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Mining Noise Control: Why Crypto Mining Rigs Make so Much Noise and How to Combat it?

ByDavid Adamson

Mining Noise Control: Why Crypto Mining Rigs Make so Much Noise and How to Combat it?

Cryptocurrency Mining Industry

Mining is the process through which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are created and transactions involving new currency are validated. It comprises large, decentralized networks of computers all over the world that verify and protect blockchains, which are virtual ledgers that record cryptocurrency transactions.

In return for donating processing power, computers on the network are rewarded with new coins. It’s a virtuous circle: miners safeguard the blockchain, the blockchain awards currencies, and the coins incentivize miners to secure the network.

Noise Pollution Caused by Cryptocurrency Mining

Noise pollution is commonly characterized as repeated exposure to high levels of sound that can harm humans or other living beings. It is exceedingly hazardous to our health and may jeopardize the capacity of living creatures to hear. The World Health Organization states that sound levels less than 70 decibels are not harmful to living creatures, regardless of how long or regular the exposure is.

The bitcoin mining sector is far from quiet. The mining machines are composed of extremely heavy and force-producing elements that also require a significant amount of energy. Miners can make a lot of noise as a result of this. The usual noise level of a rig is between 50 to 75 decibels, which is equivalent to a vacuum cleaner or a food processor.

Noise Pollution Caused by Cryptocurrency Mining

Why do crypto mining rigs make so much noise?

Let’s face it: commercial mining operations are loud. Different mining equipment have been pushed on the market that do not create a lot of noise, however the majority of the machines do. Fans are the noisiest components of the mining equipment. They work hard to keep the servers cool, but the additional noise from the cooling and exhaust vents leads to a general hum that you have to yell over to be heard. Setting up a mining business at home may not be for everyone due to the particular system organization required. As a result, you might wish to investigate hosted mining services.

If you want peace and quiet, it is critical to outfit an at-home mining business with noise cancellation equipment. Noise cancellation technology reduces noise and hence protects against noise pollution. Noise may be managed in a variety of methods, including storing rigs in your garage or shed and utilizing foam panels or soundproofing, as well as placing rigs in the insulated portable coolers with exhaust vents.

Main Cause of Noise Production

The major source of the noise is high-speed fans. These fans are required for the gadget to function properly, but they make a lot of noise. Apart from a few steps, there isn’t much you can do to silence those fans. When you first start mining, you should absolutely think about soundproofing. It aids in noise absorption and keeps you away from high-level brain-damaging sounds. Aside from that, you must consider the room in which the machine must be placed and be strategic. Consider basements or attics that are distant from your comfort zones. Place it away from your bedroom, as part of the noise may likely be heard elsewhere in the home.


You will, without a doubt, require ventilation. Ventilation aids in the removal of moisture, smoke, grilling odours, and indoor contaminants from your house. If you keep a 2,000-watt heater on for a few days, no matter how big and airy the room is, it will get hot! Structural ventilation regulates attic temperature and humidity in the crawlspace and basement. Another item that can assist with this is the use of grow tents with more ventilation, so depending on the scale of your business, researching the usage of these may be a possibility.


How to Combat the Noise Pollution caused by Mining Machines

Following are the few points that help in the reduction of the Noise pollution produced by the mining rigs.

  • Increase the distance between your rigs. Unless you have access to outside cooling, you should place your equipment at least 5 inches apart. The cards will not vent into each other in this manner, enhancing performance.
  • Higher wattages generate more heat, which must be dispersed by fans, which produce noise. So, to decrease noise, either reduce the wattage or enhance the dissipation (or both).

    Improving dissipation is preferable to further decrease watts from the rig’s optimal hash/watt efficiency. Water cooling the setup (which is a bit pricey), spreading out the cards/components, and using better fans are your options here.
  • Reduce the card’s OC settings. This will dramatically reduce your hashrate. However, when the strain on the cards is reduced. They are no longer under such duress and will not consume as much power.
  • Increase the gap between the cards if you have an open-air installation and do not want to add an outside cooling element (Fan of some kind). Unless you have an outside cooling source, a minimum of 2 inches of space should be necessary. This prevents the cards from venting on one other and improves performance.
  • Play with the power limit; you can reduce it until the cards are sufficiently chilly.
  • If you truly need a quiet setup, simply reduce the fan speed. Temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit are still acceptable. Just don’t let them reach 80.
  • Let us not overlook the minor details. Place your setup in a well-ventilated area. Keep the windows as open as possible. Keep it away from any heat source. Keep out of direct sunlight. Check that it is not stacked. As you remove each card, blast the dust out of the cooler with a can of compressed air and turn off your computer. 
  • Cooling will be more difficult with clogged coolers, forcing the GPUs to work harder.
  • If you have an open-air rig and want to add a fan, you may use any basic fan. Position the fan between the cards and away from a wall so that it blows between them. If you direct it into an open area, you will lessen stress on your card fans and lower noise to that of a single box fan.


Cryptocurrency Mining is now a very common source of earning, but noise caused by rigs can be quite annoying and dangerous for health. By following the above points, you can avoid excessive mining noise and stay in a calm and peaceful environment while also investing in the bitcoin business.

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