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How Coin and Token Sales Process Work in An ICO or ITO Project?

ByDavid Adamson

How Coin and Token Sales Process Work in An ICO or ITO Project?

Let’s talk about how coin and token sales process work in an ICO or ITO project.

ICO sale process allows users to make payments in cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and token and Fiat currencies like the dollar. The users will be able to manage and trade their coins and tokens through the wallet itself.

This blog aims to explain to interested and future investors about the ICO and ITO Sales Procedure.

Steps Of Token Sales Procedure

1. Registration

You must be a verified ICO project user to be able to purchase All tokens and coins during the ICO sales.

Non registered users must sign up at ICO project to get access to the ICO participation link which will be distributed only to registered user accounts. Upon following the participation link, the ICO Terms & Conditions should be accepted. Thereafter, the user will be redirected to the ICO participants personal account.

Registered users must visit the ICO project website and login to their accounts using their user id & password. After accepting the ICO Terms & Conditions, registered user will be directed to the ICO participants personal account page.

Users who are already logged in to ICO project should follow the onscreen instructions in their ICO project account and accept the ICO Terms & Conditions. Users will then be directed to the ICO participants personal account page.

2. Purchasing All tokens and coins

Each token or coin will be sold for ETH or BTC. There may be other payment sources as the accepted payment method.

All tokens and coins will be available for purchase through the ICO participant’s personal account. In order to buy tokens, the user will have to send funds to the addresses and QR codes of ICO project Ethereum or BTC wallets mentioned on the page. Information on the total amount of tokens purchased, the ICO schedule, token cap, and the percentage of the total amount of tokens sold will also be available in the ICO participants personal account.

The details of the transfer will become available in the user’s purchase order list in the ICO participant’s personal account after the transaction confirmation is received.

Transaction details will contain the confirmation time, transaction amount, the number of tokens received, and the number of bonus tokens depending on the ICO phase during which the purchase is made.

Tokens will be delivered to the user’s specified wallet after the payment is confirmed. The ICO project team will make their best effort to promptly summarize and reconcile all the necessary statistics that will be needed for the appropriate token delivery to all ICO participants.

3. Token Listing

All tokens and coins will trade under the ticker symbol token and will be listed on major exchanges shortly after the ICO. In order to increase liquidity, our Management team will do its best to ensure that token or coin is listed on all reputed digital currency exchanges prior to the token sale event. There is, however, no guarantee that this will occur as it is beyond the authority and control of ICO project’s management team.

In conclusion, we must agree that cryptocurrency is the fastest rising market in the history of the internet and digital finance. Investment returns can be beyond comprehension. However, this comes coupled with an equal probability fraudulent traps and deceptive offers. Be alert and make wiser decisions to find the perfect options for your investments. Visit the ICO project website to know more about the ICO and the reasons why you should invest in it.

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