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16 Ways to Promote Your Crypto Youtube Channel for More Views

ByDavid Adamson

16 Ways to Promote Your Crypto Youtube Channel for More Views


We all know how technology has made its way out. As days go by, new and innovative things appear around the corner. This king platform is identified as YouTube.

It is a highly informative arena specially for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. No matter how many small areas arise, it remains the best. Like Instagram and TikTok, YouTube has brought about a new feature. The feature of creating videos.

You can understand Youtube in better ways; there is a list below. It shows ways by which one could promote their YouTube channel.

1)   The choice of title videos must be good

The title for any video is essential. As a customer, the title is something that attracts me. Every customer watches a video or reads an article according to their needs. A long title is not reasonable.

For the customer to get friendly, keep the title short. Make it read-worthy. It would be best if you also put the proper keywords. 

2)   Metadata

Metadata is essential. The period of the video does not matter. If the video is for two seconds, it could be necessary if the quality matters. The quality of the video pulls in customers. Keeping it natural and organic is very crucial.

3)   Along with content quality, keep up the video quality

The video quality could give the content a greater demand. If the content you produced is good, the video quality is terrible.

Then the customers are going to prefer other sites. We want a 720p or 1080 p video quality when we watch anything. It suits the eye and makes the video worth seeing.

4)   Connection and interaction

When the YouTube channel is created, the content attracts many people. These people are later identified as your followers. They dedicatedly follow everything you do and say. But if you don’t connect with them, they will unfollow you.

To stop this, build connections and interact with the followers. Please give them the importance which you expect them to provide.

5)   Follow the guidelines when you post anything

Posting videos or clips that are not eligible could cause harm. The Society, as well as the hard-earned build platform, could face the consequences. Therefore keep the content clean under the guidelines of YouTube.

6)   Videos could also be made keeping in mind the special occasions. 

You can promote on special occasions like-  Christmas or new year. These occasions are prioritized to decorate the house. Make videos that could be related.

This way, automatically, customers come to your site. This way, your crypto channel gets views.

7)   3D videos are a fun experience

Everyone from a teen to an adult likes dimensional videos. These virtual reality videos bring about a lot of viewers. 

This content gives them an authentic experience. For which they come ahead to enjoy the fun.

8)   High demand content

Making content that brings about a high demand will surely boost SEO. Some videos are preferred for 365 days.

These videos include some hacks, tips, and fixing of metallic tools. Every individual refers to them. Creating such content could keep the customers linked to your blockchain Youtube channel.

9)   The channel has to be promoted, not just the videos

Promote the medium in various ways. Encourage your followers to get to you on every possible platform. It will increase the followers and help accelerate its throwers.

10) Live chats are inspiring

Go ahead and make live chats. These inspire people to come forward to your ICO Youtube channel. These live videos or chats are primarily real. Therefore people like connecting to the real stuff. Go live and attain more people.

11) Make a list of series

Series or adjoining videos are an addiction. Many people like watching a continuous series.

It grabs the attention of the customers. Name the series in the best way possible, for customers to get with it once they see the title.

12) Hyperactive behavior

Keep an engaging and active behavior. The customers must get at least one video a day or week. 

This keeps their attention constant. It will never let them forget your presence.

13) Try some FAQ

On YouTube, these questions play a much more critical role. They make the followers feel at ease with this FAQ on live chats connected with good content.

14) Provide a good profile. 

The profile contains information about the one handling the channel. Create a profile that contains many details. The details must contain contact numbers, a description of the videos, and a lot more.

With all this information, don’t forget to be very crisp. Putting in a lot may make it look unwanted.

15) The keywords must be SEO friendly

It helps the customers to connect easily to the content. The keywords are mediums by which google rates. If the words are not friendly, reaching higher targets will be difficult.

This will reduce the leads and rate of optimization.

16) Try promoting cryptocurrency Youtube channel through other ways

Try connecting and promoting your cryptocurrency Youtube channel on social media.

These platforms are easy ways to get customers and references. Use methods like content marketing email marketing to get this done.


These methods are put forward to keep your channel a higher outlook. And the Incrementors new ideas to build YouTube marketing To get in customers increase leads and ranks and ratings.

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