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Digital Trends Small and Medium Size Business Need to Focus on 2024 [Infographic]

ByDavid Adamson

Digital Trends Small and Medium Size Business Need to Focus on 2024 [Infographic]

Experienced people say, we should follow the trends to be updated with world. In this blog we are going share with you top digital trends for small and medium size businesses that should be follow in 2024.

The world at present is booming with digitalisation. The rate at which digital advancements are taking place is higher than ever before. Every individual is involving more and more into digital technologies like VR headsets, smart watches, smart speakers and never to forget smartphones.

The life of an average individual is crowded with master works of this digital era. Since the focus of humans is shifting more towards digital technology it becomes necessary than ever for all business owners to give a prime importance to this shift of indulgence and the necessity is multi fold for SMBs.

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Since it’s a new practice it’s tough for business owners to ascertain the behaviour of people in digital environment. However, many service providers are building or have already built systems to track the user behaviour. This behaviour data when combined with machine learning can help provide a seamless experience to customers. Machine learning systems accrue high costs but SMBs can substitute it by a diligent data scientist who can help overcome bottlenecks in conversion rates.

Smartphones are certainly protagonist of digitalization hence should never be overlooked. SMBs should give special inclination towards the mobile experience for their customers. Websites should be mobile friendly helping users seamlessly navigate through it.

More than 70% of total internet today comes from mobile devices hence SMBs would never want to lose the business coming from mobile devices.

Mobile apps are a clever way of growing business as they not only help in providing a more personalised experience to customers but also help in digital marketing side of things especially SEO as apps get indexed easily and rank better.

As a decision maker it’s tough for SMB owners to decide what KPI to use to measure the profitability of investment. Vanity metrics like traffic, post shares, post likes, page views, etc don’t essentially reflect the growth of business. Hence decision makers should move beyond these metrics and focus on what return on investment is being achieved on your spent money.

Another bottleneck is deciding the focus between online and offline marketing. Digitalization is growing but this doesn’t mean one should completely disregard the offline aspects of marketing. Instead measure should be taken to maintain a healthy balance between offline and online marketing thus giving users a smooth omni-channel experience.

As a traditional business owner it’s tough staying informed of all digital inventions but following few trusted digital trends can certainly help in growing your business. Read the below infographic from  Maiden Stride to know more about the digital trends-


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