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Top 10 Alternatives To Coinmarketcap

ByDavid Adamson

Top 10 Alternatives To Coinmarketcap

Before buying any cryptocurrency, investors need to research the said cryptocurrency. A single crypto exchange cannot support all the cryptocurrencies; even if they did, not all the information from their ICO to the current levels is supported. Besides, many promising projects are not listed on centralized exchanges, and investors have to buy from decentralized exchanges like PanCakeSwap or UniSwap. This accessible need for information is one of the USP (Unique Selling Points) of CoinMarketCap.

For high-intensity traders who need to be updated every minute, CoinMarketCap, as a website, is smooth enough to keep up with the volatility of an ever-changing market.

CoinMarketCap has a stronghold in this genre of the market. It is the top website on your search page if you search about any cryptocurrency. It is the first website investor’s click on when they hear about a new coin. Both fundamental and technical analysis starts from CoinMarketCap; in short, it is an essential part of the crypto community.

But over the years, CoinMarketCap has grown to be in a position of power by creating a monopoly. This over-reliance of crypto buyers on CoinMarketCap has its downfalls. For example, when CoinMarketCap excluded South Korean data that led to price crashes. Moreover, the concept of decentralization itself is against monopoly. Hence, over-reliance on one platform is highly unrecommended.

Fortunately, many websites provide similar services like CoinMarketCap and can be used as an alternative to it.


CoinGecko is a crypto ranking website that ranks the world’s top cryptocurrencies based on multiple key criteria. This includes volume, market capitalization, developer activity, liquidity, public interest, and community. This info is then used to calculate and rate cryptocurrencies out of 100. This wide range of parameters helps CoinGecko stand out from other similar websites in the genre.

CoinGecko also gives its users free access to other essential cryptocurrency metrics, from price movements to charts. CoinGecko also puts different cryptocurrencies into a basket of genres, making it easier for investors to index through new cryptocurrencies of the same basket. CoinGecko has an interesting way of portraying cryptocurrencies in a new light, helping potential investors decide whether to invest.


CoinCodex is another website that collects real-time data on coin prices, metrics like market cap and volume, and charts. CoinCodex supports the data of more than 2000 cryptocurrencies and 100 exchanges. It has a setting and layout like CoinMarketCap, but the add-on features of CoinCodex are what make it unique and more useful. CoinCodex has an IEO section that lets users know about upcoming ICOs, Launchpad, Parachain sales, IDOs, and STOs.

CoinCodex has a section solely dedicated to crypto-related news that helps users take quick trades on any new news.


CoinGabbar is not just another website that displays live data; it has every other feature that other websites deliver topped up with a beautiful user interface. Along with an intuitive all-inclusive experience. Coin Gabbar also has some added features that will help users find new opportunities to earn from the crypto world. It is ideal for both experienced and rookie traders. It has a dedicated section for news and research on top cryptocurrencies. The website is one of the best for fundamental analysis and is highly rewarding. Yes, you can earn just by staying active in the community. CoinGabbar also has its mock marketplace that users could use to sharpen their trading skills.

They also have a dedicated section for airdrops; it is an excellent way to earn crypto for free. They even have a section for upcoming ICOs and IDOs with the underlying coin’s description. These two features are perfect for scouting to pick your new low market cap gem.

Another incentive to support this specific research marketplace is that its prospects are very promising. They are going to be a Web 3.0 platform and a crypto launchpad and will launch learn-to-earn derivatives shortly. They are exceeding everyone’s expectations. They are exceeding everyone’s expectations and are ready to be the finest of all.

To sum up, CoinGabbar is a one-stop solution for all your crypto-related information needs while rewarding you simultaneously.

Live Coin watch

Sometimes, a clean interface is all you need when you are browsing through and making sense of lots of data points. Live Coin Watch offers free and tons of organized data related to cryptocurrencies. Live Coin Watch allows users to track price movements, volumes, market cap, supply, and the list goes on. The website supports data from around 18,500 cryptocurrencies, all presented logically and straightforwardly.

Live Coin Watch can also categorize cryptocurrencies according to their native coins and tokens built on that blockchain. It has a function to exclude specific markets in case of high regional volatility. Live Coin Watch also has a feature comparing option where users can compare three cryptocurrencies.


CoinCheckup is a website that can greatly help crypto enthusiasts, especially newcomers. Just like the above-mentioned websites, it provides basic info and sorts cryptocurrencies according to different metrics. But apart from that, CoinCheckup provides detailed analysis and forecasts on top cryptocurrencies according to various factors.

Coincheck can provide users with in-depth insight on cryptocurrencies ranked on a wide range of factors, the unique ones being the strength of its team, community awareness, and USPs. CoinCheckup also gives each coin a rating out of 5 according to the rating formula put by the team on their websites. The website is very useful for investors researching new coins or just learning more about the market.


CryptoCompare is one of the oldest crypto data websites; founded in 2014. It has data available for more than a thousand cryptocurrencies and tokens with live prices, charts, and analyses of 65 crypto exchanges. The user interface of the website is relatively simple and easy to find whatever data users want to partake in.

CryptoCompare also provides reviews and how-to guides that are very helpful for cryptocurrency newcomers. Apart from this, CryptoCompare also has a dedicated user forum and information about various ICOs.


The above-mentioned websites mostly show the essential details about a particular cryptocurrency. It displays the data on cryptocurrencies in much more detail. While the interface is not as excellent as its other competitors, OnChainFX has a far more comprehensive approach when it comes to crypto data. For example, BTC’s Return on Investment (ROI), implied market cap from time frames ranging from a week to five years, and other details like BTC emission rate.

The website only offers data of around 700 cryptocurrencies, and the UI and information can not be suitable for newcomers.


BitInfoCharts gives you a wide range of relevant statistics and numbers for a variety of popular cryptocurrencies. This site is certainly worth visiting if you want to know a coin’s number of transactions in the previous 24 hours, the amount transmitted in the last 24 hours, average transaction value, average transaction fee, mining complexity, and other information. Prices, price trends, market capitalization, and coin supply are also provided.

The site design, on the other hand, is a touch sloppy, and the sheer volume of data thrust at you can be a little intimidating. If you’re new to crypto, you might find that other sites provide crypto information in a more accessible format.


Coinlib, a cryptocurrency price, and portfolio tracker offer quick access to vital data and statistics on 4,680 digital currencies. If you want to know a coin’s price, market size, trading volume, or supply, Coinlib has all the information you need.

There are thorough analyses of trading volumes across exchanges and currency pairs, as well as a portfolio tool, market news, price notifications, and a cryptocurrency converter. It’s a useful and well-organized website, which is worth a visit.


WorldCoinIndex is a cryptocurrency site that provides real-time pricing information as well as news updates and covers about 1,500 coins. The network links over 7000 cryptocurrency markets with over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges, with all values in USD, INR, EUR, CNY, RUB, CAD, GBP, JPY, HKD, BRL, AUD, KRW, IDR, ZAR, and TRY.

Users can easily have access to vital information about every listed cryptocurrency, including its block explorer, social media feeds, and official websites. As the crypto markets are developing, so are the assisting products for investors. All the above-mentioned websites have some unique factors that set them apart from each other. Talking about the most trustworthy one, Coin Gabbar stands out of all. To know more, visit their official website today.

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