these specific projects. Choose wisely and invest accordingly.

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