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Will The Advent of OpenFi Change the Current Landscape on Arbitrum?

ByDavid Adamson

Will The Advent of OpenFi Change the Current Landscape on Arbitrum?

About Arbitrum

Arbitrum is a technology suite designed to scale Ethereum. You can use Arbitrum chains to do all things you do on Ethereum — use Web3 apps, deploy smart contracts, etc., but your transactions will be cheaper and faster. Our flagship product — Arbitrum Rollup — is an Optimistic rollup protocol that inherits Ethereum-level security.

About Open Fi

Open Fi Build a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange owned by DAOs.

Its core, is a solution for protocols on Arbitrum to properly incentivize liquidity for their own use cases. Building on top of the groundwork laid out by Solidly, our team has addressed that first iteration’s core issues to realize its full potential.

OPENFI is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange that operates on a vast scale, providing traders with low swap fees and zero price impact trades. The platform’s trading capabilities are bolstered by a diverse multi-asset pool, which earns liquidity providers fees through market making, swap fees, and leverage trading.

The protocols of OPENFI offers two tokens, $OPEN and $NECTAR, both of which are ERC20 tokens based on the Arbtrium chain. The $OPEN token functions as an asset endorsement token as well as a certificate of ownership for treasury assets. On the other hand, $NECTAR tokens are used to manage contracts and represent a value contribution to the protocol.

The Potocol own the liquidity of the new generation dex.

Supports swaps and leverage trading.

$OPEN A token that endorses.

An asset and holds a warrant as a Treasury asset The NECTAR token acts as the protocol contribution token and is used to administer the contract.


Openfi belongs to a very new circuit with a very large market share and competitiveness. And the product has a very low threshold, making it ideal for the average investor. The project effectively hedges the risk and loss caused by the decline of stable coins and anchor assets in the bull market, which is equivalent to an insurance policy for these two types of assets, and is a product that is just needed in the bear market. I believe OpenFie can definitely drive the prosperity and development of Arbitrum ecology with its own strength and welcome the summer of Layer2.


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