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ByDavid Adamson

Interesting and Effortless Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency Today

Cryptocurrency is such an interesting topic today that everyone wants to understand. As the price of the coins appreciates by the day, people want to get a share of them. While many people may find it easy to buy their preferred digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum from an exchange broker, others prefer earning and accumulating crypto through other methods.

If you are interested in knowing how to earn cryptocurrency, this article is for you. We have lined up different interesting and effortless methods for you. As you will notice, earning Bitcoins, altcoins, or stablecoins remains the most popular and simplest option.

Earn Cryptocurrency by Buying

The demand to earn cryptocurrency has increased exponentially over the years. With the emergence of new altcoins such as Dogecoin and stablecoins such as Terra, investors have hundreds of different coins they can buy.

Buying your preferred digital asset is as simple as clicking a button on a website or app and buying. Better still, you can walk to a physical exchange or a Bitcoin ATM to buy digital assets worth as much as you can afford.

However, buying incurs transaction fees charged by the platform that facilitates the process. But even if you buy directly from a seller, there is a blockchain fee. So, bear this in mind.

Get Paid by Joining Airdrops

Free Airdrop Submission Sites List 2019

You can earn cryptocurrency by joining a few airdrop projects that are reliable. These are aimed at creating awareness of certain products. Essentially, it involves distributing certain cryptocurrencies to various digital wallets, and those who participate earn tokens.

The more you participate in airdrops, the more tokens you earn. The good news is that you can trade your tokens for other digital coins or fiat cash.

Get Paid to Promote Microtasks

Microtasks given by different companies can help you earn cryptocurrency within a short time. A task as simple as reviewing a video, commenting on a social media platform, writing an article, or any other can give you a bounty, which you can later exchange for cash or use to build your crypto portfolio.

It is important to know where to look for microtasks to avoid being scammed. Once you get a lead, this opportunity to earn cryptocurrency is not only rewarding but effortless.

Earn Cryptocurrency Through Yield Farming

Yield farming or liquidity mining is an interesting passive way to earn cryptocurrency where the investor locks up savings and earns interest on it. The interest is often in the form of a DeFi or governance token. The deposited digital assets provide liquidity for various platforms such as exchanges and crypto lending to run their operations. If you are looking for a growing community to help you with yield farming, Loop should be your starting point.

Earn Cryptocurrency Through Yield Farming

You need to learn how to go about yield farming to get the most from it. If you are just starting with cryptocurrency, you should talk to an expert to guide you.

Crypto Mining

Bitcoin Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the oldest options to earn cryptocurrency. However, not all cryptocurrencies are open to mining, and miners need to have the relevant hardware to solve the algorithms. The best part of crypto mining is that it is quite rewarding because your machines are used to process transactions.

One can earn a lot of tokens because tasks are always available. If you join the mining communities for your preferred coin, you must learn a lot about the process of mining before you can set up the systems needed for the task.

Work and Get Paid Using Cryptocurrency

Token Process Work

It is possible to earn cryptocurrency by accepting digital assets for work done. This is what freelancers who are hired on a contract basis often do. You may work remotely as an independent contractor or physically in companies that are flexible in offering to pay using Bitcoins, XRP, Ethereum, or any other crypto.

Accept Cryptocurrency in Your Business

Small Business Digital Marketing

As mentioned, cryptocurrency is shaping the e-commerce world. If you have such a business, this is a prudent direction to take. It all starts by setting up the systems that will enable you to accept crypto as a form of payment. However, you need to know the best crypto to accept or synchronize your payment with an exchange that will automatically process the payment to the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Final Word

Fortunately, there are many ways to earn cryptocurrency. Some are more interesting and effortless than others. Therefore, it is up to you to choose one that suits your needs in the best way. Now that you have the information, make the right decision.

ByJason Fernandes

Why Africa is the Next Frontier for Digital Currency

Africa is a resource-rich continent and as of 2019, there were about 1.3 billion people living in 54 countries in Africa. But the last few decades have been financially challenging for people living there because of the economic crises and many more problems existing from the root level.

It was predicted that Africa would recover from its worst economic downturn in 2021. However, due to an unprecedented global pandemic caused by COVID-19, economic activity in Africa was disrupted again in 2020.

The condition of traditional financial institutions in Africa has experienced a serious nose dive in recent times and the economy is slowly dying. People are in search of a better value system and digital currencies are godsent.

One of the recent digital currency reports used “Africa is one of, if not the most promising region for the adoption of cryptocurrencies.” as the introduction line. The report, titled ‘The State of Crypto: Africa’, looks at the vast potential of the sector, while also acknowledging the obstacles that lie ahead.

The Report also stated that “Africa has shown early signs that it is ready to adopt digital currencies”. A recent survey report also showed that South Africa ranks third globally, with 13% of internet users holding digital currency. Nigeria stands at 11%, well above the global average of 7%.

Lack of Proper Banking System and High Charges

This major interest in Africa stems from several factors. One is the high inflation rate in most African countries, which has prompted citizens to look for better alternatives to their traditional or fiat currencies. And while the peak in Zimbabwe gets all the attention, other more stable economies haven’t done well either. For example, the South African rand has lost 50% of its value against the US dollar over the past decade.

Africa is also completely under-banked. A World Bank survey showed that the availability of banking services in Sub-Saharan Africa is 61% lower than the global average. 

People in Africa can reach banks, but the fees are incredibly high. And while remittances from overseas are expensive, payments between African countries are even higher, accounting for more than 18% of the average transaction value.

The Big Relief

Digital currencies provide Africans with a big relief from many of these challenges. Already, services that enable money transfers across borders using digital currencies are becoming extremely popular. 

One of such platforms has processed over $500 million in cross-border transfers via digital currencies. While another has also attracted prime interest, with lower fees and faster transaction times using Bitcoin SV.

There are still several challenges

However, the report acknowledges that there are several challenges. The infrastructure to support the use of a digital currency is lacking. Only a handful of exchanges serve Africa’s 1.3 billion people. To overcome this, Africans rely on some of the P2P platforms, such as Paxful and LocalBitcoins.

There is a small group of merchants that accept digital currency payments in Africa. Additionally, the number of digital currency ATMs is also quite lower.

The rate of technology adoption is even lower, with less than 0.3% of nodes in Africa for popular digital currencies. Africa’s contribution to digital currency mining is also almost non-existent.

Low internet and smartphone access are other challenges, as is competition from mobile service providers such as Kenya’s M-Pesa. Regulators haven’t made it easy, with some, such as Morocco and Algeria, banning digital currencies altogether.

The report concluded by saying, “This underdevelopment presents a huge opportunity for projects and companies to build the necessary infrastructure and adopt go-to-market strategies similar to the projects discussed in this report. We are already seeing a lot of development related to cryptocurrency in Africa and expect this development to accelerate in the coming years.”

The Hope: POICoin

POICoin is a project focused on solving most of these problems. It is Africa’s first coin in value exchange and empowerment; It is a revolutionary cryptocurrency developed in Africa and aims to revive Africa’s dying economy by putting blockchain technology in every mobile phone and by becoming Africa’s first coin in value exchange and empowerment.

It will provide a blockchain environment with a value system that allows the economy to bring current blockchain compliant individuals/businesses and new or non-blockchain users together through diverse systemic DApps. The same blockchain technology powers these DApps. These advanced DApps will serve as real-time practical solutions to real-life problems in Africa and beyond.

POICoin is a decentralized, blockchain-based digital currency built with the ERC20 standard for smart contracts. This will speed up transactions and help you save by eliminating intermediates. POICoin on one side is providing solutions to existing problems and on the other side providing better ways with more profit and advancement.

POICoin is solving the existing problems which includes: 

  • Unavailability of everyday products and services on a blockchain platform.
  • Inability to do business globally using the preferred method of payment.
  • Complex and slow platform which makes it difficult for people to use the platform efficiently without rigorous training.
  • The middleman between producers/e-commerce and consumers/users makes payment processing more difficult and very costly.
  • Non-availability of a secure payment system that allows merchants to accept digital currency.
  • Inability to safely and easily convert digital currencies such as bitcoin and ether into local currencies

So the needs and internal problems of Africans are driving it to adopt digital currency. But digital or cryptocurrency based projects like POICoin and several new ones are the genuine hope for Africans. They are not only making things easy for the people but also helping them with a better value system.

Meanwhile, the first phase of PoiCoin ICO Pre-sale ended on 13th June, however, you can still take advantage of the second phase which will start from June 20, 2021. 23:59 UTC and will end on July 4, 2021 23:59 UTC. In this pre-sale a total of 20,000,000 POI tokens will be available for buying at $0.15/POI. So, don’t miss this opportunity and invest in PoiCoin to build a better economic future for Africans. Visit today.

ByDavid Adamson

Revolutionize the Inception of Cross Border Payment in Cryptocurrency

Globalization has influenced trading, tourism, migration and overseas education to bring universal payment to a new level. As global browsers have increased, cross-border e-commerce has made its inception. But for the payments, remittances, purchases, more precisely, money exchange throughout the borders is the key. It has initiated cross-border payments to exchange funds in different countries.

Cross-border payments enable fund transactions in different regional locations and issues discretely registered customer cards. For international transactions, merchants must deal with diverse scenarios due to the rules set by the countries. Therefore, the demand for cross-border payments is uprising with an estimated revenue reach of $1.9 billion in 2020. But research has shown that the management practice has a lack of efficacy in terms of cost and time. Even though e-transaction has been increased by 40% that gives a spike to the digital remittance, the conflict in regulation slows the processing system.

Overall, cross-border payments may have some serious effect on condensed yield, enlarged toil, affluent expenses, and stalled supplier relationships. Adopting cryptocurrency can improve the situation. Global finance can be challenging for remittances and cross-border transactions for technological and sometimes political reasons. Cross-border makes the payment procedure easy but with cryptocurrency, it can be easier and less time-consuming.

“Trading and speculation were the first major use cases to take off in cryptocurrency, just like people rushed to buy domain names in the early days of the internet. But we’re now seeing cryptocurrency evolve into something much more important,” said Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong in a letter included in the company’s filing documents prior to its public listing. 

Blockchain Leverages Cross-Border Payment

Nowadays, cross-border payments are on the verge of transformation where the transaction process will be contended as sending an email. Blockchain technology and digital assets like Psyche have already started the voyage to shelter a laminar cross-border payment experience. It is connected with the global financial infrastructure to make the system work with more efficiency by increasing affordability, easy accessibility, and high interoperability. Cryptocurrency is being used for distinct types of payments and international companies; the number is growing to facilitate the procedure.

According to a research of the World Bank, in 2019, around $716 Billion P2P payments has been released in which cross-border payment method has been the most disruptive one beset with unruly processing time, excessive fees, and lack of transparency. Conversely, the transactions through cryptocurrency blockchain eliminate bank interference, reduce costs and boost payment processing. The system is invincible that enhances peer-to-peer payments qualifying identity verification. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in; the entire systems and form of values will still interoperate and sew up the deal with time efficiency.

Cryptocurrency is Valuable for Remittance Transfer

Remittance is like making transactions in overseas countries where the senders are immigrants and recipients are living in the home country. On average, there were 6.51% of cross-border remittance transactions in 2020. For the startups and other challengers, the number is increasing. In most cases, it is done through banks and the processing is time-consuming but doing it with cryptocurrency holds the signs of interest and space is rising. It is a financial solution incorporating blockchain technology to expand the remittance economy.

Cryptocurrency follows the modern infrastructure and the remittances never count on unified authorities like payment systems, foreign exchange, or banks. It removes multiple intermediaries in cross-border money transfer, and no one has to wait to receive money for like five days, unlike the conventional system. The transaction fees are half from the domestic fund transfers that sometimes increase due to the mediators.

Transparency remains intact because every transaction happens between senders and receivers using a mobile wallet and the blockchain network is the only intermediary. The P2P distributed ledger is the basis to ease international money transfer with speed and low cost.

Distinguishing the distinction between blockchain technology and its application includes potential cryptocurrencies and stablecoins bids for making cross-border payment resourceful.

Psyche Brings the Future of Crypto Cross-Border Payments

Denelle Dixon tweeted once, “Blockchain technology can be leveraged to benefit consumers without sacrificing oversight, accountability or regulation.” It stores client information to simplify the regulatory requirement to retrieve and access whenever needed. The monopolistic market of digital assets has been backed by high-net-worth entities and crypto fanatics.

Psyche Coin is the easiest one that comes with easy, a fast transaction period as well as zero transaction fees. Psyche was formulated with a fusion by running the Reflex App and made blockchain a convenient platform for cross-border payment. Through stablecoins, the process becomes simple, easy and prompt. It is paired with a simple formula that intensifies blockchain remittance and makes it stable, universally accessible, and beneficial for merchants. So, the business can expand and approach a new customer base without any payment restrictions, intermediary, or third-party obligation.

“Everybody can have inimitable needs to transfer remittance that shouldn’t be restricted or belated. Therefore, Psyche has been built to emphasize a user-friendly transaction process so that anyone can partake in cross-border payments without any hassle but with top speed and instant action,” said Mr. Hammad Khan.

The sprints of cryptocurrency reside over consistency, which Psyche has improvised carefully with:

  • Super speed enabling up to 3,000 transactions in a second.
  • Evolves abundant Master to maintain a high-speed network.
  • Transports steady pricing for transactions.
  • Directs P2P transactions and provides an easy transaction method.
  • Enables user-friendly practice and security during the payment procedure by:
    • Selecting Psyche Coin as the transition option.
    • Receiving a QR and a transaction code to scan and insert.
    • Getting the confirmation of payment completions.

To make remittance transactions more accessible through Psyche Coin, Psyche has initiated a peer-to-peer marketplace, LocalPsyche. It is an open trading platform for merchants to deal directly and qualifies over-the-counter trading for traditional currencies online. Also, condense the cost peril in stablecoin due to price fluctuation. As a traditional P2P marketplace, LP allows vendors to provide numerous payment methods in their region enabling bank transfer, mobile top-up, fiat, online wallet, etc.

Psyche has appeared into the market to revolutionize the blockchain trend and debuted with an outburst of success in the DeFi market. It is backed by an efficient action policy for superior achievement, cogent network flair, higher profit, anonymous payment, and no boundaries of geographical borders. Psyche believes in simplicity and moves forward with better ideology and resilience to make a better platform to be contingent for cross-border payments.

ByJason Fernandes

Security & Transparency in E-commerce Transactions: What Makes the Libra Coin Unique

The Libra Ecosystem is a blockchain-based payment system for the e-commerce industry. It aims to provide e-commerce businesses with a convenient, secure and transparent way of accepting payments from their global customers using cryptocurrencies.

One of the problems that the Libra Ecosystem is trying to solve is the lack of transparency in traditional payment systems.

What is the Libra Payment System?

The Libra Ecosystem employs the cryptocurrency-based payment system on the Ethereum blockchain. As we all know, blockchain transactions are highly secure and end-to-end encrypted.

Transactions on a blockchain are first verified by anonymous nodes and then stored in an encrypted, decentralized, immutable ledger for safekeeping.

Transactions, including payments, on the blockchain are publicly accessible, which means it’s easy to verify a cryptocurrency transaction in case of a dispute.

Unlike traditional payments that are governed by centralized authorities like banks that have complete control over payment processing, crypto transactions are free from middlemen and totally controlled by the end-users.

Transactions in the Libra Ecosystem are governed by digital Smart Contracts.

What is a Smart Contract?

A smart contract is a digital application that contains the agreement terms between a buyer and seller written in programming code. In simple words, it’s a digital contract between the buyer and seller, designed to be executed automatically upon the fulfillment of the underlying conditions.

An e-commerce platform that chooses to use the Libra Ecosystem will get to implement smart contracts for all their payments. Once the payment is made by the buyer and confirmed by the system, the product/service will be automatically released to them.

The best benefit, of course, is that no middlemen are required to confirm or process such transactions. This creates transparency, improves security and reduces the cost of transactions.

Traditional Payments Vs Libra Ecosystem

Still wondering how is the Libra Ecosystem better than traditional payments? Here’s how.

Traditional payments like bank transfers, net banking, cards, etc. require a middleman like a bank to process every transaction or payment. So, when a user makes a payment on an e-commerce site using his card or net banking, he has to share his personal details as well as the order information with the middleman, i.e. the bank or the card company.

Basically, the bank and credit card companies have all your data, including what you are buying and where from. They can use this data for marketing and all other purposes. This effectively puts your privacy and security at risk.

Also, transactions using traditional payment methods are not transparent or secure. They are controlled by centralized authorities like banks that are prone to hacking, errors and other issues. Also, the bank can decide to reveal or not reveal transaction information on its own accord.

Cryptocurrency transactions on the Libra Ecosystem are private, secure and completely transparent. There is no middleman who will see or access your transaction details. Even the user information is encrypted and in the code form, so no one can see the actual details. All the transactions on the blockchain are encrypted and highly secure.

Also, the Libra Ecosystem allows e-commerce companies to accept payments in multiple payment modes from their global customer, using digital currencies like ETH.

ByJason Fernandes

How to Find and Buy Best Proof of Stake Coins for Easy Passive Income?

Staking is probably the best, modern technique to earn a stable passive income without much effort on your part. You can start staking with any amount and receive regular interest on your funds.

What’s Staking?

Staking is much like bank deposits, where you can stake (lock-up) your funds in the form of cryptocurrencies in a Smart Contract in order to keep the blockchain network secure through transaction validation. In exchange for your funds, you get paid in newly mined cryptocurrencies on a regular (monthly/yearly) basis.

One of the best things about Staking is that you can start with any amount and don’t need a costly setup (like mining) or technical knowledge of the blockchain.

If you’re already intrigued, let me tell you about the top proof of stake (Staking) cryptocurrencies that you can invest in today in order to start earning a stable side income.

Top Proof of Stake Coins for Staking in 2020

Unlike PoW (Proof of Work) that uses mining for validation of transactions in the blockchain, a proof of stake (PoS) system uses staking, which is a more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable validation mechanism.

Here are some of the best PoS Coins you can choose for staking:

In addition, the stake value (share price) is automatically increased by 15% on the third day of the Circulation Epoch, as a one-time event, giving an extra incentive to users who open their stakes on the first or second day.


DASH is one of the most popular PoS cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the fast and private transactions of Dash, it is quickly being adopted by people and businesses globally.

Dash was the coin that made the concept of masternodes famous. Instead of investing huge amounts of money in the mining equipment, it suggested a better, easier and cheaper way of confirming transactions on bitcoin networks using masternodes. 

All you have to do is lock up your Dash in the contract and transactions will be automatically validated by the assigned nodes. As a Dash masternode owner, you can also provide services like quick transactions, payments, etc.

Staking in Dash can earn you interest at the rate of 6% per year.

Tron (TRX)

Tron is a high potential blockchain project that was launched by Justin Sun in 2017. It has grown in popularity because of high-end Tron DApps. In 2018, Tron created history by purchasing the world’s most popular and used Torrent software BitTorrent. Also, the company purchased Steemit (blogging and social media platform) in 2020, added another feather to its cap.

Investing in the TRX stake can be a great way to generate a good side-income, as the staking rewards per year with Tron are in the range of 3-4%.


NEO is a relatively newer PoS coin that can give you an interest of up to 2% per year through staking. It may not be much, but it’s still better than traditional investments like bank deposits. Moreover, you get the flexibility to manage or change your stake during the period.

The increasing popularity and significance of the NEO coin make it one of the safest PoS systems for long-term investment. And you never know when the value and returns on your NEO stakes might increase abruptly in the future.


WISE is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It employs the proof of stake mechanism for validating transactions in its blockchain. Interested users can stake their tokens in the contract and earn interest over the stake period.

WISE Staking is flexible, as investors are allowed to withdraw their interest at any time during the period of a stake. The cumulative interest rate in the WISE stake is around 5% per year. The interest amount increases linearly based on the stake length, to a maximum of 25% for a 5+ year stake. 

VeChain (VET)

VeChain is another suitable proof of stake system for beginners. It does not offer interest as high as most other PoS coins, but the potential is really good. And the coin has been increasing at a steady rate ever since it was launched in 2015.

VeChain aims to bring the entire supply chain on blockchain in order to make the supply process transparent and increase efficiency. In the future, it could allow consumers to track the very origins of the products they use, including their authenticity and cost. 

It has already been working with a number of businesses on the same concept. For instance, VeChain’s latest project with BMW called VerifyCar allows users to transparently track their vehicle mileage on the blockchain, thus preventing mileage fraud.

Staking in a Proof of Stake coin is certainly a better and more affordable way to earn than mining cryptocurrencies. At least, you don’t have to buy costly equipment with no promise of returns. Staking gives you guaranteed interest over the staking period along with the possibility to get high returns from your invested tokens/coins.

In order to start with staking, you first need to choose the right coin. You can select from the top PoS coins list above.

If you already have some proof of stake coins, you can create a stake by depositing your coins in the contract. At the time of stake creation, you’ll have to select the stake length (period) and the number of coins/tokens.

If you don’t already have PoS coins, you can buy some from the respective cryptocurrency websites.

ByDavid Adamson

Post-COVID-19 Solution: How To Start Accepting Crypto Payments

Do not wait for your customers to ask when you will start accepting cryptocurrencies.

There are many advantages that your business can gain by adding this
payment method.

These people are extremely likely to tell their friends about a new crypto-friendly merchant they found.

Companies should consider accepting cryptocurrencies in order to not only offer new payment methods to existing customers, but also to acquire new clients from the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. This is a real win-win path to increasing revenue that cannot be ignored.

A simple mention – “We accept Bitcoin” – on your website is guaranteed to get noticed by customers who are looking for the opportunities to pay with
cryptocurrency, not fiat.

“Since we started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment three months
ago, our sales have jumped whopping 427%,”

Lynx Art Collection team reported last year.

In order to protect people from an additional source of coronavirus infection, the Chinese government decided to disinfect cash with ultraviolet light, and the South Korean authorities quarantined cash and even burned some of the banknotes.

Lynx Art Collection team reported last year.

Besides the fact that banknotes have become a kind of old-fashioned payment, most companies have transferred their employees to remote work. Therefore, in self-isolation conditions, consumer habits gradually changed. As a result, most purchases have gone online – the number
of global e-commerce transactions increased by 23% after the rise of the

Microbes found on circulating currency in New York City during the summer period. Credit:

Are cryptocurrencies a salvation bay during and after the crisis?

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, cash has become one of the threats to human life and health. According to researchers, a total of 397 bacterial species representing more than 20 bacterial phyla live on the surface of banknotes.

Cryptocurrencies are a separate and very promising type of online payment. Therefore, in this document we will emphasize the main aspects
of connecting digital currencies to your business.

“Since PARSIQ works as a bridge between cryptocurrency payments and traditional business finance, we noticed a new wave of demand for
automation of cryptocurrency-related activity. Therefore, we can assume that businesses consider cryptocurrency a new way to grow profits
and gain new customers,,” says Tom Tirman, Co-Founder of PARSIQ.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity as a means for value exchange and as a method of payment for goods and services. In the US, crypto is not considered legal tender. However, it is fungible, as exchanges are considered to be money transmitters, according to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

This enables businesses to legally accept digital currencies as payment.
In most jurisdictions, cryptocurrency regulation is enforced when it is
exchanged as a security. As a method of payment and in general use, however, such jurisdictions as the European Union,

The rise of cryptocurrency payments

On the portal you can find a world map with indicated locations of all the stores and ATMs accepting cryptocurrency. According to the site at the time of writing, there were 19,369 such venues around the world.

The rise of cryptocurrency payments

Pic credit:

Mostly require that utilization be under KYC and AML regulations to ensure that cryptocurrencies are not used for illicit or illegal purposes, such as terrorist financing and money laundering.

Having multiple options for cost reduction, crypto wallets, and exchanges enable businesses to have flexibility in terms of accepting B2C or B2B payments using cryptocurrency.

Here are some options that your business can consider in accepting cryptocurrency payments:

How to start accepting cryptocurrency payments

Payment processors.

The most straightforward and simplest means to accept crypto payments would be through a payment processor. This partner will basically accept the payment in cryptocurrency and then remit into your business account in fiat currency or other preferred means. Some examples are Dash, BitPay and Coinbase Commerce.

Crypto wallet.

The most direct means to accept crypto payments would be the peer-to-peer
option, wherein you provide your payment address. This will require that you establish a wallet account available on mobile and desktop apps, or even as a physical device.

You can then utilize exchange services to convert your crypto into fiat or even into other cryptocurrencies. Some wallets have convenient built-in exchange functionality so that businesses can quickly convert from one crypto to another, or even to fiat, with minimal hassle.

Point-of-Sale solutions.

Another option for accepting cryptocurrency payment is through a PoS solution that accepts digital currencies. As with payment processors, this will also entail the service provider remitting the funds through fiat or other preferred means after the transaction goes through.

Regulations, compliance, and establishing trust in the crypto ecosystem

As earlier mentioned, most jurisdictions require compliance with KYC and AML regulations, which means businesses will also need to provide such information when establishing accounts for receiving crypto payments.

Transparency in transactions is one way to ensure compliance with such regulations.

This also enhances trust between the parties involved. Instant notifications
provided by PARSIQ’s Smart-Triggers, for example, gives both merchants and customers the assurance of transactions as they are confirmed on the blockchain.

There is no need to manually monitor the progress of such transactions. The platform automates this crypto monitoring, analytics, and notification platform so that your business can focus on what matters–building value for your customers and industry.

Cryptocurrency payments provide unique advantages over traditional digital payment solutions. Businesses can start accepting crypto payments to save time and reduce transaction fees while staying compliant.

Pros tips for accepting crypto payments:

Save time.

Automate your business needs–save hours or manual work using customizable notification services. In just a few clicks, you can specify how and where to accept crypto payments from your customers. No need to manually accept payments each time.

Pic credit:

Lower cost.

Existing digital payment options, most notably credit cards, can charge fees up to 3%. This can add up to exorbitant costs for businesses over time. Instead, crypto payments can drastically lower transaction costs, as seen in the case of a cryptocurrency exchange who transacted US$1.26 billion worth of Bitcoin for just US $124.60, or less than 0.00001% of the payment volume. Businesses can automate the processing of payment deposits at scale to save cost over time.

Stay compliant.

Keep up to date with the latest AML and KYC regulations by making sure you have right compliance measures in place for accepting crypto payments.

Using transaction monitoring services, businesses can monitor payment
transactions at scale to collect and analyze important regulatory information.

Know if incoming payments originate from blacklisted or high-risk addresses, so that your business can take appropriate action
in real-time.

PARSIQ monitoring enables businesses to set up alerts according to amount
thresholds, such as limiting the maximum payment accepted per transaction. When thresholds are triggered, the service notifies you through your connected application with the transaction details, so that you can quickly react with proper compliance measures.


Digital payments have proven to be a necessity in today’s economic climate. According to the World Economic Forum, central banks around the world
are recognizing the viability of digital currency as an alternative to cash, since it reduces physical contact and thus the possibility of spreading the

The global pandemic has led many businesses to close down physical operations and shift toward digital commerce and payments instead. Accepting crypto payments can accelerate your business’ digital transformation, and it will enable businesses of all sizes to quickly recover and even thrive during and after the economic uncertainty resulting from

PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform that serves as a multi-level bridge between blockchains and off-chain applications.

PARSIQ’s features automate the blockchain analytics and monitoring
process, providing customizable workflows with real-time intelligence.
People behind PARSIQ are experienced and highly qualified industry professionals that are passionate about blockchain technology. Our ultimate goal is to push forward the mass adoption of blockchain technology by providing the necessary solutions. We want to give everyone the ability to understand and manipulate blockchain data streams.

With PARSIQ, we are making it easier to integrate blockchain infrastructures into existing businesses with an additional layer of monitoring and automation for blockchain-specific asset management.
Details on solutions provided by PARSIQ can be found here.

ByThomas Glare

How Schnorr Signatures May Improve Bitcoin

Many people heard about bitcoin and its numerous advantages compared to traditional currency. However, what if it can bring even more benefits? Check out the article to find out!

Back when Satoshi Nakamoto started working on bitcoin, one of the challenges in designing the cryptocurrency came from choosing the signature scheme. Satoshi wanted a widely-used, understood, lightweight, and secure algorithm. Another important requirement was being available as open-source, so he went for the ECDSA — Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm.

It was more or less a set of encryption tools designed to improve the privacy of online communications.  The ECDSA was also very secure, providing bitcoin money with safety without making the entire algorithm too big. 

Ever since bitcoin was launched, the Elliptic Curve used for the cryptocurrency was improved, and we enjoy better bitcoin privacy and smoother bitcoin transaction speed. However, some new technologies emerged that might make the ECDSA obsolete, no matter how much we work to improve it.

You guessed it, the new signature to increase efficiency, privacy, and transparency of bitcoin transactions is the Schnorr Digital Signature. So, no matter if you’re just using it to deposit at your favorite project or you want to learn more about how bitcoin can be improved and what are the implications of this process, this article is for you.

More About the Schnorr Signature and Bitcoin

We’ve already presented the Schnorr signature as an improvement of the currently-used ECDSA algorithm for bitcoin technology. However, this signature scheme is not exactly what you can call “new.” Actually, it was developed in the 1980s by Claus-Peter Schnorr and a team of professors at the University of Frankfurt. Heavily defended with patents, the Schnorr signature couldn’t be used until 2008.

Interestingly enough, this is also the year bitcoin was launched. However, it could be that Satoshi Nakamoto didn’t choose to use Schnorr from the beginning because it hadn’t been that widely used or popular to cryptographers.

Advantages of Using Schnorr in Bitcoin

This isn’t the first time of the Schnorr signature being utilized in bitcoin technology. The first idea appeared in 2014 when Pieter Wuille came up with the Schnorr BIP. The main benefits of implementing Schnorr in bitcoin cover and are not limited to:

  • Security Proof – Schnorr signatures will bring better security for bitcoin since their safety is provable with ease when a random oracle model is used, and the signature is sufficiently strong. The current ECDSA algorithm can’t utilize this system of proving security.
  • Better Non-Malleability – Even though ECDSA was improved a lot over time, these signatures are designed to be malleable. Sure, it takes a lot of resources and knowledge to alter an existing algorithm to be able to spend the same funds twice. However, why live with such a risk when you can remove this vulnerability altogether and make signatures non-malleable by using Schnorr ones?
  • Linearity – since Schnorr signatures enable multiple parties to collaborate and produce a single signature that remains valid for the sum of the public keys created in the process, it can allow higher-level constructions for bitcoin and Blockchain. Imagine a bitcoin option, such as smart contracts or multi-signatures, and the benefits they could bring for the cryptocurrency and its users. 

On top of these proven benefits, other possible improvements can come out. For example, the added computational power can mean faster block validation. Also, being able to aggregate multiple keys opens up an entirely new horizon for making bitcoin support even better.  


It is clear that Schnorr signatures have the potential to significantly improve a bitcoin contract and the way the cryptocurrency can be used in our everyday lives. We’re curious to find out how many of our readers are open to a possible upgrade of bitcoin through Schnorr signatures. Feel free to use the comments section to share your point of view. The more we discuss it, the better we can understand all the implications of such transformations.

ByDavid Adamson

7 Ways AI is Transforming the Cryptocurrency Trading Sector

The ability of AI and machine learning to revolutionize the way we trade has always been a matter of research. But now as we have entered the crypto era and started trading digital currencies, the significance of AI in trading is more than ever.

Amongst the projects and experiments being run worldwide regarding the applications of AI in crypto trading, some have proven to be very revealing about the ways AI can help improve the overall trading industry, especially the way crypto trading works.

If experts are to be believed, AI can bring a number of advantages to crypto trading, including the deeper analysis of historical data, use of advanced algorithms for making predictions based on research, studying the market for changes, among other things.

Besides these, here are some other major ways in which AI is disrupting the future of cryptocurrency trading.

1. Computer algorithms for trading

The use of computers in the trading market is not new. However, in the past couple of years, the percentage of trading through computer algorithms has drastically increased to more than 50%.

This is even more common in the trading of cryptocurrencies, as everything else is digital, so no one wants to trade manually any longer.

It is obvious that trading through AI-based, smart algorithms is faster and more efficient compared to human-based trading and results in fast-decision making, which is crucial for the cryptocurrency trading sector.

2. AI for analysing data and making predictions

The use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for analysing the market data, past trends and trades and providing actionable insights for future predictions is now more common than ever.

Projects like Cowrium (Stability AI) are doing amazing things in this area by providing traders with easy and actionable investment advice based on the study and analysis of historical market data, trends, etc. for fast decision making.

3. AI for filtering through zettabytes of data

The amount of digital data is now in zettabytes, which means we have more digital data than we can ever store or use or parse through by natural means.

AI is probably the only technology available to humans that can not only filter through these vast amounts of data but also help us understand and make use of it in a way that makes sense. If not for AI, it would have been too complex to understand this data, let alone make any useful financial/trading decisions based on it.

4. Improved fund performance

There are a number of trading markets, including some crypto trading platforms, that are already using AI and machine learning for help with the overall decision-making process.

Research reveals that AI hedge funds deliver better performance over a period as compared to traditional and manual funds.

Fund Performance

There are a number of businesses that are making use of AI in the hedge fund market for analysing the trends and providing better insights for decision making. While some of these fund managers are only using partial features of AI, others have gone full-AI for trading as well risk-management in their funds.

5. AI Neural Networks for analyzing marketing efficiency

According to a study that involved the use of Artificial Neural Networks for analysing the performance of various markets and identifying those with weak performance, the use of AI in the investment strategy can drastically improve the efficiency and results.

The said study involved testing of the applications of neural networks for analysing the historical market data and predicting the future returns and rates based on the findings. The study was immensely successful, as the use of neural networks helped generate predictions for the future year based on the data of the previous some years. And the produced results were even better than the average results of buy-and-hold portfolios.

6. Identifying market irregularities

For some years now, AI and machine learning are being used by organizations worldwide for studying market irregularities and changes such as acquisitions that are yet to happen and other things that may somehow manipulate the market.

A reputable asset management company reportedly used sophisticated genetic machine-learning systems based on AI to predict a number of acquisitions before they were even published, thus making significantly higher returns. AI algorithms reportedly tracked insider trading signals that enabled them to predict these acquisitions.

By being able to identify irregularities, crypto fund managers all around the world can better estimate market manipulations such as upcoming acquisitions and adjust their portfolios accordingly. Projects like RoninAi are successfully using AI algorithms to predict cryptocurrency market manipulations based on changes in social sentiment indicators.

Big Crypto Drop

7. Prone to financial turmoils

Multiple studies suggested that artificial intelligence algorithms are able to assist with profitable investment decision-making not just in normal times but also they perform well at times of financial disorders.

The organization that was a part of this study managed to make significant profits with the use of AI algorithms, of which most profits were made during the times of financial trouble. This indicates that neural networks are able to provide significant insights even when the market is not doing so well.

Even though the study was performed in standard cases on traditional funds, the same results are expected for digital currencies and funds as well. The use of AI neural networks can significantly assist the whole decision-making process in crypto trading and investment.

Final Thoughts

As we are moving ahead in a world that is largely dominated by competition and increasing demand for resources, understanding and making use of advanced technologies like blockchain and AI can immensely help with our goals of a better, richer world.

AI is a machine intelligence technology that can develop its own intelligence based on the data and information that is fed to it. This type of intelligence can be widely used in not just the finance world but in a range of industries, including crypto trading, for being able to make profitable market predictions and decisions based on actionable insights generated through in-depth study and analysis of the past trends.

ByDavid Adamson

How To Buy Cryptos With A Bank Card

In this blog, I will teach you how you can buy cryptocurrency with a bank card using Coinbase, CEX, Coinmama, Changelly, Bitpanda, and other platforms.

Why should buying and selling crypto be harder than buying a cup of coffee? For a long time buying cryptos was a tricky thing to do. Unless you were very computer-savvy.

But now we have more options than ever when we want to buy cryptos easily. And using a bank card is now possible at plenty of good crypto platforms. Buying cryptos with a bank card makes it easier than ever.

Let us explore the best crypto platforms for buying cryptos safely and easily.

Best options to buy crypto with a bank card

According to us and the crypto community, these are some of the most popular and used options for buying cryptos easily with your bank card.

1 ) Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the most well–known brands for people to easily buy and sell cryptos. And of course buying cryptocurrencies with your bank card (debit card or credit card) is possible at Coinbase.

Coinbase of course deserves to be on this list. Coinbase have made it possible for people to buy and sell crypto easily for years. And is one of the biggest crypto exchange platforms in the world. Why are they so popular? Because they have made it so easy for beginners to buy cryptos with little effort. And using a bank card like a credit or debit card is included.

Head on over to to get started. You need an account with Coinbase to buy and sell cryptos there. If you don’t have one, then get started registering a new account. You need to have an ID ready and your bank card that you will link to your account. You can also buy cryptos using a range of payment methods at Coinbase.


Fees for buying at Coinbase with a bank card is 3.99% of the transaction.

2 ) CEX

Last on this list but not least, is Where more than 3 million people have joined to buy cryptos easily. Using a bank card is definitely possible at CEX.

To get started you need an account, which takes just a few minutes to get going. At CEX you can buy a range of coins, such as Bitcoin, Ether, Zcash, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. You can buy using a bank card (debit and credit card) or via a bank transfer. CEX established in 2013 and have since become one of the most popular options for buying and selling cryptos easily.


The fees to buy cryptos using a bank card at CEX.IO is 2.99% using a bank card.

3 ) Coinmama

Third on the list Coinmama.

Coinmama no different than the other on this list. Buying cryptos with a bank card is easy and something you can do in just a few minutes.

Head over to and there you can a few banners on the site advertising how to buy cryptocurrencies using your card. You can see there how much in crypto you would get for lets say €100, €500, €1000, or your own chosen amount.

To get started using Coinmama you need an account. But setting one up takes just a few minutes. And it is a similar process as for all other options on this list.

Buying cryptos using Coinmama is very easy, and when you have an account ready you just need your bank card ready to get started. Remember you need a wallet to send your funds to.


The fees for buying cryptocurrencies with your bank card at Coinmama is 5.90%.


4 ) Changelly

First out in this list is the popular option of Changelly.

Changelly has grown to become a commonly used option for crypto investors looking to buy cryptos easily. But also swap them for another coin with little effort. And of course buying crypto with a bank card is something you can do at Changelly.

To get started go to and then click on on ‘Buy crypto with a bank card’.

After that you decide which crypto you want to buy. And before you complete the purchase it is important to note that you need to have a wallet ready to send your funds to. But don’t worry creating a crypto wallet is easy.

Now if you want to buy Bitcoin you need a Bitcoin wallet, Ether then an Ethereum wallet, etc.

Select the cryptocurrency, and what amount you want to buy for.


The fees at Changelly are:
Changelly fee 5% and Simplex fee 5% (min $10).

5 ) Bitpanda

Number two on this list is Bitpanda. Bitpanda has since their launch grown very quickly. And is now one of the more commonly used options for Europeans who are looking to buy cryptos easily. At Bitpanda you can buy cryptocurrencies easily using a bank card amongst other payment methods

Head over to and get started if you already have an account. Otherwise register one which only takes a few minutes. When you have an account ready you can get started buying cryptos with a bank card. And you can buy a range of exciting altcoins, such  as: IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, OmiseGO, NEO and more.

You can of course buy the big guns Bitcoin and Ethereum at Bitpanda too.

Right now Bitpanda is only available for EU citizens. Bitpanda accept a range of direct purchases from fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, CHF


The fees for buying cryptos with a bank card at Bitpanda is 1.49% so that’s very cheap comparing to other options on this list.

6) Next on the list is Paybis.

The popular, UK-based cryptocurrency exchange has been helping people exchange digital currencies since 2014.

More specifically, Paybis is known for its support of multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-money services.

The platform also offers the possibility to buy and sell Bitcoin anonymously, using payment methods such as Advanced Cash and Payeer.

Finally, what we like about this platform the most is its responsiveness. A multilingual support team is online at all times to help users with their questions, and if ID verification is necessary it only takes 5 minutes to complete.


Fees start at 1,5% per transaction and highly depend on the payment method used.

Common questions when buying crypto

We hope that this guide on buying cryptos using a bank card was helpful. To help you understand even better how cryptos work have we decided to answer some of the more common questions asked by beginners when entering the crypto space.

1 ) Do I need to buy whole coins?

A common confusion is if you have to buy a whole Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrency? Which you don’t have to in the world of crypto. You can buy crypto in fractions, so you don’t have to buy one whole Bitcoin.

2 ) What is this I’m hearing about being my own bank?

Another common concern that crypto traders and holders eventually learns about or hears from a more experienced crypto trader, is that you need to be your own bank for crypto.

This means that high emphasis is placed on making sure you are storing your cryptos safely, like how your bank stores your fiat currencies.

This is because many cryptocurrency exchanges today are still less secure. So there are greater risks involved. Another reasons is that not every exchange or trading platform have made it possible for you to store your cryptos there. Like for Coinmama, Changelly and Bitpanda.

3 ) How do I sell cryptos later on?

Buying and selling cryptos should be as easy as buying a cup of coffee these days. So with more options like these five crypto platforms the better. For a long time, it was too difficult to buy and sell cryptos. The fees at these platforms might be a bit higher than at other exchanges. But for the ease of use and simplicity then it might be worth it.

I use these platforms from time to time myself because I just want to buy cryptos quickly. Otherwise, it can take a few days when transferring funds from your bank account. And if you want to buy cryptos quickly to make use of how the market moves then buying with a bank card is a great option to get in quickly.

If you are new to crypto and want to find more helpful guides on getting started then we recommend you reading this guide for best crypto starting tips and if you want to find more platforms to buy cryptos at then read this guide.

ByDavid Adamson

Diem Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK

Diem is a cryptocurrency developed on blockchain technology. It is launched by the most popular social media giant Facebook. The main motto behind shaping Diem is to empower millions of unbanked and under banked people by giving them equal financial opportunities and to bring everyone on to a single financial platform.

Diem, will help you in faster and quicker transactions, one can experience the lightning transaction with minimal or no charges. You can sit in your home and transfer money to another person who is in the other part of the world. And to this, all you need is a mobile with data connectivity.

Diem is developed on Blockchain technology, it is a decentralized programmable database that helps in backing the more stable currency, that will have the capability to become the medium of exchange for transacting money to millions of people around the world.

Diem is an independent association, it is a non-profit organization running with a vision to provide basic financial infrastructure and global currency to emancipate millions of people. Libra Association is formed by the compilation of validator nodes, mostly they are academic entities, international corporations, and social impact partners.

The Diem Blockchain is an assigned system that supervises exchange and ownership of Libra. In the process of transacting Libra, there is a slight chance of attacks on the system and here Blockchain helps in defending attacks using LibraBFT.

A perfectly developed and secured software is a must to protect the Diem Blockchain. A new programming language called MOVE is used in Diem. It is a safe and reliable programming language for Libra Blockchain. It is a sensible bytecode language used to implement smart transactions and smart contracts.

Diem is definitely a game changer in the field of cryptocurrency as it is backed by a stable reserve, there is no need of worrying about the fluctuations in the value of the Diem.

Libra Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK comes with an interesting infographic on Diem Cryptocurrency, checkout the following infographic and lets us know your feedback on it.

Note: Facebook changed its cryptocurrency project name from Libra Coin to Diem Association. Diem (formerly known as Libra) is digital currency by the American social media company Facebook, Inc. – Wikipedia