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How To Grow Your Brand with Influencer marketing in 2023

ByDavid Adamson

How To Grow Your Brand with Influencer marketing in 2023

The efforts you invest to grow your business may not always yield the expected results. There are many reasons for this – the prominent one being the marketing trend changes. 

As an informed marketer, it is essential to stay on top of these trends and craft relevant marketing strategies to drive measurable outcomes. Currently, the most happening marketing trend in 2023 is influencer marketing. 

It involves yielding the creative prowess and social presence of influencers to drive conversions for your business. 

In this guide, we will look at the steps to get started with influencer marketing agency and some of the effective strategies. 

How Beneficial is Influencer Marketing? 

When you think of some of the most beneficial marketing tactics, influencer marketing belongs in the top tier. 

Reports show that almost 87% of businesses today utilize some kind of influencer marketing in their business campaigns. Here are the perks of collaborating with an influencer for your brand growth: 

Provide Value 

The newer generation of audiences expects value from their brands. Making your messages sound like vague marketing pitches can prove disastrous. Influencers can help you provide value for your customers by creating content that addresses their pain points. As a result, they get a solution for their problems. 

Target Audience 

Penetrating the market among the dense competition may seem a bit tricky. Influencers serve as an effective tool to reach your niche audience through the right channels. The best influencers use their expertise to research the ideal demographic and create content that resonates with them. They will also have a loyal fan following with the potential to be converted into customers. 

Avoid Blockers 

The use of web ad blockers has grown a staggering 32% last month. People are largely fed up with ads. They are finding new ways to block them from their mobiles or desktops. 

Content creators focus on developing attractive topics that effortlessly convey the message to the audience. These messages have the power to get around conventional ad blockers. They also prefer tuning into attractive content regularly. 

Appeal To Young Audiences 

The newer generation of internet users like Gen Z and Millennials use social media as a buying platform. The content they consume on these platforms influences their purchasing decision. Studies also show that they have the most buying power of all audience groups – about $150 billion. 

As cited before, you can cover a variety of content topics by partnering with different sets of influencers to gain a massive following for your brand. 

Accessibility For All 

It will be surprising to know that influencer marketing is cost-effective for all. Hence, it is suited for brands of all types and sizes. 

You can always leverage influencer marketing regardless of your industry since there are tons of niche influencers. However, it is essential to invest some time in finding the most suited influencer for your campaign. 

How To Choose an Influencer For your Brand 

There are numerous influencers available to promote your brand message. Not all of them can drive the relevant results from the campaign. It is essential to pick the right influencer to host the campaign by analyzing their best qualities. 

Here are several considerations to keep in mind when you are looking for a social influencer from all options: 

Create an Outline 

Detailing your marketing campaign can help you pick the most relevant influencer for your requirements and budget. 

Each campaign is different from another – they all carry different sets of achievable targets and measurable metrics. Depending on these unique characteristics, you should look for an influencer that is most suited. 

This can be done by evaluating their past campaigns along with the engagement ratio. This will let you find an influencer who aligns with your requirements. 

Prepare a List 

Researching online using the above factor, you can find 10 or more influencers for your requirements. 

To make the list even more relevant, analyze their reach and niche with consideration to your audience demographic. The demographic pattern should consist of location, age, purchase preference, and preferred channel. 

The influencers with followers fitting this demographic can create relevant strategies to specifically target your audience. 

Calculate Engagement 

Engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and mentions are indicators of how valuable the content has proved to be to the audience. When sourcing influencer profiles, you must check the average engagement rate on each post to decide if their profile is worthy or not. 

The best ones will have a decent to great engagement range in each of their posts. There will also be some excellent posts that have performed better than others. However, you should also pay attention to posts with usual engagement rates – these could be brought or driven by useless bot accounts. 

When you find such creators, it is better to avoid them and look elsewhere to find an influencer for your brand. 


Lastly, the most important factor in choosing an influencer is authenticity. The creators you associate with advocate your brand. They also have the potential to become your brand’s front face in the long run. 

Thus, it is essential to choose the most credible influencer from your niche and avoid any fast promoters. 

Good collaborations can be a great asset to your brand’s overall growth by aligning your campaigns with brand values. Hence, you earn the trust of most of the audience which can be converted to sales. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding the right influencer for your brand is as important as any other business decision. The right ones have the ability to catapult the business to new heights. 

There are dozens of influencers on every platform like EON8 ready to accept the offer. But, they may be the ideal fit for your campaigns. The collaboration will let you boost your revenue without spending any significant amount. 

You can also stay on the good side of the audience by remaining honest in your approach to branding. Hence, businesses can use the above tips to find the most suited influencer to grow their brand exponentially. 

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