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Technical SEO Services

What is technical seo

Are you publishing valuable content?
Are you doing link building in the right way?
Is your website mobile-friendly and attractive?

If your all answers are yes but still not getting enough organic traffic then you should do brainstorming and hire a technical SEO expert from CoinIdeology.

What Includes in Technical SEO Services?

A technical SEO service includes all the white hat onsite and onpage SEO practices that usually missed by all-rounder SEO guys. We follow the process by advanced SEO tools and expert SEO intelligence.  

What Includes in Technical SEO Services?

Know what we will do for you in technique SEO services:

  1. Technical SEO Audit: In this audit, our technical SEO expert will review your website using 100+ SEO onpage factors to find out your website SEO problems. Usually, this process takes 1 to 2 weeks and more depending on your website size.
  2. Google Search Index Management: In this management, our technical SEO expert will improve your indexing and crawling rates by doing necessary changes in your webpages and blog posts.
  3. Silo Site Structure: Bad site structure can decrease your search visibility, so it is compulsory to have deep attention on this part of technique SEO. In this technique, we make each page accessible by the users.
  4. Internal Linking Review: In this review, we will check your internal linking structure, find the weakness and leverage to improve your search traffic by right internal linking targetting.
  5. Deep Content Auditing: In this auditing, we will check your content quality, value, readability, and goal. Good content will be promoted and bad will be removed from the website and redirect on the best-related content.
  6. Deep Backlink Auditing: In this auditing, our team will review your backlink profile and suggest some advice to fix them. We will review your backlinks authority, relevancy, anchor text profile and many more.
  7. Site Speed Optimization: Google likes fast websites, so we will review the factors that are increasing your website loading speed. Image optimization, CSS, HTML, Javascript compression are part of this process.
  8. Multi-Device Responsive Testing: Some time we only check one or two devices to check the website mobile-friendliness but there are many devices your website opens there. So devices and each section of your website should be tested by an expert.
  9. Canabilization Issue Fixing: Some time your web page competes with another your web page that can harm both pages ranking. We will find and fix all the results that we are internally competing with each other.
  10. Complete Technical SEO Reporting: We will regularly update you with the technical SEO work by reporting and communicate with you before taking any action.

Why You Need The Technical SEO Services?

Why You Need Technical SEO Services

If you have a qualified team who can manage all the technical SEO audits then you no need this service but if they are facing any of the following problems then you can get started with us:

  1. Your team is struggling to increase your website traffic.
  2. Your organic traffic is continuously going down.
  3. Your keywords are not ranking on the first page.
  4. Your website penalized by Google.
  5. Your website is hacked.
  6. Google took manual action against your website.
  7. You need a healthy website that grows automatically.

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CoinIdeology technical SEO specialist can increase your website traffic without link building. Connect with one of our search specialists who is waiting to help you to increase your search traffic.