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CrypTouch Company Anniversary Celebration in Dubai

ByDavid Adamson

CrypTouch Company Anniversary Celebration in Dubai

On June 1, 2024, CrypTouch commemorated its anniversary with a grand celebration in Dubai. This significant event brought together our partners and clients from around the globe, marking a major milestone in the company’s journey.

Celebratory Event in Dubai

The event took place in an opulent setting, attended by our valued clients and partners. It was a pleasure to provide everyone with the opportunity to engage directly with the CrypTouch leadership, discuss our accomplishments, and explore future plans. You can view the event video here:

Commencement of Official Client Services

The celebration also marked the official launch of CrypTouch’s client services. After years of developing our unique algorithms, we initiated full-scale testing on June 1, 2023. Our public client operations began in November 2023, and since then, we have been expanding rapidly.

Recognition for Active Partners

A highlight of the event was the recognition of our most active partners. We greatly appreciate the contributions of our partners, and this occasion was no different. We awarded valuable gifts, providing a delightful surprise and extra motivation for ongoing collaboration.

Major Raffle and New Promotions

We announced an extensive prize raffle running throughout June. The prizes include 50 iPhone 15 Pros, 10.000 USDT, and a Tesla Model S.

Participation is simple:

  1. Register on our platform.
  2. Fund your account with a minimum of 50 USDT.
  3. Activate the trading algorithm.
CrypTouch Company Anniversary Celebration in Dubai

Each week, the company will give away 10 iPhone 15 Pros. The cash prize will be drawn on June 17, and the winner of the Tesla Model S will be announced on June 30.

Additionally, in celebration of our anniversary, we introduced a unique “X2” promotion at the event, lasting until the end of summer. This promotion doubles the profits through increased client investments. For instance, by depositing 1,000 USDT, the company doubles the account balance. The client then profits from 2,000 USDT, effectively doubling their investment.

Algorithm Functionality and Testing of a New Algorithm

During the meeting, we delved into the workings of our trading algorithms. CrypTouch employs two primary types of algorithms:

  • The trading algorithm processes real-time market data and uses complex mathematical models to predict cryptocurrency prices, enabling highly accurate and low-risk automated trading.
  • The arbitrage algorithm capitalizes on price differences across various cryptocurrency exchanges, earning through quick trading across different platforms.

In addition, we are developing a third algorithm focused on futures trading, currently in the final testing stages, with its launch scheduled soon.

Platform Interface Enhancements

We also unveiled an update to our platform’s interface. The new version aims to enhance the user experience by:

  • Streamlining navigation and simplifying access to core features.
  • Introducing new visual elements for more user-friendly interaction.
  • Integrating additional analytical tools and charts for better decision-making.

Future Prospects

We also announced our next event in Barcelona this June. This will be an excellent opportunity for us and our partners to reconvene, discuss ongoing matters, and learn about future company plans. It’s also a chance to combine business with leisure.


The CrypTouch anniversary celebration in Dubai was a landmark event for our company. We were delighted to engage personally with our partners and clients, present awards for their contributions, and share new promotions and future plans. We eagerly anticipate our next gathering in Barcelona and are confident that many exciting developments lie ahead.

CrypTouch continues to grow, offering innovative solutions and attractive terms for cooperation to our partners and clients. If you are not yet part of our team, now is the perfect time to join and benefit from all that CrypTouch has to offer.

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