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7 Free Content Tools that Every Steemit Blogger Should Know About

ByDavid Adamson

7 Free Content Tools that Every Steemit Blogger Should Know About

The effectiveness of good content on Steemit cannot be undermined. A well-written piece is the best way to make money with Steemit. Content is not just about the written word, but also about how well it is researched, how it is presented and designed, and most importantly what elements have been included to catch a reader’s interest.

Creating an effective marketing piece requires a great deal of effort on the part of a content creator. From ideation to creation, a number of points need to be taken care of to ensure the content is able to hold the reader’s attention.

Fortunately, there are now some great free tools that can be used to plan, organize, and execute a content piece on Steemit even if you do not have a big budget for expensive tools. Every Steem marketing consultant has been known to highly advocate the use of these tools for effective results.

7 of the most important free tools that you can begin using immediately to aid content creation include:

1. Canva

Canva is an excellent free design tool that can be used to design title images, infographics, marketing collateral, and any social media image required for a business. It is absolutely free to use with no hidden charges or special charges for select features. Canva hosts a great collection of templates and ideas from other users as well.

With Canva, a content creator can never run out of ideas and be able to design flawlessly without any formal training in design. Canva is a perfect choice for content creators who want to brand the content that they create with some kind of design pattern that is consistent throughout their content. This helps their followers recognize their content, and creates a unique identity for the content creator. Canva is a very helpful tool if one is using it to create content for a community like Steemit.

2. HubSpot Blog Title Generator

Creating content that catches the eye of a casual surfer is not easy. With thousands of content pieces vying for the attention of a reader, the content creator has his work cut out for him. Creating and finalizing a title is one of the most important jobs and it usually takes an average writer 2-5 iterations to finally get the title right.
Title generator makes the life of a writer easier as it provides great suggestions for titles if one adds keywords and searches. This helps the content creator save time and effort, and yet be able to produce a winning piece.

3. Keyword Planner

Choosing the correct keyword for any content piece is absolutely essential. Keywords are what make content stand out and appeal to an audience. Keyword planner can be used during the initial research phase and can help optimize the content for visibility as well as ranking in various search engines.

Depending on the keyword suggested. A content creator can assess what the volume of search results for the suggested keyword is and whether the post can potentially start trending. Including the right keywords and constructing content around them can go a long way in helping you gain high visibility in search results.

4. Grammarly

One of the most important points to consider while creating content, is that the grammar of the content has to be perfect. A well-written piece with no errors is what is appreciated, upvoted, and shared by people. Grammarly is a simple yet brilliant tool that not only checks the grammar in a written piece, but also provides suggestions to improve your writing style.

5. Pixabay

It is no secret that blogs that include a lot of interesting images tend to be more engaging as compared to those that do not. Images not only break the monotony of text, but also help explain any topic better. Steemit is a platform which is all about engaging and captivating the audience to an extent that they share, like, and upvote the content.
Including images in the content positively impact readership. However, acquiring interesting images is not as easy as it sounds. Most platforms that provide images are highly priced. Fortunately, Pixabay is an alternative to such platforms and hosts a large collection of beautiful imagery. Pixabay offers royalty free images that can easily sync with the content created. There is something on the platform for every type of content.

6. Buffer

Social media is all pervasive and all powerful – everyone knows that. Sharing content on social media has become an absolute must off-late in order to get a good amount of traffic. It helps drive traffic to a page, grow social media following, and engage followers. However, there are a few problems. Manually sharing content on every social media platform each time is not an easy task.

Also, sharing the post only once is not sufficient any more. Content needs to be posted multiple times so as to ensure every eyeball is captured. This is where Buffer comes in. Buffer allows content creators to not only schedule social media posts for future a time, but also enables the content creator to gain maximum out of each content piece.

7. Google Trends

Content is all about efficiently giving people what they want to read. For content creators trying to report the latest trends and news, Google trends is an excellent tool. It is a great way to get an overview of the monthly search trends in a particular region, city, state, country, or more.

In order to be successful in your content marketing efforts, it is important to plan in advance and plan well. At the same time, staying organized and executing every topic that comes your way is equally important. For content creators, consistency is the key to success.

It is imperative for content creators to create interesting and engaging content that can strike with the prospective audience. The tools mentioned above can provide a perfect advantage to generate results through the content created.

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