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Combo of Email and SMS for Halloween 2024: Making Money on Emotions

ByDavid Adamson

Combo of Email and SMS for Halloween 2024: Making Money on Emotions

Halloween is a great reason to keep oneself in line and increase sales. To achieve maximum results, use as many channels of communication with the target audience as possible provided by top digital marketing company. For example, the union of SMS and email newsletters work great for any budget.

SMS will allow you to briefly and quickly inform Central Asia of a favorable offer. And in emails, you can add more details, colorful illustrations, and play on the emotions of a potential client.

In this article, we have collected for you the most exciting ideas and examples of how to make money on Halloween using email and SMS newsletters in 2021.

Halloween marketing newsletter to boost sales in 2022

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people. Many attend parties dedicated to this day. And for them, you need to create an appropriate image. Halloween preparation time is a gold mine for cosmetics, clothing, and accessories stores. Also, candy shops can benefit from the holiday, because it is impossible to organize a festive table without them.

Halloween marketing newsletter to boost sales in 2021

If you have taken care of creating a unique collection for Halloween in advance, now it is essential to quickly and efficiently notify customers about the availability of thematic products. The email newsletter will help you with this, and you can show the recipient their photos right away. The newsletter can be built according to the formula – more product demonstration and less unnecessary information.

Advertise related products in the email newsletter

H&M Halloween Collection. The newsletter is illustrated with examples of specific products. The prices are indicated, thanks to which the client will be able to understand how much the Halloween look will cost immediately.

A collection, which can help you with a full-fledged image from the Yoox store. The goods in the letter are grouped, which will make it easier for customers to choose from.

A specially created for Halloween collection of sweets from the famous British producer Hotel Chocolat UK. Chocolates in the form of skulls, pumpkins, bats, and ghosts are in high demand on the eve of the “scary” holiday. The mailing list is designed in thematic black-and-orange colors, and a maximum of product photos is presented.

Customize your Halloween product line

Far from everyone has the opportunity to create a separate collection for this holiday. But this holiday can still be profitable if you find the right approach.

Create a thematic selection of what is already in the assortment, and give it all to the user in a beautiful wrapper of the Halloween email newsletter.

Customize your Halloween product line

The CONSUL Swiss watch store decided to increase profits during Halloween and sent the target audience a selection of watches in colors corresponding to the atmosphere of this holiday (black, orange, red). Please note how succinctly the letter is made. At the very beginning – an enticing picture with a pumpkin. Next, there are photos of watches, grouped by color, and prices. Nothing extra.

Estee Lauder decided to send customers a selection of cosmetics in dark and unusual colors since it is in demand for parties. An additional promotional code when buying for a certain amount motivates customers to complete a more substantial order.

Lancome decided to sell more ordinary red lipsticks during the exploitation of the holiday. A vast number of users will acquire it, as it is suitable not only for celebrating Halloween, but also will be useful in everyday life, saying the following: “Happy Halloween! Celebrate the worst day of the year with our iconic Matte Shaker liquid lipstick. ”

Discounts on all Halloween products

Discounts on all Halloween products

Many companies go in an even more straightforward way. They do not think about the conformity of goods to the holiday theme but make discounts on the entire assortment. Nevertheless, it works.

A 13% discount on everything from a skateboard, snowboard, and clothing store for these sports. The only thing that can connect this promotion with Halloween is the number 13. However, the discounts have never been ineffective, so the company will make a profit by using the festive mood of customers for its benefit.

Email Halloween Event Invitations

Email Halloween Event Invitations

Entertainment establishments can make good money at parties and other themed events. And some companies organize free events to increase customer loyalty.

To attract more people, combine two communication channels: send an SMS in advance with an invitation to the institution, and after it – an email reminder in a festive design with details. In the email, place as many details as possible about the event or the contact phone number so that the person can call.

Do not forget about atmospheric design.

Halloween image emails and SMS

Halloween image emails and SMS

This holiday is another reason to make your brand more accessible and loved among the target audience. Halloween is a great excuse to increase company recognizability. But at least, you need to think through an exciting newsletter, contest, or giveaway.

Contests, pranks, giveaways, interactive email campaigns

They are great helpers in business promotion. Halloween is another reason to hold a contest, joke, or giveaway. Notify users of it using a colorful email with a detailed description of the action and a resounding appeal to action.

Interactions always work well, as they act on the “inner child” that is in each of us.

Halloween atmosphere in the design and text of the email newsletter

Halloween atmosphere in the design and text of the email newsletter

To convey the festive mood you need:

  • Design made in thematic shades: black with orange;
  • The presence in the design of the letter of Halloween symbols: pumpkins, bats, etc. .;
  • Words that create a “frightening” atmosphere;
  • “Scary” numbers;
  • Halloween slogans.

Black and orange color scheme

Be concise and carefully combine these shades. The central part of the background on which the text will be located is better to make black so that white letters are well-read on it. Choose orange so that it does not hurt your eyes. You can use several of its shades, but no more than 3.

Halloween symbols in the design

Add bats, spiders, pumpkins, ghosts to your letter design – anything that will be associated with the “creepy” atmosphere of this fall holiday.

“Scary” and at the same time, cute design: a charming cat with vampire’s teeth, bats, and funny ghosts – what else is needed to convey the “eerie” and at the same time, joyful Halloween atmosphere.

Words that convey the atmosphere of a “scary” holiday

Use in the headline and body of the letter all the epithets associated with Halloween: “scary,” “terrible,” “awful,” “devilish,” “hellish.” You can come up with something of your own, as these words are already quite hackneyed.

“Scary” numbers

To convey the atmosphere, use symbolic names. Usually, spooky associations cause sixes, and 13. For example, 66% for Halloween, especially. 

Bright Halloween headlines

In America and Western Europe, where the holiday comes from, children go home in costumes this evening and ask for sweets with the question “Trick or treat?” Variations of this question can be used in the mailing list. This will help to convey a festive Halloween atmosphere and “beg sweets” from the target audience.

M.A.C. conveys the Halloween mood with the heading “Beauty or Life,” and also offers a selection of products for holiday makeup. All this on a “creepy” black background with orange accents.

The rules of multi-channel marketing in email and SMS mailing

The rules of multi-channel marketing in email and SMS mailing

Combining email with SMS is very profitable since you can combine the advantages of these two channels in one campaign.

Email allows you to transfer more information to the user and immediately force him to perform the target action (for example, go from the letter to the website of the online store and quickly place an order). Still, the person checks the mail only several times a day. SMS, most likely, will be read in the first 3 minutes from the moment of receipt.

Therefore, in the end, we decided to give you some tips on the proper combination of SMS and email newsletters to rationally use the advertising budget and get the maximum benefit from the campaign:

First, send an email, then SMS. For example, notify the target audience of the Halloween event in advance (for example, two weeks before the holiday). In this letter, give all possible details. And send SMS on the eve to remind the person of the time and place.

If you want to save on mailing, send SMS only to those from whom the response to the email was not received.

You can add a newsletter to this Viber chain. This will help reduce the cost of the campaign. You can save by replacing ppc ads with messages in Viber. First, warm the audience with a message in the messenger that you will soon launch a holiday sale for Halloween. Then, send a bright message to an e-mail with all the details. To users who have not made a purchase, send SMS with a notification that there are still discounts, but the promotion is ending soon.

Combine short and concise SMS with detailed, colorful emails to make Halloween not only fun but also beneficial for your business!

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