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How To Use Infographics To Promote Your Blockchain Project

ByDavid Adamson

How To Use Infographics To Promote Your Blockchain Project

Human beings respond to visual stimuli more than auditory or experiential information. Infographics, which combine text, visuals, icons, and data, help users retain what they learn. Crypto users are far more engaged by a well-placed marketing infographic than blocks of texts.

According to 2020 research almost 68% of marketers create infographics for B2B marketing.

Various types of infographics can be used in crypto marketing. The most commonly used categories include:

  1. Statistical marketing infographics – data-heavy infographics
  2. Informational marketing infographics – text-heavy visuals that communicate concepts
  3. Funnel infographics – visuals that give an overview of projects and timelines
  4. Strategy infographics – graphics that highlight processes in marketing
  5. Social media marketing infographics – repurposed infographics shared on social media

How To Use Infographics To Promote Your Blockchain Project

Blockchain projects can use infographics to promote their projects in the following ways:

Visual communication

A visual can help company communication better than a video meeting or a chain of emails. For example, a strategy infographic can help clearly explains how the project leverages blockchain technology for meeting customer pain points.

Data visualization

By combining data in a chart, pairing them with icons, adding labels, and voila, the company can have an infographic that paints a clear picture of what the project is about. An example is a market research infographic that uses icons and donut charts to depict numbers. A user simply needs to glance at the visual to get the salient information.

Landing pages

Creating high-converting landing pages has always been a challenge for blockchain projects. You want to give users the requisite information but you don’t want to overwhelm them. The key is to create infographics to showcase your product’s benefits. Or to depict the process of using the technology platform. If the information is relevant and attractive, the graphic encourages the user to stay on the page.

Blog posts

Crypto marketing infographics have been used alongside blog posts for a while now. You can use an infographic to summarize your blog post. This makes the post easy to skim. The infographic can also be used as a way to entice readers to stay on your post.

Social media

A social media marketing infographic can be a great way to attract audiences and boost follower numbers. Users on social media are constantly looking for content that educates them and improves their lives. To make the process easier, projects should create more infographics.

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