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List of Crypto or ICO Marketing Strategy [Will 100% Work in 2024 and Beyond]

ByDavid Adamson

List of Crypto or ICO Marketing Strategy [Will 100% Work in 2024 and Beyond]

Are your regular posting contents on blogs and sharing engageable content on your social media account but still not getting the desired result? It means your existing ICO marketing strategies are working. It’s time to change your marketing strategy that hits the pain-point of the users and encourages them to purchase your products.

Here, we are going to share with you some proven ICO marketing strategies that will work great for your project.

Airdrop Program – This is the most popular crypto marketing program to increase your social media likes and followers and improve your community network.

Exchange Listing Announcement – In this program you can share some exchanges with your community members and ask them for predictions. The one who predicts right will win a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

Retweet Post and Mention of Influencers – Ask your Twitter community to retweet your post and mention at least one crypto influencer you mostly know.

Bounty Program – In the bounty program, you can promote your project at the major marketing channels like crypto influencers, crypto affiliate marketers, Youtubers, and professional content writers.

Whatsapp Group Marketing – You can ask your community to promote your project on their family or friendly WhatsApp group. You can also set a limit of minimum group members.

Quiz Competition – You can introduce a quiz competition in your community and ask them to answer every day and 1 lucky winner with all the right answers will get an exciting reward at the end of the week.

Invitation Program – In this program, your community members will invite their real and active crypto friends to join your community and the top referrer gets a handsome reward every week until the event end.

AMA Session – Run an AMA section in a different community at a certain timer and request your community members to ask me anything.

Deposit Using the Popular Payment Gateway Offer – Ask your registered users to deposit the amount using the most popular payment gateway in your ICO website solution.

Festival Sale Offers – Announce in your crypto community that you are going to launch the best offer in this festival where they can get a huge profit.

Youtube, Facebook, and Reddit Live – If you have a big community on Facebook, Youtube, or Reddit then this will work best for you. You just need to announce that you are coming live on Facebook and distribute a free giveaway.

Send Reminders To Registered Users Regarding Balance and Add More Funds – Notify your registered users’ weekly basis about the status of their account on your ICO platform. If they didn’t buy your coin yet, ask them to buy it today with exciting offers.

Referral Program – In this program, after registration in any ICO solution, you will get the referral URL that you can share with your friends and family and ask them to invest some amount in a particular cryptocurrency. When your friends or family do the same you will receive a good commission of their invested amount.

I hope you liked the ICO marketing strategies that will apply to your next ICO projects. If you have any other crypto marketing strategy in your mind, please don’t forget to share with us via comment.

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