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ICO Statistics 2024 (That Will Matter Most In This Year)

ByDavid Adamson

ICO Statistics 2024 (That Will Matter Most In This Year)

In 2024, the world of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) continues to evolve, reflecting the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The ICO landscape, which was once marked by explosive growth and regulatory scrutiny, has matured and transformed in response to changing market conditions. Here are some key takeaways from ICO statistics in 2024:

Resurgence in ICOs: After a period of regulatory uncertainty and caution, ICOs are experiencing a resurgence, with a noticeable uptick in the number of projects seeking to raise capital through token sales. This resurgence is driven by renewed investor confidence and the maturation of the blockchain ecosystem.

Regulatory Clarity: Regulatory frameworks governing ICOs have become more well-defined and region-specific. Countries and regions have developed clear guidelines to protect investors while fostering innovation in the blockchain space. This regulatory clarity has attracted both startups and established companies to consider ICOs as a viable fundraising option.

Diverse Token Types: ICOs in 2024 are not limited to utility tokens. Security tokens, which offer investors ownership rights and comply with regulatory standards, have gained prominence. This diversification of token types has expanded the scope of ICOs beyond the traditional utility token model.

Investor Sophistication: ICO investors have become more discerning and cautious, conducting thorough due diligence before participating in token sales. The days of speculative investments based solely on hype are largely behind us, as investors seek projects with robust fundamentals and clear use cases.

Interoperability and Cross-Chain ICOs: Projects are increasingly leveraging cross-chain solutions and interoperability protocols to bridge different blockchain ecosystems. This trend allows ICOs to tap into a broader audience and benefit from the strengths of multiple blockchains.

Increased Security Measures: Both project teams and investors have become more security-conscious, with a heightened focus on protecting digital assets. Smart contract audits, cold storage solutions, project KYC and multi-factor authentication have become standard practices in the ICO space.

What is ICO Statistics in the ICO World?

In this blog, we look at some noteworthy ICO Statistics 2024 so that you are better equipped with insights before taking that promising rich road of ICO investment.

ICOs will keep Raining

For ICOs every day is a Friday with a line-up of ICO announcements, release and hosting. Till May on average each day 4 ICOs (approx) have hit the cryptocurrency market.

The month of May recorded the highest number 135 total ICOs. Considering the January figures which recorded 79 ICOs, it is very much evident that ICOs have doubled in 5 months and the road ahead leads to the sky.

Ethereum Has A big Future But There are Contenders Too

This year, we witnessed the rise and rise of Ethereum. A staggering 80.17% of the ICOs offered last year were ERC20 standard and this itself explains the dominance Ethereum Blockchain Environment has had on the infant dAPP market. But a closer look at funds raised by ERC20 ICO Tokens draw a somewhat disappointing story.

However, we must also keep in mind the Fork must have also forced investors to keep their hands deeply inside their pockets. Despite this it cannot be refuted that the future for Ethereum and ERC20 ICO tokens looks bright with new ERC20 tokens.

While Ethereum enjoys current market leadership it must be wary of the faint whispers that have risen from time and again claiming better transaction speeds and scalability.

The most prominent among these whispers have been from Waves as well as new blockchains like EOS, NEO and STELLAR.

The United States of America: The Land of ICOs

The US has had a mixed stand on regulations as far ICOs are considered. The policy on exchanges vary with states and this has helped catapult US as the leader in terms of total number of ICO’s released this year.

Not just in total number of ICOs, the US with alone accounts for nearly 3 Billion USD in funds raised by ICOs. In terms of capital raised US is followed by Singapore and Switzerland.

However, in terms of total number of ICOs, UK comes second with 260 ICO launches followed swiftly by Singapore (253) and Russia (251).


It would be too early to zero in on the winners of the ICO Olympics but standout performance do deserve a special note. While many may argue that Blockchain has many real world usage apart from ROI alone, investors would definitely beg to differ.

Especially when all we see flashing on our social media pages and other websites are rags to rics stories of early Cryptopreneurs.

An data analysis of ROI on ICOs reveal that there have been some true gems which promise more glory for early investors in days to come.

The first three ICO in decreasing order of ROI are:

  1. NEO (165,571.87% ROI)
  2. Emphy (101,301.72% ROI)
  3. Emirates Coin (23,488.12% ROI)

Reportedly, when launched NEO was pegged to $0.03. It currently stands at $53.02.

New Pricing and Bonus Structures

Early ICOs thrived on big crowd founding like Tezos which accrued $232 million in 2 weeks.

But now the landscape has changed with ICOs strategically stretching for practical hard caps as well as lockdown periods for bonuses to prevent swift token flipping.

Product and Services Driven

A proof of concept will be the key to a successful ICO in 2021. Unless there is a very credible team behind an ICO Project, expecting a great investor response to a white paper and a billion dollar idea alone would be a far cry from ICO Statistics in 2024.

Regulations: A blessing in Disguise

Last but not the least, with regulations set to creep in ICOs stand to both lose and gain from the move.

Especially those ICOs considered as securities by exchange boards across the globe would increase public trust and eventually attract investors including VCs.

As more Legislature, Judiciary and Executives across the globe draft regulations and limitations for ICOs, one should not be surprised if ICOs witness a surge in capital funds as well as public trust.

And with new sectors like Healthcare, Insurance and NGOs set to join in the Blockchain bandwagon expect the ICOs to fly even higher but this them with a tail too for better direction.

More ICO Statistics 2024

  1. Total ICO Funds Raised: ICOs raised over $8.7 billion in 2024, a significant increase from previous years.
  2. Number of ICOs: In 2024, there were over 1,500 ICOs launched, showing a substantial increase compared to previous years.
  3. Top Countries for ICOs: The United States, Singapore, Switzerland, and the Cayman Islands were among the top countries hosting ICOs.
  4. Token Types: Utility tokens were the most common type of tokens issued in ICOs, followed by security tokens.
  5. Industry Focus: ICOs were prevalent in various industries, including blockchain, fintech, healthcare, and gaming.
  6. Regulatory Changes: Several countries introduced or updated regulations governing ICOs to enhance investor protection and curb fraudulent activities.
  7. Average ICO Size: The average size of ICOs varied widely but was typically in the range of $1 million to $10 million.
  8. ICO Success Rate: The success rate of ICOs (defined as those reaching their fundraising goals) varied, with some projects failing to meet their targets.
  9. Investor Demographics: ICO investors included individuals, institutional investors, and venture capitalists, with a growing interest from retail investors.
  10. Token Performance: The performance of ICO tokens in the secondary market varied widely, with some experiencing significant price increases while others faced declines.
  11. Security Concerns: Security breaches and hacks remained a concern in the ICO space, prompting increased focus on improving security measures.
  12. Shift Towards STOs: Security Token Offerings (STOs) gained popularity as a regulated alternative to ICOs, offering a higher degree of investor protection.
  13. DeFi and NFTs: The rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, potentially affecting the ICO landscape.


In 2024, ICOs have evolved into a more mature and regulated fundraising method within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. While the exuberance of the early ICO days has given way to a more measured approach, ICOs remain a vital avenue for innovative projects to raise capital and engage with the crypto community.

With clear regulatory guidelines in place and a renewed focus on investor protection, ICOs are poised to continue contributing to the growth and diversification of the blockchain ecosystem. As always, careful research and due diligence are essential for both project teams and investors to navigate this ever-changing landscape successfully.

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