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What is POS Financing and How Does it Work for Small Businesses?

ByDavid Adamson

What is POS Financing and How Does it Work for Small Businesses?

Digital marketing is growing and customers are looking for new methods of payments. There are various financing methods e-commerce are applying to make their customer satisfy the buying procedure.

There is a payment method called POS which stands for Point of Sale financing. This allows the customers to pay for a certain product for a period of time after buying.

This kind of lending method is growing these days. 3 people are working together on this payment method. The Merchant, The lender, and the customer.

Whenever the customer makes a purchase and finalizes the payment method all the information about the customers will be passed on to the lender by the merchant for proving the loan. Then the lender makes his decision and the customer can select for the point of sale financing while purchasing the product.

Customers can choose financing measures and can buy the product. With this kind of financing method, there is a significate growth in the business. POS finance, sales financing is giving the customers a new way through which they can make a payment for their product.

This method can be used by both small business or large business. This method can be very helpful for both the customers and for the lender if implemented correctly as it is providing a flexible way to pay for your product.

This can make a positive impact on your business will help build trust with the customers and will even grow your sales. This gives customers a chance to buy products even if exceeds their pocket value as they can pay for it in installments later.

But not all the companies are providing Point of Sale financing. It will largely depend on how big your company is and how much you can provide to your customers.

Let’s look into some of the positive sides of Point of Sale (POS) financing for small business

Increase in Sales

Customers who want to buy a lot of products but are not able to pay for all at the same time. If you are offering them the POS financing methods, you are giving your customers a choice to buy now and pay later. People buy in bully and pays for all the products later.

If you are letting your customers pay later without even charging any interest, you will slightly see an increase in your sales. As more people will buy a product from you.

You are proving your customers with a flexible way to do the payment at a period of time. With POS financing many companies have seen a growth in sales by about 30%.


With Point of Sale financing, customers don’t have to go to the bank for all those processes to apply for a loan. You can do this while purchasing an item this is the easiest and more efficient way for busying any product.

POS financing will provide customers with a user-friendly experience while shopping online or in-store. You don’t have to pay an extra penny if you choose POS financing. This is a hassle-free way for the customer to apply for a loan on the spot.

You don’t have to worry about not having the money to pay for your product now as POS is a simple and efficient way to make your payment over a period of time.

Quick Track

Even if you are a small business starter it is hard to keep track of your products every day. If you are proving your customers with POS financing you can keep track of every detail of the product like time of purchase, location, and buying medium.

This provides a user-friendly way for the customers and your business too. You don’t have to write down all the details on a piece of paper to keep track of the product you sold.

Your customers can directly shop from either online or in-store and can apply for the POS financing so you can keep complete track of the customer purchase.

Builds a Trust

By providing POS financing you are building trust with your customers. As you are letting the customers pay for the product at an interval of time you are winning their trust.

This will attract more customers to buy products from you. You are providing them a secure way of payment to avoid any kind of fraud for the customers. sometimes there is a risk using a card payment as it may leak all your information stored.

But with POS financing you are letting your customers choose the way of payment option so there is a lower risk of who might get your payment information.

Increase in Conversion

Why do you think your business gets affected? People tend to leave their shopping bags when they found that it will cost more money than they have in their pockets.

Point of Sale financing is providing the customer with a friendly way of payment. You can pay for your products in installments. This will help to generate more conversion as the customers will find it easy to pay for the product later and can buy the product at the same time.

It is a quick way of buying and receiving the product which will make your customers happy. You don’t have to worry anymore about your product now been sold or customers didn’t pay for the product.

Business Growth

POS financing lets your customer choose the payment method for a period of time so this will not only help the customer but will also help your business to grow at the same time.

Most customers these days are young ones who are buying products online and who don’t have a credit card. So chances of losing your business growth will increase if you are not providing your customers with POS financing.

You may lose those customers who always want to buy a product and pay later or in installments. That will help them to save their pocket. If you let your customer pay in installment you are providing them a different mode of payment other than just credit card or cash.

Quick Loan

We all know how long it can take to apply for a loan if you go to a bank. The procedure would take you so long that you even might leave while applying for the load.

With Point of Sale financing, you can directly get the loan on the point of buying a product without hassle. You don’t have to wait in a queue for hours to apply loan for your product.

This is as simple as it seems. Just buy the product now and pay for it later. And for the business owner, they even get a discount of about 10% of the loan amount.

You are offering your customers an instant loan and your customers don’t have to pay any additional cost for the product. POS lenders won’t charge an additional fee from their customers and business will also see a significant gain in their profit.

POS financing, sale financing is a new way for both the customers and the business owner to make a deal work. Customers find it very easy to pay for the product as they can pay for their product later without worrying about the cost of the product while purchasing and the businesses are seeing an increase in their sales.

Many companies are providing different ways of payment and the ones who are providing POS financing can see a drastic change in their business upfront.

Customers are looking for a different mode of payments to satisfy their buying and businesses are looking to gain more revenue from their customers. This is not a new method of payment it is just a new business era. This can make a huge impact on your business if done properly because you need an understanding of your customers.

Your customers are the ones who are willing to pay for the product you are giving them but you need to make their buying experience more convenient.

There are many customers who are not qualified for a bank loan because they don’t have the following credentials to apply for a loan. With POS financing the amount of time between the sale and received payment is shortening. 

The growing demand for POS financing can be seen. Third-party POS provider costs will highly depend on the size of your business and your annual business revenue.

You need to choose your POS provider wisely some may charge you high fees and some don’t but depending on your business you can provide and choose the necessary ways for you and your customers.

You can’t change interest from your customers as you may start to lose your sale from the customers. no one wants to pay more for their products even after if they are paying for the product in installments. Find a good lender who can provide you with Point of Sale financing.

Don’t try to risk your sale if you just started your business because some lenders may charge you a fee before providing Point of Sale financing. 

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